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Church pastors threaten college management with deaths


Some pastors who have illegally built churches on the Solwezi Trades Training Institute (SOTTI) have threatened the institution staff with death if they insist on relocating them.

SOTTI Principal John Nshindamba disclosed this during a consultative meeting called by the District Commissioner Crispin Likando to resolve the impasse between the institution and the churches from Zambia compound that have encroached on their land.

Mr Nshindamba said the five churches have illegally built their structures on the college land and have been resisting leaving.

He complained that some pastors instead of engaging the College Board on the issue have been declaring that God should strike the members of staff to death if they interfere with the structures.

A representative from the Cornerstone International church Pastor Liberty Chabala said the land that they have occupied was given to them by God and they will not leave as doing so will result in loss of church members.

But Shalom Shalom Pastor Zebron Daka admitted that they have encroached on the college land and none of the churches have authority from council to occupy the land.

The pastors have however asked the college to allow them continue operating in the area saying they have spent a lot of money on building the structures.

And District Commissioner Likando said it was illegal for the churches to build structures on the college land as the piece of land has been reserved for future expansions of the institution.

The churches that face eviction include Shalom Shalom, Cornerstone International, Nazarene, Potters House and Divine Christ Church.



  1. Please slap that fake pastor. He ought to know that even in bible times men fought over land. You cannot steal land in the name of God.

  2. As so called ‘men of GOD’ they ought to know better than to illegally (and thusly criminally and sinfully) build on land that is not theirs. They’ve in effect stolen and correct me if I am wrong, stealing is condemned in the Bible. The logical course of action is to kick them off the land, demolish their structures. If that seems to harsh and people cry ‘but we are a christian nation and all that’ then sell it to them and be done with the BS.
    Personally, their abhorrent action is such a out off; especially that it was perpetrated but more than one pastor.
    In answer to your question about what times we live in, we live in times foretold in the Bible but not the Bible times that had Moses, Peter, Pharaoh and the lot. Call these times end of days of you believe in that stuff.

    • I have to repeat myself and empathise with Mr. John Nshindamba my former lecturer when I trained as a Counsellor at TVTC for two years in Luanshya. The Church is the source and cause of peace even amidst discord. If this nation was trully a christian nation by faith and practice we would live daily in peace even amidst differences. Most Laws are derived from the Bible, the Church should always abide with the Laws. Even in disputes the Church should be peaceful. Our God is just and does not avenge for every curse. This problem was supposed to be solved before churches began constructions. A more discernful and peaceful solution is required here. The Church ought to pray and promise peace not threats and even show forgiveness to offenders.

    • @ 4.1 the Pastors are the offenders here so who are they going to show forgiveness? They are the ones who needs forgiveness for stealing college land. And after they are forgiveness, they should pay for that land because they collect money every Sunday. It’s a business we all know that. How can so many churches be sprouting? If the passing of collection plates was not part of their service there wouldn’t be so many of them.

  3. Don’t involve God in issues that are straight forward, and no God can strike anyone for such a reason. You ave encroached…..just find some where else and continue your business.

  4. These are business churches. Ati God should strike the members of staff to death if they interfere with the structures. Marabbishi!!!! Why occupy land illegally imwe?

  5. Am not surprised at all. Very few pentecostal pastors are true men of God. I always tell people to be very careful with these mushrooming pentecostal churches, they are after your pockets……..most of them are only g12 school leavers who claim to be callled. Me i have made a decision to be dealing with pastors with a proper education CV. I dont even let G12 school leavers touch my wise heard in the name of invoking a blessing on me.

  6. The whole declaration of Zambia as a christian nation is a fraud, starting from the guy who made that decleration (FTJ Chiluba)… This is not surprising, butshould be condemned at all costs. This is not to say that christians should suffer because of these frauds, but it should be acknowledged that most followers of this religion, especially after the declaration, are opportunists in one way or the other. Get them off that land, or, if the institute can afford to lose that land then let these guys buy it, pay for it in cash, and get title deeds.

    • Do you speak Namwanga? I need somebody to teach me conversational Namwanga. I need to learn this language. Thanks.

  7. these criminals parading themselves as men of God should be taught a bitter leason so that they know that criminality doesnt pay. They think these are ftj days when crooks of all hue and shape claiming to be pastors did everything wrong and got away with it.
    Who told these evil pastors that they ve the powers to cause death to a responsible and productive zambian. I ask the college management not to be threaterned by lucifer’s men, God is on their side.

  8. What religion do you people believe in. This is getting embarrassing, we are just as India with their idol worship and superstition.

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