Government launches registration board to monitor operations of NGOs


Government has launched the Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) Registration Board which will be charged with the responsibility to monitor operations of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Speaking during the launch, Community Development, Mother and Child Health Minister, Joseph Katema, said the regulation board is expected to perform, among other functions, register, maintain and approve the area of work of NGOs operating in Zambia as well as recommend rules and procedures for the audit of NGOs accounts.

Dr Katema explained that the government under took a consultative approach which involved stake holder representatives, civil society organisations and cooperating partners.

He said based on the consultations, government constituted a technical working group from NGOs and government line ministry tasked to develop a road map for the operationalisation of the NGO Act.

Dr Katema said the road map included the formation of three subcommittees, namely the operations and mapping, council and congress and the legal subcommittees to look at specific issues leading to the formation of the board.

He said the subcommittees focused on issues relating to the mapping of NGOs, preparations for holding of the NGO congress as well as highlighting and addressing some of the legal impediments in the NGO Act.

And NGO Registration Board Chairperson, Charity Musamba commended government for the initiative, saying the move is not an easy one as it comes with some challenges.

Dr Musamba further said the regulation of NGOs is done for the betterment of the country and for the generation to come, not for self seeking.



  1. Taking a Zimbabwe route on how to collapse a nation!! If you govern diligently, there will be no need to control/monitor NGOs. But if the ruling regime is afraid of its on shadows, govt will always try to remote-control its citizens, in the end the general populace will end up being ‘oppressed’, and a few that support the ruling elite enjoying the corruptly acquired wealth. An oppressed nation bleeds strife!!

  2. Bravo!!! An overseer was long overdue in the NGO sector. Many NGO are genuine and sincere. However, some of them are not so trustworthy. They even make wild statements and raise false alarm. Like all great ideas, NGO Registration Board will succeed to the extent that manpower is competent, dedicated and flexible. Rigidities would undermine public confidence and trust. It is not right for NGOs to be funded in direct proportion to notoriety. What the country needs is well organized civil society that understands its responsibilities to the nation. Patriotism is universal. Every new or foreign concept must be subjected to public scrutiny.

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