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I have ministerial powers through the Registrar of Societies to deregister UPND-Edgar Lungu


Home Affair Minister Edgar Lungu
Home Affair Minister Edgar Lungu

Government has threatened to deregister political parties whose members engage themselves in violent activities citing the incidence in Livingstone where a PF cadre was killed by suspected UPND cadres this week.

Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu told Parliament yesterday that he had ministerial powers through the Registrar of Societies to deregister political parties involving themselves in violent acts causing loss of innocent lives.

Mr Lungu sounded the warning in response to MMD Rufunsa Member of Parliament (MP) Kenneth Chpungu who wanted to know what measures Government was putting in place to protect citizens against violent acts following the killing of a Patriotic Front (PF) cadre by suspected UPND members in the tourist capital.

This was after the minister delivered a ministerial statement on the arrest of United Party for National Development (UPND) members following the killing incident.

“I have powers through the Registrar of Societies to deregister any political party which could continue to engage themselves in violent activites.We need to protect the lives of innocent citizens,” Mr Lungu said.

[pullquote]“I have powers through the Registrar of Societies to deregister any political party which could continue to engage themselves in violent activites.We need to protect the lives of innocent citizens,” Mr Lungu said.[/pullquote]

He said police officers were also capable and competent to deal with erring cadres regardless of their political parties and that Government would ensure everybody was protected against violent acts.

He said what transpired in Livingstone in which a PF cadre was killed by suspected UPND members was purely a criminal matter which the police in that area were dealing with.

“Sir, according to the police, in the evening of Monday, 25th February 2013 between 19:00 hours and 20:00 hours, UPND members attacked a truck carrying PF members. Since the assailant came from the UPND camp, the police apprehended all the occupants among them were two MPs,” he said.

He told the House that UPND Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo and his Kalomo counterpart Request Muntanga had been absent from Parliament because they were among those apprehended.


  1. Zambia needs serious prayers. Christians it is time to pray for the nation without ceasing, everything happening in the nation is a reflection of the state of the Church .

    • I agree with you,if the church is corrupt the entire nation becomes so. The church needs to go back to its first love else, God will turn His back from zed and the enemy shall strike. church…mwalala sana bukeni

    • Church, church, church every time something happens in Zambia. God does not get involved in politics please…..

    • But the church through the Catholic priests has been providing very good guidance on governance and other related issues since PF came into power except we have a stubborn president who cannot easily buy advise. Yes there is need to pray hard as we have just realised power was given to wrong pipo. My family and I felt more secure under the MMD regardless of corruption then than under the PF. What is happening in Zambia today can only be associated with colonial governments in 1950s. I miss MMD in as much as they were a bad egg at least they gave us some freedom.

    • If I had my way, I would have wanted this man called Edgar Lungu be castrated before we go to the next polls. This chap was still wearing nappies and urinating in them at the time we were fighting for independence and plural politics. He know thinks he can arbitrary de register a political party. This boy should be told that when the situation is tense like it is in Livingstone, you use your head and brains to think and not feces and anus.
      Does Sata have any sane minister who can analyse and measure political temperature before they vomit?

  2. UPND be very careful of the traps being set before you, retaliation in the name of self defense is not the solution they will implicate you with a tag of violence. No one will know the difference between who is violent between PF and UPND. An example is Uhuru and Ruto of Kenya facing trial at the Hague .Uhuru is accused of retaliation. It seems you are being provoked by strategy and they may use this as one of the defenses for the commonwealth. There must be rolling on the floor with laughter because you played into their strategy. Exercise restraint no matter how you are provoked by them , Zambians will then make a judgement concerning who is a violent party. Continue documenting all violence and intimidations and continue sending them to international bodies for their urgent…


    • UPND is a violent Party and that is why they embrassed William Banda,the chief terrorist!!I dont think the PF lured the UPND into a trap.The UPND has no trategy and is continuosly losing ground and its support base comprises of hooligans and disgranted elements who refuse to think.HH himself has realised that he has nothing to offer and he thinks only brushing his shoulders with the police is the only way to make himself popular.He is behaving like a hungry hyna (HH).Only wild animals chose to kill their fellow animals in order to grab their food.UPND is doomed under HH.

    • No-sense UPND must be disciplined why shade blood despite what ever provocation they have no excuse to what occurred.

    • You can’t be more precise my brother! UPND please get this advice. These guys will continue making traps for you to give you a bad tag of violence. They will come into your camp and provoke you deliberately, when you react, they can even kill one of their own and say it was UPND!
      Dirty evil politicians! The Lord God of heaven is watching! You will soon gnash your teeth! For judgement will soon befall you!

  3. Its the ruling party that is the perpetraitor of violence. The Kabwata violence is a good example. Anyway, 2016 is not far away.

  4. Edgar pliz save us from this shame…did u do yo investigations properly?Mind u whatever goes up definately comes down,ask mmd.


    • yes why not just go ahead and deregister… afterall its well known that you edgar lungu and your boss you want a turn the nation into one party state,,,, banana republic!

  6. Really , Mr Lungu? Why the heck are you commenting on a court case? Where is the evidence that the so called asssailant came from the UPND camp? Seems you people have realized how the UPND has grown in strength. They are now the second biggest party going by the results in Mpongwe bye elections. You’re dead scared of HH. And in your quest to achieve Bemba hegemony you have resolved to put an end to any alternative sources of power that are not Bemba. Hence the hamstringing of Lubinda within the PF and your various attempts to finish off HH by any means necessary! Please we beg you to live these people to enjoy their political rights. The path you’ve set on is very destructive! Let them fail democratically in free and fair elections!

  7. but we are in trouble. its like pf is not good and upnd is getting smaller and smaller ith hh who doesnt know who to catch people’s interest. mmd is dead and we dont need it. narep too small finally unip already dead. young guys with brain no money to form a strong party. really hopeless zoona.
    upnd could form a better government but they are just in southern which is hard for them. pf has money now to fool all hungry zambians. i think pf is rulling for the next 10 yrs. lets wait and see. sata doesnt think properly, he is very far from a president material. watch his all interviews , he is just a guy who likes to argue. i really dont understand how he could win.

    • Neither UPND nor MMD have been allowed to go around the country and hold rallies . The PF militia aka Zambia Police have always turned down requests. The first rally to be held by an opposition party since Sata came to power was the kabwata rally by UPND. Remember both Home Affairs Minister Lungu and his Police were against it on grounds of the threat of violence. And where did this violence come from ? Yes PF cadres who started congregating at the venue as early as 04.00 hrs with all manner of weaponry. We saw these PF thugs in pictures. But the police were scared to arrest them because they are Sata’s supporters. This is the same Sata who was never stopped from holding rallies by either Levy or RB. Zambia will explode if the PF continues with its stu.pidity. God forbid!

  8. Zambia is just a pure circus. If it is not christian denominations against each other, it is tribes. If it is not tribes against each other, it is regions. If it is not regions against each other, it is political inclinations.
    It appears the only time peace reigns is when there is cooperation in corruption and bribes. The bottom line is that the fabric of our society is sagging and about to break completely. We had better WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING about this AS CITIZENS and not as POLITICAL ANIMALS!!!!!! FGSP!!!!!

  9. I can not imagine to have useless minister like Edger Lungu talking no sense on the international window on line, he is big day dreamer to deregister only one party.

  10. I do sympathize with these guys who scared even of their own shadows…They preach about peaceful and issue based politics but now they are talking bout deregistering UPND, shame Edger Lungu

  11. Upnd thugs u must b delt with a heavy brow u unpatriotic, unable 2 compite in a democratic despensation. Violence wen u even know dat u are in a weaker side.Cocroaches ,u are provoking the situation u sadists. Do U want us to slaughter u ? Sadists!

    • You are the one who is USELESS, that is why you have signed yourself into MODERN SLAVERY, cleaning for the white people.

    • Ba Mukulumpe, get your facts right. Folowing The Engineers’s comments on this blog, he is an intelligent person and knows hia alpha and omega. Following your argument through, where are you yourself and more importantly, you mean all those expartriats in Zambia have sold themselves to modern slavery? The Engineer has skills appreciated in Australia that the Zambian govt didnt appreciate. Its a global village where skills can be sold and bought anywhere at a competitive price. Even a cleaner in Oz will earn more than in Zambia thats what is called market forces. Unless you are telling me those politicians are being patriotic and yet they are ripping the country and you think its ok.

    • Forget about Mukulumpe, he is just a Patriotic Fulwe. I equally respect you as a sharp blogger

    • The Engineer (Australia) I envy you. There is so much drama/comedy pa Zed it is tiring. Our leaders relax twapapata sana. Exude maturity even in the face of provocation. Reflect on what you want to say and not just speak like ‘call boys.’

  12. Look at who is threatening to deregister the U.P.N.D???? He is an interested party and therefore Lungu cannot be judge,prosecutor,policeman and an impartial arbiter on this matter whatsoever.When are you gonna deregister yo own PF for the violence of its own cadres?

  13. Was Lungu Drunk or sober yesterday. Am sure he’s got no clue of what he said yersterday and he should have been in a drucken state.

  14. In a sane society the Home Affairs Minister would have tendered his resignation because what happened under his watch is at the core of his ministry’s operations. In Zed the incompetents lash out and hang on to mess up another day.

  15. Peter @ # 6 You can not call other people ba ka-bwa. You seem to have low self estem. Usually men with small d-i-cks or one ball behave like you have.

  16. Mr. Lungu, the supreme Law of this country presumes all persons innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, your statement is not just contemptuous of the Constitution (which you did swear to protect and obide by its provisions), but is also a “statement” intended to prevent course of justice. Please, get sober and get advise from “learned” members of Government. Othervise your unjustified utterances can be justly interpreted as the threat to the Rule of Law.

    • John we have not failed, you are the one who has failed! How can you not fail when you flee the country and you expect to go back and find it developed. Mwilasabaila boss twalamona kwati mwalilwala fimofimo ka!

  17. debate the issue at hand, call a spade aspade. upnd killed pf member for the second time now. imagine if pf had killed a upnd member. calm down upnd and face the reality, killers is who u are. shame on a leader advocating for violence each and evry time.

    • And you will be one of the eye witnesses in the case, I am very sure. I hope you have submitted a statement of what you saw to the police, otherwise right now it is an allegation.

  18. There has been a lot of mysteries over the political deaths of the PF party cadres and the UPND is always blamed. I wish to challenge the government to invite the non-partisan security agents from other countries like the FBI of the US and the M16 of the UK to come and assist with the deaths of Harrison Chanda and two previous ones in L/stone itself and Rufunsa. How about that?

  19. This is what happens when there is failed leadership. If people feel that Justice is denied, they start taking the law into their own hands. The police are to blame for all this… Both IGs must be fired. They are incompetent. Bring back Dr. Malama

  20. Rather than fan the flames of division with threats, wouldn’t it be nice if at least SOME of our leaders in the ruling party (and opposition!) had enough maturity to call for national unity and steps to diffuse current tensions before it is too late?

    Kenneth Chpungu asked Mr. Lungu a perfectly reasonable question (what is Government doing to protect citizens from violence) and yet the Minister can only respond by saying I’ll throw the “petrol can of de-registration” on the fire if UPND is not careful?

    Honestly, at times these so-called leaders are just as irresponsible and no better than some bloggers who only insult. Surely we are all on Zambia’s side and have far better things to talk about.

  21. Well said, the pf should desregister themselves because they are the only crap party ever to has enacted acts of violence. Secondly is there anyone out there who can make this little muppet disappear???

  22. Edgar Lungu you look sick, and stop intimidating Zambians because UPND is a party comprising of responsible Zambians who will not and will never engage themselves in any violence. PF Party has always been violent. PF cadres always want to go to sites where UPND is conducting rallies. UPND cadres never interfere with PF meetings. Now after you have become victims of the very violence that you always look for, you turn around and want to smear UPND with all your dirty. This is very unfair. PF is full of criminals and hooligans.

  23. Condelences to the family of the late Harrison Chanda. There are things that we do on earth especially Zambia that do not make sense. Leaving your family just to go and campaign in Livingstone from Monze and lose your life their. The people of Livingstone can make their decision without these party cadres who wants to make a living out of a by-election from other parts of the country. Let us live and depart life with integrity.

  24. Edgar, leave UPND alone, your envy will choke you one day. Is not your hooligans who were murdering themselves over money supposedly from your Satanic President.

  25. That’s all they dream and brag about, ‘I have powers to do this or that’. Yes we know that too much power is in the wrong hands already. Lungu is not fit to be a minister, just take a look at him, he looks disoriented, dizzy and dangerous. Give a fool too much power and that is what you get. Why the hell isn’t he saying anything about PF who provoke these ugly situations by disturbing the peace at any meeting organised by the opposition?
    I concur with #3 & 22, de-register the whole thing and let each region govern itself independently because it is now clear that there is a noisy clique that is impossible to co-exist with.

  26. You are indeed a useless Minister who then will de register PF for burning an innocent man’s home in Mpongwe including his whole village. You PF thugs will dance to the next government while your boss will be dancing in hell

  27. ……..and in all this confusion, this my president has failed to addresss us as a nation. If ever we needed solid leaders,it is times like this……………. thank you

  28. @ 1.2 Pablo Escobar, am sorry but you do not understand the Bible, actually the church cannot be seperated from politiccs. Infact from the old testament times one had to be “a man of God” to be a ruler. Read also about America, the “Puritans” christians vis- a-vis politics, they built the foudation on biblical principals even Europe, thats why today in America or Europe if one is found wanting in anyway they cannot vie for public office or if serving they resign. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  29. Attention PF party and Sata.
    Edgar Lungu is a ruminant of a real human being. If you are not what I think you are, then prove it to me and the world that we are all criminals and sinners.
    This christian nation nonsense is exactly what makes typical Zambians perform below average internationally. The level of thinking among typical Zambians in the age range of 40yrs-55yrs is equivalent to a teenager in the EUC block or an American minor in the age range of 9yrs-12yrs. The paradigm of reversed thinking among typical Bembas and, those who are not really sure whether they should permanently transform themselves into a new generations of Bembas, and or occasionally revisit the socially undesired identity formations is more worse than the rest of the population.

  30. For intance the bible does not allow polygamy, but if you are not basing on christian principals and if say a leader in caught up with a mistress they can easily claim that the woman in question is the second wife or second wife to be which is permissible in most African cultures, but in the countries I have mentioned one resigns. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA

  31. @39 Boom & Whaterver, am sorry but you are also wrong. If you have time to study about Europe actualy you will be shocked to learn where these advanced nations like America are coming from. Ever heard of Puritans? Well christianity when practised in its totality enourages honesty, hard working, morality, love, tolerance so what is nosennsce about that. Just kindly point out one thing that christianity espouses and is nosensical Sir. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

    • Special Agent Dr. M
      That is exactly my point, the ‘Protestant Ethics’ is about the elements which you wrote in your post i.e. so they say/argue, hard working, morality, love, tolerance, honesty. In whose interests are the above facets of the so-called ideal life practised? Are they practised in your interests or in the interests of the invisible image which you and I do not know where he/she is? Give me answer to this question. They (capitalists) present their own image in that which they managed to impose on us as ‘God’ or whatever. The so-called religous values are treated as norms, laws or mores, it is because the inherently oppressive system can be kept operational through such false doctrines. Human minds are regulated and continued oppression is guaranteed. Hence, markets…

  32. The deceased left Monze with his wife to go campaign in Livingstone, guess wife did not trust him to bring the PF spoils back home…

  33. I am not a racist but a Marxist. However, when you want to effect positive change, measures which seem odd have to be employed.Such bored moves are internalised negatively by mentally retarded individuals and, sometimes we are easily misunderstood by uncritical people. Your religious beliefs are foreign to the African continent and, yet you fight for something which was imported from outside as a ready made product. You do not question it because you are scared of being labelled as a criminal or as a non-believer. In fact I must not write ‘these’ things in singular form but in plural form because they are many religions which were imposed on the indigenous Africans. One must question the existence of God and they is nothing wrong with this, provided I do not offend those who subscribe to

  34. A drunkard to decide on a serious matter such as this is another point at the fact that Zambia is in useless hands. Where on earth do you get a drunkard making such statements when everyone knows that the PF are an imbecilic party in government due to fraud at the highest levels?

  35. So thats how Mr. Chanda mate his fate? MHSRIEP. I still think some PF leaders must be questioned too. If I got the Minister clearly, the entire PF track was attacked by one Man, who allegedly came from the UPND camp? How possible is it for one man to be so courageous to move to the PF truck, hack another man, escape while the other PF cadres are watching? And that man is Nkombo? Ok, lets assume it was UPND who were trying pass near PF camp in a truck, and then report that one of their members has been killed by PF. They give the same statement of the assailant coming from PF camp, would the police have believed it? Would they have arrested everyone in the PF camp and charged Mwaliteta(campaign manager) just like that? Let their be justice please.

  36. The problem is this that this government preaches against what it does and does what it preaches against.Look the case they taken to court against Siliya for cancelling a tender.Masebo has been at it cancelling tenders and corruptly disolving boards.They talk about being allegic to corruption yet they let Nchito and Mumembe off the the fishing hook when they are already hanging by the thread.On top of all that, the PF even offer Nchito a lucrative and with endless chances contaminating the evidence against him rendering the case an academic exercise and a waste of tax payers money.

  37. Threats threats threats! Sata warns HH, Scott threatens UPND, Kabimba, Masebo,Sakeni threatens MMD & UPND and now home affairs Minister Lungu. Gentlemen, are we in a State of war? Threats in the morning, threats in the afternoon, threats in the evening and at midnight. Gentle men ure in charge! Ure in the driver seat! Bring down the tension in the nation. The power is in your hands, bring back the country to normalcy. Please!

  38. UPND always cover yourselves by having covert agents taking video footage of such happenings, I have see police elsewhere taking such during demos

  39. Looking at the issues surrounding the death of mwaliteta’s cook and the rufunsa death, upnd officials and cadres were initially arrested after wide publications of their guilt. However, they have been cleared after investigations and no one apologises for the lies.

  40. even such calibre is a minister!!????? my country, cry my beloved country!



  41. Shouldn’t Lungu start by de-registering PF since PF cadres burned down an opposition candidate’s village home in Mpongwe ! Talk about a VIOLENT PARTY !


  43. Hey! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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