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If there is a party to be deregistered on account of violence, it has to be PF-Kakoma


Police officers push Zambezi West Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma out of the Lusaka Central Police Station
FILE: Police officers push Zambezi West Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma out of the Lusaka Central Police Station

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that threats of deregistration by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu will be an exercise in futility.

Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu has indicated that he has the power to deregister associations whose members engage themselves in violent activities.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma said that the threats by Mr. Lungu are a clear manifestation of the PF government’s scheme to ban political parties in the country and introduce a one party state.

Speaking to QFM, Mr. Kakoma stated that threat by government also added to the dossier on the complaints to the Commonwealth on the breakdown of the rule of law in the country.

He added that if there is a party to be deregistered, it is the Patriotic Front itself because other political parties are only acting in self defence.

Mr. Kakoma stated that if indeed there are individuals in the UPND that are suspected to be committing offences, the law should deal with them and not generalize it to the party.

The UPND Spokesperson further stated that if government makes any move to deregister the party, it will also use the law to defend itself.

And MMD president Nevers Mumba has said that the existing bitterness between the ruling Patriotic Front and the opposition in the country must come to an end.

Dr. Mumba said that political stakeholders must coexist for the common good of the country.

He however stated that the opposition will not allow the PF to rule the country with an iron fist but that their rule should conform to the tenets of democracy.

The MMD leader adds that as long as the opposition is concerned, Zambia must be governed on democratic principles.

Dr. Mumba has further advised the President Michael Sata to allow security wings operate professionally and independently.

He said that the PF must realize that they will not remain in power forever because Zambians who gave them the mandate will revoke it in 2016.



  1. You politicians u are a disappointed to many of us in this country. You are not fighting for our democracy. Personal interests

    • Agony is making a f0olish promise that you will cut the number of Ministers when you come in power only to realise you have overshoot by 21

    • Prayer points for mother zambia. As a people we have sinned and remained in our sins; Lord, look down on us and have mercy upon your beloved nation. We are sorry for not listening to your voice and we voted for a Nebuchadnezzar instead of a Joshua.

      Let God arise in His anger and fight for us, may all evil SATAnic-PF Goliaths after our blood catch fire.

      May the Goliath appetite spirit to cause by-election in PF strongman catch fire to save our tax payers cash

      We refuse to allow angels of blessings to depart or be snatched by satanic-PF cains after our blood raise an abel for our nation

      We paralyze all PF evil aggression addressed at our citizens, blind the evil PF strong man like Batmius

      bring honey out of the rock heart of the PF dictator strongman for our…

    • sake

      Lord, open up all the good doors of our life that household of wickedness has shut.

      We paralyze all PF satanic antagonism from the womb,

      We command open disgrace on the mask of the PF evil strong man

      We paralyze all PF evil legs roaming about from monze, Lusaka going to cause violence in other cities blind them

      Let all evil PF blood that has mingled with our citizens blood after the sacrifice by that father be drained out

      Let all PF evil counselors against us follow the wrong path by fire

      Let the evil PF backbone of the stubborn pursuer and strongman break,now by fire

      We destabilize the PF controller of any land of bondage in our life, in the name of Jesus.

      Let the fire of disgrace fall upon PF demonic prophets assigned against our life,

      Let the…

    • Let the blood and strength of the evil PF stubborn oppressors dry up, in the name of Jesus.

      Let the head of every serpent /SATAnic power fashioned against us be broken, in the name of Jesus.

    • Iwe chi kakoma ma rubish killing people with your formulas you call it self defence no wonder your children are useless like you,one day your formulas will turn agaist you & your Tonga hatred HH be careful old man.

  2. PF and their useless president are the worst catastrophe that ever happened to this country,worse than the kafilonda mine disaster and the BGRIM explosion, non of them speak sense at all,the whole cabinet is full of imbeciles,selfish,m’membe’s arse lickers,stone age thinking i.diots.

  3. is nevers serious on the outcome of the 2016 elections he should be honest i doubt his christian values.

  4. No party will be deristered
    If there is anything to be dereistered is the huge number f AFricans I saw in London yesterday , I know I am AFrican but I was disgusted to see Africans speakking their own language in London!

    What sort of nerves and I now understand why the British would like to deport most Africans without papers, imagine someone speaking Swahili in a boardroom meeting
    I am disgusted to see Africans come to the UK and not communicate in English between, it makes me physically sick

    For goodness sake speak English when you talk to ANYONE even family members !

  5. A person who ignores politics does not deserve to be alive. Politics affect every body in one way or the other. Right now we can all see what PF is doing to the opposition and every well meaning Zambian should stand up to this occasion and do something. Why is racism so pronounced by white people when it comes to black people, its because we cant even look after ourselves. We are like animals in the jungle. We are running to europe to beg because we have failed to put our houses in order. Instead of getting busy innovating and improving our economies, we create failed states by not practising proper democracies.

  6. It is a pity to hear politicians blame each other for being stupid. The PF blames the UPND. The same is vice-veser. I think it is high time we called a spade one. The fact is all parties are to blame for the confusion we are seeing today. The UPND, out of its bitterness for having lost the elections have taken it out on the PF. The PF on the other hand, out of its frustration for not having the right numbers in parliament has gone flat out to get this at all cost. My question is, had the UPND won would they have continued this bitterness toward the PF?

    • Yes my friend tribalism in upnd people like mweetwa.kakoma,william banda +++ the list is endless cause they dont like Bembas by nature.

  7. And if the PF had gotten the numbers they needed would they have gone flat out to destabilize the opposition by poaching its members and having bye election? The answer to both questions is No. So why all this bad blood? this is all out of selfishness to get what we want at all cost.

  8. Da problem with PF is sacrificing chickens and of late members. PF please don’t kill to be in power.

  9. Let them rule, nga kuti twachta shani?,mulafwayo kmoneka aba maano, but efyo mchita, it does’nt make any sense at all. Ubu bushilu tulemona, what more nga mwaba mu system?. No where 2 run.

  10. everyone in PF has no brains. worse off that drunkard called edgar Lungu. any reasonable person can not threaten to de-register a party on useless grounds which have not been proved by any competent court of law. i agree that if any party should de-registered then it should be PF . everyone has seen the violence in there with machete yielding youths. when others defend themselves you threaten them de-registration, we will not allow it . fooolish Lungu. we saw what happened at kabwata grounds so if one PF youth was to be killed, these *****ts could have blamed the UPND when they are the aggressors

  11. Those MMD thugs who spared kakoma’s legs in mufumbwe should be cursed; should ve finished off amputating this good for nothing under5 chola-boy.

    • Menyani Zulu PF cadre was killed over money by fellow PF cadres in Rufunsa. Sata stopped the police from arresting his cadres. Instead he ordered the Police to arrest Mr Bauleni a UPND Lusaka Province official. Unfortunately for him Mr Bauleni was very ill and had been admitted in UTH at the time of the murder. So the PF cadres who murdered Menyani are still free and the police cannot touch them. Mr Chanda was also killed by fellow PF cadres but as usual the order was given from Sata to arrest the entire UPND campaign team in Livingstone. Today everyone else has been released except for the Campaign manager Gary Nkombo. The PF strategy is to stop any promising none Bemba Presidential candidate from succeeding. That is why HH has all these court cases. We are aware of PF’s dark designs.

  12. politcal failures call president sata dictator,prior to the 2011 elections pf went for convention in where they chose leaders including the current head of state.HH has been contesting elections from the time galant Mazoka died m.h.s.r.p,why is that no one has challenged him for the upnd top post.he is the worst dictator,former UDA members will agree with me on this one.HH pulled out of the pact because he has no regard for nobody else,he will soon discard ba mumba.

    • Is it a Zambian trait or just PF cadre mentality to wallow in half truths and meaningless arguments. Like 15 what is the point?

    • Pola, Kindly educate the masses. How many votes were cast at the PF convention? Non. People were jst given posts. Please find out the truth. No elections were conducted.

  13. Can’t agree more with the statement that the PF is in fact, the violent party in Zambia. They hold their rallies, protests and gang up on the opposition with impunity. When the opposition try to protest or indeed just voice their concerns, the PF cadres, the Police force and ministers all turn up in one way or another. And it is only when the PF suffer and injury of significant lose (life) that calls to lebel other parties as violent start to mushroom. In both cases leading to the two death (MTSRIP), the PF have been on the attack and in the first case, it was PF on PF… I will not be suprised if the same is the case in the recent one. More surprising is Edgar Lungu, a lawyer, is able to go on record that it’s the UPND who committed the murder even before the investigations are done

  14. It is realy stupidity of the worst kind in these sadists,upnd.Almost 0 their comments are meant to attract the outsiders like the c/’s nosense .Go to hell with yo colonial mentality. ln any case u are just exposing yo dullness.


  16. We are now expanding a non-topic in a manner resembling nuclear fission. Hon. Lungu said something rather unfortunate and a bit pompous-sounding, but with no value as a priority issue, and something which can not materialize anyway. In other words, an un-called for empty threat and unnecessary and rather amateur attempt to show of who’s in charge with the potential to add wood to the fire, but really, in itself a non issue. Let’s not get divided of this and abuse each other. Let us just agree that such language as Edgar used is uncalled for and should be discouraged. Then, if er are to do something about it, let’s do it without insulting each other. Voting is one way, and marketing your ideas in a way that does not attract hostility or stimulate ill feelings.

  17. Zambia needs serious prayers. Christians it is time to pray for the nation without ceasing, everything happening in the nation is a reflection of the state of the Church .

  18. UPND be very careful of the traps being set before you, retaliation in the name of self defense is not the solution they will implicate you with a tag of violence. No one will know the difference between who is violent between PF and UPND. An example is Uhuru and Ruto of Kenya facing trial at the Hague .Uhuru is accused of retaliation. It seems you are being provoked by strategy and they may use this as one of the defenses for the commonwealth. There must be rolling on the floor with laughter because you played into their strategy. Exercise restraint no matter how you are provoked by them , Zambians will then make a judgement concerning who is a violent party. Continue documenting all violence and intimidations and continue sending them to international bodies for their urgent

  19. The process of national development is a process of constantly fixing things, and because everything changes with the passage of time, the process of adapting and re-adapting is never-ending. Partisan politics are a matter of opinions (through ones own thoughts or manipulated ones.), not genetic encoding, and as such should be stuff that can be discussed in a manner of sharing views, not forcing each other to be uniform. We seem, even on this page, to be exhibiting the same behaviour we are disapproving of, and we are unnecessarily feeding a fire that leads to chaos using opportunities that could be used for finding lasting solutions and uniting in our diversity. We were there once. We can do it again.

    • This is not to say officials Edgar should feel comfortable to say this sort of thing again. This is to say that we have to think in practical ways about these things, and prioritize what we turn into divisive issues. If the idea is to punish Edgar, let’s make suggestions of possible constitutional options. If not, lets move on to what we can actually do. Leaders must lead by example, but also we must take responsibility for our own area of influence and what we project into it. This weird phenomenon is not just in politicians. It seems to be something we generally suffer from as a people, some form of collective mental illness. We are a corrupt people who point the finger the other way. A society of baboons can not produce lion leaders. Our leaders reflect who we are as a nation.

  20. They are products of our schools, our neighbours, our uncles and aunts, friends, cousins, and so on, people who have grown up and influenced by Zambian lifestyle in Zambian neighbourhoods, products of Zambia, part of the Zambian peoples. When One just has to compare how those guys fight in the media and how we fight when commenting to know that we are one and the same. So to fix those politicians we need to fix the society which produces them. Masumba’s photos, for example, which showed him dancing with a dancing queen, that is normal Zambian lifestyle for many many young men. It is not the behaviour of politicians. It is the behaviour of Zambian men that age. The only difference is that being in office, we expect to seem some restraint because these people are now role models.

    • The fact that we can point at politicians when they behave badly does not exepmt us from the need to not behave badly. If we are all sincere in the search for solutions for our country then let us show some soberness and some more-to-the-point issue-based debate, or else risk not being taken seriously, being isolated, and definitely not getting helping your own cause. You also never get that vote as a result. or if you got it once, you may never get it again.

  21. This is a challenge to NGO’s,the Church , Civil Service Organizations etc to come up with effective mitigation plans to ensure violence does not take root in Zambia and not just issuing statements alone. When violence takes place in a country, Ngo’s, the church and Civil Service organizations will not function properly because everyone will be running to protect themselves , prevention is better than cure. NGO’s and the Civil service start educating the masses through Bill boards, drama, songs etc especially the unemployed youths not to be used by any selfish politicians for their protection whether ruling or opposition. The Church should also take an active role to educate it’s congregants especially unemployed youths not to participate in violent activities sponsored by selfish…

    • I agree completely. people who are more aware know how to defend their rights better, and also how to respond in a more productive way to a challenge. Media institutions should also get more responsible and pro-active towards the kind of the limelight they put on certain causes, while still pleasing their investors. Divisive reporting does produce negative results. These drama, billboard and singing activities also create employment for the artistes and participants who go around carrying out these services. Besides getting the message across, this also motivates some youth to consider artistic options for a living. NGOs and churches are connected to funding networks. A system does already exist through which this kind of things can be done. It just needs planning and co-ordination.

  22. HH stop wasting time in Southern province and go to Muchinga and Northern to convince those people why they should vote for you and convince them you are not a pathetic tribalist!

  23. i saw blood shade for my country zambia…….i dont know whether it was a dream or not….women and children lost their lives and i saw a small piece of land around Luapula fought for between zambia and our neighbours…..blood was lurkin around the country….i hope it was just a nightmare……worried

  24. @Mazoka, it will b of paramount importance to know that upnd’s Zambia is southern province as such are very comfortable with that. It even makes them feel more comfortable as they have also extended their compaigns to de c/wealth. LOL !

  25. people of zambia we need to pray for mother zambia,our president and his government,the opposition leaders and everyone around because we need one another as brothers and sisters.where heading towards doomsday.this politics of hate and insults will take us no where.I see the devil is trying to use us as youths and this is where it starts…tribes hating one another instead of embracing the spirit of togetherness…..lets pray for our country especially those who are seeing darkness covering the nation…the devil is a liar

    • Prayer is well and good, but we also need to adjust our own way of digesting information, understanding each other, and choosing practical, productive and efficient non-inflammatory ways of reacting to each other and to information. Even with divine intervention, there are some things we should be doing ourselves, starting with checking our own selves, looking at our own selves honestly with intent to sincerely do the right and correct the unproductive in our own selves.

    • Declaring Psalm 91 and the blood of Jesus over Zambia, may all evil planners of violence and their families fall in their own traps if they don’t repent.

  26. Sad, very sad indeed, ba Kakoma are u also a Manson like your boss HH? Sad that even those who call themselves can not take time to find out who the mansons are, their atributes and character. Nevers as a “man of God” is better placed to warn Zedians about the 3rd degree manson HH. The guy is a real devil worshipper like it or not.

  27. I agree with one of the bloggers who states that politicians are too selfish and just focus on themselves. They really ignore what they are voted for. All of them just want to enrich themselves. Can anyone write me a job description for Zambia’s politicians featuring what they should not do as well as what they should do?

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