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Faustina Sinyangwe warns Namugala


Former Matero constituency MP Faustina Sinyangwe
Former Matero constituency MP Faustina Sinyangwe

MMD Women National Chairperson Faustina Sinyangwe has warned her predecessor Catherine Namugala to desist from issuing unwarranted attacks on the MMD leadership.

Mrs. Sinyangwe said Ms. Namugala is no longer a member of the MMD following her expulsion and that her attempts to call for a national convention are lacking in the ideals provided for in the party constitution.

She said Ms Namugala’s motives to fight the MMD through a parallel structure are an act of selfishness and will not yield positive results.

Mrs. Sinyangwe added that for as far as the MMD is concerned, the next national convention will take place in 2016 and that there is no crisis that would warrant an extra ordinary National executive Committee (NEC) convention.

Mrs. Sinyangwe was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning.

And speaking at the same occasion, MMD national treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima has clarified that MMD president Nevers Mumba is not on any salary or allowance for being party president.

Mr. Mbulakulima who is also Chembe Member of Parliament said Dr. Mumba’s services as party president are purely out of sacrifice.

He said allegations by Ms. Namugala that the MMD leader is demanding more contributions from MMD parliamentarians to sustain his lucrative life are unfounded.



    • Faustina is neither Namwanga nor Mambwe liulefye who is the aunt of the late Ucar Chitalu and at one stage she was married to a guy who worked for AMLEW in Kitwe. She was so much of a slapper at education television that Phiri diched her. She grabed young Sinyangwe and forced his divorce. Epela. Epo mpelele. twamuli samfwe.

    • She doesn’t have to write in venacular as she is fluent in English. Prior to joining politics, she was Director of Educational Broadcast Services in the Ministry of Education. Those who grew up in Zambia may remember her and the likes of the late John Katwishi presenting educational programs on radio and TV (with Mrs. Barbara Chilangwa). She is also a niece to H.E.

    • Mpombo says:

      1. Amsterdam is an Economic Vampire
      2. Zambia’s problem can not b solved on the streets of Johannesburg
      3. Opposition parties that held a briefing in South Africa are political amateurs whose careers would soon go kaput



    • All i know is that she would have been Education Minister now had she not ditched her Uncle’s Party. Patience pays and ako usulile akopa noko, tepapa

    • Looks like they have one thing in common ubule ,did she grab a Sinyangwe i thot Namugala is the one who grabbed a Sinyangwe.

    • @SANA – don’t listen to these losers trying to bring your comments down. They are typical PF cadres. The truth is they are choking with envy right now. In their small illiterate minds they though Rupiah was finished by giving the presidency. They forgot that Rupiah is University educated…he is not doing what he is doing now just out of random luck. RUPIAH IS EDUCATED and speaks sense, so when he speaks people listen. Jimmy Carter does not appoint i.d.i.o.t.s to lead his international missions!! Anyone who hates this truth about Rupiah is not worth listening to.

    • We have better things to do my friend than watch a thug who is dressed in an expensive suit and tie. Only a **** would buy those lies.

    • Sata smashed a TV in his office after seeing RB on world #1 network CNN. So painful because MCS will never be interviewed on CNN. He will stay with his BBC-Zimbabwe.

  1. Yes. We know Nevers. He saved Victory Ministries out of sacrifice. This is the easy way not to be held accountable for any funds. Offerings and free gifts from members.

  2. @Sana, so what, if Bwezani is on CNN, we strt jumping that he is a good leader?? For me, being appointed by a fellow former President Jimmy Carter to go and monitor elections is demeaning in itself, why cant Bwezani form his own Foundation or centre, how does he start reporting to Jimmy Carter, just because him ruled the USA and has resources??

    I would rather they are working together as equals not being sent as an envoy for the Carter Foundation, but becuase RB is partial to flying and life in hotels, he can go anywhere!!

    • Please do not display your ignorance here. Iye ubututu. Banda being sent to monitor the elections by Carter or the Carter Foundation speaks to the respect he has gained on the international stage. It means if Carter is not there to perform this role himself he can trust Banda to do it. Do you think Bill Clinton went to North Korea on a rescue mission without Obama’s okay? Carter himself has been sent on missions where his skills could be used.
      Banda quietly conceding to election defeat elevated him above many African leaders who cling to power or kill opponents and plunge their countries into civil war. You should be proud too that Zambia changed leadership with little violence.

    • Cont. from 4.2.
      Coming to Banda appearing on CNN: It means putting Zambia ‘on the map’. I can tell you there are people who don’t know where Zambia is. You should be proud of this. Especially when reports about African countries are always about hunger, poverty, war and AIDS. Be glad something positive is being talked about.
      Food For Thought: Do you think anyone would appoint the current occupant of State House on such a mission? Imagine the words that would come out of his mouth.
      Lasting am not a supporter of the former president or opponent of the current. Just a Zambian citizen.

    • @SANSAMUKENI — what do YOU know about the Carter Foundation, you dull bwana? Why do larger-than-life political heavyweights like Nelson Mandela receive the Nobel Peace Prize offered by just a private citizen of a country – the guy who invented dynamite which kills people?? Or do you want to use your grotesque logic to justify the Nobel Prize and further malign Jimmy Carter and his Foundation just because RB is involved and not Sata?? Don’t come here exposing your warped ignorance…you PF cadres are so shockingly daft I wonder how you run your homes. The Carter Foundation saves lives throughout the world. By the way, why does your first-lady kaseba receive money from individuals like Gates Foundation, since in your hyena-logic it is demeaning? PF are just incorrigible i.d.i.o. t.s.

    • sansamukeni kwena walasa,RB is a catoon sent to monitor elections in Kenya.I wish he had his own foundation to monitor elections,he’s just a send chap or being given instructions becoz he has no direction/directionless.

  3. Nevers is a power hungry dictator and the MMD is doomed under him!!We know how he abandoned his church and sank two other political parties in the past!!

    • should ve been perfect time for him to enjoy thandiwe in peace but he has chosen to enjoy her in pieces thru his endless globe trotting

    • Its amazing the level of hate we have for each other.This guy is puting Zambia on the map and all we can do is call him names? Guys lets put politics aside and get a life. Zambia lets have living heroes.

  4. @ 2 think its the most sensible thing coming from ZED is Rupiah Banda on cnn. the politics in Zambia, if SATA en HH is what zambia can produce then trust me u better not think of returning to zed in the next 15 yrs.

  5. Ba Faustina is a proper munselela kwakaba! She chewed NCC money despite knowing that this was a form of looting government resources against advise from her former party leadership PF. She is extremely indisciplined and how does she start warning Namugala when it is not only her but most of the MMD that doesn’t believe Nevers Sekwila Mumba is taking MMD anywhere, but down.
    Who can trust a person as treacherous as this Faustina who turned against her own beliefs for pieces of silver? MMD is really finished, this fossil should be left buried than exhumed as women chairperson.

  6. yaba kwena nika laughing kansala aka swallow your pride ba sinyangwe and apologise to His Excellence he will give you the job , he is the man of forgiveness see what he has done to mwamba,namulambe.chimumbwa and many more.as for namugala she the genuine member of mmd.you and mumba are hijackers.

  7. Ubututu! So what if Rupia is on CNN, he is just a hypocrite! They do know the man they have called to monitor elections. Going round Africa or Even the World will not Change what he is.

  8. Don’t ask WHO CARES? I care about MMD…they have slightly more civilised and competent leaders than PF…although I suspect that at this moment UPND is emerging to be the most competent of all the major parties. However, this is an internal war between 2 handbags and I think it is unwise to comment whenever it is handbags that are involved. So I will not comment any further on this matter.

    • @MAPS —- what c.r.a.p are you talking about? Dream on about what? I don’t dream any more, I’m living the life I used to dream of when I was a kid. I’m done, and don’t need any i.d.i.o.t.s around me and don’t rely on getting pleasure from watching others enjoy and supporting them from the sidelines. Thank you.

  9. Bryson,stay put wherever you are,I don’t like HH not a single bit,but i won’t let you insult him or our president just because you think you better than every Zambia…..

    I thought I was going to get a comprehensive answer from the coordinator pertaining to the issue of our money and contracts but nothing has materialized. The curiosity and anxiety to get a comment from the secretariat has reached to an alarming level. This has prompted me to think of writing this memo with the sole purpose of making you conscious of the gravity and severity of the situation TIDOs are passing through. This is no longer supposed to be regarded as a challenge but a disaster. In this regards, I have seen it imperative to inform you for this will have a negative consequences to the evaluation scheduled for next week. Is the guy who is coming to do the evaluation bringing us something? I don’t think I will withstand this pressure anymore…

  11. I am begenning to believe RB was a better leader than Sata is. I know Banda had his problems too and some of the problems we see with Sata were started by Banda but Sata has taken brutality to levels that are even worse than in the Kaunda days. Sata is a blood thirsty hyena who wants to eliminate all voices of opposition. This Beast only cares about two types of Zambians Catholics and Bemba’s thats it. If you don’t belong to any of these two groups, you are enemies with Satan even if you may not know it at this point. What is PF’s vision for Zambia. Where are they taking us and how do they intend to do it. Nobody knows!!!

    • its to empower indigenous zambians-5000 boreholes are being sunk in rural areas, 350 health centres being built country wide,all gemstones and timber to be processed locally before export, industrial clusters in each province-roads to link all districts-district attorneys for quick despensing of justice, tv stations in every province,power plants in all provinces and taking governance right to the local areas- the only thing that is not changing is the politics

    • ready their manifesto babricklayer. by the way start learning how to prefabicate buildings. soon they will no bricks to lay.

    • @bricklayer very dull. If Sata cares about Bembas and Catholics, what about Tongas, Kaondes, Lozis, Mambwes, Tumbukas, Lundas, Luvales who are in catholics. Sata wants to appoint pipo from opppostion such as UPND, but the moment Sata appoints these non bembas, their parties fire them. So what do you want Sata to do? Actually if you go thru the Sata’s appointments he tries to balance. You are very dull

  12. MMD is finished,it’s dead we buried it together with Levy so all these opportunists will never do any ting.

    • @ BLOOD MONEY – mind your language iwe ***** Why did you have to mention Levy in there? Did he take you to court for stealing? Be respectful. Levy has nothing to do with the differences we might be having among ourselves today. Can you even compare Levy to this retard in State House today? You PF cadres are sick in your heads, but very soon you will have taste of your own medicine….and we will meet right here on this blog site and I will be reminding you everyday and night until you insult me!!!

  13. Is it coincidence that most bloggers are outside Zambia? But the language from them in their blogs, these educated brothers and sisters! Most of them are educated and live live in great democratic countries on earth, but what they write in their blogs, unbelievable, utter tosch, Role models? Ambassaador of our great rich traditions and customs? Nay. better not blog or no one will tell the difference.

  14. Rupiah Banda is the only positive thing coming out of Zambian politics these days.Way to go RB,we are proud of you,

    • he has a good PR team around him that try to portray him as a statesman but the reality is that he was dragged out of state house kicking and screaming by the US ambasador.All the RP Capital monies are being used to launder his image.The guy is a thug who needs to be locked up and the keys thrown away

  15. Ba Sinyangwe!

    Please stop parading your self coz am scared what people will say when they put your face next to Namugala’s. Every face tells a story.

  16. Faustina has never bleached her skin. Those are scars left after being bruised by PF thugs in Matero. Mayo mwaiculila MMD!!

  17. Faustina do you want me a give you one of my many wigs? I can also give a moisturizer and sunscreen, you need it. You can also freely help yourself to my wardrobe. I hate to see a sister looking like this. In Zambia they usually say ‘balipwa’. Zambians can be cruel sometimes.

  18. I don’t think I will withstand this pressure anymore. I have tried my level best to show greater determination and perseverance but the severity of the situation has made me exhausted and left me with no option besides reduce the number of days I should be in office. I am finding it heavy going to report for work regularly as before. I don’t think under normal circumstances one could think a person can go for all this time without food. I am definitely grounded with not even money to buy air time. I have reached at the end of my tether. It is not deliberate to have come to this kind of phenomenon but is because of pressure. Life is not fair guys, despite being the list paid among other officers at the border I struggle a lot to get that little money. Imagine a ZIMRA officer who is…

  19. I am becoming a nuisance to my neighbors because of always in the hunt for money to cover my daily expenses. I hope your esteemed office will do something to save our lives and that of our children. We are lamenting !

    • Us in Europe do watch all news networks available, even the chinese cctv, Russian, name it, then we galavant to all the neccessary sites on the net, this is how you Zambians lack behind, because mufimwene muli some of us, we are working my dear we need to keep watch otherwise no rise!

    • When you call yourself ‘Sarah Palin’, nobody should be surprised that you can make a comment like that. After all the real Sarah made herself a laughing stock because of her ignorance. Kinda like you will do soon if you haven’t done so already. Watch news to educate yourself and know what’s going on in the world. But then again you said you’re Sarah Palin so I don’t expect you to do so.

  20. Most of these former MMD members of parliament are still in denial, they cannot believe they no longer in power! The more they keep on denying that the party is in trouble, the quicker they will sink in quick sands. Namagala is one of those who have seen the dire consequences of having a leader who is not inspiring but only interested in himself. Instead of helping his candidate to campaign in Mpongwe, he is busy stealing the limelight with ridiculous claims that he is a spare type to Sata. This campaign was supposed to be for Miniver but it was turned into a Nevers campaign and confused the electorate further. The dismal performance just confirmed how ineffective Mumba is as a leader of once vibrant party.

  21. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM, kwena mwanshuta! I have never been a fun of Banda not personal but cos of what he did and didnt do, as for the CNN thing, i was actually not praising him just debating in my heard how someone like him can be potrayed as a good African leader without stain,thats why i ended wth an “OK”, kinder amazed most of you couldnt get that, otherwise, dont need to elaborate myself am really laughing at all these comments, kinder made my day was a cool debate, keep up bloggers of this site you are so much diffrent from one Z mumbwa’s bloggers, love you all, peace.

  22. The biggest problem Sata is having is after his presidence life(if ever he …there) Zambians are going to claw back the resouces he is amassing before he retires. The world will be relieved and forget about him but Zambians are alive what they will do to him and children of his children. We have testimonies of Chilubas, not sure if they do exist and can not even identify themselves and if they do, will be prosecuted for receiving stolen inheritance. That awaits Sata’s family tree as its waiting for RB’s family if proven true.

  23. OLD LIONESS madam sinyangwe extremely out of touch with society former mp,loosing candidate for matero,just start farming as you do not have any other source of income.

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