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Livingstone Magistrate locks up Police Chief inspector for disobeying court order


Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo
Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo

Zambia Police Chief Inspector Nebert Chellamaumba was today locked up in court cells by Magistrate Chola Musonda for failing to carry out a court order to issue murder suspect Mazabuka Member of Parliament (MP) Gary Nkombo with a medical report within 48 hours as ordered by the court last Friday.

This was when the case for Hon Gary Nkombo, who is charged with murder contrary to section 200 of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, came up for hearing.

Last week, the defence complained that their client , Hon Garry Nkombo, was unwell after he was allegedly assaulted by Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta. This prompted Magistrate Musonda to directe the station officer in charge to issue Mr Nkombo with a medical report within 48 hours.

Today, Magistrate Musonda asked Nkombo if the police had given him a medical report following a court order last Friday but the Mazabuka lawmaker said he was not given.

This prompted magistrate Musonda to summon the criminal investigations officer but the court was told that the officer was out of station and Inspector Chellamaumba came to court to represent the police.

At this point, magistrate Musonda said he expected police officers to take court orders seriously.

“I have found that you disobeyed the court order. It is not the intention of the court to punish police officers but if you neglect your duty to implement court orders, this honourable court will not be shy to punish you,” Magistrate Musonda said after which Inspector Chellamaumba was led to court cells.

Magistrate Musonda has since directed Livingstone district prosecutions officer Jonathan Chenda, who was present in court, to immediately facilitate the medical report for Nkombo to receive medical attention.

However, Southern province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga defended the Police saying that there was no written court order for the police to issue Nkombo with a medical report.

“We only learn’t of the magistrate’s directive through the media and there was no written court order as was done in one instance in Lusaka where a magistrate gave an instruction in court and followed it up with a written court order to the police,” she said.


    • Let God arise in His anger and fight for us, may all evil SATAnic-PF Goliaths after our blood catch fire.

      May the Goliath appetite spirit to cause by-election in PF strongman catch fire to save our tax payers cash

      We refuse to allow angels of blessings to depart or be snatched by satanic-PF cains after our blood raise an abel for our nation

      We paralyze all PF evil aggression addressed at our citizens, blind the evil PF strong man like Batmius

      bring honey out of the rock heart of the PF dictator strongman for our sake

    • I am looking at Nkombo’s Picture here and I think I see something that he may not even be aware of. I believe he has type 2 Diabetes. He needs to seek medical advice as soon as possible. I would recommend that he uses nutrition and exercise to regulate the sugar levels in his system.

    • When bricklayers start giving medical reports, you know that a country has gone astray. I’ve always known Gary as a gentleman and don’t imagine him physically harming anyone. But like I said before, I can never understand why experiencing jail and physical abuse is always a must before you take over political power in Africa …. And I know it will come to pass.

  1. what do police study before becoming officer?? then u telling me this fella doesnt know law? typical PF cadre.

    • Charity Charity please just quit. Was there any written court order to lock up you Inspector? Is set free because Ba Judge Musonda didn’t write to Charity…? Woooo, tomorrow we will hear Charity is locked up for court attempt or whatever that is when you challenge a judge. What kind of law are these P. F learn?

  2. For how long was the police chief locked up?I hope the UPND thugs who always say the police are acting on Sata’s instructions now understand that the Police and the Judicially are doing their jobs without political influence.

    • Whatever you say never counts when people have chosen to listen to what the only want to hear. Other views seem irrelevant. At that point things ever get worse.

    • @ Life is a journey
      The court ordered for a medical report to be done within 48hrs and by today it had not been done. It goes to show that the police did not take it seriously or avoided the order to safe guard the alleged PF attacker Mwaliteta. The longer the leave it the harder to trace/ find evidence of an assault by any Dr. Who says there was no political influence to ignore the court order? Now if Sata issues an instruction to arrest an opposition leader, how long does it take Jere or even Lebongani herself to issue the so called “call out”? They don’t even have to be reminded either…think about it before you ask other to take this court action as confirmation of unbiased policing. It’s a deliberate act to avoid arresting a PF cadre who should have been in custody already

    • Guys stop praisin pf and condemning upnd. Am a l’stone resident n wat pf r telin u r total lies. Dat man ws nt kiled by upnd. Can nkombo kill a man wit an axe or panga ? And who’s th eye witnes anyway ?

  3. just why did we vote for PF what was in our mind what were we thinking Why should an old person like mwalitetavhim in his right state of mind make such an orgasmic ejaculative statement. Who killed Chanda,how,when,where. I regret voting for PF . Please can someone give me a bucket I want to through up. Sata Please your team is nauseating me

    • We the Zambian people voted for Sata and his team as it was and is still is the best choice; only a feeble minded chap would submit such daft posts and expose his ignorance. If elections were held today 04th March 2013 we the Zambian people will still not for them and not the dole thirsty sanctimonious pastor or the blithering **** called under5.
      We have given them a 5 year mandate if you can not stomach that take a very very long walk in the Arctic don’t ever come back here to submit daft comments until 2016.

    • octopus Paul Bwalya!!! You have never voted for PF nor President Sata. You voted for HH and that I am sure of as you chanted 20HHHHH just prior to the September 2011 elections. UPND in its current state with HH at its helm will never galvanise enough votes in this country to win a presidential election. Therefore Octopus Paul Bwalya buy a bucket so that you can keep voting all the way to dehydration of your skin and membranes, hopefully through to delirium and death. I hope no body will pass you water for your foolish nausea until you are gone! Phew! Lousy haters!

  4. koseni ba wishi were is the mapatizya formular .now your ka hungry hyena is having mafisi and dancing wabala ngombe song.elo mulemoneka kwati ni useless wonded bull

  5. UPND mature mature leadership to settle these young people. Not HH . Maybe Daniel Munkombwe or Elias Chipimo Senior.

  6. Are the police qualified to issue medical reports? This Zambian trend should be reversed, the report should come from the hospital, signed by the doctor then taken to the police. People have died waiting for medical reports instead of being attended to at the hospitals, the police have no medical training to be entrusted with this task. Internal bleeding and brain injuries cannot be determined by looking at a person’s injuries but they need special equipment and trained personnel like doctors who never present at the police station!. In Chingola, a person died at the counter form a stab wound while waiting for a medical report at the police station after they refused to treat him at the clinic, this tragedy could have been avoided if the clinic had attend to him and written a report.

    • What does ‘issuing a medical report’ mean?Let me educate you a little bit because I know precisely what I am talking about.The issuance of a medical report form by the police’ implies ‘simply giving a medical report form to what are called complainants.It doesnot mean the police take complainants’ medical history,then establish ‘a through knowledge'(diagnosis) and later on treatment or referral for specialized medical service, at the Inquiry Office/Police Station.Note that,hospitals should only commence treatment of any assault injury after the police have recorded and labeled a complainant’s case medical so that criminals behind those injuries are brought to book.A medical report form(which has a Zambia Police Code number in digit form) thus may establish what the police call…

    • Note that,hospitals should only commence treatment of any assault injury after the police have recorded and labeled a complainant’s case so that criminals behind those injuries are brought to book.A medical report form(which has a Zambia Police Code number in digit form) thus may establish what the police call expert evidence in court.So the police as a law enforcing organ must ensure that culprits behind all assault cases must be face the arm of the law.


    • The police issue a medical report form which the Complainant takes to the hospital.
      The form is signed by the Doctor after examining the complainant not the police.
      I hope this answers your question

    • one point which should not be missed gentlemen is that lives have been lost because of the delayed medical attention, time is wasted going to the police station for a form even when its an emergence case.

  7. Is this the same Charity Katanga people have been saying is a learned lawyer. Where does she come from anyway? Her name sounds Congolese…in which case she is serving away from her place, which is why she may be so cruel to local people she does not feel close to—-which has been Sata’s strategy throughout the country apart from the regions he comes from. Charity Katanga should know that if she didn’t hear the Judge’s order, there was a police officer who attended the court who had the order. What does Katanga use for hearing? Ears or somewhere down? The judge was very clear about which police officer he issued the order to and who should have followed his internal ranks to facilitate the report. However, probably Katanga stopped it to buy time. Obviously Garry Nkombo is healed now.

    • So you are looking for where she comes from so you can pre-judge her. You are the tribal fools that cause Wars on our continent. For your ignorant mind’s sake katanga is a Zambian name Why don’t u ask all the bandas and phiris and zulus we have if they are from malawi or South Africa?

    • Chitapi, you are a disgrace to your family & all those who associate with you by choice! What nonsense are you propagating with your tribalism? It does not matter which part of the country Katanga hails from as she is standing on good legal ground by waiting for a written court order.

    • My heart bleeds for my fellow Zambians who speak but use vulgar language and disrespect of each other. Politics in Zambia has been hijacked by animalism and hate instead of putting our heads together to defend our land and natural resources from being taken away by foreign investors.We have a lot of work to fight poverty and let our people free from hunger.Dont fight,dont kill,dont insult,love one another.Forgive and focus on the future of our children. Njambi amilame.

  8. Continue with your mapatizya formular n see if it will take u anywhere imwe tu Under-five Politicians for National Destruction (UPND).

  9. I always thought Court orders, arrest and search warrants should be signed by the judge before they are executed. Verbal orders work well in the military not in the judiciary, how do we keep precedent if we are not writing down the judgements and orders the courts are issuing?


    • To B Joshua, there is no need for God to help the lazy magistrate/judge write the court order! All court instructions, i.e. court order, warrant of arrest and search warrant should be written. All you muppets want to change rules and regulations as long as it suits you, that is why no one takes you seriously. Go and suck your thumb!

  11. The blood of Chanda will not rest till hh and his minions are finished. Upnd ,know dat is only de need 2 b peaceful Dat’s restraining us from hitting back but 1 day,just 1 day u will cry u evil pipo. Dat magistrate z just a useless,***** magistrate

  12. I feel sorry for Nkombo a young man with a future allowing himself to be misled by his boss HH who has no foreseeable political future. When he boasted about the Mapatizya formula little did he remember that violence begets violence. Now he is languishing in dirty cells whilst HH is enjoying himself at home. Listen to the voice of reason from KK, don’t be used for wrong purposes by greedy politicians. I hope all youths have learnt something from this unfortunate but avoidable situation.

    • We are behind UPND all the way regardless of your tribal and senseless comments. You hate for HH and Garry is nothing but tribal. HH is our man and that’s final.

  13. Lilayi really needs a big shake up. Policemen think all of Us have no rights except the ruling class. Well done magistrate teach ba Pombo a lesson!

  14. I can imagine how this chap Garry is feeling! Mwalesamwa bane nomba mwamona ukuti you can not triffle with the law! How i wish you can continue shouting Mapatizya! Mapatizya! mapatizya! Iam pretty sure that word is now terrifying most useless upnd idiets especially one blogger who calls himself @octupus paul bwalya! The chap is a misguided political vampire with no defined moral campus! Bloody idiet!

  15. Many Police Officers bearing a cadre-mentality have become a menace to the general public. They tend to assume some air of importance under the PF regime. I was in Kabwe during the late afternoon of Friday the 1st March 2013 when we witnessed the unruly behaviour of a Security Officer who was at the head of a convoy of the motor-cade travelling from the Copperbelt Province heading for Lusaka. This particular Officer was openly brandishing a gun on his right arm which was being displayed hanging outside the vehicle’s drivers door. We were all disgusted by the culture of terror being nurtured by the PF Govt. I thus salute the Livingstone Magistrate for executing the essence of the rule of Law. The Police are reverting the country to the historical age of barbarians in our civilized times.

    • baboss thats security matters,if you’re not a criminal why you get disgusted?we know what you’re scared of.Here in Lsk the C5/ anti-robbery squads do that neary every day and it was so common in RB’s time and we never complained and you also never complained.Don’t be scared you’ve got a responsible security personnel and you’re secured ba boss.

  16. Sorry for diverting from the topic. I just want to express my shock at insults being posted and allowed on the Zambian Watcdog on line publication especially on women which seem to be getting worse and worse. Hate speech on political issues is the order of the day. Please peace loving country men and women what can be done to stop this rot. Can some one help?

    • One thing we can do is Boycott the w-dog. I never read it myself and plenty of my pals don’t. We can also lobby advertisers not to use a hate speech site. Women’s lobby groups can ask advertisers not to go to Chauvinistic sites

    • Lol, so you are both pretending there are no insults on LT? and what about your holy grail, the POST. Hypocrites, you can boycott the watchdog if you want, my prediction is that it will remain Zambia’s biggest news source for decades.

    • Boycott it alone. Just compare the readership here with W-dog. Unfortunately many of us are now suffering from Watchdoglitis. We can’t just survive without it.

    • Don’t go to Zambain Watchdog, the MAPATIZYA formula is used verbally on that blog. The UPND cadres on ZWD specialise in insulting all who don’t agree with HH, but especially the women folk. It is unbelievable and they are such a cursed lot that they find it fulfilling to their moral bankruptcy. Just avoid ZWD, until ZICTA grows some teeth and regulate those morons.

  17. Uyu kapoli let him rot in jail so that he comes out a demented bastard and make sure prisoners to continue hammering behind. Even if this dimwit dies it will not affect this country.

  18. UPND faces starting with HH to his juniors are so fierce with hate. I fear for this country if by misfortune they end up in power. There would be genocide in Zambia.

    • it doesn’t matter,please be factual with your comment or else this good online publication will be useless just like zambian watchdog.

  19. This shows that the OF government is in any way interfering with the judicially. If it was RB. Time that judge would not even dare to arrest that police chief.Good job PF for not interfering. Lets how HH and nevers are going to say.

  20. ala kanshi balikuponona kuli coloured .mulemoneka kwati niba wounded balangombe kanshi mulifwafwa .i didn’t know that the mapatizya formular can turn against you the user.

  21. Long live Upnd! Nkombo is innocent, any sane zambian regardless of political affliations knows this, the murderers are not UPND members. Wen court orders a suspect be given medical attention, again any sane zambian police promptly carries out the court order this is the procedure for sane police obviously paperwork follows later, charity katanga save the life of the suspect first, yo argument is untenable and misplaced. Ati tuleteka, in crisis and chaotic fashion of course!

    • maiwe,ba upnd nomba yazanda amacriminals nabafula.I wish Anderson Mazoka was here to see for himself how the party we all cherished has became,makani yabeja for you crminals.ViVa Pf,ViVa president sata.

  22. WOW seems no one is above the Law, Hope the magistrate does not get fired if this officer is PF cadre. WE NEED LAW AND ORDER IN THAT COUNTRY.

  23. I thought I was going to get a comprehensive answer from the coordinator pertaining to the issue of our money and contracts but nothing has materialized. The curiosity and anxiety to get a comment from the secretariat has reached to an alarming level. This has prompted me to think of writing this memo with the sole purpose of making you conscious of the gravity and severity of the situation TIDOs are passing through. This is no longer supposed to be regarded as a challenge but a disaster. In this regards, I have seen it imperative to inform you for this will have a negative consequences to the evaluation scheduled for next week. Is the guy who is coming to do the evaluation bringing us something? I don’t think I will withstand this pressure anymore. I have tried my level best…

  24. The issue is that If Police issue Nkombo a medical report form Mwaliteta will be arrested have to be arrested for assaulting Nkombo a case to be determined by the High court and with witnesses which Nkombo cant fail to provide its a staihgt foward case .. minimum 5yrs imprisonment for Mwaliteta and the police dont know how to handle that they need guidance from plot 1.. WHAT A SHAME.. PATHETIC FAILURES (PF)

  25. Garry is a victim of his own mapatizya formula. He asked for it. Let him disown the formula and he may be forgiven.

  26. I think all animals should be equal but in the PF government Guy Scott said,”the Judge Chakopa’s commission of equiry was on.”This happened in parliament when he( scott) knew very well that the case was alive in the supreme court.The attorny General should have used his impartial powers and bring contempt proceedings again the VEEP.Now we know he is compromised and should step down on moral grounds if he does have any morals left.

  27. what a circus pa zed. its like we are watching faulty towers. anyway, as long as the ‘ natola fye clan’ remaineth uncaged, this comedy will continue but ‘only for a while’. there is no evil which can reign supreme. remember ‘noah’s flood’, ‘sodom and gomorrah’? there is even a lake of fire which is coming for ukwa’s masters and the followers to ukwa’s masters. it is only God who is without a beginning and an end. wake-up!!!

  28. These political connections appointments, plice no longer fair institution. Katanga iwe the magistrate issued the ORDER last week in court to Chief I. O. Who was in the court but disobeyed the court order bcoz u scheme to eliminate Nkombo a galant UPND member he had absolutely no cause to kill anyone that constituency is UPND stronghold.

  29. Even if you insult the Tongas you bembas we shall always love you, its better we pray for peace. There are so many bembas out there in Livingstone who are not willingly to learn the local language out there and they insult others for using their mother tongue. May God bless you people. Insults will lead us to a genocide.

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