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US envoy lauds President Banda’s Carter Centre Role


President Banda adressing the audience
President Banda addressing the audience

United States ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has praised Excellency Rupiah Banda, the Fourth President of the Republic of Zambia, for his role in the Carter Centre election observer mission.

Meanwhile, the former Zambian head of State two met two of the eight Kenyan presidential candidates, Raila Odinga and Peter Kenneth, stressing on the need for peace and respect for the country’s electoral process and the east African state holds its general elections tomorrow.

Speaking when President Banda and the Carter Centre delegation paid a courtesy on him at the US embassy earlier today, Ambassador Godec said he was happy that the Zambian leader had agreed to be part of the Kenyan election observer mission.

“I was very pleased when you agreed to be part of the Carter Centre observer mission to Kenya. Because of your background and the things you have done, you have brought value to the Carter centre,” said Ambassador Godec.

This is contained in a statement to ZANIS and signed by the former President’s Deputy Administrative Assistant, Kennedy Limwana.

He also told President Banda’s delegation that massive effort had been made to ensure successful elections although he regretted that the international media appeared to purvey negative reports on the Kenyan situation.

And Carter Centre vice-president for peace programmes Dr John Stremlau said his team was happy to have President Banda as its leader, a pointer to how African problems were capable of being solved by Africans.

In response, President Banda paid tribute to the US government for its efforts in helping achieve free and fair elections.

The Carter Centre delegation later held a meeting with presidential candidate Peter Kenneth of the Kenya National Congress at the Crowne Plaza and Raila Odinga, the candidate for the Coalition for the Restoration of Democracy (CORD) at Serena Hotel

All the election observer missions here have since issued a joint statement calling for peaceful conduct of elections. The observer missions are the Commonwealth, European Union, African Union, the East African Community, the Great Lakes region, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, and the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development.



  1. Statesman banda continue making us proud not these guys camping in LSK and keeping some man from malawi @ peoples expense

    • Indeed a statesman and source of pride for any rational thinking zedian.I’m awed and humbled by the example set by this great son of zambia.Keep that zedian flag high RB.


    • Ku Kenya?
      why do people make so much noise over nothing? Has Ba Banda achieved anything on record to be proud of in Zambia? Ine Nadabwa! Kenya is another deadly vile country just like any other african cursed land, corruption, sick deadly tribalism…., run for your life, Day in day out, people make noise on social media just like we are busy doing, the fact that an American former head of state appoints you to try divert the cancer of these African nations doesnt mean that someone is better than another not chosen African former or current leader. People open your eyes, go to Kenya and see if those living in tents eating salt mixing with water will sing praises for your Banda? ku africa ubututu kills us, so you are happy ati ba panga ishina?

    • What about those unknown heroes on the streets who are doing more than just a speach, midwives in the remote areas of African rurals, a teacher, a nurse serving hundreds of lives walking long distances to get to her patient, the mine worker burying himself below six fit, bringing up those minerals to stabilise your economy? what about those children walking miles and miles to school to later become a contributing factor to your country? there are so many people who deserve praise and badges than some of these fellas, and you are busy with cho chise over Banda, living in larvish hotels his children never worried about were that pizza will come from. Really i get amused at how people get excited of marketing certain people, will anything change next week in kenya? i hope for them.

    • We shall keep on repeating so long as international recognition continues falling on President Banda. You have a problem with that? Achh chibaba!

  2. Yet another cap and feather for your stellar record bwana RB from the international community.As tributes,respect and accolades mount on you outside Zed,your enemies in zed will be dying of envy.Muchas gracias papa y felicitaciones contigo.

  3. This and many such endless accolades only implodes the cancer disease in Sata and worsening the decaying of his heart now surviving on artificial insertions.

  4. i would like to pay tribute 2 our former president mr banda plz continue lifting our flag up god will bless u 4 being a peace maker in africa viva rb viva rb

  5. the former Zambian head of State met two of the eight Kenyan presidential candidates, Raila Odinga and Peter Kenneth, stressing on the need for peace and respect for the country’s electoral process and the east African state holds its general elections tomorrow as we did in our country zambia. People voted for Mr. Sata and life has continued although he made fake promises which saw me out of office. “however you need to follow me i accept defeat,” he added

  6. Leave Banda alone, a prophet (though Banda cant be one) is never respected in His homeland… So if u dont respect RB pliz let thoz who want to respect him do so!!!! I know ka Chellah and Mumembe will write somethng useless about RB tomorrrow but hey who cares?? RB is Kenya, zingena mupocket mwake, any problem???? Woooollll!!!

    • Banda is a statesman. We need such people in Africa who promote peace, not people who promte hate. Zambians are bursy fighting for power alomost every month there are by-elections creating unnessessary spending on the expenses of the very poor poeple. Its hight time Zambians learn to bring development as the first issue not power or else zambia will remain more poorer than before. Just after independence, Zambia was much better economically than now. We have more poor people in Zambia than any other country in Africa. Its a concern for me. Just look at ordinary zambia in the streets of Lusaka, housese, sanitation, look at a market in lusaka where food is bought, how dirty the place is, dont even talk of the toilets, going in, one will regrete why he entered, its all filthy.

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