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RB let the late President Fredrick Chiluba off the hook-Sakeni


Information and Broadcasting Services minister Kennedy Sakeni
Information and Broadcasting Services minister Kennedy Sakeni

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kennedy Sakeni has accused fourth Replication President Rupiah Banda of letting the late President Fredrick Chiluba off the hook when he was facing corruption charges.

In a press statement made available to the media last evening Mr Sakeni said that Mr Banda freed the late former president because he himself knew that his hands were soiled.

Mr Sakeni said Zambians had not forgotten that it was infact former Mr Banda’s Government that set a bad precedence by letting Dr Chiluba off the hook.

“We recall how Mr Rupiah Banda talked about the late Dr Chiluba’s judgment at a rally in Kabwe even before it was delivered in court. Clearly, Mr Banda was trying to protect the late former President
Chiluba so as to protect himself in return,” he said.

An in reaction to Mr Banda’s statement to the media in Kenya, where he has been invited to lead a delegation to monitor that country’s general elections, that a bad precedence would be set
if his immunity is to be lifted. Mr Sakeni said that there will be no bad precedence set in removing immunity, adding that that government was acting within the Constitution by proposing the removal of Mr Banda’s immunity.

Mr Sakeni said immunity was not a birthright but a privilege which could be removed as and when deemed necessary, in accordance with the law.

“Government wishes to state categorically that there will be no bad precedence set in removing former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity, contrary to his assertions in Kenya today , as reported in the media,” Mr Sakeni said.

“This is just as the MMD did not act outside the law to remove the late former President, Dr Chiluba’s immunity,” he said.

He said the MMD, lifted, through Parliament, the immunity of late former President Frederick Chiluba, who was their own member, to enable him clear his name on the allegations of plunder of the national resources levelled against him.

“This was the MMD then in power lifting the immunity of the man they themselves sponsored to lead the nation,” Mr Sakeni said.

Late President Levy Mwanawasa, in moving the motion to strip his predecessor of his immunity, stated that the action was good in order to set a good precedence both for himself and other leaders after him that whoever was entrusted with the privilege of presiding over public resources as Head of State, did not abuse that privilege and use the resources for personal or family benefit.

He said if Mr Banda had nothing to hide, he should avail himself for interrogation and clear his name with the due process of the law.


  1. Who has paid for Miles Sampa’s $20,000 class at Harvard University. Is it out of pocket or is the government footing this bill? How is his one month stay at Harvard going to help the people of Zambia. Sata is the one who should have gone, he could use some education.

    Miles Sampa is very narcissistic, he has at least 2 websites of himself where he posts pictures of himself playing in the snow at Harvard on tax payer money. And Zambians are quiet about it. Lwenu!

    • Ku yumfwa Ba sampa elo ka course nika attendance certificate, tulya Ba pela kuma seminars, Sampa posts on his Facebook silly pictures like he is doing a masters degree shaaa. Elo lwanya Ba PF sampa thinks he is an economist like HH but Ba guy bajobba fye ka component in agriculture economics. What a nice way to be rewarded by your uncle for helping in laundering money to support PF I wish RB caged this moron. Elo ati niwa Ba gelo sampa

    • Miles sampa is not mentioned in the story above y bring up his name.stop propagating rumors.if u have nothing to contribute on the story just keep quite.

    • Iwe chi Nubian why bringing the Sampa story here ? Bushe ngoli nchushi ninshi nibonse ? Amano ububi iwe ka shetani.

  2. So iwe Sakeni, you now want to charge Chiluba who is dead? Leave RB alone, try and deliver just one of your PF promises.

    • That ugly mouth of sakeni only ejeculates nothing but hate and lies, Leave RB only! sort out problems being faced masses of zambia!

    • Not this vomit again. Can’t the so called Minister at least speak from a living room and not toilet? Sounds like what ever he says comes from the bottom side and not head and mouth.
      This Dr Phiri should be worried that his education program is only directed at the young ones when in cabinet he has retards like Sekani wa Sekeni.

  3. How i wish wisdom and intelligence was transferable or just donated I would asked Obama to give Sata 0.00001% of his wisdom to King cobra and his PF minions. PF will be a one term government mark my words.all corners of the country pipo are complaining, mealie meal shortages, fake PF promises ,school fees , medicines yaba…

  4. Oh please, shut it already, you forget that in 2006 Sata vowed to acquit FTJ. It appears double standards are the standard of the day. Get over RB and govern.

    • Truly, Sata had vowed to free Chiluba once he came to power. These politicians think that we are so dull. PF used to sympathise with Chiluba when Levy Mwanawasa was alive. They used to escort and recieve him at the airport whenever he went to South Africa for treatment.

    • Iwe Ndobo, wapepa dobo? Everyone knows about Levy`s legacy. You are the only one who does not know it. Mwanawasa was the best president Zambia has ever had. Development, stable and better economic fundamentals, fiscal discipline, fight against corruption. We saw it during his presidency.

    • @Kanyengambeta- Really, the only marijuana smoking person is you. You are totally off topic.

  5. Sakeni start with people who embezzled mezarf funds first. And then tabulate all crimes RB committed than u just opening your probosis

    • Iwe Ndobo, wapepa dobo? Everyone knows about Levy`s legacy. You are the only one who does not know it. Mwanawasa was the best president Zambia has ever had. Development, stable and better economic fundamentals, fiscal discipline, fight against corruption. We saw it during his presidency.

  6. Iye PF surprise me everyday…just work please…why are so hell bent on finishing politicians..atleast give us some development-lifting RBs immunity will not put paracetamol or oxygen in hospitals or give us mealie -meal!- it seems bye-elections and political assassination are ur first priority while the country is falling apart

    • Could it be that there is no paracetamol or oxygen in hospitals or mealie -meal and so on so forth, becoz a president and his ministers once in power are as it stands “free” to work first for their “own” in their given term, without being able to be hold “accountable” by their Zambia citizens for their general well being? A free ride for personal enrichment through public resources, hé why not, this is good business! “If I have some time left doing my own business, I might consider to provide even some needed oxygen in hospitals… or would I? After all, I can not be hold accountable, I am untouchtable!”

    • I’d much rather he is informing us about government policy on women, children, youth employment and their progress, things of how much food is produced where. How much money RB stole no one knows, I frankly don’t care. Can we move forward Mr Sakeni you should convince us with a proper report or something then we’ll ask our MPs to do it.

  7. Mwanawasa was the best, the only bad thing he did was to leave us with a farmer who later on destroyed his legacy, because him RB never thought to be a president one day, hence he had no plans for the country. Now we have uncle Ukwa who is also not giving us proper directions to where the country is going.

    • I think that is where Mwanawasa fails as a leader. He didn’t chose his successor wisely and let alone make him his Vice President.

    • mwanawasa was a cabage, there is nothing which came out of that corruption fight…zip nothing!!!!!! what legacy are you talking about?… during campagns PF were talking and shouting about mwanawasa legacy, now NOBODY talks about it because it was not there in the first place, that ´legacy´ was a creation of the post newspaper for useful *****is…

    • Iwe Ndobo, wapepa dobo? Everyone knows about Levy`s legacy. You are the only one who does not know it. Mwanawasa was the best president Zambia has ever had. Development, stable and better economic fundamentals, fiscal discipline, fight against corruption. We saw it during his presidency.

    • @kanyengambeta…. tell me what was gained from the corruption fight???, don´t you see that nchito and mmembe are the only ones who gained heavily from that corruption fight???. so what legacy are you taking about`?? mwaiches iwe

  8. Seems like every new government will prosecute the previous president. I don’t think the country benefits from this witch hunt. It didn’t work the last couple of times so maybe it is time to quit this pay back shnanagans and govern the country maybe we will start developing.

  9. This chatterbox blabber mouth Sakeni loves to cast aspersions on others and being the arbiter of ‘what-shud-have-been” .Sakeni aren’t you supposed to be delivering as per your contract to the voters instead of wasting your time on bygone folks?

  10. Miles Sampa be quiet and have a heart. Zambia has suffered enough. You know that $20,000 certificate is not worth anything. Your constituency Matero could have used that money. Even your staffer whom you wrote about on facebook as wanting to take his own life because of Nkongole could have benefited.

    Zambia will not develop until we all take selfless measures in improving our situation.

    • Am with you on this one, cant he do correspondence if he really wants it? Just imagine which sector has been squeezed…., something gotta give! i think it’s the students in Russia waiting for their pay, or some hospital running out of ARVs, oh wait…., the cops have no transport to tackle the thugs in kalingalinga! Who advised and gave a go for such an unforgivable crime? i hope he will pay back with interest.

  11. Its fascinating to see how mediocre us Zambian are: close to two years into a new administration and we are still bickering about a now retired politician when we should take a leaf from Ghana and Kenya who are evolving to the next level of development and becoming the hotbeds of technological innovation on the continent. Time wasted on less developmental projects will never be regained!

    • here here..thats why we wont develop cos of our pettiness..Zambia has resources a small population but yet we wallow in poverty..too much mismanagement-lack of vision and strategies from our leaders…surely this man can be talking of FTJ and RB..let it go and keep it moving!! the question we should be asking is what can we do to for our country..not this endless bickering ,poaching of MPs and senseless bye-elections!what is the plan for Zambia and how will we arrive at our goals..May God give us good leaders

    • Me, I thought Sakeni will tell us how the PF govt is contributing to the new constitution to avoid repeat of what he aledges RB did. Sakeni has just confirmed that our constitution gives the President powers to let anybody “off the hook”. Is this fair?????

  12. it is good let the immunity be removed the bottom line is ukwas will be next becoz he is already abusing his office let it be known. ba sakeni do u remember that in 2006 your boss campaigned on restoring the immunity for a fellow bemba and that there was a comon saying of twachula sana?

  13. RB aquited Chiluba so that the same can be done to him.We need to be serious as a nation,how do one say leave RB alone?The man plundered the nation.This has to be a good example to all those who shall be intrusted to govern the countries resources.

    • Bwana give examples kaili; refer to some corrupt activities for which you have proof instead of basing your allegations on mere speculations. Courts do not convict on mere speculations and it will be a further worst of gvt resources to take rb to court on Paolo Di Canio’s speculations, the courts could instead devote themselves to hearing matters in which people are in Kafimsa/Kasenshi remand etc. The day that you will give us concrete crimes that rb engaged in, we shall be the loudest to advocate the removal of immunity. Start by listing them-nakwabilako-

  14. I really can’t understand how this mans brain work? Mr how many living criminals have you caught. You keep on wasting our money. Wait until your term is over!!

  15. Shut up sakeni every time its RB this RB that. Talk about thief Kapoko which Pf aquited coz he used stolen money to sponsor pf in opposition.

  16. FTJ is dead and there is totally no need to bring him and accuse him when he cannot even defend himself. Let us just deal with the issues that are affecting the country. We all know understand the issues concerning the late FTJ, but surely let bygones be and move on. There is no mealie-meal in Chipata and what is Sakeni’s govt doing about it. We want to know if the govt is doing something to solve such issues. FTJ is dead and not a factor anymore. MHSRIP

  17. talk about…
    90 days promise.
    more money in our pockets.
    no school fees.
    better salaries for all.
    more hospitals.
    ci sakeni,dont bring the issue of a dead person,just deliver on the above promises u promised during the campaigns,wabe cilipoli.

  18. Daz this man ever work! What is Sakenis JOB! We are fed up of your stories about RBI! Do some work……..! We do not live, eat and drink RBI! We want development!

  19. Atleast show as that u are men of actions by fufilling at least half of one of your promises u made to us than talking about immunity everyday. R we going to eat imunity from north / west / east / south?

    U r not in the oposition so stop politicking and get back to work. R u still dreaming, dont u believe u r in Govnmnt?

  20. It never stops to amaze me how much energy is spent by African and especially Zambian governments going after so called opponents, when there is so much needed to fix the country that this wasted energy can be used for. Currently the country is suffering from severe fuel shortages, supply of mealie meal is not happening despite a bumper harvest. Town planning is no existent and with Lusaka growing like a wild mushroom with no structure, people are forced to fend for themselves with boreholes being the only source of water in most of the new allocated plots and gravel roads. Zambia has more fresh water sources that most countries yet, water supply is non existent due to poor planning and wasting of resources of nonsense, what political experience is this. Experience is destroying it seems.

  21. i am really sad for mother Zambia that, we as citizens of this country, we have become so used to total rubbish from our leaders that we now applaud nonsense. It seems we are like an audience that has paid its money and is now watching a drunken comedian who is not able to string one coherent sentence and instead of demanding our money back we stay put and entertain fools. I do not care anymore about who stole what and how, all these leaders stole and are stealing as we talk. I am more concerned about ensuring that our country is developed. How can this country move forward when our leaders spend their entire mandate looking to the past. Its like driving a car while you are looking at the rear view mirror, it can only lead to people being killed and hurt and that is what is happening.

  22. Us the masses the owners of the money that FTJ stole don’t care about your fight against corruption which is selective. If you are serious, start with kabimba and GBM, Namulambe, Namugala, and all those others now who have found refuge in PF because of their corruption issues. You know them. failure to that we do not care about what FTJ/ RB factually/ allegedly stole respectively.

  23. satan your call sakeni,you have spent two days in answering one statement from rb in kenya.why dont you respond to high prices of m/meal,is lsk clean?adress youth unemployment,drugs in uth,spending so much on useles chikopa,you even say rb protected ftj,that press statement is it not writen by fraud membe who is now protected by your boss.are you aware that your minister was cleared before being intervied by acc?atleast ftj went to court.iam in busines and there no money as oposed to more money in your pocket.are going to eat imunity?pan your par null all of you.

  24. Why can’t this government talk about development instead of witch hunts. Zambians are tired of this rubbish.Your days are numbered Sakeni and PF….people can only tolerate nonsense for so long.There is no evil government that has ever existed in the history of the earth that didn’t meet its downfall sooner or later.

  25. I thought I was going to get a comprehensive answer from the coordinator pertaining to the issue of our money and contracts but nothing has materialized. The curiosity and anxiety to get a comment from the secretariat has reached to an alarming level. This has prompted me to think of writing this memo with the sole purpose of making you conscious of the gravity and severity of the situation TIDOs are passing through. This is no longer supposed to be regarded as a challenge but a disaster. In this regards, I have seen it imperative to inform you for this will have a negative consequences to the evaluation scheduled for next week. Is the guy who is coming to do the evaluation bringing us something? I don’t think I will withstand this pressure anymore. I have tried my level best…

  26. This is not news naimwe! have people important things to do? how can we start going back to Ba FTJ? or you want to start bringing the dead to court like your friend Putin in Russia? go and work stop wasting my time.

  27. So you chaps are interfering with the justice systems. You Sakeni and the PF machine should also tell the nation how you managed to get Kapoko and Dr. Miti off the hook. I think putting our confidence in the hands of politicians is just a worse of time.

  28. Sir Sakeni, so you knew that FTJ stole? Why didnt you provide evidence to the state for more 7years of trial for the former president? I thought whoever know about a crime chooses to keep queit is an accomplice in Crime?You saved FTJ sir and you are telling us that he stole?Why didnt you report. I doubt your credibility sir. I doubt your independence of mind. God bless you.

  29. PF wants the whole world to reject RB, they’re bitter that he has a world recognition now. He’s out of govt so just do your work, i said it yesterday that the bitter PF will say sumthng bad about RB and they have done just that!!!! Bitter, bitter, bitter for this failed government… U rejected MMD but today whoz in your govt??? Masebo, Masumba, Namulambe, Luo so u were fulling us te?? If RB and MMD were thieves then why embrace them??? Namulambe is yet to clear his name, wats wrong with our country kanshi??? Youths pliz why cant we mobilise ourselves and find a youthful leader for mother Zambia?? KK wasnt 72 when he became president so imwe ma youth pliz….yaaaa.!!!

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