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Solwezi residents riot over police killing a 13 year old girl


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Kyawama compound residents in Solwezi today ran amok and smashed windows at a local police station as they protested over the death of a 13-year-old girl who was hit by a police vehicle.

The protesting residents also smashed windscreens to private vehicles that were packed at the police station.

North Western province deputy police commissioner Paul Achume confirmed the death of the girl, identified as Lister Kajhilambinga of highland residential area in Kyawama compound.

Mr Achume said the girl was hit by a police vehicle registration number ZP 2164B as she ran across the road while the vehicle was approaching.

The accident happened at 07.50 this morning sparking protests from residents.

The deputy police commissioner said at least six vehicles which were parked at the Kyawama police station had their wind screens smashed.

A ZANIS news crew that rushed to Kyawama compound found the residents had blocked the Independence-Mutanda road with wooden planks and ZESCO poles which they had set on fire.

Police are still fighting running battles with residents in a see-saw fashion with a huge crowd of angry residents throwing stones and carrying sticks pushing police backwards at instances while police also retaliated by firing warning live bullets and teargas canisters.

Mr Achume said police are in the process of beefing up its manpower to keep to calm the situation.


  1. Useful *****s now killing babies,that is NWP the only province to ever produce a proper terrorist be careful you do not understand the mood of the people there.Condolences to the family.

  2. One would expect all motor vehicles to be driving at a speed of not exceeding 60Kms/hr in a populated area. The council must impose speed limits on roads in residential areas. The ploice must set an example of driving at slow speeds when in such areas. Only ambulances are exempt from such speed limits since their work is to save lives.

    • What are you talking about, 60km/hr? That speed can kill too, driving in build up areas only needs half that speed or 30km/hr to stop the vehicle in motion at short notice. Any way the whole road transport and safety services in Zambia is broken and in need of complete overhaul. I’m coming sort out the public service mess top-to-bottom. I need your support.

  3. Calm down people of Solwezi….let us accord our dear departed daughter respect by mourning with the family in a civilized way please! MHSRIEP! Police should not get excited to use live bullets at the crowd.

    • NO! They are not shallow minded, they are annoyed of everything thats happening in this country remember solwezi if not the whole of western province is experiencing mealie meal shortages. So whenever CBU or UNZA students smash other peoples vehicles over allowances its shallow mindedness isn’t it?

  4. ****waswa mema,they are usless,old fashioned and primitive ways of living,why smashing the windows of innocent people’s car?

  5. Kyawama resedents should be inducted on how to cross rods becouse people there just cross like animals, i almost bashed one also last year.

    • Kyawama resedents should be inducted on how to cross roads because people there just cross like animals, i almost bashed one also last year.
      Balongo bami Bakaonde ,ne Balunda jimukai .Why is it common that almost every year in SLZ a Police vihicle should hit at least a person.

    • @CHAMWENE SONGE — Iwe Kaonde chap that is why you Kaondes buy seats for your chickens on the bus! Instead of supporting your people and questioning the police why the driver was speeding in a residential area, you are blaming the dead child??!! If you don’t protect your children, who else will protect them? That is why Sata insults you people…you are useless bums!

    • Ou mulola wendi? Tone down my friend first of all you do not refer to people as crossing like animals.What about your driving how do drive on the road?A good drive is always observant and cautious when driving in populated areas and that’s what RATSA emphasis about all the time. As drive when driving through populated areas whether at night or during day time you should reduce the speed of your vehicle to the speed that you are able to handle and control your vehicle in case of the unexpected happens.Remember there are drunkards who will stray and wander about on the road,Kids running away either from dogs or being chased by their parents and will cross the road at will without realizing that there is a vehicle coming. I avoided running over pedestrian between Kapijimpanga and Kyasununu

  6. You voted for PF. Live with it. Talk to Masumba if you feel bothered. If you vote for a party, expect it to implement its manifesto – including using police to arrest and kill innocent civilians. Most of those policemen are North-westerns but they are so s.t.u.p.i.d that they can kill their relatives for a party they didn’t even form. This is very sad development and I can’t just imagine how the parents of that child must be feeling today and what they are going through. Meanwhile, I suspect Masumba is dancing somewhere with congolese women. People must realize that you get what you vote for.

  7. @Ou Mulola Wendi, What guarantee do you have that Chamwene songe is Kaonde? Lets not stereotype others. Lets discuss objectively on what caused the death and not tribes, its shallow thinking. Kyawama needs an holistic solution becuase even the people have a role to play in making our roads safer. @ Kays, what about UNZA, when they smash other people’s vehicles, are they useless, primitive? Zambian roads have generally been unsafe. Maybe u have never been to Kyawama, its a highway within a market. Its densely populated and there are heavy duty trucks and domestic vehicles using the same road. All of us have a role to play including the community to ensure that we find an alternative including a long lasting solution……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. that cop just wanted to sacrifice the child on behalf of someone..the people have a right to demonstrate..let them air out their grievances..

  9. I wish i was a police officer…i would have fired live bullets.Its an accident,why should they bash other hard earned cars?Its time we started reasoning!!

  10. Masumba at work,trying to cleanse himself from being jailed as a fraud and all his misdeeds.Hope Kambwili alifwala umuti mumusana the boy masumba is Evil be careful.

  11. the problem with the police is they reckon the own the roads especially solwezi, there is no way one can speed in that township its to over populated.RIP young sisi

  12. LT get your facts right, Highland is not a residential area, it is a shanty!. This accident can happen anywhere, there is nothing political or careless, parents have to teach kids how to cross the roads especially the ones which are busy in the morning like this road on which this tragedy happened. This road is used by those going to the cemetery and airport and Solwezi biggest police station, I have used it when going to airport. It is busy in the morning with a lot of people on foot going to the cemetery and school kids going in the opposite direction. If you fire a live bullet into a crowd you expect injuries or death, please don’t alarm people when you no concrete proof that the police used live bullets on protesters.

  13. Give the police war you guys. Thats the language they understand. If they touch one, they have touched everybody. There is no leadership in the country so protect yourselves by any way possible.

  14. Things are not alright in Zambians! Zambians are suffering more than they did even before 1991!

    It is very predictable & with no doubt that Dictator Sata & his greedy corrupt Ministers are in for a rough ride, they will honestly be killed & lynched by Zambians in front of State House the way Gadaffi of Libya was killed or if they are luck they will be chased the way evil UNIP dictator was chased in 1991.

    When i comment about Sata to be overthrown in whatever way, paid up & Ministers/PF cadres using govt resources on the internet react in a negative way.

    We have never experienced Mealie Meal shortage before since 1991 not even when Zambia had Maize shortfall!

    Very soon spontaneous riots will start that will cage Sata & all his corrupt PF leaders

  15. there is tension in this country rip my daugter as for those useful *****s who are blaming my pipo for crossing the road as a reason for the killing the area were the child was killed one has to drive at 20km/h that police officer should be in celsl if not so there is a big one coming it will shake this country.


  17. sad news indeed. but y smash wind screens for innocent pipo cars who just parked for safety at police station, is really bad even destroying the police station shame.Lets hope no political hand is involved. Condolences to the family

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