Zambia’s Deputy Ambassador to Nigeria George Mpombo fails to show up in court

George Mpombo
 George Mpombo
George Mpombo

Zambia’s Deputy ambassador to Nigeria George Mpombo and his lawyer today failed to turn up in court prompting Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua to adjourn the case to next week.

This is in the matter in which the ex-Defence Minister is charged with theft by public servant. When the matter was called before Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda by Divisional Prosecutions Officer Christopher Kanema for continued trial, both Mpombo and his lawyer Abraham Mwansa were not before court.

Mr Kanema then told the court that the State was scheduled to make an appropriate application in the matter but in the absence of the accused person and his lawyer applied to have the matter adjourned to another date.

Magistrate Banda adjourned the matter to Monday March 11, 2013.

Mpombo is facing three counts of theft by public servant, forgery and uttering a false document.

It is alleged that Mpombo on an unknown date but between June and September 2008 in Lusaka, jointly and whilst working together with others unknown being a public servant as Minister of Defence stole K18 million which came into his possession by virtue of employment.


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    this man should have used a better than George



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    • what kind of a person starts talking about other less important things like names when there are matters of national interest being presented! shame on you Mushota, useless discussion which wastes people’s time.

    • sorry mushota, George is not an English name. it derives from Greek Geo – earth Ergon – work, and means ‘earth worker.’ sometimes, it is better to keep quiet than to reveal your knickers.
      what does mushota mean?

    • Firstly Mushota, we never really get to choose our own names now do we?!!! We’re all named by our parents unless you’ll tell me you named yourself Mushota. Secondly most English names are derived from the bible, so if you have issues with English names I’ll pretty much assume you have issues with the bible and don’t actually believe in it. Word of advice… don’t expose your ignorance by displaying your low self-esteem at the expense of others that have no control over their situation. By the way George is not an English name but Greek.


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  2. These Bemba thieves are another. Basically the Chief Bemba thief in the State House gave instructions for the state to enter Nolle Prosequi for thief Mpombo, but the message was swapped and mistakenly delivered to Kitwe where Nevers Mumba was appearing in court.

    That is why Mpombo and his lawyer did not bother to show up and that is why the judge was not upset and even the DPP was happy to ask for reschedule.

    So expect Nevers to be re-arrested and a Nolle Prosequi entered for thief Mpombo

    • Hilarious! I thought I smelt a rat especially that Mpombo was quoted in yesterdays’s post talking nothingness as usual.

    • Bembas are not thiefs but courageous outgoing people in Zambia!U can find bembas anywhere including Mushota wu keeps u busy everydsy.Bembas fought for yo freedom,whil u were stil running away from the whites!Yo jelousy of bembas will choke u!Just appreciate these people,!Even in soccer its Kalusha bwalya,Godfrey Chitalu,Katongo,Musonda,Kalaba,Efford chabala,Fred Mwila,charles musonda etc,only one Funny Hangunyu played meaninful football,ask Dennis Liwewe!!

  3. He didn’t show up because he is studying legal terms from his dictionary to use in court. Just give him a week he will show up with new terminologies.

  4. And this is our deputy ambassador to Nigeria with a pending court case. How can you appoint someone in leadership without being cleared by the court of law? A person who allegedly stole 18 million while he was in gvt. It’s true the leader of this gvt is allergic to corruption and he truly promised to clean the gvt during his many campaign promises. By the way, he did also promise to bring back the long lines at the stores and the vigilantes, not forgetting the slogan ” kumulu ni lesa, panshi ni Saviour”

  5. How many known criminals have been given top jobs by the PF since they took over in September 2011?

  6. so this lice bearded man is a deputy ambasador.this is more less like a demotion for someone who was once number 3 in govt hiararchy.

  7. While you boast of producing footballers , what about Mweene, Lenjes also can boast of producing a National Coach George Mungwa, Champaigne Foot ball, they can even boast of producing Vice presidents, Presidents , army generals and national assembly speaker so chap every tribe is capable of being anything.

    • You are spot on Mwaka

      1. George Mungwa, the great coach who brought 3 COSAFA cups. Down to earth handsome Lenje man from Kasisi/Mungule.
      2. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, Vice President and President from Chief Chamuka in Kabwe
      3. Dr Patrick Matibini, reknown lawyer and Speaker of National Assembly
      4. General Chinkuli, first Zambian full general who has only been followed by Isaac Chisuzi
      5. Many others like, Dr Chikusu, Shakafuswe, Shamabanses, Mungomas, Ngalati, Chenda, Mrs Mulundika, Muyunda Lengalenga etc.

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    Mushota you almost made a point today but then you went and ruined it.
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  13. who is paying for Mushota’s travels for court hearing. And what happens to his work? Indeed ONLY in Zambia. We are so docile as to allow such abuse of funds.

  14. Much of the comments on this website ARE DEMON OPINION.
    DEMONS call other demon workers of lawessness from other countries to help them in their course. Zambian demons know it is end game for them and are soliciting for help from demons in other countries.
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  15. I thought those who called and liked Mushota to all sorts of things were unfair, but I now begin to get concerned about her thinking capacity. She is so shallow. Today she criticizes everyone bearing a foreign name (which in shallow thinking she calls ‘English names), while in her various positings has criticized African way of living, and always upholding Western standard of living, her projected married to a white man as an advanced standard life. She is pathetic and ‘useful *****’ with no moral standard. Where is the Phd with such kind of thinking when society is changing and able to borrow ideas and apply them in its context. This could point to her upbringing. She could have suffered so much and she thinks what has now is better than anything else. She is not better than anyone…

    • Sharon I totally agree with you,ba mushota na phd yabo. Not so long ago she posted comments that left me wondering wether she proud to be african.

    • Sharon well said. What are your three beautiful names? Is it, Sharon Chanda Mulenga, Sharon Natasha Mutale, Sharon Chabwera Phiri?

  16. @sharon. iam not sure if you are a lady or not but wat i know for sure is you are the mind we all need in zambia. you have put akalishilu ka mushota (meaning short in mind) in her place as a usifull *****. i hear higher education in your posting alone

  17. Mpombo is facing three counts of theft by public servant, forgery and uttering a false document.

    “Uttering???”, Explain further ba editor.

  18. no wonder I saw this monnkey with a taliban hat and i was wondering whether he had been converted on not. idid not know that he has been rewared to pay off his court cases. just throw a banana at him and he will come.

  19. Its a pity indeed. How can Sata appoint a person who has pending criminal cases in courts of law? It simply shows that Sata has no respecte for the law. All the same, all those facing criminal proceedings in courts of law will have their cases quashed if they belong to the PF. That’s how our country is being run by Sata. The law is only applying to those that do not belong to his party. All PF members are enjoying “IMMUNITY”. Do you wish you were a member of the PF so that you enjoy IMMUNITY?

  20. The criminals are regrouping – But they should not celebrate. They should not think that their criminality will be swept under the carpet forever. Their time will come. Hopefully not far from now.
    In our constitution, there is a presumption of innocence until proved otherwise by our courts of law. However, we are seeing friends of SATA, Mmembe, Nchito, Kabimba etc disregarding judicial processes without consequences. Alternatively their criminal colleague DPP Nchito conveniently enters a Nolle Prosequi for them.
    For these friends of criminal Nchito, there is no requirement of a day in court to explain what they have been accuse of. This requirement is only for persived ‘enemies’ of the PF regime. The likes of RB, $ Siliya, Chimba III, etc or MMD MPs that refuse to cross-over to PF.

  21. cont’d
    The criminals should be reminded that the late Chiluba thought he had escaped his troubles by first associating with SATAn and then RB.

  22. @Mushota well said. Those who have named their daughters and sons English names are mentally bankrupt. I am proud to be BEMBA and my children will have traditional names. Bravo Mushota Chimfwembe, shine and be proud to have such kind of names.

  23. So its true BEMBAS ARE THIEVES. Evidence is all over the nation. As some one from Mporokoso said ‘to steal and rape national resources without being suspected is to accuse others more to shift attention from real thieves. Seen it along Cairo road. ‘Ntolele fye apo panshi’. What a tribe tag?

  24. may be he thinks he has immunity since his reference is ‘His Execellency’ hahahahahahahaha.
    Ba Mpombo, go for your court cases . If you had intergrity, u shud have turned down yo appointment until disposal of the Case.

  25. It is intentional that Mpombo and his lawyer did not present themselves at court.This is because the State intends to enter a nolle prose so that Geoge Mpombo is free.

    Meanwhile, Mpombo has been yapping like a rabbid dog about the misfortunes that have befallen the MMD even when he is Deputy Ambassador and then deliberately fails to appear before court. It is all arranged.

  26. This is a gymic engeered by UKWA to try and let this scam off the hook.How can UKWA send a person who has an active case before the courts into foreign services?Only a few days ago mpombo was reported in the post issuing some statement about Armstadam.When his time came he failed to turn up for his court sessions.Tax payers are going to foot for Mpombo travel expenses because of Sata’s irresponsible thinking.

  27. It cud be correct wat @ 3 says kaunda did it wen chief justice Cunningham sentenced a unip activist, kaunda released him minutes later, the judge resigned and became chief justice for Malawi.

  28. The commonwealth should come here and see how much freedom of expression we there is in Z. Mushota, do you choreograph your comments or you just have a naturally high level of mental degradation which attracts all these zombies to follow you away from the subject?

  29. I would to hear Mpombo apology to the judge’ sorry your honor I was engulfed in a territorial situation regarding plane schedules.I was extremely delayed unforgtunately but I promise to not be untimely delay your significant time in the proximity future!

  30. Well @ the Saint whatever George is or mean what Mushota was tryig to put forward is that we should be naming ourselves our own names. Names denotes identity, fo a long time “they” have tried to “demonise” everything about us so that we lose our identity like they did to the African Americans taken as slaves. In the USA its the only race that cannot trace its roots as in country of origin, they made sure they changed their names, but why should we adopt their names while we have the power and liberty to choose our own African names!

  31. @ Mbambande who is a Bemba kanshi. Amb. Mr. Mpombo is Lamba from Chief Chiwala, when I was at Chiwala Boys Technical , at one time he was working for Boart Zambia or something and we used to see him, I dont know whether he used to come visting, or was staying there and not in town. But the point is Lambas are not Bembas as much as Lenjes are not Tongas.

  32. Not everyone who is alleged to have stolen is Bemba like Liato, Mabenga, Sakala, late Nevers “spolier” Kapenda, Ringo, late Roy Mudenda, slain Siliya (on the Copperbelt) etc

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