President Sata mourns Venezuelan President

President Hugo Chavez
President Hugo Chavez
President Hugo Chavez

President Michael Sata has sent a message of condolences to the Acting President of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicola Maduro Moros over the death of His Excellence Hugo Chavez.

President Sata said he learnt with great sadness the untimely death of His Excellence Hugo Chavez.

This is contained in a press statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Special Assistant to the President, Press and Public Relations George Chellah.

The President said Hugo Chavez will be remembered for his genuine concern for the poor and efforts to improve on infrastructure, education, health and literacy levels in his country.

Mr Sata said he hoped the people would remain determined and united as the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela continues with Chavez’s legacy.

He said the Republic of Zambia joins Venezuela in morning President Chavez and assured them of continued support in their future endeavours.

President Sata has also hoped for improved bilateral relations between Zambia and Venezuela.

President Chavez 58, of Venezuela, died this week on Tuesday March 5th after suffering from cancer for nearly two years.



    • This is what cancer can do! not even hiding under a rock can help. i prayer sata gives his life to christ and becomes good to all zambians… its not too late his life can be spared

    • ndobo! Ve u yoself given to christ? Reading through your blogs, sounds like you and the devil licifer share lunch, breakfast and all.

    • Our president is praising the late Hugo for improving the lives of poor people in his country yet his government is doing the opposite. The best way to mourn Chavez is to emmulate him. Oil, which is the economic lifeline of Venezwela costs less than US$0.10 per litre in that country while the prices of our staple food in Zambia rise whenever the sun rises! What hypocrisy!

  1. Seeing pictures of the late president, Chavez he was very short.

    I know what they say about short men

    My fiancé , Nick is 6’2 tall


    • Mushota, Mushota, Mushota, Mushota….please!! What do they say about short men? What about tall men? Tall men grow old too fast…!!

    • Aren’t you bored of yourself sometimes, to be sarcastic can be funny at a certain level it becomes ridiculous. Use your education please with sense what you are doing is just not funny anymore open a new door close this one.certain things need maturity.

    • Aren’t you bored of yourself sometimes, to be sarcastic can be funny at a certain level it becomes ridiculous. Use your education please with sense what you are doing is just not funny anymore open a new door close this one.certain things need maturity. Peace who ever you are mushato God bless you with wisdom

    • Mushota please don’t bore us, even my one year old baby knows that any statement from state house is news! MHSRIP Hugo.

  2. Hugo was indeed a force to recon with.Will miss your vigor and energy especially your inability to bend down to Americans Whims,pressure en demands.Rip Comrade

  3. Did TB Joshua foresee Hugo Chavez’s death? Or may be he was still praying in the mountains? So many leaders have died this decade around the globe. I wonder who is next. Kamudala ka Mugabe, keve that is when he even thinking about going for a jog every morning until he is 100!! Is he that fit????

  4. It’s sad good leaders die fast and we remain with dictators around us especially this one who only know development as employing over 3 deputy ministers in each ministry . What a nice way to use the Euro Bond

    • I wonder if at all you are legally in UK, you behaviour is of the UNDERGROUND RESIDENT, go home and learn manners!

  5. This condolences message is not complete without the catch phrase, ”On behalf of the first lady, the PF and it’s government, the Zambian people and indeed on my own behalf I send a message of deepest condolences”……

    • Hahaha.. when i was little my aunts used to poke me at weddings sayin “you’re next”…..they stopped when i started poking them at funerals saying you’re next.

  6. Commandante Chavez will be greatly missed and his fairer income redistribution efforts were a standout in a world of oligarchs and ruthless multinationals.Fare thee well Honourable Chavez.

  7. what an unmatchable loss of a world gallant leader. bad leaders live longer because the lord gives them more probational grace to repent from their wicked ways. until such a time when the spirit of god will not strive with them anymore (genesis 6 v 3) the flood of judgment shall not visit plot 1

  8. 58 yrs old, he achieved alot! like Chiluba.
    How old is your Sata, and what has he achieved? He has to get busy to leave a legacy.

    • NOSTRA-ANUS what did chiluba achieve that you know which most zambians dont know. Of cos his greatest achievement was ukulala nabanakashi bamukabene and flooding zambia with a fake faith resulting in so many fake pastors hypocrites of hue and shape took root. Even lucifers like you, ndobo and chi voodoo octopus paul bwalya come from this same fake faith.

  9. ‘untimely death’…..also applies to someone who has been in and out of hospital with cancer for 2 years.

  10. Chellah should have consulted his boss before parroting statements retrieved from State House archives. This particular Zambian President lacks a humanitarian heart. Mourning for the dead is not part of his genetic make up. Remember how he behaved during FTJ’s funeral. The witch (mfwiti/ndoshi) is good at shedding crocodile tears.

  11. @8 when I first read (Engineer Australia) I thought he would express his views with integrity, Alas! The man uses crude language. There is NO integrity in his education.
    One thing I avoid is to use is vulgar language because I want to maintain my integrity. I ofcourse sometimes use strong language to drive the point home but never insults.

  12. Comrade Chavez Last words before his demise “ I don’t want to die Please.”
    Indeed Comrade you havnt died & you will never die. You live in the hearts of the poor & the disadvantaged in society. You shall live forever in my heart. Thanks for executing your duty to your best of your ability. Thanks for saving humanity with dignity. I salute you Chaa as I drop some tear. I morn this grave loss.MYSRIP

  13. he was looking more healthy than the African leaders..what death can do..we hope it comes around in Africa now..we want dictators to be gone too..we pray!!is there a time when death could come timely./.loluntimely..atase..

  14. He was a thorn in the flesh of the west. His best friends; Mugabe, Ahmejnedad of Iran, Castro of Cuba, Abbas of Israel. At one point he remarked of President Bush who earlier that day had addressed the annual UN general assembly, ” I sense there was a Devil in this room as I smell sulphur”. To Obama at an Organisation of American States conference in Latin America, “I want to be your friend”, and handed the US President a book written in Spanish. Obama never returned the niceties and later said he would never read the book. And now Sata to George Bush at a state House meeting, ” you are a former colonialist and have come to pay back”. Bush responded, ” Mr. President, I don’t wanna argue with you”.

  15. Mushota umusopilo uwaonda uwipi uwakwa Nick tapali ififyo ubomba panty abasungu banamayo bafwa ya imishimpo

  16. This guy was a political gem who stood up to the west with its double standards.
    If you’re elected and a puppet of the west you’re “a bastion of democracy”
    If you’re elected but you stand up to the west you’re a tyrant or dictator.

    Thank you comrade Chavez for exposing the hypocrisy of the west and putting the poor of Venezuela and Lat -Am on the pedestal. May you rest in eternal peace.

  17. El commandente will be greatly missed, so much people still need him, i wonder which man will step up to the plate, i wonder why the bad ones still stay behind, i need to do a research on this one, what’s the purpose of them living long if they are no good for this world, does it mean that earth is hell and where the dead go is a heaven? there must be a reason this is my next assignment.

  18. Remember, nobody gets out of here alive!!!Chavez leaves a Venezuela that will struggle to replace him!The policies of President Hugo Chavez changed the lives of arguably every Venezuelan,some for the better, others for the worse.
    To us who have had a chance to mingle with him and read/watch BBC,CNN and their host critically, Chavez was a reforming president whose idiosyncratic brand of socialism defeated the political elite and gave hope to the poorest Venezuelans!!!!

  19. A great loss to the world, once again the conspirators continue to eliminate all forms of opposition.

    The silent war, it seems, continues!

  20. Comrade Hugo Chavez will continue to be demonized and was very likely murdered because he did what Nelson Mandela should have done.
    He took the land and resources of his country back out of the hands of a few invaders and sell-outs and used it to improve the lives of the masses.
    He was a freedom fighter that stood up to the capitalist imperialism and refused to sell his people out.
    And if you think otherwise you need to wise up!

  21. Didici Hugonis magno cum dolore Chavez excellentiae mors acerba.

    Pro de populo Zambia, omnes tibes, Ngoni, Bemba, Tongica, Lozi, formar Præses Kenneth Kaunda, et recordabor Chavez pro genuinam eius curam de pauperibus et conatus ut amplio super infrastructure, educationem, sanitatem et literacy campester in eius patriam. Rest in peace dear comrade!

    Solola Bye!

  22. Its amazing how leaders what to behave like they are immortal. Inflict as much pain as possible for very little gain. Tomorrow comrade Sata will come and your distraction of Zambia will be over. Frankly i hope it happens soon. Sorry guys


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