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Kaande urged Kabimba to visit Itezhi tezhi, tame PF cadres


PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba
PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba

Veteran politician and Former Ambassador to Japan Jeff Kaande has appealed to Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to tame the PF cadres in Itezhi tezhi district before they completely disorganise the party.

Mr Kaande who is also former MMD Deputy National Secretary has also advised the PF cadres in Itezhi tezhi against using protests to address party issues because this reflects badly on the party which he said was just establishing authority in a UPND dominated territory.

Reacting to the incidence on Wednesday where PF cadres matched and held an angry protest rally at the District Commissioner’s office to demand his removal for allegedly harassing civil servants and PF cadres in the district, Mr Kaande said ‘small time’ politicians are trying to destabilise the usually cool Itezhi tezhi district.

“I’m appealing to PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to come to Itezhi tezhi and wield his weep on unruly PF cadres in order to tame them before they completely destroy the inroads the party has made in the district,” Mr Kaande said.

Mr Kaande observed that the behaviour of the PF cadres is inimical to the PF party‘s desire to make more inroads in Itezhi tezhi and a quick action from the Secretary General is needed before the party is weakened by deeper disputes.

Mr Kaande who is the proprietor of the Lake Side Lodge in Itezhi tezhi district said this is the first time Itezhi tezhi district was having a working District Commissioner (DC) since its creation.

“He is working across the board and he is one person who is executing his civil service functions without partisan interest. Some of us would not have been welcomed by some District Commissioners but the current man is an absolute good,” Mr Kaande said.

‘We have seen a great improvement in government transport management in the district, you can hardly see a GRZ vehicles moving after working hours and weekends because of his implementation of government policy on government transport,” added Mr Kaande.

Mr Kaande observed that the District Commissioner, Roy Nang’alelwa as head of government in the district has every right to implement government decisions and that is exactly what he has done.

Mr Kaande said that Mr Nang’alelwa needs support and not protests such as the one witnessed on Wednesday.

“PF party won a seat in Local government elections in Basanga on 28th February because of the good rapport Itezhi tezhi DC has with Chief Musungwa and headmen in that chiefdom and yet those people protesting were just loitering at the Boma during campaigns,” Mr Kaande said.

Mr Kaande who has highly acclaimed Mr Nang’alelwa said the DC is appointed by the President and if cadres Protest against him, then they are protesting against the appointing authority which is the Presidency.

“Instead of organising the party so that it gains more inroads in this district which was dominated by opposition UPND, disgruntled ‘small time’ politicians are busy disorganising the party. It is not ordinary people protesting but a small clique of party members,” he said.

Mr Kaande said that indigenous people of Itezhi tezhi district are happy with the current DC and they would want him stay longer to accomplish various development projects he is implementing in the district.

On Wednesday scores of PF cadres matched from Masemu to Kataba area and held an angry protest rally at Itezhi tezhi District Commissioner’s office demanding for his immediate removal for allegedly harassing civil servants and party cadres in Itezhi tezhi.

The cadres allegedly accused the DC of using terror on civil servants and party cadres he has differences with by initiating transfers and further accused him of inviting Drug Enforcement Commission( DEC) and Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC ) to arrest those he perceived to have stolen Food Reserve Agency (FRA) maize and other government property.

On road infrastructure, Mr Kaande has also appealed to government to expedite the planned construction of the D769 road.

“The road is in bad shape, even before they reconstruct it under the Link Zambia 8000, we need government to grade it to easy transportation. At the movement just one way to Mongu road junction makes you lose all your shocks making it extremely expensive to maintain a vehicle,” Mr Kaande said.



    • confusion in PF, your president sata is making sleep walking speeches, cadres are fighting each each, mwaliteta is importing cadres into livingstone then he kills them

      I have never seen a political party which is its own enemy like PF…. Beware sata has gone into habination because of sleep walking, cancer and alot more we donot know yet… maybe his death will help PF

    • iwe chi robin dont be stupid he is not bittter he was just advising uzi nkala na nzelu u mean u dnt knw the difference between advising and bitterness

  1. That is typical of PF mentality, very violent with no reasoning capacity & yet continue acusing the opposition of being violent. Only time will save us from these thugs.

  2. politics of the belly..why should you be concerned Kaande..just keep running your lodge..leave the maggots to eat themselves alone..hahahaha

  3. Pf against Pf! no wonder these guys are busy killing each other for being greedy & selfish yet blame the opposition.

    • @ 4.1 ndobo you do not make sense,what do you meean when you say”their food lies and dagga” think with your head not between your legs before you write anything that is meaningless

  4. WYNTER I just have no empathy with this man .DON’T ask why has nothing to do with Sylvia. My dislike is too deep maybe he is even my relative by now.

  5. LT, what does to ‘wield his weep’ (may be whip) mean? I have never heard of this expression anywhere. Could it be some literal translation from Kabimba’s language?


  7. Zambia needs serious prayers. Christians it is time to pray for our nation without ceasing, everything happening in any nation is a reflection of the state of the Church in that nation.

    • imwe these ae teething problems. they will soon be over. Don’t waste yo prayers. PF will mature into fine party after all trouble makers are suspended. who thought Zayellow wouldn’t be touched. we shall look into the DC issue. spare yo sinful prayers.

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