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President Sata happy with the economy and job creation


President Michael Sata
File:President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has reiterated his Government’s committment to creating an environment for sustainable employment and economic growth.The Head of State said the PF Government will continue to focus its efforts on growing the economy faster and make it more labour absorbing.This is according to a statement released to the media by George Chellah special assistant to the President on Press and Public relations

President Sata said preliminary estimates for 2012 are that the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 7.3% compared with 6.8% in 2011.

“Consistent with positive economic growth rates has been an improvement in real GDP per capita, which rose to an estimated US$1,500.0 in 2012 from US$1,463.0 the previous year,” President Sata said.

“As at end-December 2012 foreign reserves rose to US $3.215 Billion compared to US $2.322 Billion as at end-December 2011, while foreign investment pledged for 2012 was US$10.089 Billion.”

The President said though macro-economic stability and appreciable economic growth has been achieved over the recent past, the main task that still remains is that of meeting the basic needs of Zambians as poverty levels and unemployment still remains a challenge.

“We can confirm that since the PF Government assumed office approximately 195,744 jobs have been created as follows:

  1. Central Government 9,716;
  2. Local Government 5,257;
  3. private sector 24,098;
  4. 5,510 jobs were actualised through the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) 2011/2012 pledged investment
  5. 5,858 new jobs have been approved for recruitment in the newly created districts.
  6. Parastatals 29,305
  7. Arts 116,000

President Sata said the growth in GDP reflects the PF Government’s pro-growth policies and maintenance of macroeconomic stability.The President further said that his Government will continue to lower costs in the economy, especially as these costs contribute towards limiting employment growth as well as raising costs for poor households.

The Head of State has reiterated his Government’s committment to creating a better Zambia for all by supporting the initiative of the people in the robust economic transformation of the country.


    • Those figures were just given to him, the man is in bed laying down. Chances that this is another fake 90days anouncements are 99.9 percent. judge for yourself!

    • Ukwa is busy as killing through sacrifices. that is the only this he is doing so fa. It always happens when he comes out of hibernation. We continue to witness misfortunes for some time just to keep him alive. The ZAF accident is the second one after the samfya one, where two people died in accident, just after UKWA resurfaced. This country is really in the hands of Satanists. Sata will finish people if he is not stopped. Zambians please let’s get on our knees, this is getting very serious!!
      You don’t need a degree to know that it is Sata doing all this. All you need to understand are the basic rules of statistics and probabilities and that will be enough to explain to you.

    • No matter how much you want to be rational with things you would still come to the same conclusion if you apply the rules very well and chose to be fair in your analysis. In Probabilities, two events are related if they get to be repeated several times and follow a similar pattern in the manner they occur. Mathematical induction will also tell you that if the equation holds for n=1, for n=2, n=k, and n=k+1, then it is assumed to hold everywhere. Even in numerical analysis, it is easy to extrapolate the current misfortunes to Sata’s illness and departure for medication only to resurface when several are either about to occur or are happening.

    • This trend is not just a mere coincidence; it is a well calculated move that Sata has been applying ever since he ascended to power. Honestly, why is it that each time Sata goes missing, then you will hear of several death upon him resurfacing? This trend has been observed for some time now. My appeal to those that have genuinely not observed this, it that they could formulate a hypothesis with two variables, the first variable could be Sata’s medical condition and the time he goes missing and the second variable should be the occurrence of evil things such as death and accidents in the country. You can make observation for some time and I am very sure that you will come to the same conclusion as mine and your hypothesis will be turned into a theory.
      Zambia is really at cross roads, we…

    • I keep wondering about all those who condemn the ’90 Days’ promises. Please think of it differently. 90 Days is proverbial. The 90 days can mean one term or two terms in office. If you are still stuck in 90 Days, well it has not been 90 Days and you know it. It is a political proverb. Take it so or you will just keep agitating for nothing.

    • I don’t know, I have not seen these jobs, maybe for the family tree. I have been applying and I have both a good education from University but to no avail

    • Why can’t you get the facts for yourself from Central Statistics Office. You’re dull. You can’t even speak English, how you going to understand Economics.

    • That is the result of MMD policies. Riding on other people’s glory. If they have to prove that they have any policy that works better than MMD’s, then they must show a growth of 12% or more.

    • Definatey not. The total number of Zambians in formal employment is around 600,000. These stats are all made up, look at the figure for ARTS 116,000 , where is this? This gives a perspective that PF have created 50% more jobs of the total in formal employment.

      They have started lying during the day. Thats PF – Perpetual Failures for you!!

    • I don’t think these figures are right. And if anything, these are the same jobs every govt including RB wud claim to create. These are jobs meant to replace retirees in GRZ e.g. nurses, teachers, soldiers, police, etc. In every budget we have such jobs catered for. One cant claim they have created new jobs. Perhaps thats the reason we cant see them.

    • yes this officially true,that’s what we need in Zambia a working government not a bantustan government of bickering.

    • @slowpoison #1.12. Education means being able to apply what you learn in class in everyday life. I did Numerical analysis and did the newton raphson methods, I did mathematical induction and also I did probabilities and statistics. I am able to apply these to the situation currently obtaining in Zambia and any sensible being can tell that Sata is a satanist who is sacrificing Zambians for his continued stay in power. This is not starnge though especially when you observe his behaviour of being so violent to the point where he ordered the army to shoot at Lozis. His picture with strange beings was also posted by ZWD for all to see, one can just imagine what he was doing with those ghosts and where he was.

    • It is unbelievable that the same man who used to criticise his predecessors for using figures in expressing economic achievements is doing the same. Your excellency what you are telling us is useless. Figures by themselves will not give our youths jobs or take medicine to hospitals. You promised change and that is what the people would like to see. Thank you, sir!

  1. If these figures are reliable (which I doubt ) then I am impressed

    I wouldn’t trust a black man with numbers, look at the jails, filled in with mostly black people because of stealing and killing


    • This girls stays in Chibolya yet pretents to be in UK. Even she was in UK so what? Those zambian bitches, awe sure!

    • @Ka Mushota…….. I never and wouldnt trust a Black wench like you Sily!!….The PF government is a govt at work and is producing results, i doubt it so much if those statistics are even making any sense to a Vagabond like you….Long live HE the President Mr Michel Sata thumps up !!

    • Mushota its obvious that you are a blacky from Zambia. Even your writing is typical Zambian basic school level. Try as you may that is who you are. As with regards to the article, there is nothing to be happy about. That maybe whats on paper but situation on the ground is that Zambians have never been so unhappy. Unemployment is high and hunger is on the loom. You dont need central statistics to tell you that. just look around you….

    • This mushota does not exist, she is a hoax.LT just set her up to arouse you to react thats why she always cokes out in a contraversial manner

  2. Way to go.It is always good to get positive news from Zed.Unlike stories of cadres killing each others and names like Garry Nkombo.

    • @Masala… go back to zambia, do not blow your vuvuzela praise from europe, go back and live in zambia and lets see if those figures will make sense to you

    • @ndobo why do you allow emotions to get the best of you ? I have advised you countless times to debate in a level headed manner.I don`t have to live in Zambia 24/7 for me to formulate a better judgment of the governments performance.These are just politics brother and politicians comes and go.Even the next president won`t be a messiah.Let us try to get the best out of the current one.Unlike you i don`t count chicks before the eggs are hatched.Sata is still the man in my books for now.I bet you have yours too ,but trust me he won`t be a saint either.

    • @masala, which emotions are talking about?,,, am not emotional at all, there is alot of ways to react in life. Watch super mario score a goal, do you think thats emotional?,,,

      Experiencing what a common youth on the streets of zambia would help you have real feellings for your people, thats if you love zambia that much as you claim.

    • Ok my dear ndobo i get you.It is good to know that you are not emotional.I`m happy that you have raised that issue of youths struggling.I for one thinks the youth in Zambia have just themselves to blame.High time they got rid of this mentality of always waiting for the government to provide them with financial solutions.There is just too much laziness and lack pro-activity involved.For example a friend of mine left his comfort zone in Europe and came to Zambia to teach youths about skills like Fish farming and poultry.Now look at that scenario…why should it take a whiteman from Europe to teach the youths things like these.High time we stopped blaming the government for all the problems we face.We should instead try to analyze ourselves.

    • @masala… you, yourself did not get rid of any `mentality` you are talking about while in zed in order for you to put bread on the table, Lets agree here that ran away from poverty, i can promise you now! that if the country which is hosting you now, humbly asked you go back to zed in order to make some space for their now, you would sue them, challenge them, you will use any way possible to prevent them from sending you back to your home zambia which you love so dearly. Please donot mention what your friend did, i threw the challenge to you to go back home to zambia to go and enjoy some `good economic data` as presented by the presido.

    • I though the statistics should be as follows:
      1. Deputy Ministers and their support staff – 9716
      2. PF cadres appointed in new district councils
      3. PF cadres employed in foreign mission – 5510
      4. PF cadres employed in newly created districts-5858
      5. Street vendors -29,305
      6. PF thugs hired to unleash violence to political opponents-116,000

  3. Ba mudala munasheko ubushilu. Can someone help what comprises the sector ‘arts’. Even if the figures were correct, this thing would not be sustainable since most of the jobs were created in govt and parastatals which will be run down due to huge wage bills

    • @ Kubeba nomba, seriously you don’t know what comprises ‘arts’? What did you study, or are you still in pre-school? Have you not heard of increased consumption having a multiplier effect? And when you talk about huge wage bills resulting in unsustainable growth, are you making an assumption that this human capital will be unproductive? We need more serious people in Zambia. I hope you are in the diaspora because we don’t need you in ZED.

  4. Impressived economic growth and increase in reserves. I hope these are not sexed up numbers to gain political mileage. The GDP at 7.3% ranks about the best performing economies in the world. But why the free fall in the kwacha (US$1 = Kr5.4)? I have not looked at the dollar economy and whether it`s currency has had major gains against other currencies.

  5. Impressive economic growth and increase in reserves. I hope these are not sexed up numbers to gain political mileage. The GDP at 7.3% ranks about the best performing economies in the world. But why the free fall in the kwacha (US$1 = Kr5.4)? I have not looked at the dollar economy and whether it`s currency has had major gains against other currencies.

  6. Bravo PF, bravo Mr. President. This is really good news for the country. The economic performance of the country under your able leadership is a clear indication of what the people of this great country should expect in the next few years under the able leadership of our visionary leader. This country is headed for transformation

    • those who have benefited from these jobs Will vote for you in 2016, Liers we’re roaming the streets with our degrees, elo muletubepa, u think you just convinced us to vote for you we just hated MMD coz of same lies.

  7. I remember when Magande and Mwanawasa started giving us such positive figures about the economic outlook, we disputed them vehemently. These aint so obvious to see with our eyes until after some time. What I can agree with outright in this statement is in terms of those employed and yet to be employed in new districts. In Zambia it is however so evident that the number of cars on the roads is increasing by the day. It is becoming like owning a cell phone. I believe PF shall deliver more.

    • the number of cars have been increasing for some years now and we can’t attribute it to PF maybe we can say by them leaving things as they are we can continue to enjoy these benefits. Look at the Barca coach, the chap is incompentent but he has realised this and what he has done is to just maintain Peps G team and the results and showing thats what PF should do lol

  8. 90 Days is a Political proverb to mean one term or two terms. Yes, PF will definately achieve in 90 Days, no doubt about it.

  9. I am a bit confused here, a statement was released by a certain person with figures written down. Where did sata say all those things? Are we in North Korea where citizens are fed on a diet of Statements about what ‘the Great Leader’ is doing? Everything is wrong in zambia. People will not ‘eat’ figures, we need tangible results. There is too much poverty in zambia while very few people are amassing wealth by stealing from government. People who never owned even a teaspoon are now living in mansions and driving expensive SUVs. Your days are numbered!!

    • Please do your research and you will find that Sata actually got his degree in 2011 before the general elections. He is not as uneducated as most of the people think!

  10. “We can confirm that since the PF Government assumed office approximately 195,744 jobs have been created ……” but how many jobs have been lost due to things such as closures of companies…….!!

  11. I have created 2 jobs as an individual and I think Sata counted that too. Much of his count is from street vendors.

  12. “GDP per capita, which rose to an estimated US$1,500.0 in 2012 from US$1,463.0 the previous year,” President Sata said.

    Uh….. but that’s only a 2.5% increase in GDP per capita against 7% inflation which means we are getting poorer!

    Not to mention…. 50,136 of the 195,744 jobs he boasts about are in Government so are paid for with taxes (and debt!) from GRZ budget and have nothing to do with real growth.

    And what are these 116,000 jobs in the “arts”?

    • Yah! I also wondered – 116,000 jobs in Art? Is there an arts factory somewhere in Zambia or is he just counting people that doing art in Zambia on their own? I expected some jobs in mining – with the new mines coming up in Luanshya, Chingola and Northwestern province.

      All in all, the figures on economic growth look good. Will be great to hear peer reviewed analysis of these figures particularly from Central Statistical Office and international organisations such OECD, World Bank and IMF.

    • When the people in the arts (Music, paintings, jewelry, sculptures) industry register with government either through associations or directly its only normal that they are considered to be employed.

  13. Economists, cheated the President on these figures, HH is also an economist, we should grace ourselves for more academic gymnasitics which does not make sense in the streets when he becomes president.

    I need more money in my pockets mr President, not GDP.

  14. Great figures. Very impressive indeed. But can someone translate what these figures mean to my grandma in the village??

  15. @1.3 &1.4 Bupe To accuse an innocent person of practising satanism when you can not prove it by any means is criminal and is a terrible sin to our Almighty God. You need to pray over this and repent.

    • Mathematics has proved that Sata is a satanist. What else do you want me to tell you? I have given you the method that you can as well us to prove that sata is a satanist and it is up to you to use it or not. As for me, I have done the observations and I have come to the conclusion that the misfortunes and the time sata misses and resurfaces are not just mere coincidence but related because this trend has repeated itself several times. What I am asking and expect from every well meaning Zambian is to pray hard because we are under attack by satanists and especially that they now have their own at the helm of leadership in the country. Ever since Sata took over, there has been a lot of hate, violence to the points where he ordered soldiers to kill lozis. This shows you Sata is a satanist!

  16. Remember that mines are now paying 6% mineral royalty tax as opposed to MMD’s 3%. So the govt can afford to do a little bit more, like employing staff for the new districts.

  17. Another statement released by the young George Chellah ask Sata who is probably asleep about these figures and he won’t know what you are talking about. So the main objective of creating Districts is Job creation? 5,858 new wageslips. What’s this 116,000 in Arts and Parastatals? George Chellah if you want to be a spin doctor at least consult some economists and researchers to beef up your statements!LOL

  18. Government should create jobs in productive sectors NOT army, ZNS, districts and such cost centres. These just consume they are never productive neither do they create wealth.

  19. George Chellah: Sir people are wondering why you didn’t show up for the womens and youth day celebrations.We need you to make a statement soon or people will know…
    Sata: Just tell them we condemn the killing of a PF cadre in Livingstone and that Nkombo will face the full wrath of the law
    George Chellah: Sir the police already leaked the info that the murderer was a PF cadre and Nkombo was released
    Sata: Ah okey check on my desk there are some statistics… make up something.
    George Chellah: Sir these are 1968 statistics
    Sata: So what? do your job or I’ll send you back to the Post

  20. If parastatals alone have created over 29000 new jobs, then it explains the poor quality if services. How many serious parastatals are we talking about here – ZESCO, ZAMTEL, NCZ and ? Moreover, many of these so called jobs created in the civil service are where someone is fired and another engaged. Is this creation or just swapping positions? The government should be more serious. And what is the source of these figures?



  22. The irony of all this is that neither Mr Sata nor George Chellah understand all these cooked up figures. The figures on jobs created are just as dubious and laughable as Masebo’s 300,000 pipe dream. Zambians are not being taken seriously.

  23. Are these jobs net or gross?

    Surely the President don’t expect us to believe that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE lost their job as a result of the new minimum wage – such a belief is pure fantasy!

  24. Bupe, your analytical hypothesis can only be validated by lunatics who share the same psycho-diabetis with you. It is now clear to all and sundry that the UPND haters of Sata are now seriously mentally ill after internalizing so much hate against innocent people.

  25. You can go to hell and continue playing with numbers, its alright. But the question is WHO WAS EMPLOYED if street venders are increasing in numbers and more criminals mu ma Komboni? You are carefully digging your own grave PF by abandoning the people whom you were so close to when ascending to this level. Or were you just lying to us so you cud have access to those salaries and allowances chapwa? Remember, we are not too blind to see.

  26. Lol i think the round figure of artists include artisans from State House point of view and actual artists include dead ones…by remixing old songs by DJ’s actually creating employment according to state house….its funny indeed. But its good we hearing stats so there are giving as benchmark for future comparison from State house rather than Stats office…yaba

  27. I wouldn’t be rejoicing at the number of gov’t and parastatal created jobs bcoz they’re known for inefficiency and waste.Forming new districts to create jobs means big gov’t which is never productive.

  28. Statistics, statistics, statistics. Statistics are like mini skirts, they give you an idea but hide the very important aspects. I hope we are indeed headed to the promised land.

  29. well done my president.shame on you critics accept that the economy is doing in parliament i enjoyed the speech from namulambe g.

  30. I bet this includes the 600 prisoners transferred from mukobeko. The math just doesn’t add up. And the President is happy?? God help us

  31. Arts has created 100,000 plus jobs!… Now what exactly are these artists doing?…dancing at the airport?

    Do you honestly think Zambians are so gullible?

  32. I challenge whoever is disbelieving the President’s statistics to tune in to CNBC. This man came at the right time.
    Only ‘useful idiiots’ in the employ of Armstrong can throw scorn on the statistics.

  33. It would be great to provide a distinction between job creation and jobs growth (or, stated differently, unemployment rate). Leaving it at 195,744 jobs created is rather disingenuous as we do not know whether this now means unemployment rate has fallen substantially, or whether unemployment rate has actually fallen as a result of jobs destruction in other un-mentioned sectors.

  34. Wilson, Most of us that access this site are equipment good education n have Excellent analytical skill. When most say the figures dont tally, it means independent research has bn conducted n analysis made. Honestly speaking the figures are cooked up coz even the reserves they r talking about may be dry. Let them prove coz we cant see nothing

  35. Why are people still claiming MMD policies for any achievement by PF? MMD ruled for 20 years and failed to deliver, maybe you guys went to sleep like the MMD clock. Musokotwane and Mutati were crying about reserves, why are they quiet? The world bank representatives praised the country for it’s economic growth and we should be proud of the fact instead of being negative. Musokotwane is still a lawmaker, if the figures are wrong he can dispute them, he was a minister of finance and he knows how they come up with these figures.

  36. I like that where some past govts never saw jobs this govt has created some that is the difference between this president and some degree holders all they knew was to sell campanies to foriegners where people never saaw jobs today we can see them how do some people think than others the issue is sharing the cake equaly I talked about how how the newprovince has created jobs. The same with new districts etc etc

  37. We have been taken for fools. I am disputing these figures vehemently for the following reasons: there is double couting. The ZDA figures will fall under the private sector while the figures in newly created districts are Govt jobs and will fall under central or local government. Parastatals are companies like zesco and zamtel. It ishighly unlikely that they have created 29,000 jobs. Arts jobs is a total fabrication. The labour force figures are not out yet. Besides arts will either be in central orlocal govt, and the private sector. Dont take people for granted. You are under oath.

  38. It is sad to say the least, if it were true that over 150 000 real jobs have been created the impact in the economy should show as well. In Zambia we have about 560, 000 formal jobs and increase in new jobs of above 20%, would mean an increase in the tax or revenue collection by ZRA of between 10 to 15%. Can ZRA tell the nation how much more are they collecting in form of PAYE and other forms of taxes due to citizens economically being empowered. plse we are all looking forward to real jobs. And for those govt new jobs how many of those have gone to people above 50yrs? Shame indeed.

  39. More than 100,000 artists? Next “Oscar” ceremony shall be held in Zambia and like that extra 300,000 jobs will be created in tourist industry!

  40. The scale of dullness from a number of bloggers is extremely alarming. If any cared to to a critical analysis they might find that infact the figures could be under stated: how many teachers, nurses, police officer, soldiers, zaf,zns, civil servants have bn employed not to mention the construction sector which includes roads, power stations, health facilities, schools, universities, housing etc as well as the private sector which includes mining, tourism, agriculture, financial services, retail, manufacturing, energy. The other dissapointment with some bloggers is that they dont seem understand the arts as a huge industry, precisely called the creative industry. This is a money spinner anywhere in the world and its good that this visionary Government has clearly identified it. Viva PF

  41. I thought while campaigning in Livingstone some three weeks ago, Ukwa mentioned 50,000 new jobs? So they have created another 145,000 in three weeks? These guys are real comedians.

  42. Dochi Ku beba syndrom continues what jobs have been created when the youth are still languishing on the streets. He will never stop cheeting its in his blood.

  43. On youth day in 2012, the President addressing the youth directed minister in charge to come up with a national plan in terms of job creation. He realised at the time how grave the issue of unemployment was. Kambwili suggested things like coming up with some sort of youth co-operative commercial farm schemes. However this suggestion has never been actively pursued.
    Now with recent closures of some companies in the mining sector and the consequent lay offs compounding the ever increasing unemployment problem, GRZ has resorted to playing the numbers game. Several GRZ leaders of late have resorted in issuing exegerrated figures as to how many jobs are being created. This might work in trying to placate the masses for now. However GRZ need to come up with Marshall plan they started talking…

  44. Ba LT can you please organise your front page so that it appealing to the eye. It is irritating to read your articles with photos spilling all over the page. Employ someone with IT skills and not Grade 8s.As a matter of fact, you need to redisgn the whole layout of your newspaper

  45. There is no new job created, the teachers and the nurses are employed every year. So if you are counting those jobs as new then it is MMD who has done it, because MMD trained those teachers and nurses including other fields and ready to be employed by govt. Now which new jobs are talking about? Maybe in Muchinga province.

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