Maureen Mwanawasa beneficiary excels in school

Maureen Mwanawasa
Maureen Mwanawasa

A graduate from the Copperbelt University whose secondary school education was sponsored by former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa has appealed to the government and other well-wishers to consider sponsoring vulnerable children who have the potential to excel.

Mable Mulilo of Jim compound said that vulnerable youths have a potential to contribute to national development once they receive the support from government and other well wishers.She was speaking in a walk in interview with ZANIS in Chipata today.

Mulilo stated that she was privileged to have been sponsored by former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa who sponsored ten youths from St Teresa Secondary School in Kasama Northern Province from grade eight to twelve.She said that the former first lady’s sponsorship enabled her go to Copperbelt University which she said would not have been possible as she had been a vulnerable child.

She advised the youth not succumb to peer pressure but work hard to better their living conditions by obtaining best results in education.

She has since appealed to Forum for Women Educationists in Zambia (FAWEZA) to establish their organization in rural schools to assist young girls overcome peer pressure.

She stated that there was need to encourage the formation of clubs in schools under FAWEZA which she believed was helpful to her to complete her education.


    • Why pick on HH? Is he the only Zambian millionaire? Not all rich people just like not all first ladies are philanthropists.

    • @Why, HH does actually sponsor several children even up to university level, he just doesn’t do it for publicity.

    • @why, do u even think before typing????ask the upnd leader and his wife mutinta how many students just at the university of Zambia they sponsor.just because they choose not to parrot it on an ant hill does not mean they are not doing it.this is the same pharisee mentality jesus talked about.when people do good,you want them to climb up an mtn transformer to announce to you hypocrites.hate all you want,the man loves his country and he continues to serve it in many ways that even some of you chaps have no knowledge of…………………………………next stop,state house!!!

    • HH is a philanthropist he has alot of pupils he is sponsoring both is goverment school and in private school. He does it in silence. So do not comment on things you do not know ,is not like your president.

    • Why pick on HH? Maureen, the former first lady has shown what she can do for the less privileged in society. What has Mrs Christine Kaseba-Sata done apart from globe-trotting at tax payer’s expense?

    • @1.1 It’s his money to do with as he wishes.Many people do good deeds but they don’t do it for publicity. Research please before you make such comments. BTW am not his supporter just in case you think only cadres can come to the man’s defence.

    • Zambia is a poor country, and a patriotic Zambian invests his money in Zambia you want to prosecute him. Here is a situation… Almost all foreign investors doing business in Zambia do not keep their monies in Zambia. They externalise it back to their own countries of origin. And if wealthy Zambians start keeping their monies outside Zambia which foreign investors do, are we ever going to grow our economy? Food for thought

    • 1.5, ok, tell us one student HH sponsored, kaili you have done a research yourself, enlighten us…………..

    • Even rottery societies announce when they make donations or sponsor charities, why cant HH come out in the public and say i have sponsored this and this with the money i stole from privatisation…………tiuzeni imwe mwe muziba………..

    • Vera Tembo Chiluba, Maureen Mwanawasa and Thandiwe Banda used the period they were in state house to mingle with the poor in society and offer help where necessary unlike jumping from one plane to another attending one meaningless conference after another. These were down to earth first ladies.

  1. It is good to see this person appreciate what the former first lady did for her but she should also consider sponsoring a vulnerable child once in employment. Thank you mama maureen, we so proud of you.

    • spot on!!! thats shod be the trend. she shod pick a bright child see her/him thru to employment stage. the circle can go on…

  2. This was not maureen but the association which was using her name,what is happening to Mirriam?? Are they now in terms??

  3. You can only tell that a person is good hearted by the way that person treats her/his immediate neighbor. How is Maureen treating her Step Children? are they benefiting from their father’s wealth. If not she is a pathetic hypocrite..!!

  4. Well Done Maureen that’s the way to go. We need to establish more foundations to help disadvantaged kids. Well done.

  5. the tactician..We all know what the Bible says about giving and helping,HH is in politics and to convince some of us to put him in State House better he publicizes his good doings.

  6. am vulnerable but have sponsored my children. Thank for those doing it for the mother Zambia especially the silent majority. Let use our money wisely not on politicking.

  7. Now, this is what Winston Churchill meant when he said, “we meet a living from what we get but we make a life by what we give.” Bravo Madam Mwanawasa. Bravo to the young lady for seizing the opportunity and making the most of it.

  8. dont judge maureen without checking out facts. step children are normally influenced by their biological parents. maureen could not manipulate what mwanawasa left for miriam and patrick because the will was also on video. for your own information miriam has even sold the house the dad left for her

  9. it is good that such there was a thought of that nature. this woman has and still an opportunity to do a lot for Zambian youths, especially girls. let her do it, she has plenty money that her husband stole from zambian people. She should feel ashamed that, with all the possibilities and chance to help out, just one girl has been helped. when she sleeps in money, so made to be rich because zambians hoped in her national abusive husband

  10. great reader deserve to be known and vision carrier god knew you before you are born be with you and the regard davison,

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