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Removal of Rupiah Banda’s Immunity is a Farce, says his Lawyer

General News Removal of Rupiah Banda’s Immunity is a Farce, says his Lawyer

Following the passage of a motion in Zambia’s National Assembly to remove the immunity of the former President Rupiah Banda, his international lawyer Robert Amsterdam describes the ruling party’s move as a “farce” that fails to pass the litmus test of legitimacy.

“We are disappointed but not surprised by today’s events,” said Amsterdam. “The ruling party’s witch hunt against the opposition began more than a year ago, including a defamation campaign against his son in which they failed to prove any wrongdoing. Now they want to start again with an attack against the internationally distinguished former president, with accusations based on light bulbs and lollipops.”

Banda’s international lawyer also questioned the manner in which the motion to remove immunity was passed:

“The Speaker allowed the motion to move forward despite repeated objections by half of the house, and proceeded to rush through the debate and vote despite a walkout by opposition MPs,” said Amsterdam. “Removal of presidential immunity is a serious measure, and one that should have broad multiparty support, or at least the dignity of a personal appearance by the head of state. Instead, the PF had to beg, borrow, and bribe by appointing opposition members as deputy ministers in order to just barely exceed 50% of the total seats.”

Amsterdam continued: “The removal of former President Banda’s immunity fails to pass the litmus test for legitimacy. Keeping in mind that this is the same government that only days ago fired live rounds into crowds of voters, the same people that have repeatedly arrested opposition leaders on bogus grounds, and the very same Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba, who himself defiantly refused to answer corruption questions before the authorities, there can be little doubt about where the PF stands on matters of justice.”

“Removal of Banda’s immunity is totally unrelated to justice. It is a crass political strategy aimed at removing potential competitors to the successor of an ailing, enfeebled president,” said Amsterdam.


  1. Amsterdam at it again.I just hope this won`t give you another reason to insult Zambians.Anyway lets wait and see if the parliament is indeed autonomous on its own.

    • You wanted him to comment . And he has. And what do you do? Go back to invoking pseudo nationalism with cheap accusations of ‘insulting Zambians’! Man you are a Tool! Are you by the way also enfeebled? You will soon start scaterring in all directions once the Head Honcho calls it a day. That fight within the PF is brewing. And it seems you are so irresponsible that you are prepared to take the country down with you…….ba makaka!

    • @Wendy Love…osalila mama.Nima politics chabe aya. Insulting just shows how uncouth and low you are in life.A person with dignity can`t sink this low.Learn how to blog and debate in a mature manner.It is not everything you can agree with and that shouldn`t give you a reason to use such language.Grow up.

    • Let this uncircumscied Amsterdam continue ranting while his client will be rotting in Chimbokaila. R.B has chosen this low person to represent him and this shows how r.b. look at the Zambian lawyers. He considers them low class to represent him. mamamamamama munzi wapya.

    • @Wendy Love:
      Sounds like you are personally affected – too bad! Anyway, RB to RA and RA to RB! Truly, birds of a feather flock together! Crooks with crooks, thieves with thieves, the upright with the upright!
      You say pseudo nationalism. Indeed! Well, that’s what we have. Go on gnashing your teeth. You aint’ seen nothin’ yet!

    • PF has managed to divert our attention from many challenges facing the nation.
      The economy can not thrive when the freedom for enterprise is under threat.

      The kwacha is in free fall,
      Price controls are killing businesses,
      Freedom of expression and freedom of association is under siege,
      Break down of the rule of law,
      Low investor confidence
      Too much government interference in private enterprise
      Industrial relations volatility
      political killings
      Unbridled public expenditure
      Nepotism and ethnocentricity
      Worsening poverty situation
      A mockery of a constitution, injustice and corruption
      Street vending and our dirty environment
      Poor education and health systems
      High cost of doing business

      Sending RB to jail or hanging him will not take away all these…

    • mama Wendy Love you are a looser and BIG HOLE. When you were stealing with you lover RB you thought Zambian’s were fools. Go to court and prove you innocence instead of insulting our president. The game has just started.

    • This is the same nonsense that make African leaders think they are above the law……..for gods sake a president is not your father; that is why we vote (i dont remember voting for my father to be one).
      dont treat them like small gods.

  2. He shouldn’t have embezzled and abused his position. If he is innocent and has nnothing to hide let him prove it in the courts. Why did he also remove that clause? he did so because he is a thief and thought he wouldn’t be prosecuted.

    • No one is disputing the fact that RB could have engaged in dubious activities whilst in state house. But where the govnt first start by making false accusations to other political leaders and detaining them on false grounds makes the whole thing not to be trusted. We were first told Nevers stole money in Canada, arrested and investigated it yielded nothing. Since they were not satisified they have given him a charge of not following layed down proceedures. Where on earth will people be arrested for unlawful assembly whilst in convoy driving down the road? Home affairs minister could go to parliament and lie to the house that those who were arrested in Livingstone for murder were arrested in the same house with the killers…. What can stop people think even RB’s immunity removal is…

  3. Go the commonwealth and complain that your client has being stripped off his immunity and wait for their response.Amsterdam welcome to African politics were white lawyers are fixed for insulting and using abusive language to elders.You are the causer for all these happenings to Banda.

  4. This ***** called armsterdam does he understand the sufferings of ordinary Zambians. This is a lesson to everyone including micheal to be accountable when holding public office. if your client RB is clean why worry and sing just be part of his legal team and face mutembo nchito.

    • Mutembo Nchito, isnt he of the K14 billion infamy? Zambia a Casablanca of criminals in which

      1. the accuser Kabimba has questions of corruption hanging over him.
      2. the accused RB has questions of corruption hanging over him.
      3. the Prosecutor Nchito has questions of corruption hanging over him.

      Who amongst these is not a criminal. Something is wrong somewhere. Zambia a move script that is continously been rewritten!

    • They are all from the same era – UNIP. It will take another millennium for these pass in our history books as testing times for Zambia. Selfishness in the country is unbelievable, you can’t even trust your own relatives anymore because everyone is out for themselves. Maybe the peace we have experienced has not made us any wiser, War may teach us a lesson why we should take care of one another.

    • The sufferings of the Zambians has nothing to do with Amsterdam. They are self inflicted by ‘useful’ Zambians!! We vote for wrong people – mediocre choices, hence the mediocrity! Garbage in, Garbage out. Don’t blame it on a foreigner. Its your baby…lol

  5. I see no reason why RB’s immunity should be an issue if he is innocent as Advocate Amsterdam portrays him. More money in your pocket Amsterdam you must be the happiest…..so that you can prove your client’s innocence.

    • Amsterdam is working. This statement is part of his work. And he has done a good job going by the way the international media is reporting the removal of RB’s immunity. The removal is seen as part of the continued harassment of opposition Party leaders by the King Cobra in his attempt to consolidate his dictatorship. All those arrests of HH , Nevers including the fake murder charges have helped in painting the PF govt as a bunch liars and anti democratic forces. What with Ukwa’s friendship with Mugabe. The PF brand is finished! Enfeebled is the word. We await the civil war in PF! Who will be the crown prince? Is the fight against the opposition a misapplication of effort . We will see! Tick. Tick. Tick!

    • @ Wendy Love:
      From where I stand, Amsterdam is not a good lawyer, but perhaps a good propagandist – like Hitler’s! The good thing is that propaganda will not stand in a proper court of law. Also, this whole business of RB is firmly within the jurisdiction of Zambia and its courts. Amsterdam can continue to bark as much as he likes to what you call the “international media” but the issues will be decided by our courts! That’s great, isn’t it?

  6. I think Zambians will have to learn lesson from this…..the PF which was compaigning had full of viable ideas but this one eish…… GOD have mercy upon us. just when will African politics mature……leave Banda alone and concetrate of development….i just keep wondering what of lawyer winter kabimba……so dull and childish…

    • KK argue your case you do not need to resort to personal attacks. Saki is a graduate of Bristol University. He studied Law, Politics and Philosophy. That is why he is sharp!

    • Sydney tell me how you hope to concentrate on development when the punks you entrust with the responsibility to spearhead the development are only developing themselves; while others are burying cash for future use! Tell me!! You sound like a shareholder Mpundu Trust.

  7. All these people complaining now, where were they when The Great Leader Elephant Muwelewele removed the immunity from Kafupi Wabufi? Are they just playing the role of useful *****s too, like Amsterdam himself? Let people account for their actions.

  8. MR BANDA,

    • He is paying this fake expensive lawyer the money he stole from Zambians, so removing his immunity is a right move. As time goes by he will be broke and go back to the farm where Mwanawasa found him, meanwhile Amsterdam will continue chewing all his dollars.

  9. Rupiah Banda now has an opportunity to prove himself that he never stole any money from the national Treasury.

    Why is Lawyers Amsterdam scared and uncomfortable with the removal of his clients Immunity? Its because he knows that he has been getting money which was corruptly acquired.

    Shame on this Lawyers from Europe who is a finished Counsel.

    • Who is the lawyer from Europe? Amsterdam is not from Europe or are you talking about Kabimba? EnfeebleD……kekekeke!

    • This wendy chap is a pain,anyway u can whine all u want but the fact is Sata and zambia are way ahead of u..Rupiah Bwezani Ndalama…looks like dora and locci are state witnesses

    • @Big L, whine? No dear I am laughing at you! You and your PFs pettiness is pure comedy! I will tell Uncle RB to give you some of his branded lollipops! Honestly ma PF cadres why should you want to kill yourselves over some cheap Chinese branded Lollipops! Imwe sure!

      And today’s magic world is: Enfeebled!

  10. Ati fake bulb & lollipop! Bob. We talking about $2.5M not zim $ mind u, the $1M mpundu trust the billions that ur client wasted during the campaigns, don’t even try 2 trivialise the issue jst make sure u prepare a good defence u fool! Don’t u know how much pain was inflicted on the zambians by ur client? We gave him free advise but all fell on his deaf ears I now u/stand y this man is never serious with his life nowonder he went ahead & married that girl good b his grand daughter!

    • Well, you want money from Uncle RB? Have you runout of money to bribe opposition MPs? Pafwaka you are really sucking the country dry!

      And Today’s magic world is: Enfeebled!

    • I cant believe some of you! Just what are you getting from all this? i mean someone is caught wanting, You are the same people who’ve been crying foul over corrupt leaders, does it mean you only want some to answer questions and not others? who are you? do you own Zambia and all that belongs to it to choose whose immunity should be removed? If you have nothing better to do, just stay put and let people do their job, the fact remains that your RB will answer to the call, he touched it, let him say why and pay back, he’s not the chosen one for crying out loud!

    • We all want to see who ever abuses power and steals prosecuted. The problem most of us have is the selective process and manner in which these things are being carried out. We have the president on record ordering the DPP to get permission from him before investigating any of his ministers. Don’t you think this in itself is abuse? RB’s immunity removal would have been supported by everyone if it was done independently without interference from the office of the president. Zambia has more pressing issues but we seem to be embroiled in the thistle tussle with oppositions leaders and people perceived to be enemies of the state. This is not progressive because these issues tend to musk real issues effecting ordinary people out there. This is proof why Kaunda abolished multiparty politics.

    • Enfeebled @wendy love chi karla be original tawaishiba chisungu you are a feeble personality….RB mucifungo

  11. Some Lawyers are so duft! I never heard of a respectable lawyer whose always playing Monkey in the jungle! Some species will always remain white trash nomatter how much money they make!

    • Oh dear! We are now going racist! And all this over some cheap Chinese branded Lollipop! PF, PF, PF just step down . You have failed to govern. All you do is fight people day in day out! We are in the 21 st Century countrymen. This is 2013. Leave behind your primitive politics of the One Party State.

  12. this was one of the campaign promises fulfilled. i thought that is what you bloggers wanted to do. Fulfill.

  13. Given our history wit former presidents,t ws inevitable tht RB’s immunity wud b lifted…&at th end f e day thts th only way we wud get our justice. However, wats unfortunate is the arbitrary ways nwhch our govt re is prepared to go to get wat thy want. God help us!!!!

    • Why did the opposition member of parliament walk out? The answer is simple, because they also wanted RB’s immunity to be lifted. If they had stayed in parliament and voted against the lifting of the immunity, the motion to lift the immunity would have failed. Are you telling me that all those members of parliament who walked out did not know what the implication of their walking out was? I for one, I am happy that the immunity was lifted. The people of Zambia will now be able to know whether RB was a thief or not. As for RB’s “international lawyer” my advice to him would be to crawl back into the hole he came out from. If I may ask the Lusaka Times, in which country do “international lawyers’ practice law? For one to practice law in Zambia, they have to be admitted to the high court…

  14. i hate this lawyer with a passion, whatever he says just makes me mad………if RB is innocent, then let him prove it in the court of law, even Sata’s immunity will be removed if he will be suspected of having stolen even a coin from our money, Chiluba brought Scotland yard to investigate KK without even removing his immunity, later we removed Chilubas immunity and now RB. there is nothing strange about this, every former president should be investigated if he’s suspected of having stolen. to hell with amutasadamu.



  16. Rupiah is so unpatriotic, he doesn’t even have a Zambian lawyer. Cage him and bring back the loot



  18. This guy hasn’t been very useful to RB, he’s to some extent accelerated even caused the immunity removal of his client due to his taunting, daring and unbridled appetite to embarrass the President and his Government internationally. Honestly he hasn’t been earning his fees from RB in an honest way, writing critical articles for this site and others from his comfy bed and then bill poor RB is worst form of day light robbery. Anyone heard of a saying “ukuli ifipuba ekuli indalama”. In this case RB is the cipuba being mugged by an international con-man Mr Amsterdam.

  19. Silly lawyer,well I can only say one thing SATA is a wise man,that’s the difference between wisdom and knowledge and SATA is always 2 steps ahead

    • Sata is Wise ? Why not clueless, spiteful and backward! The Presidency is not an office for negativity and never ending political fights and witchhunts. The Presidency is for people who generate hope, vision and positivity. Its not for losers with dark hearts and motives! khama, mandela, Mbeki, Kenyatta senior etc Those are visionaries who were not stuck in rear view mirrors. Sata is driving the country backwards!

    • @Wendy Love:
      In my book, President Sata is generating plenty of hope, vision, and positivity in the land. If ensuring that future presidents don’t dip their hands into the national coffers is NOT generating hope, and embarking on great infrastractural development projects nationally is not vision, then I don’t know is!
      You will do yourself a whole world of goodness by divesting yourself of whaterver it is preventing you from seeing good in what others are doing.
      Or are you going to try to frighten me with your new-found vocabulary – ENFEEBLED? Ha ha ha hah!

  20. Thank you very much Mr. Armsterdem. Just continue yapping….meanwhile your so called Client is feeling the heat in the kitchen. Definately with the overwhelming evidence available, there is no doulbt that Bwezani is headed for jail……80 years simple imprisonement.

  21. Seems Zambia has really gone to dogs! Is this what we must always be doing, removing every former President’s immunity in the name of fighting corruption? Zambia grow up and stop this nonsense, please! Is this a type of country we want for our children’s children? Sad developments in Zambia!

    We need development and economic strategies to fight rampant poverty not this.

    We voted Chiluba in, problems! We got Mwanawasa as hand picked as he was, problems! We got RB in, problems! And now King Cobra worse! What is this and where are we going?

    SADC is laughing at us!!!

    • Mr. Concern, having powerful economic strategies without moping out corruption is like fetching water in a basket. In a modern society like ours, innocence is not proved on the streets by shouting the loudest or in the press but in the court of laws. I fully agree with you that we need development and progressive economic strategies. But we equally need to fight corruption. I am neither PF nor Sata’s relative but I think this gvt deserves applause for according RB an opportunity to prove his innocence in court. No one is above the law! what do you think my friend?

    • Reflect well on your opinions Mr. I don’t expect someone of your caliber writing to the world that SADC will laugh at us. All what we are saying is that we need to put a precendent to all those who will be holding public officers not to repeat these mistakes. It pains me when i hear that former leaders have misused public funds intended for development and other related projects that a human person is entiltled by virtue of being humans. Let your Uncle RB face Justice so that Justice Clears him.

  22. More money for this blood sucking **** Robert Amsterdam, you continue making noise abroad and sending those legal fees to your ******** client Ala Bee and he will pay…

  23. Do you still call us useful *****s, Mr Lawyer you are now a stupid *****, and should you come in Zambia we will sort you out and teach you a lesson you will never forget.

  24. Let this dull con lawyer continue ranting while his client RB is dancing in court of law. I am loving it. No person is above the law. If RB stole , he should be jailed…likewise if PF and Sata are stealing our money we will prosecute them. Period.

    Peace and Prosperity to mother Zambia.

  25. Am so in love with Wendy Love. She or he is the one!! What’s the word again? Enfeebled or something?? Yeah !! Way to go Wendy. You are shap

  26. In the red corner we have Wendy et al. armed complete with new vocabulary pointing out Uncle RB will take the day and countering potential charges with potential corruption by members of the PF.

    In the blue corner we have multiple opponents tag teaming to point out no leader should be above the law and perhaps no leader should be provided with immunity post presidency.

    In the centre of the stage, lawyer Bob ducks and weaves while waving to the press as the cheering crowds cajole him into replacing Wendy with his good self as they would like to see a Zed lawyer pop him a useful one in the caboosh.

    Lurking in the dark wings RB and MS exchange bets who can inflict more damage on the other. Cowering in the distance all forces consider throwing the gauntlet to position themselves for…

  27. This tactic of threats and sanction talks by Amsterdam has never helped any of his former clients, the Russian billionaire is rotting in jail and the former Thailand PM became a fugitive because of wrong advice from this sleazy lawyer. Wheels of justice have started to move and if RB continues to think he is untouchable because he is invited by the Carter centre to monitor elections, then he is making a big mistake. His son has contributed to his removal of immunity, as a former head of state he should be encouraging his son to respect the laws of the land of which he was a president not encouraging him to be a fugitive. Rushing to the courts, just proved that he had something to hide concerning the corruption allegations.

  28. Any rhetoric from you Amsterdam is but a waste of time. Wheels of justice have moved , and moved very steadily but determinedly. Your intentions to feed your family on resources stolen from the people of Zambia have been dealt a deadly blow by the alert democratic government of PF. Your client has been defrocked, is as common as they come and will be treated as a any other suspect. So there!

  29. When RB wept we thought it was cry my beloved country. Alas, he was crying of what was to come of him. He should have cried like manje bani ngwila bamambala! However, the money for lollipops wud not sticky on him becoz no party discloses its source of campaign funds. Ask PF. its the oil deal that his lawyers shud dispute his involvement.

  30. If RA was genuinely serious about helping his client he should have entered ZIALE for admission just when the RB issue was coming to light. Now all he can do is yell to the clouds and he thinks the international community will intervene. Remember that some donors had to withhold funding to the government for over a year siting rampant corruption and poor accountability.

  31. One case at a time. Why mixing issues. You are like a kid found stealing from the pot who screams; na ba Wynter bacilyamo, thinking that will absolve him of the wrong act. This Amsterdam thing is simply a detractor, a Conman only serving as PR for Bwezani. A lawyer ought to know better? You guys in your debates you keep bringing in Wynter, GBM, Nchito, Mmembe whose details are not relevant to the absolution of RB from his own specific cases. Dull.

  32. He said the former president also allegedly misappropriated funds in respect of crude oil contracts with a Nigerian Petroleum Corporation.
    Mr Kabimba said on December 21, 2011, the Government Joint Investigations Team (GJIT) conducted a search on the property of former Energy Minister Kenneth Konga in Lusaka.
    During a search, the team found a letter dated November 25, 2008, which was signed by Mr Banda requesting for supply of 45,000 barrels per day of Term Crude Oil from the Nigerian firm.
    “The GJIT has established that the Zambian Government paid the sum of US$2.5 million to the Nigerian company for the said crude oil facility through the Zambian Government’s Nigerian Procurement Agent called Sarb Energy Ltd.
    “The team also established that Henry Banda, son to Mr Rupiah Banda, was…

  33. Counsel. Your pronouncements are baseless and contain empty words. Why don’t u come to ZIALE and earn a Zambian Licence so as to defend Mr. Bwezani R. May it will carry more weight.

  34. Rupiah Banda must not just be defensive because if he feels that is innocent then let him allow being investigated. From mans point of view Banda knows exactly what he did and the starting point was on the removal of the Clause of Office Abuse.
    That alone was a free for all and opened the doors for stealing without questions and Banda is no exceptional. Banda knew what was to come and went further to consolidate his ACTS.
    To clean corruption in the country has to start with Banda then the hidden bakandiles or henchmen will surface one by one

    Concerned Citizen

    Paul P.

  35. Amsterdam, oe whatever your name is. please stop misleading us!! you should be ashamed of yourself old man. but just like your client Bwezanizikolatupambuyo, yu dnt have any shame! we dnt care if yo client is an internationally recognised former president. Here in Zambia we know him as a plunderer and we want him to atone for his many sins. talking about parliament procedure, you must know that even the fellow MMD guys wanted him to face the law. Why do yu think they walked out. had they stayed for should they could ve voted otherwise and maybe the results would not have been the same. But No, they walked out, y? they ddnt want to be seen to have betrayed their friend who, they still want to c prosecuted. thats why they walked and pretended they are against the move. they weren’t!!

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