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Zahara to perform in zambia



Zahara  will be performing on 24th May at New Government complex . Zambian artists such as Pompi and scarlet will be there as supporting acts. Tickets will be KR 160
By Kapa187


    • Wow, beautiful, she is a soul musician. She songs very well – South African. Zahara welcome to Zambia. I am one of her fans.

    • google it. She is the first african artist to sell-out a full arena in Britain. She does soul music and poetry in south africa. named SA’s most influential artist by YOU magazine last year. Her debut album went platinum in 72 hrs.

    • No need to Google. Just tell us who she is? And its not true that she is the first african artist to sell-out a full arena in Britain.

  1. @ just saying, Over here we read Vanity Fair and Billboard how the hell are we supposed to know who is in You Magazine in South Africa!

  2. Wow now this is singing, wow am getting chills all over me her voice waoh, i miss that Africanness, really pure and soothing to the soul, am gonna get her cd.

  3. Coincidentally I stumbled across to this woman on Youtube this past weekend. She reminds me of Tracy Chapman and her dentures are reminiscent of Lauryn Hill. Some have called her the reincarnation of Mirriam Makeba and Brenda Fassie. If you have not had time to listen to this lady do so. In a nutschell she is awesome! Some of her best songs are ‘Ndiza’, ‘ Incwad’ encane’ and ‘Umthwalo’. This is one show any genuine music lovers cannot afford to miss. This lady is so natural in her voice. Never went to college to study music but her stuff is unbeleivable.

  4. Zed will enjoy listening to this young lady. Her song Loliwe is classic. She is also down to earth. Her first album is a definite must have for those that love music.

  5. it will be a night to remember for those of us who like contemporary and soul music…definately am game for this event

  6. Here in South Africa she’s faded.She’ll be a hit there,shame.By the way why don’t Zambian artists penetrate this side as well?

    • she hasn’t penetrated fool, she’s just having shows that are well marketed by the zambians. i don’t even know her but with positive publicity in will spend a few bucks to watch her perform. shaaaa!

  7. Ba LUSAKA TIMES be serious with your reporting, the story is half baked and is hanging!! Which country is this person coming from and under whose invitation?

  8. I am travelling all the way from Gabs to see her perform. She was here a few months ago, but due to work commitments, I missed her sold-out show. He music is really exciting as opposed to the current Zambian music which has our young people filling in the voices into music played and recorded by total strangers for them. They must learn from Zahara what real music is about.

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