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Government still looking for a strategic partner before establishing the national airline


Communications, Transport, Works and Supply Minister Christopher Yaluma
Transport, Works and Supply Minister Christopher Yaluma

THE Government has said that it is still looking for a reliable strategic partner before establishing the national airline.

Communication, Transport, Works and Supply Minister Christopher Yaluma said the government was engaging various stakeholders in discussions to find suitable partner.

Mr Yaluma said that the government would have a larger equity in the airline so as to ensure its sustainability.

He said that the government was committed towards the re-establishment of the national airline and that the country still has the potential to run it profitably.

Addressing journalists in Lusaka, Mr. Yaluma noted that the government would put in place modalities that will not lead to the closure of the airline in future.

Mr Yaluma hailed plans by Zambians in the Diaspora to launch an airline saying it would contribute to easing air traffic in the county.

He said that the government encourages investments in different economic sectors from both local and foreign investment.

A few days ago a group of Zambian aviation professionals in the Diaspora in partnership with their locally based counterparts and some foreign investors announced that they would be launching Zambia’s first budget airline.

The Airlines is expected to be a low cost carrier, meant mainly for domestic travel and will be the first of its kind in Zambia.


  1. We are tired of this story. Will it ever take off? Mr. Minister, Are you sure the national airline will be operational before the UNWTO as earlier promised? Lets be realistic please when you make promises.

  2. We do not need a national airline. Even developed countries have failed to run an airline. This should be left to private companies. Even South African airways is now in problem.ethopian airways is mostly private


  4. Just let go of that idea of a national airline. What really is the purpose? Why do we kill what we have and then try to create new things? It is not easy – we warned you circa 1993/94 you didn’t listen… But anyhow, where is my optimism – ALL THE BEST IN LAUNCHING THE NEW NATIONAL AIRLINE.

  5. Last time I checked you chase a credible long term investor in Zamtel on unclear grounds, who can trust you with an airline.


  6. Get Nchito and M’membe as your strategic partners. Those boys have the necessary experience to make the airline work. and oh, they are very good at sourcing and raising money on credit.

  7. This is skin cringing…. Christopher Yaluma wake up from your slumber do you honestly think if this was a very profitable sector you would have been looking for “a reliable strategic partner” for 12 months. Your in-tray would have been brimming with requests by now.
    Face the FACTS this is a dog eat dog industry nobody would want to lock horns with the likes of KLM, Emirates, Turkish, Qatar and BA who have deep pockets just to burn competition. To you “a reliable strategic partner” is one who can employ and absolve your PF cadres like what is happening at ZAMTEL; lean is the way forward and that Greek to you and your boss.
    WAKE UP CHRISTOPHER YALUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I called Nick from work and told him one of the cats puked on his amp and I didn’t have time to clean it up. “You can just buy a new one, right? Right?” The silence on the phone was priceless.

  9. Better mweh…

    This news is much more refreshing than the Mmembe vs. MMD vs. Watchdog vs. HH vs. the dead man from L/stone vs. ACC vs. etc….

  10. JAy JAy you are a prick, Ba Chris Yaluma is very educated than your entire clan put together including HH. This man was in the top executive team of the multi billion dollar company ESKOM in South Africa and could have been a CEO if he was a SA citizen. Learn to research on someone before releasing your masushi from your mouth.

  11. @JuJu: ba Yaluma may have been whatever or even CEO, the facts are that the airline industry is a very competitive industry. Running an energy company that is a monopoly in one country is a different ball game in a competitive market. Bigger and well known brand names have gone under and been/being sustained by bigger economies than the Zambian one. What routes are you going to operate on? All the profitable routes are being operated on by other well established airlines. This issue has been discussed and is not a viable one, ask Mtembo and Mmembe. This venture will just drain the country of resources that can be better used elsewhere. We need to realise our limitations. There are many things we wish we could have, but can not have!

  12. I am certain a committee has been sitting to discuss the way forward, my earnest appeal would be for the Zambian Government to engage the Ethiopian Airlines management, even for partnership, they seem to have a business model that works for Africa and the rest of the world.

  13. Which investor is stupid enough to enter into partnership with the Zambian Govt? They keep on deporting people so who would risk losing their investment unless they are fools!

  14. @17 daudi isabi; That probably would be the problem, investor confidence, l agree with you on this, we need to look at some of these policies that may tend to discourage investors.

  15. It is totally worrying when you digest the following extracts;

    “Mr Yaluma said that the government would have a larger equity in the airline so as to ensure its sustainability.” and
    “Addressing journalists in Lusaka, Mr. Yaluma noted that the government would put in place modalities that will not lead to the closure of the airline in future.”

    This simply translates to the fact that Govt will do everything possible to keep the airline functional at all costs. They will pump in and pump in money just to keep it flying. Now farmers are not paid, FRA transporters are not paid (because Govt has not released money), people are dying in hospitals countrywide and all this dander head can say is we will pour money down the drain to satisfy our egos.

  16. @19 Spot on…that’s what makes it skin cringing…these guys just want to see an aircraft with our flag on its tail at all costs. Its misplaced national pride, misplaced priorities and sheer nostalgia. Ask this “educated” minister why we should have an airline and the first thing that he will utter is that to increase tourists numbers. They are so ill-informed about what’s going on in the sector; how is it that these countries continue to attract large numbers of tourists without a national carrier.
    1. USA
    2. Nigeria (Yes, Air Nigeria (Virgin) ceased operations on 10 September 2012)
    3. Uganda
    5. Ghana
    This is just to name a few….

  17. We admonished PF govt on national airline to partner with local investors like the Mukuba rubbish talk. Airline industry can not be politicised at your crude convinience hoping with your risk to fly in other country’s space. Forget about local investors to take centre stage in this industry. Government through legislation to mute a national airline strategy backed by law and lease it to a private well reputed company to run it competently on commercial basis. Govt only to hold golden shares in it as guarantor of the industry without operational interference. All major airlines operate on this basis like British Airways, Ethiopean airline, South African airways, KLM, Japanese, American Airline name it all. Only then will Zambia fly the eagle as its pride. Less than this dream on.

  18. Subsidiary of E.T in ZAMBIA.
    The national airline. On this matter.
    Ethiopian airlines want to open an airline with the Zambian Govt. Like they did in Togo with .Asky airlines to feed west Africa traffic thru Lome. into Addis, then worldwide.
    They also wanna to the same by opening a southern hub in Lusaka to connect all routed this region to LSK to addis too. They are the biggest airline in Africa. With them. we can make Lusaka the next huge hub in thus region. not Zim. cause they are fighting for the same. finally let’s be betters than zim. aviation wise. they wanna beat us too. It s which of us will be the first. With ET- Ethiopian airlines. we can quickly build our airline. Make Lusaka a Hub. and build it to compete with Joburg. Look at Rwandair from Rwanda and see how Kagame had…

  19. Cont’d; Look at Rwandair from Rwanda and see how Kagame had grown it. They are at QZ days. They are gettin 2*B787 in 2015. lets grow our airline, using ET. to grow. then go alone. We still have our New-York JFK. London Heathrow. Frankfurt. Rome-Fiumocino. Tokyo-Narita airport slots are still there for us. All we need are B777 for Long haul and B737-700 and or Embraer Erj170 aircraft 4 regional flights. Proflight can then feed the local traffic. That is what i feel for the aviation scene. Anyway. I can help to improve on it. I am available. Gods Bless mother Zambia. I wrote the same above to my GOVT. I knowledge without doubt, it will work through.
    I hope this gets to u though.
    Let’s get thru this ant make it awusome for all our visitors who touch foot in our length & breath of Our…

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