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Guy Scott promises Kapiri voters that Government will buy Maize this year on cash basis

Headlines Guy Scott promises Kapiri voters that Government will buy Maize this year...

Vice president Dr Guy Scott ,introducing the patriotic front candidate Eddie Musonda to the electorate for the forthcoming by-elections at Lukombe secondary school in kapiri mposhi.
Vice president Dr Guy Scott ,introducing the patriotic front candidate Eddie Musonda to the electorate for the forthcoming by-elections at Lukombe secondary school in kapiri mposhi.

Vice President, Guy Scott has disclosed that his office under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has in excess of 700,000 tonnes of maize meant for relief.

And Dr Scott has revealed that government, through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), will this year buy maize from farmers on cash basis and not on credit as it has done in the past.

Dr Scot said his office and the DMMU are ready to provide relief for people in areas across the country that will experience hunger this year.

The Vice President said this in Kapiri Mposhi today when he addressed a campaign rally at Chankomo Basic School grounds to drum up support for Patriotic Front (PF) candidate in the April 23 Kapiri Mposhi Constituency by-election.

But Dr Scott said this time around the government will be more careful in handling relief maize.

He said his office will carry out an assessment to ensure that only the targeted and affected people benefit from the relief maize.

The Vice President warned that government will not condone people to sell relief maize once they benefit from it.

“We have 700,000 tonnes of maize stocks to give to those who will experience hunger in the country but we shall be more careful this time around so that we do not give this maize to people who will later resale because government is spending a lot of money on this maize,” Dr Scott said.

And Dr Scott has revealed that government, through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), will this year buy maize from farmers on a cash basis and not on credit as it has done in the past.

The Vice President said the government has adequately prepared to buy maize from farmers on cash basis this year and in the following crop marketing seasons.

“We want to be buying your maize on cash basis so that we allow you to prepare for next farming season activities and not waste your time chasing payments,” Dr Scott said.
Meanwhile, Dr Scott has encouraged people in Kapiri Mposhi district and Central Province as a whole to take advantage of the good rainfall pattern in the area to produce food.

Dr Scott said the area receives normal and sufficient rainfall annually for people to engage in agricultural activities to ensure food security at household and national levels.

“Kapiri Mposhi receives well over 1000 millimetres of rains per year …. this is good rains that even if there is a drought here you can still produce crops. It is not like some areas in Southern Province”, Dr Scot said.

He said the government will also ensure timely distribution of farming inputs to farmers under the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP).

He advised farmers to belong to registered cooperatives for them to benefit from FISP.

Dr Scott is in Kapiri Mposhi where he is holding a series of rallies to campaign for PF candidate, Eddie Musonda in the fourth coming by-elections.

The opposition UNIP and UPND have fielded Francis Mwape and Lawrence Zimba respectively.



  1. In all honest why on earth should maize , mealie meal and its residues matter?

    It is seriously backwards to eat that, what of rice, macaroni, potatoes

    I have said this and i will say it again, this is the major reason people don’t live beyond their 30’s in Zambia



  2. By-elections are the only times when this govt tells people its policies; Zambians are really being treated like kids or fools who can’t think. Why wai for by-elections for anything to be implimented?

  3. Dull mushota rice, macaroni, potatoes etc are expensive, mealie meal is far cheaper. Besides you cant eat okra, katapa, ifishimu, dry fish, imintesa with rice, macaroni, potatoes etc. Be reasonable you are the sort of chaps just because in England you like drinking tea so even the poor guy in the very hot Sahara desert should follow suit.

  4. Scot i would be more happy if you can explain the m/meal shortages around the country. from what you are saying the shortages are because you bought on credit & this time around you will buy with cash??

  5. Guy Scott represents the worst kind of white genetic pool in Zambia. His fellow Britons feel embarrassed to hear their own kind thriving as a big LIAR exported to Africa. In his own home land, Britain, Guy Scott cannot serve as Assistant Councillor. What a curse for Zambia to have him as a Republican Vice President! Apparently it is a case of politics being turned as an industry to get more money into their own pockets.

  6. Not even a single health centre has been built in mufumbwe out of so many promised during the bye election–Boring!

  7. PF suffers from an incurable disease called Promiseosis. This disease is very contagious and is believed to be caused by a combination of the following elements:- Too much office + No plan + kaponya mentality + gullible audience = Promiseosis. It’s fast becoming an epidemic as the elements increase in number.

  8. Mushota you must wake up from your ignorance and analyse reality sensible comments. Please stop exposing your ignorance with unreasonable statements. Let me leave with the words of Plato, “A wise man speaks because he has something to say; fools because they want to say something.” So next time you comment make sure you make intelligent comments. Free advice for you!

  9. Glad that Guy Scott never wear those “personality cult” chitenges ever.You never worship another human whatever their rank is,EVER.

  10. @mushota, I think you need psychological help coz everything you belch here don’t matter and have no value to anyone of us. Contribute positively if you love your zambia why do you behave like a foreigner and you contribute negatively every time. Ulikapuba sana, maccaroni, rice bla bla…..

  11. The ceremonial vp at it again.He halucinates alot,so if Kapiri is not careful,he will don’t kubeba them.PF has no substance and they are up to no good.Match and watch word and space.

  12. Surely, there are times when people should feel ashamed to say certain things. Guy Scot is the man who promised the people in the 2011 campaigns that PF will increase the number of fertiliser bags given to farmers under FISP once it forms government. Instead of increasing the bags as promised, his government has now completely failed to deliver even the number of bags which were given under the MMD. I know that politics is full of lies but certainly not to this extent. In biblical times, hypocrites and liars like him would have been pelted with stones.


  14. Promises are only heard when there are elections. These politicians are becoming a problem for us the electorates. Those are liars and it will only remain water under the carpet as long as you have a constitution that is not clear on certain issues. Zambia will remain poor as long as some things are not changed. Why should people be hungry in a land of milk and honey. Youths, you are culprits and I urge you to reason and stand up and fight for your rights and assure that politicians don’t enact draconian laws which only benefit them. Politics of benefits, belly as well as patriotism should come to an end, hence we are lagging behind when it comes to development because of few individuals who just want to serve they interests at the expense of national agendas.

  15. What rubbish nibakulu aba he mustn’t lie to people like that he has no power of what so ever that’s why eddy is acting president not him he’s a white figure that’s all he serves no purpose please don’t lie to people like that guy don’t you should repent

  16. mushota is so dull that I am ashamed “she” is also Zambian like. Hope her boy friend or what ever can marry her so that she becomes British. Her analysis of issues is so bare that I for one can safely bet that she hasn’t got even her 1st degree. From “her’ writing, I would say Grade 9 drop out!

  17. Another campaign gimmick. If it’s true, then good for the farmers but why announce these policy issues during campaigns?

  18. ya ! its difficult to stomach but may be the vip knows where he will get money to pay farmers cash for their maize,but especially now that PF is a bit comfortable they should stick to the truth or archievaable targets,he a doc in Maths hes got gray in brians hes not empty like most of you though…

  19. chinyama its brains not brian. PF has money from the US$750million bonds. Due to poor harvest they will be fewer farmers selling maize. hence, its easy to pay them. however, govt will still b issuing cheques after a week or two. it can be done but measure must be put in place against abuse and theft of funds. Guy Scot is an intelligent old man.

  20. It is not true,GRZ still owes billions to banks for maize bought last year.I hope the opposition will expose these lies to the voters.

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