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ZAWA officers sharing game meat confiscated from Poachers instead of destroying it

Rural News ZAWA officers sharing game meat confiscated from Poachers instead of destroying it

Kalabo district commissioner Irene Mate has expressed disappointment with the manner in which the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) was disposing game meat confiscated from poachers in the Liuwa Plain National Park in Kalabo.

Speaking during a District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting in Kalabo last weekend Mrs. Mate observed that ZAWA police officers shared the game meat after confiscating it from poachers instead of burning the contraband.

Mrs. Mate said that the sharing of confiscated poached game meat among the wildlife police officers was sending a very wrong signal to the community.

And in the same DDCC meeting, a report that was submitted by the Natural Resources Sub-Committee revealed that poaching in the Liuwa Plain National Park was on the increase this time of the year when the area was flooded coupled with inadequate police.



  1. Come on Mrs Mate! You expect them to burn the meat when they could make use of it to feed their families especially that they are underpaid. Instead of wasting the meat by burning it, they doing well to share. Rather talk about considering paying them better.

  2. Which is wasteful burning or sharing for human consumption?? I think Irene Mate did not get her share no-wander she is talking

  3. Maybe she want some share as well. She should just ask for it. The game rangers are doing justice to the meat by sharing it almost themselves. It would even be better if they gave some to the vulnerable in the surrounding communities, schools and clinics. Does ACC burn corruptly obtained and reclaimed money , houses and cars. Foolish woman.

  4. I think the logic and morality behind burning the meat is to ensure that no one benefits from poaching. You never know, these same officers could be masquerading as poachers. Pay them well , YES. Always remember though, money is never enough, how you acquire it is paramount.

  5. INSALA yonse bakwete abanthu then you burn bush meat, she must be joking. Why get it from the peoplewho need it if you are going to burn? i cant bush meat

  6. Sharing sounds logical but the only danger could be one day they will share poisoned meat. Maybe that should have been her argument unlike what she is saying.

  7. Madam commissioner Irene you are asking too much from those chaps; you can’t expect them to start a big BBQ and stand on at a distancing drooling uncontrollably like hungry hyenas! kikikikiki

  8. Every job has some fringe benefits.How do you expect normal human beings to destroy safe,healthy meat by burning it aimlessly?Their sharing should be considered as destruction,its only fair.Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala.The easterners say that oyenga mafuta sambuwa.

  9. iwe mayo ukasebana ifyowayamba. those people are simply eating and sharing the same with families who are malnourished, sharing a killed animal and from any death, and you are all over complaining *****. learn to give respect. these guys fight poachers with guns and bullets while protecting the animals you pretend to care for *****. those guys and women risk their life to protect and defend animals, just to get a piece of meat from killed meat should be a problem really? you want the animal to be burnt, while children of those men die out of lack proteins? mayo mutekenye, those people are not useless with their families. neither are they exporting the meat

  10. Since Sata is away, I wanted to stay away from Zambia… but with people like Mrs Mate thinking like a PF is annoying. She should advocate for ZAWA to donate meat to old people in communities, to boarding schools and starving patients in hospitals and clinics.

  11. This Mate is typical of PF. Very dull. There is a judicial process of disposing such stuff. So long the magistrate or some other competent authority grant approval to dispose, the ZAWA people can dispose through consumption or burning. It is possible that the magistrate guided that ZAWA officers can consume the meat.

  12. There are times when common sense overlaps man made rules. In this case, its common sense to eat than to die with longing and starvation. “After all we all go into Government to “eat”. ” – Daniel Munkombwe, 2013, ‘The Post’. So if a relic, old wine skin and a political dinasour like Munkombwe who habitates in air conditioned environment lays out such principles, why should you blame a Game Ranger who leaves in harsh dusty conditions in the bush? Tell me.

  13. That meat should actually be shared among the villagers in the area where the meaty creatures were initially poached…

  14. madam you are crazy, there is nothing illegal here the court says to be destroyed by o.i.c but the man gives his officers.Good initiative,thats no longer govt property

  15. Ba Mrs Mate bafwile balakomena ifyakulya in her house. Sharing the meat is ok. They should share the meat with the community….boading school, prisons,hospitals

  16. It would also be good that the meat be sold to the public when ZAWA confiscates from the poachers rather than sharing amongst the officers only.

  17. this is a promise, employ me as a ZAWA official, I will eat all the confiscated diamond bush meat, whether against the law, under pf, under UPND or even under prison. madam get your reasoning logical. apapya yalya….lol

  18. Mrs Mate is living in a fantasy world ! Is it logical to burn food when you are hungry ?? These officers acted in a manner that is expected of any sane human being….Burning of food when you and your family are starving at home? You should just be real madam, you are not living in a rich country where they can afford to throw tons of harvested cereal into the ocean simply because they do not want to distabilise the prices !! People are STARVING in Zambia !!! Such that any “MANA” coming their way can contribute towards the feeding back at home !

  19. U Zambian of Angolan origin u what ZAWA officials to burning meat wen their families are starving .What type of thinking is that honestly speech or writing ?
    ZRA ,Livestock department,DEC all these institutions destroy things like cigarette,alcohol,haile selassie[or commonly referred as dagga],contaminated meat and meat products as they harmful to our bodies and the society on large scale.
    Now game meat in Kalambo district . These like water monitor, python,warthogs,guinea fowl,crocodile tails and eggs

  20. Sell it and generate income, why burning?? Shallow thinking, just be careful because they can put poison on it, to sort out ZAWA officers.

  21. This shows the calibre of DC. Even when meat is brought as exhibits at the Court, the meat is disposed off by the Magistrate by sharing it with heads of govt departments. She should have asked ZAWA to be handing over the meat to her office so that her DAO does the sharing to civil servants, as long as no corruption or abuse of office is involved.

  22. I haven’t seen anything wrong in sharing the meat for human consumption but i would strongly condemn the act of burning the meat to ashes which i must term distruction.

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