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Zambia, Cuba sign sport bilateral agreement

Sports Zambia, Cuba sign sport bilateral agreement

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili
Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili

Zambia and Cuba have today signed an agreement which is aimed at reinvigorating bilateral relationships in the field of sport and physical education between the two countries.

The agreement was first signed between the two governments in 2007 but there was laxity on the part of Zambia to implement it.

Minister of Youth and Sport, Chishimba Kambwili, signed the agreement on behalf of the Zambian government while Cuban Minister of International Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, Christiano Jimenez Molina, signed on behalf of his government.

Kambwili said after the signing ceremony in Havana today that the agreement will greatly benefit Zambia in terms of sports development and management in the country.

He said the agreement will enable the Latin-American Caribbean country to send more sports experts to Zambia while more Zambians will be sent to Cuba for training in sports.

He noted that the two countries had been enjoying warm and cordial relations for a long time now.

“This marks the beginning of better sport in Zambia despite not having enough resources. This has opened up a new chapter in sport,” he said.

Kambwili said Cuba has proved that inadequate resources were not a hindrance to sports development in a country.

He explained that with limited resources and basic infrastructure, Cuba has managed to produce world champions in many sports disciplines.

The minister said Zambia will do the same, adding that sport should be linked to the education system so as to produce literate sportsmen and women who would remain useful to the country even when they have retired from active sport.

He further said physical education should be introduced early in one’s life so as to guarantee inborn physical fitness of athletes.

The signing took place at the International Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation and was witnessed by National Sports Council of Zambia chairman, Chifumu Banda, Parliamentary Committee on Youth Affairs and Sport chairperson, Levy Ngoma and Ministry of Youth and Sport Permanent Secretary, Agnes Musunga and Chief Sports Development Officer in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Gibson Muyaule.

The agreement that has been signed will enable Zambia and Cuba work to foster technical cooperation and increase exchange of delegation, coaches, experts and specialists in the fields of physical education, sport and applied sciences.

The two countries will also exchange information, documents, study and methodological materials on physical education, sports and technical literature of each specialty and promote participation of professors in seminars, courses and scientific conferences on physical culture and sports.

It will also enable the two parties contribute to the achievement of higher sport levels in both countries and exchange proposals for sport tournaments annually.

The agreement will further facilitate for the transfer of coaches and specialists as technical advisors and the organization of training camps and upgrading courses.

It will be in force effective today for a period of five years and is extendable.

And Minister of International Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, Chritiano Jimenez Molina, said Zambia and Cuba have a lot to learn from each other in terms of sport.

Jimenez said Cuba has developed its sports disciplines through hard work of its citizens.

Kambwili has been in Cuba visiting various institutions of sport for five days now.



  1. Don’t worry number 2. They have the same game but call it mancala. You can get it as an app. Found out a while ago when working on a ‘nsolo’ app except I too call it by a different name…

  2. Good one u are getting experts from Cuba which is a good move make the zambians be assistants especially those graduating from the International school of sports in Havana.so that in the long run as the contract is over they can take over and by doing so Zambia will prosper

  3. But you have those Zambian guys at the Intenational School of Sports,why not make use of them?….But I know that African mentality- you want white people instead of those young Zambians you are training at the International School of Sports.

  4. Good move now make use of those doing sports at the international school of sports so that they become assistants to the cubans in the long run as the contracts are finishing zambians take over and we maintain the level.

  5. Zambians have been graduating from Cuban Universities since God knows when. And in particular the Sports University since 2005. If lets say that there have been 2 to 3 graduates since 2005. Where are they now? What jobs has government given them? Is 5 years of education in Sports Science being put to good use? They come home and languish. Zambia needs to invest in the current human resource it has…(a lot of educated but unemployed youths). There are many jobs that can be created for the current graduates from the sports university…A number of sporting facilities after the Zone Vi games have been left with out qualified Administrators??? A university is a great Idea yes, but lets develop what we have and build on it.

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