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Guy Scott urges Zambians in diaspora to wage campaign against negative media targeting President and PF Government

General News Guy Scott urges Zambians in diaspora to wage campaign against negative...

Vice President Dr Guy Scott
Vice President Dr Guy Scott

Vice President Guy Scott has urged Zambians in the diaspora to wage a vicious counter campaign against the negative media campaign targeting President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

Dr Scott said it was the responsibility of every Zambian including those living outside the country to speak well about their own country when it comes under unfair attacks.

The Vice President said it was unfortunate that President Sata and PF government have been accused of bad governance record by certain sections of society when it was in fact true that progress has been made in the governance system of the country since the PF came to power in 2011.

Dr Scott cited the issuance of permits to all political players and equal coverage by the media as some of the positive strides scored by the PF government under the leadership of President Michael Sata.

The Vice President was speaking last night at the Zambian High commission when he addressed Zambians living in Kenya during a get together function.

On the appointment of opposition members of parliament into cabinet, Dr Scott explained that they were invited because the PF has the minority numbers in the house adding that the trend was not new as other former presidents like the late Dr Levy Mwanawasa also did the same to strengthen the governance system of the country.

“The appointments of opposition members of parliament are not meant to create a one party state as it is being alleged,” said Dr Scott.

The Vice President also dismissed media reports that campaigns by other political parties have not been going on in the country.

Meanwhile, Vice President Dr Guy Scott said investigations into allegations of corruption by former leaders is a universal trend which was not only happening in Zambia.

In apparent reference to former president Rupiah Banda who is currently undergoing court proceedings for alleged corrupt practices, Dr Scott gave an example of Brazil where former president Lula da Silva is being investigated.

And Dr Scott has assured Zambians living in the diaspora that the constitution road map is being driven by serious people and that the good job they are doing will culminate into a good document by July 2013.

and contributing to a question and answer session, former president Dr Kenneth Kaunda appealed to Zambians in the diaspora not to worry about the constitution road map as it is being handled by a team of able Zambians lead by Justice Annel Silungwe and other honest men and women who should wind up work by end of this year.

“I want to respond on behalf of the vice president the wonderful job being done by the PF back home”, said Dr Kaunda.

A Zambian catholic priest living in Nairobi Father Edeus Kalyepe asked the vice president to shed light on the constitution road – map which he said had lost momentum and was not within the 90 days promise made by the PF during its campaigns before the 2011 elections.

Meanwhile, Finance deputy minister Miles Sampa said government was looking at the possibility of creating an attractive package through which bank accounts could be opened for Zambians living in the diaspora in which they would be contributing funds to help devlop the country.

And president of the Association of Zambians living in Kenya Dr Dennis Mwanza said most of them here are want to come back home as soon as their tours of duty are over.

Among the prominent Zambians working in Kenya are former Copperbelt University vice chanvellor professor Mutale Musonda, former supreme court judge Dr Frederick Chomba, Evangelical Fellowship Church Director for East Africa Rev Dr Japhet Ndhlovu and Civil Society activist Samuel Mulafulafu.

Earlier, Zambian High Commissioner to Kenya Mary Zambezi said the mission in Nairobi had set-up a think tank comprising the prominent Zambians led by Prof Musonda to explore investment opportunities in Kenya to help create jobs and develop the Zambian economy.


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  1. Zambians in the diaspora also urge the PF government to consider our plea for dual citizenship, and to wage a campaign against negative attitudes towards us as though we are people who ran away and do not contribute to the welfare of our country.

  2. Simply put you’re your own enemies ba PF govt.There’s no campaign or conspiracy to soil the name of Sata & PF govt whatsoever.You folks just have very bad judgement so live with the consequences.

  3. Guy Scott, you’re sick my dear. How do I fight Bloomberg and CNN news who have reported today that shares in Gemfields have slumped 16% as a result of PF government decision to force the firm to auction emeralds in Zambia? How do I fight the Kenyan and South African media who are reporting today that the Zambia govt has stopped ex President has been stopped from attending the inauguration in Kenya. How do I fight the US and British media who are reporting today that a Zambia citizen has been arrested for just speaking about the human rights of homosexuals? Dear Scott fight your own battles!

  4. its all boring ..whatever this old white man says..is boring..i wonder what they saw in him..?lack of leadership..?

  5. The president of kenyan zambians was not honest by saying many want to go back home after their tour of duty, when will that tour end, when high profile people vis avis professors are old and when they go back it will be of no economical value to the nation.

  6. I have always maintained that Guy and Michael are too old to govern. The president is not articulate enough neither is his vice to face a a barage of questions from a learned crowd or assembly of Zambians in the diaspora. They usually shy away from burning issues when asked to explain there standpoint. The Preident does not take time to understand the questions being asked as he would already have formed an answer before the question is asked. What’s the point of representing your Government as we are seen to be aliens in our country anyway? Mwanawasa MHSRIP had the clearest vision for Zambia but we seem to have gone 15 steps backwards after we had made 10 steps forward during his reign.

  7. Yo bali veep!a zambian living in the diapora can fight against Cnn,Bbc and so on?You guys have no advisers so ni things fall apart!Just in less than 2yrs you have destroyed the good record our fore-fathers made sure!

  8. I vividly remember the speech our president gave when he came to the UK shortly after the elections. To me its the Zambian government which holds lots of negativity towards its citizens in the diaspora. After being belittled so, where do i even start from? Wage the campaign yourself Mr Scott.

  9. First list all the negatives that the media has unleashed on us and tell us which ones are lies then we may help-
    1. is it that the gvt is over bloated with deputy ministers???
    2.shuffling and reshuffling officials like there is no tomorrow???
    3. ignoring court orders at will???
    4. keeping one compromised judge at tax payers expense???
    5. suspending judges because of some cartel???
    6. etc etc etc

  10. leave scott alone, some of you guys dont even know how zambia is today, most of the news you read is fablicated and yet you think you know more, go to zambia today and see the progress , we are on the right track, your advice can take us 20 steps backwards

  11. This PF bunch of I’d…….its is shameless. They are too blinded by power such that their brains if they have any no longer function. Sorry for Zambians who thought their country would be a blissful place in 90 days meanwhile PF meant 90 days of destruction and reintroduction of the Kaunda foolishness.

  12. Simply put the guy is just there without a plan. The negative sentiments are their(PF) making. If I were a ceremonial vice president (like Guy Scott), I would keep quiet and refrain from making remarks that put me in the sport light. It is embarrassing enough to be just a figure head without the real power of the job that you are supposed to hold.

  13. Very funny. Zambia is a multiparty Country. So, exactly what makes Dr. Guy Scott think that everybody living abroad is pro-PF? If this is Guy Scott at his best with his PhD, imagine what he would have been without education. Or is he just playing dumb to fit in?

  14. Guy Scott is not normal. I always wondered as to what he had in common with Sata. Thankfully his statements of late have helped remove all doubt. This is one person with a PhD who would get on a campaign podium and start accusing his opponents of being tribalists. Really? Please Guy, tell us what you are doing about the agriculture sector…thats what we peasants want to hear. In 1990/1991 you used to address MMD rallies in khakis with a stalk or comb of maize in hand telling us how you were going to transform the agric sector which you said KK had messed up. Seems Guy you are just a gas bag of empty talk. You’re in politics to eat, Guy. The Swine Fever loot did last long it seems. Muzungu belela or is gong’a?

  15. This Guy Scott, abasungu tabakwata amano. Who does he PF is not to be insulted? If he was saving Sata, that I can understand. But the fact is no one know what is difference between Sata & PF or between PF & Sata.
    Guy Scott is respected because musungu, Sata get showered with unprintable words because he is PF.

  16. Ba Kateeka, wrong approach. We cannot change the opinion of people whose aim is to paint a wrong picture about PF and Zambia at large. The only chance these people have to vent their anger and frustration is through online media. Yes you can read their comments, but you need not react. Through their comments we have come to know that in fact the so called educated have are being consumed with anger and pain; mainly because they could not develop a strategy to win elections. Ba kateeka, “uwakula kwambwa ambwa”. Let them talk because all talk is cheap anyway. Imwe just keep acting and performance will speak for itself. abakali balanda nenchito; kakeni bapompwe bwna mkubwa!!

  17. Feel very sorry for Dr Guy Scott. He has to act like an ***** just to try and fit into the system.

    Mr Vice President,you not be serious. Which professional in the diaspora can defend a government that seems to have lost it?

    Guy Scott, you are supposed be one of the educated ones in the PF but you are now embarrassing all PhD holders in the country.

    Dr Guy Scott,you are also now embarrassing the British people who now doubt your sincerity or democratic credentials you always boast about.

    Come end of PF government,I can see a muzungu going to jail in Zambia. I am very sure that Dr Guy Scott will try and hide behind his British citizenship,but whoever will form the next government will ensure that Dr Guy Scott ends accounting for the lies.

  18. Gonvalve the problem you have not being anti PF but Zambia as all. This is deep rooted in lack of understanding the problems that gemstone/ mining have on the people of Zambia because of the previous administration. Zambia is the second producer of gemstones but can anyone point out what the people of Zambia are benefiting from? Gemstones are airlifted without the govt on behalf of the people of Zambia knowing. Glencore did the same and made billions of profits creating sister company to buy copper. If kagem and other gemstone companies are fit for purpose of contributing for developing Zambia there have to open up. Kansashi mine they were mining pure gold and uranium and airlifting with impunity. PF govt has brought this goths end . Criticising without understanding is visionless



  21. That’s your useless Boma right there. Insighting citizens to rise against each other. you expect people to shut up when you leading the country into more poverty. Every Zambian home or abroad have one thing in common-Progress for all Zambians.

  22. I think the PF creates their own enemies. They already have natural ones like ZWD and HH. The animosity existing between diaspora and PF was a Sata creation when he insulted us and tried to make us appear like enemies of the state. Now the international media have nothing or very little to say about Zambia because of the haphazard way of managing the country. The PF is its own worst enemy!

  23. Where is my registration with zambian embassy I had sent to Japan? No acknowlegment , no reply, no nothing. What happened to my diasporan application for land? Did it land in a black hole? Sort out your foreign missions iwe chi Guy scott.

  24. I salue you Sir.I will not speak ill of my lovely country Zambia.May the Lord bless our nation.Whre ever i go i promote my country even at my work place they know that i ma from Zambia and i love my country.

  25. Very foolish dotty Scotty. Now, you way US to lie. We are not proud zambians right now. How can we be with the caliber of Pf politicians. So shut the f*** up you foolish ***** muzungu.

  26. Oh Guy Scot please stop the begging already
    The people in the diaspora don’t even have teeth where they are for they are seen as slaves any way. If the monies they claim to get was as high as they say. They relatives back in Zambia would shine but alas nothiNg. When Zambias here are developing the nation. Let us concentrate on those that directly bring pride to Z. ONe day they remember the mother laNd wheN they feel to be aliens in those lands.

  27. Why would a democratic government ask its citizens to engage in propaganda to sell the country’s democratic credentials? Why would a Leopard go on a campaign to have its spotted body noticed? No Guy Scott we in the diaspora are not going to clean up your soiled image. Just clean up your act.

  28. Dont worry my VP i shall pump sense into their heads, meanwhile why dont you also press some buttons for me on that ka small issue…., dual Citizenship eh? Scratch mine and i will scrach yours, thanks.

  29. Dont worry my VP i shall pump sense into their heads, meanwhile why dont you also press some buttons for me on that ka small issue…., dual Citizenship eh?

  30. Don’t worry mr VP ! The days are numbered……We will do what you say the moment the Zambians elect a fitting and democratic government into office. And I don’t that that time has come yet….
    About the negative sentiments you and you party are receiving from the rest of the media from the REAL DEMOCRATIC countries…..that is of SATA, PARTY & GOVT’s own doing !! You have dug yourself into a big hole due to your own blunders and now you want to turn us into USEFUL *****S????
    WE WILL WAIT for a SANE and organised democratic government NOT A DICTATORSHIP so that we will be proud to shout at the top of our voices for mother ZAMBIA !!!!

  31. I pray for all Zambian people. May you find your voice and rightful place in this small world. May the lord watch and protect you all.

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