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RB summoned again to appear before investigation team

Headlines RB summoned again to appear before investigation team

Former President Rupiah Banda
Former President Rupiah Banda

Government Joint Investigations Team yesterday 10th April 2013 summoned former republican president Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda to appear before the team at the Drug Enforcement Commission offices at 10 hours today in connection with allegations of Corruption.

This is contained in a media statement released by the Namukolo Munyeme Kasumpa, the Public Relations Officer of the Government Joint Investigation team.

However, the former president’s lawyers have advised the investigation team that they had other prior commitments and could not therefore present their client today but committed to present him on Monday 15th April 2013, at same time and venue

The Government Joint Investigation Team has in the last month interviewed the former president under warn and caution on issues of Mphundu Trust, Baobab land, Campaign materials and effected an arrest on the Nigerian oil transaction.

Yesterday’s summon of the former president is a continuation of the ongoing interviews and investigations.


  1. Why waste time calling R.B. just put him in Chimbokaila and throw away the keys in the river Zambezi. Everybody knows he has stolen millions of USD.

  2. I entirely agree with you Malikopo. the DEC must not waste any more time investigating R.B as every reasonable Zambians knows he has stolen. just faka mulilo and cage him up for ever

  3. He should treated the same way as that defiler at Gondar Barracks.

    Besides repeatedly defiling Thandiwe, He set out to assault the whole country and his libido prove destructive to the wellbeing of the country in less than three years.

    Just cage the criminal

  4. Please slap him with more charges and take him to court quickly so that everybody can see how corrupt his government t was. He want to gain international sympathy that he is been persecuted and yet we ordinarily zambian know too well the corruption that was in MMD.

  5. Who gave the Keyboard to the Kaponyas above with a chicken sized brain? Do they even stop to think and wonder why we have the Executive, Judiciary and Parliament? This is really getting ridiculous now, now wonder when sensible people step forward all we hear is sudden nolle prosequi becuase of reasoning by chicken brained sized Kaponyas like above

  6. These kaponyas are excited at the free data bundles streaming through from Zamtel curtesy pf.

    we live in a land governed by laws not lawlessness imwe ba shetani.

  7. @ MALIOKPO, KACHIGAMBA, Sisi, and kantanshi: I also have it on “very good authority” that you are criminals. In fact, every right thinking person knows this! It is obvious, so we must lock you up too with no need for due process or trial!!!


  9. Please cage this criminal and throw away the keys,He killed Lozis,he stole billions why the hell are we wasting money on this lunatic.

  10. In as much as i would like him to answer all questions, i also think it’s healthy for him to take a breath and rest, after what has transpired this week, he must be going through alot of stress, dont you think he has the right to destress as that is life threatening? i think you guys are lucking just like in Dannys song and i quote ” BA LACKING’A”, what else can you tell us, or you want him to die? awe poseniko amano guys, he’s one of us, lets not treat him like an alien from another planet, epofye we even feel broken when a robber endures mob justice, mwachilamo bane teifi!

  11. @ 5 & 8
    I careless about what happens to RB because he abuse our trust and looted our meager resources despite the privileges that come with being republican president. He showed no mercy to the suffering majority, why should we.

    In fact we must change the law on presidential retirement. Only those who serve 2 full terms, die in office or do not seek reelection at the end of 1st term must be considered retired.
    Those defeated while seeking reelection must NOT get all the benefits. Just build them a house, security, office

    Being defeated is the same as being fired from employment and fired employees do not enjoy benefits that include pensions.

    If not then lets extend the same to all employees!!

  12. I do not understand why he has to appear before the investigation team and at the same time appear before the courts. I thought the investigators had finished their part. Why subject this man through all this? Let him be treated humanely and fairly.

  13. The Pf has nothing else to do but follow the whims of the cartel and dear bootlicker it is the cartel that is pressing those keyboards otherwise they cannot run businesses; they have failed miserably so they want so to think they are working to clean up the mess and yet they are busy preserving themselves. Who among the cartel has a powerful business mind apart from being vindictive? What would have happened to them had it not been for this government?

  14. Respect is vital. It shows maturity and civilization. Guyz when we hav the rights to comment it shud not b an opportunity to use abusive language. Awe mwandi! Ine ichifukushi!

  15. RB stole and thats common knowledge. In fact he lost the last election because of that. Have Zambians a very short memory??

  16. bemba pf dogs with there catholic defiler like ka mpasa from kawambwa will one day pay.every dog has its day.leave rb alone

  17. th gvt wanted to put evrytng under th carpart bt RB Thot th gvt is stupid. he went on to discredit the president by oppologising to Bush and organised a conference in SA to dinounce the gvt. where ar ur friends to help u? u asked for this urself.

  18. @ 12 London eye
    RB did not just commit one crime while in office. So far he is appearing in court on the oil deals.

    He is not summoned for that (oil Deals) but other cases that are yet to be taken to court. so it will be a string of charges that will come one after the other.

    Since they are different the cant be bundled together as one case

    I love the precedent we are setting for our country and those we entrust to take charge of our affairs.

    I have no sympathy for RB and others like him who steal despite the massive privileges that come with being republican president that include a pension despite being defeated at reelection.

    stealing, corruption and other vices are certainly NOT among the privileges of that honourable office

  19. @ MALIOKPO, KACHIGAMBA, Sisi, and kantanshi: You are fools and a liability to Zambia. You don’t deserve to be part of a civilized society. RB is innocent until proven guilty. You are not the judges. You go and Worship Kabimba if it so pleases you!

  20. RB is in Nairobi, visiting Amsterdam, he was late for inagulation, all the same he had other motives with the Amsterdam group, so 15th April, he will be back.

  21. Nigerians kaya… Maybe my memory is short. Is it northen or southern part. court proceedings they take along time. Magistrates court, high court them supreme court after 2021.

  22. @heya, they are employees of the post newspaper. the post newspaper brainwashes people to a point that they can even change colour if it, the post newspaper, told them to. and for one to say rb lost because it is a fact, are you one of the witnesses against him. look at that charge the prosecutor does not even know when the contract was signed. a contract in honesty? the beauty about the courts is that you cant go and say that i have the proof because membe said so in his paper and his paper is the gospel truth. that is what saves us.

  23. RB does not deserve sympathy because he had no sympathy for the suffering poor Zambians when he was stealing and abusing resources with impunity.Let others learn from RBs punishment that crime does not pay!!

  24. RB can only be innocent in your mind and in your house Mr Heya otherwise this criminal will indeed be caged soon. Mr Heya there is nothing you can do and your support is just misplaced.

  25. Yes, RB should be harrased now and thereafter, it will be the King fimofimo. The new gov’t will stocktake how many houses were built in Chilenje and Avondale by Messrs Mezarf, plot by plot for that matter. Then Judge Kakopa’s expenses. Then state fimofimo rehab. Then DBZ and Finance bunk. etc. Then game has started and it will never finish until someone will say sorry we errored.

  26. MMD Chief BOOtlicker- PF cadres do not even realise the status and reputation they have placed Zambia into on the world stage. They dont even know that the entire African continent is watching anxiously what has befallen on this once peaceful country, all because of brutality and lawlessness that has engulfed the country. There will be no foreign head of state to vosit Zambia in a few yeras to come until freedom is regained in the country. Actions of PF govt send wrong signals to the world as it acts in haste with vengence over its perceived enemies, those opposing it and its own citizenry without due regard to its national legal system.

  27. @ 19 heya
    I express myself freely and unashamedly just like you do.

    I owe RB or you and your tandem of thieves any apologies for my contributions. I proud of my independent thoughts .

    RB deserves no sympathy from any right thinking and progressive Zambian unless they colluded in defiling the country

  28. One questions the excitement in the manner the investigations and prosecution of RB is concerned.Is the nation on the path to vengence? HAS this been the zeal with which the police, DEc other organs fight what is perceived to be crime in Zambia? The determination is quesitionable and most likely its not being done in good faith.Is there anyone out there who can step in and ensure that government systems operate in an orderly an objective manner?

  29. Even a blind person was able to know that RB abused his office carelessly and in fact he was beign warned about it, because he is the only dull person of an African president who because of our lack of policy, our hard earned Cash we pay as tax will go to a man in form of a pension which hje dose not even deserve.

  30. The PF masters of misrule and political thuggery don’t care one iota about due process of the law.You heard from them so in 2016 when we start caging them we don’t want to hear about “rights or laws”

  31. For sure, I thought that HEP when he was in opposition claimed that the Bembas were being persecuted. What is it going on now? Which oil did Zambia consumed from Nigeria? Which contract number and was there any tender floated? From which account or letter of credit did Zambia pay for that oil? Which company supplied the same oil? There are so many questions us as citizens ask. If the above questions are answered, then RB can stand trial. Can someone define corruption? Did the same act disadvantage us in one way or the other?

  32. Man some people are smelling blood, cage him and throw away the keys into the Zambezi? Again I am not an rb supporter but from everything I have read, the government has a weak case thats why they are fishing and hoping something sticks. Every little case is being thrown out there eg land, goats and chickens just audit the man and if he has an extra goat we need to know where it came from. Its become a circus but I do know honorable mulongoti will clean it up in 2016.

  33. You kno the cases, I kno the cases, they kno the cases, he knos the cases; BUT why goin’ round and round…..Plz jus’ hit the STEEL NAIL on the head- Finish! We saw, we heard, we felt the nauseating RB pressure. He was so pompus, destructive to country’s resources more like a house rat. He is a Chimokaila material.
    Those in Power plz take leaf!!Seeing is believing.
    Unfortunately, despite all the RB proofs he will finally and painfully be left free. If I was asked here in the village, I can point at one or two RB loose destructive acts!
    Lock him don’t waste our tym!

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