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Gay rights activist Paul Kasokomona appears before the Lusaka Magistrate Court


Gay rights activist Paul Kasokomona yesterday appeared before the Lusaka Magistrate Court and denied soliciting for moral support for homosexual rights to be respected in Zambia amidst claims that he has been unduly and harshly detained by the State.

If convicted of the offence, Kasonkomona 38, an employee of Engender Rights Zambia was liable to serve a one month sentence or an option for a fine.

The calm looking Kasonkomona who is represented by Lusaka lawyer, Sunday Nkonde among three others, told resident magistrate Lameck Ng’ambi that he understood the charge but he was not guilty.

Mr Ng’ambi had since granted Kasonkomona a KR5, 000 bail in his own recognisance with two working sureties after Mr Nkonde told the court that his client should be granted bail because he was of fixed abode and on HIV/AIDS treatment.

He is charged of one offence of idle disorderly conduct contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that Kasonkomona, 38 of Chululu Garden Township on April 7, 2013 at Lusaka being a person in a public place namely Muvi TV studios on a programme called “The Assignment” did solicit for moral purposes for homosexuality rights to be respected in Zambia.

The State prosecutor who called up the matter yesterday informed Mr Ng’ambi that Kasonkomona’s matter was scheduled for allocation and plea after which Mr Ng’ambi allocated the case to his court.

Mr Nkonde then asked the court to grant his client bail because he was of fixed abode with no suggestion of being a flight risk in anyway.

Mr Nkonde said Kasonkomona was an AIDS activist in fixed employment under Engender Rights Zambia who was ready to abide by bail conditions set out by the court.

Trial would commence on May 15, this year with the State lining up five witnesses to defend its action.

Meanwhile Kasonkomona has sued Attorney General Mumba Malila claiming for punitive damages for false imprisonment by the Zambia Police service.

He stated in a statement of claim filed before the court by his lawyer that he was on second line of treatment of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis but his medication had been disturbed because the medicine was in the hands of the Police.


  1. “He is charged of one offence of idle disorderly conduct contrary to the Laws of Zambia” You remand someone in filthy police cell for that?
    What a stupid country of lawless Kaponyas. Mumembe and Nchito have stolen K14Billion and you can’t even warn and caution them

  2. Ba Ema are you part of the group that want to destroy this country, why gay now, where were they before. Zambia will be governed on Christian Morals and I dont see where gay is included or supported in the Holy Book. Kasonkomona should just concentrate in taking his medication instead of indulging in dangerous activities that will disturb his time for topping

  3. Free the man. Let us have this discussion like rational human beings, or else let us stop calling ourselves democrats. By the way, freedom of worship does not mean that everyone has to abide by christian principles. That is theocracy, not democracy, i.e the tyranny perpetrated by one belief system over other belief systems.

  4. He is charged of one offence of idle disorderly conduct contrary to the Laws of Zambia?
    Can someone please help me understand how one can be idle and disorderly in a
    television studio.

  5. All of you dnt u have better things to do than just sit online and gossip all day? all pathetic are your lives that you pride yourself in bringing other people, that’s why you the majority of you will always be backward and poor, instead of earning a living u r just gossiping here. GROW UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I can’t be surprised even your name suggest that you are Homo, go on defend him, i think its you to grow up, how can you defend such idiosyncrasy? Its not gossip but the truth is being pronounced, thank the Gvt for there stance

  6. Did you mean grow up UPND? Kasonkomone’s case is an eye opener for you Zambians in diaspora practicing homosexuality. Stay where you are and never come back to Zambia

  7. arrest and jail them…. if the need lessons on how to sleep with women, they can be taught to be normal… teach them…ala

  8. Man Eats food. The Body digests the food and get nutrients for the body. The waste is dischaged vis the anal orifice. The waste product is foul smelling and contains a lot of bacteria some which are harmful if ingested. For a normal human being to turn the waste pipe into a pleasure zone beats me. What happens if the the partner is constipated? Your guess is as good as mine

  9. I saw the gay on BBC Africa, NInshi kalesmila, I couldnt even think twice, poverty eehe, njala was the main motive for him turning to such acts, throw him to the dogs!

  10. Homosexuality usually comes about as a result of low self worth and esteem. These trully are the last days in that the media has become so liberal toward unnatural acts.

  11. Why did you engage yourself in these stupid gay things, NO compasention for you.
    Go hang yourself, who cares if you are HIV or not. you choose it, punish yourself

  12. Many activists supporting gayisim do so to get financial support from some foreign forces. Ngakhale kolwe aziba mwamuna ndi mkazi. Osachita zonyansa imwe……..

  13. alo ba december naba judge dont spare dis tall ***** let hm serve years in jail olo chitopinga rubish silly donkey

  14. Did Paul Kasokomona found himself with HIV due to HOMOSEXUALITY? If yes, this man should be advising all young people to keep away from this abominable act. How can you be HIV +ve and campaign for gay rights? children born with HIV and Heterosexual +ve people have more sympathy from me respectively. However gay +ve people are the last people I will ever sympathise with.
    Let the laws of Zambia which prohibit homosexuality visit this Kasokomona to the fullest extent. Mweanyanya akabwa!!!

  15. Let the man go, you hypocrites!! Country calls itself christian nation, but truth is its one hell of Soddom and Gomorah. Prostitution, drunkardness, street kids, polygamy, disfunctional famillies, jealousy, hatred, corruption, satanism, e.t.c are endermic. Greedy politicians and others pick on this vulnerable group to divert attention from real issues. Get a life and develop this country instead of hating each other daily. Stop the nonsense and go to work. Its not you @ss they are f@cking!

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