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President Michael Sata expected in Kapiri to address three public rallies

Headlines President Michael Sata expected in Kapiri to address three public rallies

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata is tomorrow expected in Kapiri Mposhi district where he is scheduled to address three public rallies to drum-up support for ruling PF candidate Eddie Musonda in the 23rd April Kapiri Mposhi constituency by-elections.

According to the program released to ZANIS by Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Beatrice Sikazwe today, Mr Sata will arrive in Kapiri Mposhi at 09:05 hours at Ngabwe where he is expected to pay a courtesy call on Chief Ngabwe and later on hold a political rally at Ngabwe Basic School.

Mr Sata will then proceed to Liombe where he will address a rally after paying a courtesy call on Senior Chief Chipepo of the Lenje people.

The President will later at 16:00 hours address a public rally at Kapiri Mposhi Town Center ground.

He is expected to depart for Lusaka at 17:00 hours.

The Kapiri Mposhi constituency by-election was necessitated after the Supreme Court nullification of Lawrence Zimba (MMD) as area Member of Parliament following a successful appeal by PF losing candidate, Eddie Musonda.

Mr Zimba has since been adopted by the opposition UPND to re-contest the seat while UNIP has fielded Francis Mwape.

Meanwhile, an officer from State House security personnel, which was First-Lady Christian Kaseba’s advance part to Kitwe, has died after their vehicle overturned along the Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway.

The officer identified as superintendent Electra Hamwata died on the spot in the accident that happed around 16:00 hours near Zamtan area in Kitwe.

Ms Hamwata was with two others people identified as Aaron Sikalumbi and Charles Palati in a Nissan Hard Body, which travelling to Kitwe as an advance part to Dr Kaseba.

Dr Kaseba was in Kitwe for the burial of her late aunt Ruth Mwape Gondwe who was put to rest at Chingola Road cemetery in Kitwe.

Copperbelt police commanding officer Mary Tembo was not readily available to comment by press time.

But Dr Kaseba during church service of her late aunt shed tears as she confirmed the death of Ms Hamwata.

Dr Kaseba said the deceased officer was initially supposed to have travelled to Chipata in Eastern Province for other duties but opted to travel to Kitwe as she had personally known the first-lady’s late aunt.

She said it was while coming to Kitwe that she was involved in the accident which claimed her life.


  1. When will Sata go to Kalabo, Petauke, Chavuma, Mpulungu, Zimba for non election issues? This is a very weird Presidency and very abnormal. This man is not a national leader but a party functionary. Zambia deserves better. Previous Presidents would have time to visit various parts of the country. They would address orgs such as ZNFU, ZAM, ZACCI etc . This man is a mistake big time! Zambia is the loser!

  2. Iwe chi Ganja @ 4, How can you be so stupid fool to wish death to another human being. who knows if you will be the next person to collapse before our beloved president Ba Sata. you are surely an under five chipuva .*****

  3. Democracy is about numbers and under the current setup where MPS vote on party lines better for the President to drum up support for their candidate.PR needs more MPs to pass good laws to deal with corrupt elements.Cant believe that we can support corrupt leaders even our brother Nevers is now compromising

  4. Sata is probably the worst president to ever come out of Africa but wishing him death is despicable and inhuman. Unless you are a witch you have no business wishing a fellow human death no matter how inept he is as a president.

  5. What a mess of news… Sata to go and shout at Kapiri residents, mixed with Dr. Kaseba’s at funeral of her late Auntie, with an officer involved in an accident, This is like “ilyashi lya pano isonde” read by Mwansa Kapeya.

  6. #5 Goncalves thats very true. When mighty RB was president i used to hear about bumper harvests,record forex reserves and investment missions.With this underperformer all we hear is PF party nonsense,opposition arrests and lots of petty infighting.

  7. This is good time to spend his money he raised from China on by-election. I hope he will share it with some people at Kapiri.

  8. GANJA FARMER you will colapse and die first if you wish people dead.You are actually cursing yourself!!

  9. GANJA FARMER you will colapse and die first if you wish people dead.You are actually cursing yourself!!Stupin fool

  10. Indeed you have childish leaders and behave the same. Only icishushi as u are can b won to yourselves. The thing is u will never say anything good about pf and the President. Yo claim to b wat you’re not.Pf never mind these little foxes.

  11. Negative Criticism! Zambia is doing good. Thanks. It is great to be back at home. So many wonderful opportunities to do good and to develop.

  12. This is the same Sata who used to say Mazoka’s trousers were falling. Can someone correct me, is not Sata’s jacket just hanging on him ….please look at the sleeves not mentioning the long looong fingures there…..Masimpe life is like kharma……

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