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PF busy buying opposition councillors like onions, tomatoes and other cheap food stuffs from the market-Nevers Mumba


Dr Mumba at the news briefing at his residence
Dr Mumba at the news briefing at his residence

MMD president Nevers Mumba has accused Patriotic Front (PF) party of buying opposition councilors with KR1, 500. Featuring on a live ‘political hour programme’ on Breeze FM in Chipata yesterday, Dr Mumba alleged that the PF was busy buying councillors like onions, tomatoes and other cheap food stuffs from the market.

He said the ruling PF was now targeting MMD councillors to be recruited to destabilise the former ruling party. Dr Mumba challenged MMD councillors to be mindful before defecting to the ruling party and consider women who sacrificed their time to give them a vote on the MMD ticket.

He challenged MMD councillors to remain firm as the former ruling party would bounce back to power in 2016. Dr Mumba explained that the PF was capable of losing the 2016 elections because of the numerous mistakes it was making in Government which he said has also confused the devil.

Dr Mumba also accused the PF of being involved in poaching the opposition Members of Parliament (MPs). He has also advised Government to listen to the concerns being raised by people that the ruling party was encouraging by-elections.

Dr Mumba also commended expelled MMD national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe for organising one of the best conventions in MMD last year.

Dr Mumba also accused District Commissioners (DCs) in the country as position political party opponents. But Government has dismissed the allegation as baseless.

[pullquote]Dr Mumba explained that the PF was capable of losing the 2016 elections because of the numerous mistakes it was making in Government which he said has also confused the devil.[/pullquote]

Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Mwansa Kapeya said District Commissioners were pure civil servants who should not be dragged into political madness by Dr Mumba.

“That accusation is not true that DCs are political cadres because as far as I am concerned DCs are civil servants who should not be dragged into politics,”Mr Kapeya said.

Dr Mumba said the DCs in the country have been used to campaign for the ruling party instead of implementing Government programmes.

He said the role of the DCs had been reduced to political cadres instead of working as civil servants who were mandated to foster Government programmes.

“MMD is viewing the district commissioners in the country as our political opponents because their activities are that of cadres of campaigning for the party in power,”Dr Mumba said.

Meanwhile Dr Mumba said his arrests do not have any impact on him as he has the power of God in all that he does.

He said he would not stop to speak on wrong things for fear of being detained because PF Government would not shut his mouth even in jail.

He explained that he took long to start the country tour because the PF, has been disturbing him and the party by detaining him in everything that he does.

Dr Mumba advised MMD members to be strong even if their members were being persecuted because they were fighting for the second independence as everyone who speaks suffers an arrest.

He said that he initiated a new hope tour in Eastern Province to restructure the party from the ward up to province level.

The MMD President also said he wanted to prepare the party for the general elections in 2016 to get back the power from PF.


  1. Nevers Get real and stop overdreaming Even if few miracles do occur in this era MMD in power in 3 years time is absolutely an un imaginable Sir! You need to put ur house in order before you can even think of winning a seat Get real bawesu

  2. why did you boycott the by elections in kapiri and luena and skimming you will sail easily to 2016 general elections NEVER

  3. Ba mumba you brought comfusion inthe political arena of zambia. Why did you decide to go againist victory ministries? Where is zambia shall served? When is it going to be saved?

  4. Dr.Mumba this is my message for you
    Psalm 37 (NLT)

    1 Don’t worry about the wicked
    or envy those who do wrong.
    2 For like grass, they soon fade away.
    Like spring flowers, they soon wither.

    3 Trust in the Lord and do good.
    Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.
    4 Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you your heart’s desires.
    34 Put your hope in the Lord.
    Travel steadily along his path.
    He will honor you by giving you the land.
    You will see the wicked destroyed.

    35 I have seen wicked and ruthless people
    flourishing like a tree in its native soil.
    36 But when I looked again, they were gone!
    Though I searched for them, I could not find them!

    37 Look at those who are honest and good,
    for a wonderful future awaits…

  5. Ba Mumba I do believe that you still have plenty of money which was given to you by Barrick hence you can do the same, go to the market and buy your own mps and coucillors from whichever party you feel like its is free market economy.

  6. This is what happens when you abandon God’s work for politics thinking you can be president of zambia. See how shallow you have brought yourself. God has comfused you for abandoning His flock, you are like a headless chicken. Quit politics and go back to the pulpit or else God will cast a spell on you.


  8. I wonder who is more likely to survive in the rough world of politics: one who wins his opponent’s supporters to his side, or one who boycotts participating in elections as a strategy to get into State House! Mumba’s sheer incompetence at this game is breath-taking!

  9. Power hungry fallen Pastor!!!!!!! Iam sure you know that leaders are chosen by God!!! Sata is president becouse God planned it!!!! The same God you pray to is the same God that Sata is praying to! God will protect Sata!!!!! Plz go back to your church and continue stealing from the poor!!!!!!

  10. I guess this only means that opposition councillors are like onions, tomatoes and other cheap food stuffs from the market- Anyway, I dont think PF are doing it to destablize the opposition. They are doing it to strengthen themselves. So, opposition guys, instead of crying foul just strategize.

  11. But why are they allowing themselves to be bought? PF has no problem, it’s those being bought who have a problem. Democracy and numbers!

  12. Bwana Mumba you are in MMD you must surely know that our people have been pushed to such desperate levels of poverty that any visible appeasement, no matter how short-lived, will actually get them to support whoever forks out the most. Your MMD and the government before that are the architects of such behaviors. In fact – the PF is not exempt because it has crossovers (they are almost SUVs) from your dispensation and are simply perpetuating the n.o.n.s.e.n.s.e. I hope you will bring in a breath of fresh air by desisting from such practice forthwith.

  13. chikabolala ichi…. comparing Nevers mumba to Rupiah Banda its Lucifer and Angel Gabriel,this man is not trusted in any way especially his wife niba mukukulu bakalamba aba.

  14. Maybe the nation has judged Dr. Mumba more than he deserved. We are in the world of good and evil and we judge everyone based on that BUT NOT according to God’s word. Least we judge its better to have faith in our doubts.

  15. I have a question for BG Miyanda, if Sata errored in appointing the committee on constitution process, then why are you a delegate.? Where are your morals.? Is it not true that you are also getting tax payers money..?

  16. You see Zambian should understand that cheap politics are long gone.Mr Sata used a good rout to lie to Zambians but he was touching the real issues that is unemployment levels.For the MMD to realy beat PF they should start talking about real issues because not all Zambians are farmers.MMD should be talking about what companies they will bring up to reduce unemployment because the PF right now are failing each day that passes and graduated are graduating every day every minute.So please tell us what you will do ba Nevers

  17. Whenever i read zambian politics,it sadened me a lot.Let’s look at why we are still doing insulting politics after 22 years.For those who vote look like Stupid *****s to keep the flame of democracy burning…These are my personal observations:
    1-visionless leaders
    2-lack of good planning on succcession leadership.
    3-power and money hungry leadership.
    4-lack of spirity of forgiveness and reconcialition.
    These are my own proposals:-create an institution of governance and leadership.
    -monitoring system from councilors to the president.
    -delivery service system representing all the political parties.
    Stop talk-show and do the right thing for the future generation..

  18. I am beginning to think this man has been paid to destroy MMD. At the rate he is mismanaging MMD, UNIP will be much stronger come 2016. Well at least they (UNIP) can still field candidates in some by-elections, so they are clearly being managed better than MMD.

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