I’m still a committed member of the MMD and serving as Chairman for Health-Dr Banda

Dr Canisius Banda talking to journalists
Dr Canisius Banda talking to journalists

Dr Canisius Banda, the man heavily linked with the position of UPND Vice President says he has not been approached by the party over taking up the role.

In an interview, Dr Banda said he is still a committed member of the MMD and serving as Chairman for Health.

Some online media reports have reported that Dr. Banda will officially be unveiled to the media next week as the UPND Vice President, in a move most analysts view as a positive step towards stemming perception that the UPND is a tribal party.

But Dr Banda said that he may consider such an appointment if it came through after serious consultation with family, friends and the community.

“Leadership is not about self. It is about the people that you seek to serve, so I will consult if am formally approached,” Dr. Banda said.

Dr. Banda said he entered politics to serve the Zambian people and pay back for the education he obtained using Zambian tax payers money.

“Today I’m a Master of Public Health and I never went to private school, I was educated by the Zambian tax payer in public schools and I will be available if called up to serve the people,” he said.

He said opposition parties need to strengthen their collaborations in order to protect democracy which he said is under threat in Zambia.


  1. Your intellegence can olny suite in one political party called UPND. Zambia needs young, brilliant, energetic leaders, we need a sharp cabinet in next regime which is coming soon, unlike the current one made of old flukes arguing amongst themselves on behave of development. I like this DR , i will for vote UPND come elections.

  2. The intimate details, tone and language of the piece on the Zambian watchdog today appears to have been authored by Canisius himself, an exercise in self-praise, and reflects very poorly on him actually. Back to this story, it is evident to any close political observer that Canisius has already accepted the appointment and is simply playing politics. But guess what? I don’t care what party Canisius joins. I don’t care if he is MMD, UPND or PF. I don’t even care if he forms his own political party. I do care if a skilled technocrat loses himself to the belief that he can be a politician. I do care if the civil service is deprived of quality and skilled personnel to pursue naive and ill-fated political ambitions. I do care if our country is deprived of good men and women outside…

  3. I do care if the civil service is deprived of quality and skilled personnel to pursue naive and ill-fated political ambitions. I do care if our country is deprived of good men and women outside politics. And I certainly do care about Canisius… just not about his being a politician. There are certain types of people who were just never meant to be politicians and Canisius is one of them, but he doesn’t get it. Best wishes, though my dear man!

  4. The reason why this country does not develop is the mentality of pipo like “You will regre this”.What do you care about bro any way.Do you care that the legislature should be occupied by dull retards like ——- and ——-? I definately disagree with you.If you really care about developing Zambia,you should care about the interlectual capacity of the legislatures.You can never be an employee for ever,at some point in life one has to pursue person ambitions,this may be within or outside employment.Any personal development will add to national development.Do you really care when you see certain pipo working for Zesco,abuse zesco resources for party activities without any recourse? This my friend is what destroys the economic success of a country.

  5. Take away your literature in English grammar from the river between to chimbokaila give praise where it’s due and leave dr Banda to join sensible like minds

  6. He left practing a long time ago. He is now a shell of a doctor. One of the likes who are always prescribing anti-biotics and pain killers. What a shame! You can not be a doctor as well as a politician!. Where is your fraien dr. Mukoka? You guys are a dsgrace to the medical fraternity!

  7. @ You will regret this, my friend! Well said! This chap thinks we can not see through him? Any way good luck to him, let him spend the rest of his professional life changing roles in political parties. @ Temeprament Njovu. You have clearly misunderstood ‘You will regret this, my friend’. This is all about service! Serving the Zambian people! You argue that personal development adds to national development. I disagree with you on that. Not all personal development adds to National development. Dora Siliya, Liato, Thandiwe, the Banda boys, Mulongoti, Chipimo, etc come to mind

  8. We need to change political players in this country,..,.,..mwana wash left his practice to become president of Zambia……we shall not allow to be led by these semi illiterate kaponyas like sata mwanya kapeya, sakeni,malipenga,gbm,coward lubinda,……..and all those I.diots born in the 1940s….,

  9. You would be well advised not to take up any post in that dead-end Tonga party, UPND. You risk being very heavily bruised in the long-run. God knows you have been bruised sufficiently already at other situations! Speaking as well-meaning member of community- adviser.

  10. You will be a republican Vice president very soon! Thanks Zambia is for all Zambians & deserves to be managed by people with high IQs. Upnd the way to go & you are surely forming the next government that will bring pride to all Zambians. Thanks!

  11. Listening to him speak, Canisius Banda comes across as a self – serving and self-righteous intellectual snob. I therefore seriously doubt that he would accept any well-intended advice to abandon a political career and stick to his job as a medical doctor seriously.

  12. So our friends in UPND have reached a level were they hand pick a vice president.that’s good democracy.elections are no longer welcome.

  13. ‘Master of public health’??? my ar$e! can he put his finger on anything he’s done to improve public health?

  14. @Hamsana Hanzili. He has in fact pleaded guilty of defrauding the government by not paying back BC. What a so and so….

  15. @Zon dar van,I must admit for the first tym I have come accross a blogger who is mature and willing to debate the topic than personalities and insults.Big it up bro.I can also point at Chilala,HH,BY,Kavindele,GBM,Mazyandu brothers,Sikutwa and many more Zambians who invested in personal development first and the bigger picture is they have created employment,they have done infrasture development which does not only increase there personal welfare but creates national asset where government benefits in terms of taxes and rates.The same happened to Bill gates,Warren Buffet and many international billionaires.First things first,personal development eventually it will add to notional benefit,thats what I mearnt.The same with Chipimo,Maureen and Membe,they employee professionals,

  16. This looks like someone is trying to attract attention, and self praise is really not a great thing to do, what has been itemized or rather summarized does not qualify Dr Banda to a post of that nature, are we running out of ideas? No wonder Milupi predicts a PF victory in 2016!

  17. Ba Pama Fi bailingana! Why, let the man chose to contribute where his heart is. He has been an organizer for all he is known, a fighter for good.

  18. @number 6, minister kwalombota, who says that doctors should not be politicians? So then extend your call to other professionals as well: all lawyers in politics should quit and go to practice in courts, all accounts and economists should leave politics to go and work in banks, etc. So what you are saying is that all professionals should leave politics for riff ruffs

  19. whether he joins or doesn’t will not change anything in UPND.
    Remember Sakwiba and Bob Sichinga were at one time VPs.
    What happened? I am sure we all know the story.

  20. simply because one has masters in public health does not equate to winning election or being a good leader!
    we’ve dr kashiwa bulaya,dr simon mit etc all corrupt elements !
    PF will be here for a very long time leave it or take it !

  21. They, i mean the Tongas are the ones who said UPND was their own baby and there is no way they could allow any member from other tribes to lead it. They booted Sakwiba Sikota,who was a heir apparent to Mazoka and brought in a nonentity becos of his riches, and that’s how HH came into lime light. Apparently, HH since he was given the mantle to lead the UPND has never denounced that assertion nor disassociated himself with that group who claimed and still claim that UPND is a party for Tongas.Some of us need reasurance and apology fromm HH.

  22. As soon as the mourning of Anderson Mazoka Eqr was over, Madam Mazoka after the three tonga bulls (now, quite and small bulls) Mandyankuku, Segani, annouced that the next UPND President had to be tonga. And that tribal culture has not changed. Patrick Chisanga Eqr was hounded out and some tongas i know, celebrated. Dr. Banda they are just trying to use you. Ask Sakwiba Sikota how he was benched,still warming other people benches, Sakwiba a good man ,finally corrupted by RB.

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