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We would be more than happy to see Zambia turn into one party state-Kabimba


Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Wynter Kabimba
Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Wynter Kabimba

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says the party will be most pleased to have Zambia turn into a one party state.

“If the entire 13 million Zambian supported the PF, we would be more than happy to have the PF as the only political party existing,” Mr. Kabimba said.

Mr. Kabimba however stated that creating a one party state is not the policy of the PF.

“We don’t have a policy towards a one party state, I repeat, the PF has no policy of creating Zambia into a one party state but if the people of Zambia wished for that to happen, we would be more than happy to accommodate them,” he said.

Mr. Kabimba said the PF is a product of a democratic process and believes in a competitive environment.

“We are not scared of competition, we won elections under a highly competitive political environment and our political competitors should not blame us for their diminishing political fortunes.”

Mr. Kabimba was speaking in Lusaka today when he officiated at the launch of the party’s political education course for its members who are being trained in various governance issues.

Mr. Kabimba said the PF believes that empowering its members with knowledge, the party is not only raising the level of political discourse but also the quality of leadership.

He said the programme hopes to produce members and leaders who have deep knowledge and understanding of the party.

The PF Secretary General said the programme hopes to produce politically conscious and astute members and leaders.


  1. Wynter Kabimba does not fit the description of a quality and progressive politician. That is the more reason why he is more of an embarrassment than a pride to his party. Being a national secretary of his party as well as Justice Minister, one would have expected him to know how to hold his mouth. On many occassions, he has made utterances that are not only a mockery but also demeaning to the Zambian people. If Kabimba is a politician worth his salt, he should have known that talking about the one party state in that context is like scratching old wounds. Zambians suffered a lot of wounds politically, socially and economically during that repressive period. Has Kabimba forgotten?

  2. In life you should have options for you to develop, going back to one party state is
    retrogressive, it removes competition and promotes bootleaking already it can be seen in kabimba. NEVER SHALL WE ALLOW ONE PARTY TO COME BACK.

  3. Kabimba knows that under the current state of affairs, Zambia being a democratic party, he cannot be president because he is not only dull and lacks charisma but he is not presidential material, But he thinks under a one party state it would be possible for him to be president. But that is wishful thinking on his part and party. It is sad for a govt to have such a low thinking justice minister. This is the time when people need to be free to choose leaders of their choice and not get stuck with the likes of Kabimba. The man has never won an election and luckily clever Zambians will always remember his words and keep him out!

  4. “If Zambians wished a one party state system….we will be more than happy”. Kabimba’s mouth must be watched. He doesn’t strike me as an alert up and coming leader that offers refreshing alternatives. His ideas are hollow and archaic especially in this time and age. Compare this with the new fresh young Kenyan leaders of Uhuru Kenyatta and colleagues and you will be scratching your heads and ask God, where did we go wrong Lord to deserve this?

  5. You guys are just retrogressive. Infact so foolish dat youi can’t get sense out of a little statement kabimba made. Shame. He’s not calling for one party but for more membership no wonder he said if the entire 13m would support P.F. We all know it’s impossible. Just stop critisizing blindly SHAME ichisungu

  6. If Zambia is his bedroom, then yes. Otherwise he is dreaming and very unwise. I just wonder what runs in this man’s crooked head!

  7. This reminds me of how FTJ started his campaigns for a third term: “if Zambians want me to go for third term”….then he appointed the ‘Zambians’ who wanted him to go for third term into positions so they could campaign for him. We should not forget so easily

  8. Kabimba’s statement is one of the most retrogressive utterances ever made in recent times. The man strikes me as big headed and *****ically over excited.

  9. as zambians we re not ready for dat slavery if dats wat u re planning/dreaming go back to bed sleep and dream something sensible mr kabimba sir!!! u shud kno hw to joke bigman doz re stupid imaginations be wise enough mweo a dreamer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The power of choice. That happened once upon a time in Zambia. I am sure we have enough mass of “historically-oriented” citizens who would support this and take us back into pre-history…

  11. Technically he’s correct. If all eligible voters buy into what PF offers (at campaigns) and what the high court judges deem as electoral malparactices, then yes, a one part state is a possibility and would be desirable for the PF.

    As for me, I’d like to see demonic occurances disappear and youth empowerment beginning to show. RB, Barotse, Lukulu, Choma, James Mwansa University and some of these projects to me can wait til 2014….

    PF for more money in your pocket – We’re counting on you Hon. Kabimba. Please make us happy. Announce a viable youth empowerment scheme with foreign technical assistance and GRZ incentives. Let’s make our people happy.

    …chasing Eric Silwamba and Saki in the magistrates? Argh…

  12. The headline is a bit misleading.It gives a reader an impression that he wants that one party state while the guy was just trying to stress a point.Poor journalism and dull bloggers

  13. your words re decampaigning u kabimba ad da PF u must be expelled to serve da party bcoz everything starts with u kabimba:confusion,jealous,evil,yo frends re not free bcoz of u.U MUST BE EXPELLED OR GIVEN A POST AS DA AMBASSADER SOMEWHERE VERY FAR here u ve turned into a snake with 2 heads u are nt da kabimba i used to know wen we were in opposition change pliz we dot want confusion.u re nt da onlyone in da party behave dont rush u might crush relax.

  14. Like what number 11 Hopeful Zambian has stated, this is how FTJ also started! He just hinted about a third term,… but at the back of his mind, he wanted it!

    The same thing surely could apply in this case,….! This are not things to even talk about.

  15. I used to support PF and its government! Now, I think your arrogance has gone over board. This is not what we had in mind when we voted for you ! This is the time for me to part ways with you and the likes of Wynter Kabimba. It is a sad day in Zambia to have ha Sata surround himself with traitors !!

  16. I used to support PF and its government! Now, I think your arrogance has gone over board. This is not what we had in mind when we voted for you ! This is the time for me to part ways with you and the likes of Wynter Kabimba. It is a sad day in Zambia to have ha Sata surround himself with traitors !!

  17. Out of the Abundance of the Heart the mouth Speaks. Kabimba and the friends are planing exactly that and they have already started working that out. see the speed at which they are moving in trying to bring about the one party state in the name of inclusive Government. One of the major Grounds on Which His Excellence Micheal C Sata campaigned among the many was that of cutting down the number of Government ministers and depute Ministers. What has changed today, his is giving Dull politicians from the opposition positions in Government with a view to finish the opposition. and what is sad is that they are winning these elections they are creating everyday.
    Lets be on the look out ladies and Gentlemen and support meaningful opposition otherwise we are headed for doom.


  19. Yes one party rule can help politicians accede to power through merit.. Political violence would be an old song.. Go go ZAmbia

  20. Most of you blogers are dull, maybe including my self. Zambia is safe with you in Diaspora, poor understanding. you just read the headline then you rush to comment without understanding. im worried about your occupation where you are because that dullness cannot…cannot get you a decent job just like me.No dual citizenship because you guys can develop our nation backwards….foolish *****s

  21. shows the quality of leadership you have in zambia, its really a shame for a person of his stature to say these words, a graduate for that matter…

  22. Winter speaks like a popular leader when he is not. Let him stand in his home constituency of mwembeshi and test his popularity. He has never won any election in the past and i doubt he would now.

  23. I might as well re locate to Barotse land before that happens, otherwise the man is just dreaming, what a nightmare!

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