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ECZ not aware of PF electoral malpractices – Akufuna


Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ ) spokesperson Chris Akufuna
Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ ) spokesperson Chris Akufuna

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says it has not received reports of any electoral malpractices in Kapiri Mposhi ahead of the 23rd April parliamentary by-elections.

ECZ Public Relations Manager Cris Akufuna said the commission has not received any formal complaints from the opposition UPND who have claimed that the PF are grabbing voters’ cards from the people ahead of the polls.

UPND candidate Lawrence Zimba’s campaign manager Austin Milambo said his team discovered the electoral scam in Kakwelesa ward where a named couple had their cards confiscated by PF for money.

The by-election is as a result of the Supreme Court’s nullification of the MMD MP Lawrence Zimba’s victory in 2011, who is recontesting on the UPND ticket.

Other candidates contesting the by-election are UNIP’s Francis Mwape and Eddie Musonda on the PF ticket.


    • #ndobo please have some respect in the way you comment.I dont think you should insult any body for saying they have not received formal complaints.In any organisation you cannot act on hearsay,kachepa reports.You sound like someone who has no manners not even ban ones!!

  1. There is too much appetite for ‘EATING’ in Zambia that NO ONE DOES A PROFESSIONAL JOB any more. Zambia has been consumed by CORRUPTION. We are finished as a country.

  2. do peaple expect him to dream? there is a committee incharge of that at district level. let the peaple with complaints and evindence report that to ECZ and police. they wl act acordingly.hear says nt good at all.

  3. The problem with upnd is that they cry the loudest even if it is small pinch! These idiets are the main culprits and last night in ngabwe district they were found distributing money to would be voters but PF dealt with that issue right there and then! Why should they always cry victims and yet they are culprits? Yes ECZ is not aware about this because it is not true! We shall see if those bloggers at ZWD will make this small and insignificant party win the two seats! Surely someone should come and chop off my precious manhood!

  4. Sata’s brown envelopes have reached every corner of Zambia and every government system. Although I do not wish him dead, we are lucky that his health prospects are such that he is unlikely to go into second term…..Zambia was going to be destroyed beyond repair. 2016….new and younger blood!

  5. ECZ does not need to wait for a complaint, they need to carry out an investigation to establish whether its true or not.

  6. Even when you are made aware , you are on record of not reacting, just lke PF police.
    You Zambians are very stupid, when are you going to wake. A land of jacles.

  7. I wonder if in Zambia there will be elections without electoral malpractice! I doubt if someone serving people goes with bribes and corruption, and I think its because of poverty that leads to such things.

  8. You guys just campaign, why always crying like babes?? Let the best person win the elections.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  9. Progress is cardinal in every situation. People should relent in forwarding queries to ECZ on any malpractice observed for records sake. ECZ too must not wait for formal complaints for them to act lest you get accused of biasness. Let us all be objective for us to find a solution in the same way we are trying to find a good constitutional solution. I have a dream that one day WE THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA SHALL TRULY RULE THE POLITICIAN!

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