Saturday, June 15, 2024

Nkana Skipper Regrets Draw at GBFC


Nkana skipper Sydney Kalume has regretted the 1-1 draw the FAZ Super Division leaders forced at Green Buffaloes on Saturday.

Kalampa who have ten points failed to sustain a second half lead and allowed Buffaloes to equalise late in the Week Four match at Woodlands Stadium in Lusaka.

Kalume believes Nkana were unfortunate to draw with Buffaloes.

“As Nkana we played good football on Saturday but we just made one mistake and they scored a deflection in the 81st minute,” the midfielder said.

“We have to work hard, we are going to take each and every game seriously. I am wishing that my team will do something new this year,” Kalume added.

Nkana’s next match is against Linos Makwaza’s Konkola Mine Police in Kitwe.


  1. I remember the likes of Gentile Kapambwe Mulenga,Jericho Shinde,Golden Kazika,Fighton Simukonda,Quick Silver Beston Chambeshi this people had no mercy with the opponent.Cant we return to those days.I know young lads you can do and let us boys.Thanks to Mopani for renovating the staduim

  2. Nkana need encouragement, motivation, praize and caution for this good start in the 2013FAZ/MTN Premier League. Some teamz have started so well in the past and still ended up just surviving relegation.
    To start talking about the return of glory dayz at Nkana now, may be a far fetched dream. Just ask Liverpool(“U Never Walk Alone”) and Kitwe United(“The Buchi Boiz”).
    Tho there’s nothing wrong with dreaming or being realistic.

  3. “Abaleya Jerusalem” Golden Kazika! “Master Dribler” Dominic Mutale! “Yelloman” Eston Mulenga! Michael “Big” Chabala! Gibby Mbasela! “Killer” Mandona! John Mofya! John “Libya” Kalusa! “Russian Tanker” Jericho Shinde! Emmanuel “Mannix” Mwape! Joshua Longwe! Kenneth “Bubble” Malitoli and “Modo!” Beston “Quicksilver” Chambeshi! Kelvin “Malaza” Mutale! Jack Chanda! Jack Kafusha! Patrick Chabu! James “JJ” Njengela! Fighton Simukonda! Okay na bena Nelson Muma! Unstoppable!

  4. i am very happy to see the red devil kalampa on to.Come on boys let show the other teams why we are called kalampas.GO GO GO KALAMPA

  5. Nkana played good footbabll and I was in the ground to cheer up you guys. Festus Mbewe is an up-coming strike for Nkana. Very great football, you played well than buffaloes. Kalampa for life a.k.a aka read.

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