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Government begins school curriculum revision

General News Government begins school curriculum revision

FILE: Western Province Permanent Secretary Seth Muleya addressing the Grade nine pupils at Ndoka Basic School in Kalabo District

The Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education has started revising the current school curriculum in order to meet the emerging labour market demands.

Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Patrick Nkanza said the Patriotic Front (PF) government was determined to address all the weaknesses in the current school curriculum that hinder the meaningful contribution of pupils to national development.

Dr. Nkanza said this in his address to pupils drawn from selected schools in Lusaka district who are attending a three day career guide talk organised by Lafarge Cement Company and the National Council for Construction (NCC) in Lusaka today.

He explained that after the revision of the current curriculum, the new one will provide a two tier system that will include the career path and vocational technical path for pupils from Grade 8 to 12.

Dr. Nkanza further explained that the new school curriculum was expected to address bottlenecks identified in the old curriculum that forced pupils to take an academic path even if they were not good in the academy subjects but were better in technical subjects.

And National Council for Construction (NCC) Board Member, Festo Musonda observed that technical jobs offer the best alternative to the current high unemployment levels in the country.

Mr. Musonda said technical jobs, unlike white collar jobs, offer life saving skills hence were the best solution to the existing unemployment levels in Zambia.

He explained that Zambia was slowly following the footprints of developed countries where people with technical jobs were well enumerated compared to those with white collar jobs.

Earlier, Lafarge Cement Zambia Head of Innovation and Extramile, Muchanga Mudenda said his company was happy to associate itself with programmes that were aimed at nurturing young people into responsible citizens.

Ms. Mudenda said Lafarge was ready to provide technical assistance to schools and initiatives in order to promote innovation among the young people.



    • Thants good ideas Dr. let our children have chance/s in their life time not only office works no no no,look our next door country Congo D.R they start teaching the youngs at the early stage according to child understanding of the subject/s,i for one i support you.

  1. Won’t go far with these plans especially that the curriculum follows who are finding that program.
    Zambian’s curriculum is the most unstable in the world.
    Malawi the neighbours have been following the British system ever since Independence but not with Zambia, brutish, Australian, Finish,Irish, Danish and an American one, now even the Chinese one. Just follows where the wind blows.

  2. Comparison of subjects taken in first year by a would be engineer in electrical & electronic Engineer at Unza against university of Manchester:
    Unza- biology,chemestry,physics,mathematics.
    University of Manchester- electronic materials,circuit analysis,digital systems design 1,microcontroller project,measurements and analytical software,engineering mathematics 1, microcomputer engineering 1,energy transport and conversion,electromagnetic fields,electronic fields, electronic circuit design 1,java programming, engineering mathematics 2

  3. This is a good start. Our current curriculum does not take into account that some learner lack mental faculty to comprehend the many subjects which are compasory. There are many learner with incapacities to learn some subjects. Laughing at their failures has never helped. They just add statistics to failure rate. Provide the less capable with appropriate curriculum. They can excel in reduced overload, by doing specialised subject areas.

  4. What is the composition? Think about someone in Lundazi, Nkhanga primary school where Prof Clive intiated a liabry. They have computers as well as TVs.
    Involve us who seen and worked in different parts of county as well as world. Osanti vachibulu or friendships.

  5. That is good because we need engineers to join the programs perceived as hard jobs. Let us be like Indians who are bright not because of nature but interest in what they study. To school going and leavers have interest in whatever you want to be then you shall achieve. The syllabus should change, if you want medicine concentrate in sciences and mathematics. Unlike where we were forced to take eight subjects and do the best no.

  6. I wish we can have a curriculum that will enable both graduates and school drop outs to create their own jobs as opposed to looking forward to white collar jobs. The curriculum should assist both educationists and students to discover their career pathways as early as primary school level

  7. This is a welcome move and only hoping that it will not only end on paper but come to fruition. I also appeal to the relevant authority to ensure that the process involves all the stake holders in this sector.

    Shepherd Mutakwa in Lusaka.

  8. There is often a genius left behind when a child drops out of school because their mind is not taylored to what someone wants them to learn. If only they were allowed to pursue what they liked, who knows what they could become.

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