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Zambia Police dispatches 350 officers ahead of April 23 Kapiri by-elections


Police arrive to quell violence at the rally venue
FILE: Police arrive to quell violence at the rally venue

More than 350 Police Officers have been mobilized for deployment to provide security during the 23rd April Kapiri Mposhi constituency by-election.

ZANIS reports from Kapiri Mponshi that Central Province Commissioner of Police Standwel Lungu who confirmed the development in an interview today.

Mr, Lungu said the police command has marshaled 300 police officers from other stations in the country to re-inforce the local force during the by-election.

He said police will stay alert and will crush anyone be it from the ruling party or the opposition political parties found perpetrating violence during the polls.

“The police is well prepared to handle the security demand for the by-elections in Kapiri Mposhi we will deployed adequate numbers of officers for this purpose,” Mr. Lungu.

The police commissioner warned participating political party members and their sympathizers to stay away from violence but conduct themselves peacefully and maturely.

“People should ensure that they do not operate outside the electoral code and the laws of Zambia during the elections otherwise they risk being professionally handled by police”, Mr. Lungu said.

The ruling PF and opposition UPND and UNIP are contesting the Kapiri Mposhi seat which fell vacant after the Supreme Court nullified the election of Lawrence Zimba as MP (MMD).

Mr. Zimba is re-contesting the seat on the UPND ticket.

The PF are fielding Eddie Musonda and UNIP are floating Francis Mwape.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu has commended political parties participating in the Kapiri Mposhi by-election for observing the electoral code and conducting their campaigns peacefully.

Mr. Lungu said the police have so-far not recorded any incident during the campaigns which have been going on for close to two weeks now.

“The political parties participating in the Kapiri Mposhi by-elections have behaved exemplary… they have continued to campaign peacefully this is encouraging and we hope they are going to ensure this continues even during and after the poll day,” Mr. Lungu said.



  1. Lets have peaceful by-elections. Whoever will be killed because of these elections nkesa mulopola

  2. 350 police officers wen during the campaign period we have had peace….ok……this is a police state indeed

  3. They have gone there to rig. There was no violence during the campaigns , why should there be violence now. PF are just a primitive government!

  4. Police will crush anybody Highly inflammable language by LT Be a bit sensitive Eeeish

    • I thought so as well. If indeed the Police Command uttered those words, then one wonders what instructions have been issued to the police on the ground. This is tantamount to authorising the use of brute force. Language and judicious selection of words helps

  5. We have a big problems as a nation.Hence, we just have to be praying for mother Zambia.
    Those officers are for what ? They just want to put fear in people so that they wont
    make a free choose for their leader.

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