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People in Western Province can’t eat the Barotseland Agreement, they need development-President Sata


President Sata during the official opening of Shangombo District Hospital on April 19,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata during the official opening of Shangombo District Hospital on April 19,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Michael Sata has advised the people of Western province not to focus their attention on Barotseland Agreement (BA) of 1964 but that they should embrace various developmental projects Government is delivering to them.

Mr Sata said the people of Western province should not be cheated by some people over BA of 1964 because his Government was already delivering massive developmental projects aimed at improving their welfare.

He said the locals could not ‘eat’ the BA of 1964 and that there were many tribes which were a segment of the province hence their need to focus on Government’s empowerment projects being carried out.

President Sata was speaking yesterday in Shangombo district when officially opened the long waited Shangombo District Hospital which was constructed at a cost of KR 26 million with a bed capacity of over 130.

“Nobody is going to eat the BA of 1964, because all of you need development and in this province, there are many tribes such as the Nkoyas, Mbundas, Chokwes, Luvales and the Lozi people who are a segment of the province.

[pullquote]“Nobody is going to eat the BA of 1964, because all of you need development and in this province, there are many tribes such as the Nkoyas, Mbundas, Chokwes, Luvales and the Lozi people who are a segment of the province.[/pullquote]

“My Government is already delivering massive developmental projects and this is where you have to focus because we want to give you what you want,” he said

Shangombo District Hospital which was constructed by Tomorrow Investments Limited, a Zambian construction company, was equipped with maternity wards and other modern facilities.

Mr Sata was happy that the hospital would assists in alleviating the suffering of the locals in accessing quality health services and cutting the long distances they used to travel to get treatment.

He said he was proud to have been the one commissioning the hospital because it was among several developmental projects that Patriotic Front (PF) Government promised the locals through its manifesto.

President Sata said quality heal services were important to the livelihood of all Zambians and assured the locals that Government would ensure in each district in the province there was a modern hospital.

He urged Western Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba to ensure that more health facilities were constructed closer to the locals with quality health services.

The Head of State also directed the Minister of Energy to ensure that Shangombo district hospital was connected to the national electricity grid including other public institutions.

Nalolo' s Wamunyima Mukubesa cuts a ribbon during the launch of the Muoyo Water Supply scheme project by President Michael Sata in Nalolo, Western Province on April 19,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Nalolo’ s Wamunyima Mukubesa cuts a ribbon during the launch of the Muoyo Water Supply scheme project by President Michael Sata in Nalolo, Western Province on April 19,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

He asked the people of Western Province to give PF another Member Parliament during the Lukulu by-election saying it would not be good for them top continue wallowing in poverty at the expense of voting for the opposition parties.

And President Sata took a swipe at Cabinet ministers who had failed to
reach out to far flung areas such as Shangombo to learn about the
hardships the locals were encountering.

“Are you not ashamed that the people who voted for you are getting poorer while you are getting fatter? Some of you have never been here,” Mr Sata said amid jubilations from the crowds.

President Sata was saddened that several children and other people who welcomed him in Shangombo did not know where there next meal would come from.

He urged his ministers to be visiting rural areas such as Shangombo to understand the challenges people faced.

Later, Mr Sata commissioned the KR4.9 million Muoyo Water Supply Project in Nalolo in Western Province in which over 10, 000 residents would benefit from clean water supply.

[pullquote]“Are you not ashamed that the people who voted for you are getting poorer while you are getting fatter? Some of you have never been here,” Mr Sata said amid jubilations from the crowds.[/pullquote]

Earlier, Health Minister Joseph Kasonde assured the locals that his ministry was working diligently to construct more hospitals adding that of the 181 staff needed at the hospital, a total of 125 have already started working at the new medical facility.

Works, Supply , Communications and Transport Minister Christopher Yaluma said and Road Development Agency board chairperson Willie Nsanda said the ministry and RDA respectively would upgraded the poor road infrastructure in the area.

And the Litunga of the Lozi speaking people in Western Province Lubosi Imwiko has praised President Michael Sata for his diligent and concerted effort to deliver unprecedented development in the province.

Speaking on behalf of the King in Shangombo yesterday when President Sata officially commissioned the Shangombo district hospital, Acting Ngambela, Induna Kalonga said the traditional leader was impressed with Mr Sata’s efforts to develop the province.

“I have accompanied His Excellency President Sata on behalf of King Litunga here because he is impressed with what our Head of State on doing.

“As people of this province, we are happy with massive developmental projects the Government is delivering and we shall also work with it,” he said

He said the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) was behind the developmental projects that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government was implementing in the province.

Induna Kalonga said the efforts by President Sata to change the face of the province by building Shangombo District hospital was a clear indication that the Government was caring for the locals.


    • As long as you hate his face the man is always going to sound rude to your ears.

      What would you have said if it was HH or Seki who had uttered these words?

      Sata is Presisdent of the Republic of Zambia…including Western Province, therefore it is very wrong for anyone to look at his lips when he is talking just because he is in Western Province.

    • HRH you are so right.As long as these people continue with the hatred they have for the president.They will continue seeing negatives in whatever the man says.I personally haven’t seen any problem with the speech.

    • One quality Sata has is that you either like him or hate him, if you are a politician and you do not have such an attribute, then clearly you do not govern on principle and conviction but by impulse.

    • Give westerners what they want. If for them BRE is more important than food, who are we to decide for them even in a rude manner? After all they don’t have to beg but are entitled.

    • Yes Sata is naturally rude in everything, even the way he walks, so rude.
      And his new body guard looks like gay.

    • Please don’t join these muppets in abusing the word “development”. It is only used to windhook the gullible and in truth we only hear it during campaigns and when plotting to entice hungry MP’s.

  1. Hate him or love him, but Sata’s frank talk is both amusing and annoying depending on which side you are looking at things. I have asked my fellow tribesmen how include the BA is to these other tribes. The starting point should have been to bring them on board. I just want to see someone curing the infrastructure deficit in the Western Province. I want to see good roads, hospitals, institutions of learning, youth and women getting employed, etc.

    • Other tribes? First there is no Lozi tribe in Western Province. There are 32 tribes in Western Province. Collectively they are called ‘Lozi’ because of the SeSotho lingua franca they speak. So this Lozi tribe Sata and his minions keep referring to is an oxymoron. The Litunga is a Luyana or a Lui. His mother tongue is Siluyana. The royal family of which he is part was overthrown by the Sotho speaking Makololo. When the Luyana regained the thrown in the 1870s a new lingua franca of Silozi a sotho dialect had developed. Silozi therefore is not native to the 32 tribes in Barotseland. Tribes from that area are called Lozis because they speak this foreign tongue as their mother tongue! Barotse/Malozi is a Sotho name they gave to the people of the area. It is Sotho for ‘people of the…

    • True. Just he has wrong people in the province. Sata should have appointed Vivian Mubukwanu his PS western province. the boy took western province by storm when everyone feared to be seen with sata in 2008. give those lozi chaps vivian mubukwanu

    • Then how do you account for people who call and introduce themselves as Lozis not siluyana or whatever? It the people of western that started calling themselves lozis and not the people outside of the province. Get real because we are not interested in who or where they came from. We all know most Zambian tribes migrated from the lunda luba empire and some came to be called bembas, ushis, tabwas, namwangas, mambwes, kaondes, luvales, lundas you name it. What’s important is that the province is getting the development it has been yearning for for years.

    • @Coachez, The point is yes they are Lozis. But it is wrong to say that there is conflict between ‘Lozis’ and the ‘other tribes’ . This is an oxymoron because collectively they are ALL Lozis. You should have paid attention when during your comprehension lessons in Grade 4.

    • My knowledge of the Shangombo District hospital is that it was started by MMD during the Mwanawasa era and it is a good thing that PF has completed it. The reason it took long was because Tommorrow Investments was blacklisted by LPM and it took some time during the RBB era to re-engage them. In Zambia everything is politicized. If you put a piece of wood on the path to the pit latrine it is called massive development. In any case there will never be a bigger project than the Mongu Kalabo road started by RB at K3 trillion and it didn’t do him any good. I urge the PF to begin to address itself to the issues of poverty and joblessness. These were the main motivations for the people to change government. Even LPM and RB could build roads. Cutting poverty is the issue.

  2. Development or BA64? Or revertion to original statuses? The Nkoya or Chokwe people you talk of are not a factor. Sentiment and wishful thinking of ethnic dissent, wont help your cause. Rather, international treaties…and dare i add, good neighbourliness ought to be the way forward.

  3. That is the truth that the people of Western province need to know, they just need development in that region just like any other part of the country. They should channel their idea and energies to real issues affecting their lives and certainly the BA of 1964 is not one of them.

    • Spot on Observer. And the Truth hates those who always like to lie. People need development and not discussions. If PF is taking development to Western Province, what is wrong? Other people will only take discussions there and make people more poorer. Its a shame that MPs are all in Lusaka having a nice time without considering the plight of the poor people in Western Province. Remember Sata has been all over the Country, by foot, cycling, bus, train and plane so the man knows exactly what to expect in each area of the Country.

  4. This is an MMD built hospital, ba Sata, you are yet to commission an infrastructure planned , budgeted and funds allocated by your goverment. The only development mr Sata you have brought is bye elections and donchi kubeba lies

    • the charcoal burner,yes the hospital was built by the mmd gvt but in your own thinking mmd should come and commission it.Why should we keep on thinking in reverse ,where is continuation in our governance.When pf leaves office there will be incomplete projects which will be finished by the new govt.

    • In Zambia there uis only one government at a time you……

      Kaunda built UNZA but why do you blame governments of the day for the poor state or even mismanagement of the Institution?

      I would never buy your charcoal.

    • Very dull analysis, after 20 years in power the MMD built one hospital and you call that development?

    • @Lord Voldemort. Your beloved Sata was part of the wasted 10 years of MMD between 1991 and 2001.

      The Levy and RB MMD 2001 to 2011 is the one that gave the country hope again. Sata inherited a growing economy, maize surpluses and $2.8 billion in Reserves. And Sata is already destroying what he inherited.

      Levy inherited an anaemic economy, no bumper harvest and no reserves. But he worked to grow the economy. And RB continued on the same path. Levy and RB are builders. And Sata is a destroyer. That is why he is friends with another destroyer by the name of KK. KK and Sata inherited growing economies and they then proceeded to destroy them!

  5. For Zambia to develop all the districts including the newly created ones, we need a marshal plan not politics. Presently only areas where there is anticipated by elections that is where the president would go. This is not development. Hey Lusaka times why dont you publish my comments. You want to biased like the expired post newspaper

    • I can assure you very soon Zambia will be going into some kind of labour deficit especially if we are not going to attract loafers from the Line of rail into rural districts.

      The policy can work for us. I am seeing it in North Western Province.

    • Marshall Plan?? We are not trying to reconstruct infrastructures in Europe again, are we?

      We need a Zambian plan…. a PF lead plan!

    • Goncalves sounds like someone who was probably not born by the time KK left office.The developments initiated by KK are there for all to see.One of the last projects of KK is the Government complex.There will be no Government that will complete all its projects without any overlap into the next Government.Thats the ideal situation.Small minds will always talk about this or that project started by this and that Government.Government is not a political party it is a going concern of nationhood.

    • Big boom, people like Goncalves will die with hatred because they will never see anything good Sata will do in their eyes. They are blinded with so much hate they can’t see anything. But I am just glad the Litunga and the BRE are on board and are seeing the development that Goncalves can’t seem to see.

  6. Yes they can’t eat the BA agreement and need development but you cunningly left out an important modifier authored by you MCS which is …..if they choose PF development will come faster.Master at duplicitous speech you are.

    • Sata calls a spade a spade. In African Politics the role of the opposition is not to help but to bring crushing down governments of the day? So why take a big project to the opposition when you know they will mess it up?

      logically you are making sense. But you have forgotten that UPND has vowed publicly never to work with government. So how will Sata take development to these areas? Is it not by poaching Van Persie???

  7. @6 Your argument is childish .Mmd had de mandete to so though dey never did dat dey were expected. Dey failed.How do u judge Sata based on 18months?Mmd 20yrs finished & will never come back.Already we are seeing massive projects everywhere.Shame on u

    • Haters of Sata had prophesied that once in office, the man will bring turmoil to this land. Now that he has proven them wrong obviously they will find a way of making their prophesy come true. They will do anything including murder to convince Zambians that they were right.

      Meanwhile Sata is President of the entire geograpphy of Zambia and is busy promoting peace and development.

  8. The problem we have with the current oppo is that they don’t want development so that they blame pf that they failed.As a result of this approach, it is the more reason pf should have more sits.

    • Development will keep PF in government for ever. Meanwhile they want to ruler. So what do they do? Odviously stand in the way. ask ba UPND.

    • Any Zambian can rule Zambia as long as they dont enter office on the basis of their tribe. For example UPND has some of the most intelligent of our politicians in Zambia but because they are not National in nature…obviously they will carry to their graves all their brilliant ideas. Let them get out of Southern Province then all Zambians will gain from their natural gifts.

  9. Thank you for the hospital but its not yet complete. Look at the floor and thats not the kind of finish you should have fora hospital. the place still looks like a construction site. can we please raise standards

  10. The Barotse Agreement is and was always about Development. It is stated in one of the clauses that Barotseland should be developed like any part of Zambia . But this was never the case. After building a road from Lusaka through Kaoma, Mongu to Senanga in 1972 the so called development stopped. This road road never saw any form of repairs until it turned into gravel in the 1990s. Chiluba’s MMD did nothing. It was until 2007 when it was resurfaced by the Danish under Mwanawasa. It took further agitation for the Barotse Agreement and the killing of people that the Zambian government of RB panicked and was forced to get loans for the Mongu-Kalabo and Senanga and Sesheke roads. Now if Sata knew that it was about development why did he promise to implement the agreement if elected to power?

    • He promised to implement the BRA by delivering development to WP.That is exactly what he is doing.You should not hate people who come from other regions just because when you were born you were taught to hate.That is being fundamentalist.Many people who hate our President do not have good reasons to hate him.The man is performing like it or not.

    • when and where did he do so? Liar! He categorically promised to honour the Barotse Agreement because he said it was legal. But he changed the tune when he ascended to power. He even dismissed the Chongwe Commission which recommended the honouring of the Agreement. You’re a shameless revisionist!

  11. Actually, I see a whole lot of sense in this statement. BA only grants benefits to the royal establishment and not to the subjects. The truth is that the province needs development and any mentally mature citizen will agree to this. It is a shame that the selfishness of a few individuals who still believe in the dying relevance of royalty, has caused so much chaotic noise.

  12. in the main picture,mr sata is not as fat as the man
    oo his right,but y ka protruding potbelly?thr is something
    wrong there.

  13. But your Excellence, you yourself promised a 90 day quick fix of the Barotse issue. And now you are accusing imaginary enemies in a true fashion of ‘reverse gear’, for cheating the westerners over the restoration of the agreement. And now ” you can’t eat Barotse Land agreement”. What kind of ironical ideas are these? Who’s cheating here? And the ‘representative’ of the ‘King’ is willy nillily being paraded to all and sundry to proclaim how ‘truthful’ the President is. Oh, how marvelous! Doesn’t add up!

  14. Knowledge is vital possession for leaders to deliver. Mr Sata is exhibiting too much ignorance on the issue of the Barotseland nation. He thinks Rotse (plain) is a tribe! Surely is Zambia a river just because it derives its name from the Zambezi river? There is need to be serious in dealing with public affairs, common sense is not enough. Leaders should learn more and more, if they are to be relevant. The Barotse nation is for all that hail or live in it.

    Barotse people do not need handouts. They need empowerment in political/legal, economic, social/cultural, and technological spheres. The Zambian unitary and centralised government has not given them the right platform as they wished by uniting with NRG to form Zambia. Zambian leadership has lacked capacity to devolve and share power.

  15. Actually if the Litunga and other trators of the Lozi people are clever, they can keep on blackmailing the govt and continue reciving millions of dollars every couple of years to keep the people suppressed to not demand for secession. They can develop western province using that money.

  16. Dear Mr Sata , as a Luvale from Western Province I find it unacceptable for you to insinuate that ‘other tribes’ which includes mine somehow have problems with the ‘Lozis’ you continue referring to. You and many others have this misconception that Litunga and his wider clan are the ones who constitute the ‘Lozi tribe’. No sir they are not and they do not. We the Barotse Luvale of western province do not refer to them as Lozis but as Ba KaLui for they are Luyana by tribe. Lozi, like others have already pointed is a collection of 32 ethnicities who speak a Sotho dialect as their mother tongue. So please spare us these ‘divisions’ which only exist in the minds of people in Lusaka. We are united. We the Luvale gave Lubosi Lewanika his surname Lewanika (uniter) because he united 32…

  17. Not exactly a “give me liberty or give me death” moment. By this reasoning, it sounds like Mr. Sata would be in favor of colonialism if it meant having a full belly.

  18. I think we really need to educate the Zambians who the Lozis collectively speaking are. The above write ups are very informative. I want to confess that I have also been ignorant about this whole set up. So its like the bigger BANTU clan that runs from Sudan to the shores of the Cape. A collection of tribes that have a common culture and hence probably a common ancestor. They all call human beings “BANTU” regardless of whether their dialects “hiss” like King Cobras or “clique” and “pop” like champaign bottles. Interesting.

  19. This is good Mr. President. President Chiluba “discovered” Shang’ombo and your attention has not shifted either, We now need dual carriage ways on either side of the Zambezi River from Shang’ombo on the west bank to Zambezi town and from Sesheke on the east to Mwinilunga. The Mongu -Kalabo road should have a second bridge at the same site (making it dual), two bridges at Zambezi town and a second bridge at Sesheke going to Namibia making dual. The roads from Zambezi town and Mongu dual carriage ways could now be extended into Angola making us accessible to the Atlantic. The West bank dual carriage way can be extended into Congo DR. This will open up the Western Province of Zambia. Also, TAZARA should go west to Angola’s Luanda or Lobito wherever!

  20. va sata Please,learn to appreciate others as well.I was going to be happy if you mentioned that i thank the MMD goverment for initiating the hospital project I am commissioning now rather than saying we are fulfilling the promises you made.The promise you made to the people was to restore BRA not constructing the hospital which was there before your unfulfilled promises.
    Give credit where it is due Sir.
    Viva MMD.

  21. You can grumble and grumble the whole day but at the end of it all what is cardinal is development and the well Being of the people. What is that you have done yourself in your little cacoon? Give praise where it is due!

    • Tell them. They like to bark but cannot bite. The cobra does not only play. It strikes and that’s exactly what the president is doing. He’s beyond rhetoric and instead is more interested in delivering development. And these people amaze me. One minute, they are calling themselves lozis and the next minute they would rather refer to whatever they were called from were they came from. Who cares? Almost all Zambian tribes are immigrants. Bembas were not bembas when they can from Mwata Yamvo in kola. Learn to be dynamic and move forward with the masses. Taking refuge in wishful thinking will not take you anywhere because we are all Zambians first and tribes second.

    • @Coachez, you and your President actually do care. It is your President who went blabbering about Lozis and so called other tribes. So it is foolish of you to throw tantrums when people who constitute the Lozi collective educate you as to what it means to be Lozi. To avoid this you and your leader should stop being specialists about something you know very little about. These people all call themselves Lozis what they don’t accept is that as a group there’s the ‘other tribes’. No. Collectively the 32 ethncities are all called Barotse/Malozi.

  22. That is true Mr. president…no one can eat the BA and it will not serve the people of WP. The problem is that lied in 2011 because you wanted the votes from WP. You said the BA was real and when you come into power you will implement it. People are asking for what you promised. If you are saying the truth now, you must apologize to the people of WP the earlier the better.

  23. Sata is looking more like Kim Jong-un’s elder brother in these suits. Kekeke. We love U bamudala reduce the rhetoric.


  25. there is nothing wrong for him to commission the hospital but i think its wrong for him to say pf built the hospital because it was built by mmd

  26. Look at the floor finish in the photo. Are you sure that this building was really finished properly. This is all shabby works..;……

  27. Eish, if we could use the media for peace and development instead of criticising the GRZ in everything they are doing,we all could be contributing to the prosperity of our country today and into the future….Let us be positive for our country,we need that positive energy in order to move in the right direction….

  28. plz sata and other groups who dont know the histry of lozis should just go back to grade 4 and learn u should just complete what others have started not saying something you dont know if really u are leader why fake promises do u think youer cleaver or a crook SHAME WHAT A LEADER WHO CAN NOT EVEN FEEL SHY MWASWABISA MINA MANYUKUNYUKU

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