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PF will not run government by responding to every statement in the media-Kabimba


Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Wynter Kabimba
Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba says any civil society group or political party having difficulties trusting the Patriotic Front on the new constitution should not do so through the media.

Mr. Kabimba who is also PF Secretary General says those having reservations on whether or not the ruling party will respect the wishes of the Zambian people on the constitution should instead write to the government as opposed to making public statements in the media.

His statement follows some concerns raised by some stakeholders that the ruling PF may not keep its word on subjecting the final draft constitution to a national referendum following the adoption of some contentious articles by the just ended National Constitution Convention.

Mr. Kabimba has also told Qfm News that the ruling PF will not run the affairs of government in the media by responding to every statement that civil society groups or political parties make in the media against the PF.

The National Convention resolved that the national referendum be conducted at least within 12 months after the report has been handed over to the President in order to allow the Electoral Commission of Zambia to prepare for the exercise.

The closure of National Convention marked the conclusion of the formal consultative process on the drafting of the Zambian constitution.

The National Convention received and considered comments and recommendations of the 10 Provincial Conventions and further examined and deliberated on the clauses of the First Draft Constitution.


    • Dont fool us with cheap sponsored talk.who doesn’t know and we are know that mostof you fool here have been sponsored to parrot pro pf nonsence

  1. Bwana minister, answers to a few questions may clear up the confusion:

    (1) Does the government have veto powers over the resolutions of the NCC?

    (2) Didn’t the NCC resolve that the final draft has to be subjected to a referendum before it becomes law?

    (3) Was the concluded NCC operating under a bill/law which governed the previous NCC during the MMD govt?

    (4) If (3) is true, what does the bill/law say?

    Answer these simple questions with straight-forwardness they deserve and you will have no trouble quieting the doubting Thomas’s. Any half-truths and eversions will not do!

  2. Kabimba have you finally decided to grow up? Your government has been very childish, quite honestly. You have responded to every statement even on blogs like the Zambian watchdog.

  3. If those doubting had done it targetting Sata or pf then forget the road map u want. This is so because in doing so there’s no genuineness.However,if it is opposite then pf or the President definetely will do what is right.

  4. Eastern Power!

    Asekuulu naambuya! Ataate naamayi! Asikaana naamuuna!

    Please, Vote HH 2016!!!

    VOTE PA KWANJA! HH 2016!!!

  5. With your red lips your ci mouth is just opening all the time. We have had enough of your lies. leadership of oldies full of lies

  6. Masebo and Dora will finish all of you. starting with your red lips then board a plan or maybe just UTH

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