Brian Hapunda provides an alibi on allegation that he fired gun shots in Livingstone

PF Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda
PF Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda

Patriotic Front (PF) Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda has rubbished claims by some online publications that he fired gun shots at a nightclub in Livingstone at the weekend.

But Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga confirmed that the police in Livingstone had received a complaint of firing gun shots allegedly by Mr Hapunda and that the provincial PF police secretary would be questioned soon.

Mr Hapunda said contrary to the claims, he was in Choma throughout the whole weekend to meet party officials and prepare for President Michael Sata’s visit to the Provincial Capital and chief Chikanta’s area on Wednesday.

Speaking in an interview from Choma yesterday, Mr Hapunda said he was a responsible married man who had no time of patrionising night clubs.

He claimed that the allegations published on the Zambian Watchdog yesterday could have come from some United Party for National Development (UPND) officials who were always bent on tarnishing his image.

“We all know that UPND has not fully recovered from their recent loss of the Livingstone Parliamentary Seat to PF and hence they are coming up with all sorts of accusations to tarnish my image.

In the first place, I came here in Choma last week and I am still here so how can fire guns in Livingstone the same day that I am in Choma? Secondly, I don’t need to move with guns in Southern Province because I am a free person,” Mr Hapunda said.

When contact for a comment yesterday, Mrs Katanga said the police received a complaint on Saturday from a Livingstone Richard Sakala over the firing of gun shots at East point Discoteque and Mr Hapunda would be questioned over the matter.

Yesterday, the Zambian Watchdog published a letter yesterday quoting an anonymous person who claimed to have witnessed the firing of gun shots outside Livingstone’s East point Discoteque by Mr Hapunda.

The source claimed that scores of Livingstone locals and taxi drivers witnessed the act and that what was sad about it was that Mr Hapunda was doing it in full view of everyone at East point Discoteque.


  1. provincial PF police secretary?????

    Editor, Kindly correct this one it should be “Political Secretary”.

    This behavior reminds Zambians of the dark days Panji Kaunda and Castro Chiluba. Panji use to pull his gun on Customs officers every-time they questioned his business dealings then before and during his defunct Lupenga Airways.

  2. So, who shot in the air in Libingi, if you were in Choma at the time? May be your wife, or brother, because the gun and the pomposity was said to be yours soundwise! Stupid ***** PF Police Secretary!

  3. This guy is disgusting together with this bootlicking Katanga who can’t do anything against any PF cadre because she is a cadre herself. He will be questioned soon, how soon and what is this hule waiting for? Fuuuuck Hapunda, Katanga and entire PF

  4. …..nearlly all the patrons at that night club had camera fons……please Zambians learn to use such gargets…..some urguments are irritating

  5. Its me who fired , i was just jokking with my sweetheart, leave the 2016 Presidential Candidate for PF Hapunda alone, he is mature and a married man with children.

  6. One should not believe everything what the opposition cadres say, i am not saying Hapunda could not have fired any gun shots but the whole thing sounds rotten. let the police do their investigations first and find out the truth .Watchdog are stinking liars funded by the oppositions especially the UPND

  7. Hapunda is such an ass who cant accept what he did coz up to date he still refutes the fact that he was caught with disallowed materials in the exam hall at UNZA leading to his expulsion from the institution.Hes growing too pompous for nothing but am sure time will catch up with him.The police are also wasting our time coz they so well know that given the current state of affairs in Zambia it will be very difficult to deal with him, being a senior pf official.
    Oh Zambia my beloved country, see what you have become

  8. I think there should be a way of how people that lie should be handle. If indeed Hampunda fired that shot in L/stone and yet he claims to have been in Choma, let the ballistic expert ascertain that and if found guilty, has to be severely punished because he is denting the PF image further. If the ZWD don’t reveal the source of that serious information, they must be punished for denting Hampunda’s image

  9. pipo shud learn to be like clive chirwa. he was admittng all allegations but tactifully justified them.just admit en say u were trying to kill mosquitos bro.

  10. Zambian journalists are pathetic, they know nothing about investigative journalism. This is Livingstone for christs sake not some God forsaken place which has never heard of a camera phone. If there were many people, how come not even one image of a person firing the gun? Rumours and lies have become the core of some publications and this started before the last elections and it has continued. I remember people holding press conferences and claiming that they have sex videos of some top PF officials, it is almost 2 years and people have been waiting. What has happened to the commonwealth report? I remember some people celebrating and toasting the coming of commonwealth investigators. Many people can easily be lynched by the mobs because of lies, jealousy and envy.

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