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Prof Chirwa justifies his hefty demands, says he’s ready to fly back to UK if pushed

Headlines Prof Chirwa justifies his hefty demands, says he’s ready to fly back...

Professor Clive Chirwa
Professor Clive Chirwa

Zambia Railways Managing Director Prof. Clive Chirwa says there is nothing irregular about his salary demands and other hefty allowances.

Prof. Chirwa said the K140 million salary per month and the K38 million rentals on his upmarket villa at Fallsway Apartment is nothing for a Chief Executive Officer of his stature.

“This is nothing, infact there are some many people staying there (Fallsway Villas), even Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, NGO leaders, they are all there,” Prof. Chirwa said.

He revealed that it was government that offered to take him to Fallsway Apartment when he was recalled from the UK.

“I didn’t take myself there. It was government that looked for that apartment for me and the board was asking for tenancy agreement but there is no tenancy agreement because the place is like a lodge, you pay per night,” Prof. Chirwa said.

“This is nothing, infact there are some many people staying there (Fallsway Villas), even Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, NGO leaders, they are all there,” Prof. Chirwa said.

He was speaking on Sunday Interview television programme on ZNBC after a dramatic day which saw the board dissolved shortly after it issued a statement accusing him of gross mismanagement and making “obscene” executive demands.

But Prof. Chirwa said the demands he made to the board were part of the negotiating tool that his lawyers drafted for him before taking up the appointment.

“Those were my demands as advised by my lawyers because when I was offered the job, I had to go and consult my lawyers and that was basically my negotiating tool which the lawyers came up with.”

On demands to be offered 25 percent of ZRL after serving five years as CEO, Prof Chirwa said he believes he is entitled to a share option in the company as a Zambian.

“There is nothing irregular because in the turnaround plan for the company, we want to offer shares to the public through the stock exchange and I believe as CEO I should be offered a certain percentage to buy.”

He revealed that he differed with the dissolved board after it started demanding to be paid huge sitting allowances.

“We differed because they started pressurizing the Finance Director for allowances for merely seeing the Minister for five minutes. They had 25 board meeting in three months. That’s madness. I refused to have the Director of Finance release payments for those meetings because some of them were not even minuted,” he said.

“Am ready to fly back to the UK if am pushed. I came here to help and am not demanding a lot, if anything I’m the one losing much by being in Zambia.”

He said the executive pay demands are not irregular because he was making two million pounds per year before he came to Zambia to take up the position of CEO of Zambia Railways.

“Am ready to fly back to the UK if am pushed. I came here to help and am not demanding a lot, if anything I’m the one losing much by being in Zambia.”

Prof. Chirwa dismissed allegations that he had refused to move to Kabwe saying the house is not yet ready. He explained that he was not the only one staying at Fallsway saying there were Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other CEO.

On allegations that he tried to engage Clavel Incorporated, the firm he owns with his wife and two children to train ZRL engineers, Prof. Chirwa said the matter was closed after the board objected citing procurement rules.

“I dropped those demands after they said no. It’s not an issue anymore but what i wanted for Clavel to come and train the workers here because of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) issues and that’s not corruption,” he said.


  1. We would have loved to see you fly back to UK like yesterday. I thought the reason you wanted to come back to your motherland is to serve the country from doom, now we realize that you are also a “sebana uikute” politics of the belly.

    • The more I read about this man, the more I think he is a fraud. He is talking about hiring a company called Clavel Incorporated. However, if you look at UK’s Companies House, the company has never traded and has been dormant since its incorporation. The more I read about him, the more I believe that he has massively exaggerated his achievements.

    • Serve AND save mother Zambia but don’t starve…he is asking for 25% percent of the company, if this becomes the norm it means by the time you become the fifth CEO you will be working for him and the other three before you??? There will be no ZR hmmm…but again no board sits for 25 meetings in three months…its madness…both parties in this matter are wrong…This man needs fellow educated men and women in the next board that will watch his every move…

    • The man has class and style and that doesn’t come cheap.In short he will indirectly buy those shares after ZRL becomes a plc.It is normal for CEO’s to be offered shares in a company in order to motivate them.The problem with us Zambians is that we are too dull and myopic to look at a bigger picture in the long run.We are just looking at how much he is pocketing right now.I have no doubt the situation could have been different if he was white.

    • Clive Chirwa should not overrate himself. In the first place he is not the best man for this job even amongst the qualifying Zambians who are within Zambia. We have seen his CV in which he even claims supervising his Masters Degree students as one of his achievements (like praising a fish for swimming!), isn’t this what professors ORDINARILY do? This Professor is a Gong’a. He’s now bringing his own definition of corruption. It should’nt matter whether or not the issue of him contracting his own company to train ZRL engineers fell out – just that he planned to do it is bad enough! AND ALL THIS DRAMA IN JUST UNDER A YEAR! I FEAR FOR THIS COMPANY…

    • I find “… Am ready to fly back to the UK…” a very irresponsible statement, and is indicative of a guy who won’t perservere in the hardest moments, but turn his back on you and FLY BACK to the UK. Am being realistic coz no Zambian has guaranteed Prof Chirwa that reviving ZRL will be an easy task. Honestly this is the strangest thing I’ve heard in a long time – usually, any Zambian in the diaspora who cherish an opportunity to come back home in great style and on a high note, but this one still talks of his UK – it means even this salary he’s getting is being externalised to the UK – ninshi finshi tulechita?

    • Guys the question is who would have not negotianed for that, if there was an opportunity,,, somehere are just bitter sour grapes…Wokr on building yo CVs too..chamwai!!

    • This guys is mad, he wants to own 25% of ZRL after 5 years? I know of option offers to executives (infact I own 0.0.. of a major bank I work for) but not at this ‘obscene’ level. Options of this type are offered to senior executives across the board, not just the CEO. Lets assume the deputy CEO, and other senior managers are offered much less, in the range of 1-5%, what will remain of ZRL?? This guy does not have a heart for Zambia!!
      Like the other guy said, the Prof has just realised how dull most Zambians are, starting from the chief kaponya in plot 1, and said “lets milk these fools”. And he says “the place is like a lodge, you pay per night” You a grown up man, u understand economics, and you want to “help” your country, and u go lodge per night, any sense in that??

    • “Am ready to fly back to the UK if am pushed. I came here to help and am not demanding a lot, if anything I’m the one losing much by being in Zambia.” Prof Chirwa. No you are not helping us Prof, you are killing us and personally i would love you out of your country which you see no reason of Developing at any cost . if you were making the amounts of pounds you mentioned then sorry we are not ready to waste money on you, we would rather get contributions from you while you work on your own and make your own money from where ever than waste our Euro bond to pay you instead of using it for the intended purpose. you are a professor who doesnt need to be told what should be done next in his life, go and live a life that you have always lived so that you dont loose out.we have capable men Here

    • Blame it on the one who called him. He did not count the costs of bringing Chirwa to Zambia. The intention may have been noble but the results as we are now seeing are ignoble; Micheal is to blame. You would wonder what was the use of taking over ZR only to be a drain on our meager resources. I hope this will be a lesson not to initiate a Zambian Airways before resolving the basics of how to manage a big and technical company.




    • Professor Chirwa`s situation explains why Zambia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Men with big brains and ideas are not not appreciated.Encountering stiff opposition from within is a daily thing.I was one of those people who didn’t like the appointment of the professor because i saw this coming.Its only a matter if time before Prof. Chirwa is removed from his position and replaced by a semi qualified puppet. This has been the story of the Zambian intellectuals for years.And you want to ask me to come back to Zed to teach in a university with semi-illiterate professors like Saasa ? You gotta be kidding me.

    • I thought this Man was a useful man to the nation when he was advising UPND for not going with PF in 2011 Election, I thought He could lead Zambia to another level , kanshi he is a pride man, no heart for the poor, no love for His country and no any vision for the future of our country, because there are other people in the Lodge it means he is supposed to be living there also??, Shamless man, Go to UK were they treat blacks like monkeys and live us peacefully.

    • In fact the guy was about to retired.
      This guy may not even be Zambian by the way he talks. To me sounds more of a Mozambican or Tanzanian. The man should have done following if he was serious
      1. Humble himself before the Zambian
      2. Sacrifice his hefty salary and other demands at least for three years
      3. Stay in Kabwe even if the house was under going renovation
      4. Drive cheap car
      5. Donate his would be shares in a Zambia Parasatal – ZRL to poor people in Zambia
      Guy is too greed. He diddn’t come to save Zambia from Bankruptcy but came to bankrupt it. He should be fired like yesterday.

  2. 25% shares is preposterous, outlandish, absurd!!! It’s clear that it’s not only the Dictator who is ailing. Even the rest of the PF Govt is sick in the head. We’ll see if that 25% shareholding will still hold when Parma-Fee Regime is out of power.

    • man abel, he has clearly stated “to buy” not be given. teaching in Zambia must be tough.
      Secondly, for profit reasons, its alwasy important to sell shares to a sitting CEO, this ties them to perform better and make the entity profit. its motivation.

    • RONALD PENZA tried to “steal” ZESCO during MMD privatization. FTJ managed to steal Roan Mine in Luanshya. Clive Chirwa has done even what Penza failed to do. Steal ZRL by taking advantage of the ailing dictator. So sickening!!

    • I have been thinking about this since yesterday.
      Now that I realise what this man has been upto….I no longer support his cause ! He wants a piece of Zambia to be dished out on a silver platter ????
      We are all Zambians and despite being in the diaspora, some of us are willing to sacrifice our skills for a reasonable pay for our motherland’s development !!! We are tired of Zambia being labelled us one of the poorest nations in the world !!! We are sick and tired of seeing pictures of muzungus with malnourished children wearing tattered shirts on NGO pages !!!
      This is the reason why we are willing to render some kind of services towards the development of our motherland !!!
      Mr Chirwa, what you are asking is too much even for UK standards….honestly you cannot ask for a 25% stake ????

    • If Prof Chirwa expects this government to hand over a quarter of the only national railway to him, then either he is sick in the head or the government is tired of ruling. That preposterous demand is nauseating. Where will it stop, 25% for BOZ govenor, CG of ZRA, DG of NAPSA, MD of ZESCO (especially this one!), MD of ZAFFICO, MD of ZSIC. Imagine how skewed the wealth would go to this clique of individuals and oh, how about 25% of the army, zaf, police, zns and prisons to the commanders?
      And the grand prize is of course 25% of ZED Plc to His Excellency MCS!!

  3. I Do not really think it is Moral to milk a sick cow like Zambia Railways by a Zambian before it even recovers. he should go back.

  4. i like this guy. Zambia needs 2million of these guys in different sectors of our economy ninsh chapwa ya Zambia will be boosted. I now comprehend why a section of Zambian soceity despises Zambians in the diaspora.

    Most Zambians in the diaspora work hard and not steal hard like this useless thieving board that met 25 times over 3months???

    You got to be concerned as shareholder

    • This Country needs a recovery plan and not abusing the borrowed resources.The Board were right to meet often becoz this company was on its kneels.Stop supporting Plunder.. What is wrong with you pipo claiming that this guy is a Messiah? he is a Plunderer and he can go back to UK…

    • GIZMO ARE U IN ZED. Do you know how much that company is making at the end of the day for the CEO to demand such hefty salary and allowances. This company is insolvent and he wants UK conditions on it. And you call him a hard worker for that. If he was serious why didnt he stay at a small lodge in Kabwe. Surely is he the only CEO this country has ever had. The way you are responding is like he has pumped personal money into the company, and yet it is the borrowed Eurobond he is squandering

    • but dont forget that his rentals are much more than the value of the siting allowances for the rest of the board

  5. If that is his value then give him and must have a good team who can cooperate with him there can be no ways about it

  6. Don`t worry Chirwa i have your back.Just call Zebige ngayakakana.Your demands are not unique.It is just a pity that you found yourself in the same location with those opportunistic,envious en jealousy chaps called the board.Aluta continua !

    • It is absurd that he should demand such a significant share of the company to be carved out for him. He should be entitled to participate in an IPO like every other Zambian. By demanding to have 25% of the company he is trying to formalize plundering of national resources. If he wants 25% stake in the company let him fund it to that tune now then he can convert debt to equity at privatization.

  7. I would like the Government in charge of state economy to URGENTLY book a ticket and put this clown on flight back to what he is claiming home PLEASE. As a country we can NOT be held at Ransom by some Nincompoop who wants to Milk the very resources needed to revamp our dilapidated Rail infrustructure and indeed making those out of this world and mammoth Salary demands at the expense of the poor Tax payer!! WHO does he think he is!!!

    • I wish you could say the same about Herve Renard who is getting KR100,000 per month. You are surely non-developmental. If South Africans had our mentality, surely it would not have developed the way it has done. Hope you think about the world where you would love your children to live, Modern or the village that your father has made for you.

  8. Go back to you job at the former Bolton Technical college (polytechnic). Zambia did not get into debt to the tune of $750m just to look after this university teacher. He has no track record in the corporate world. He should stop lying to gullible Zambians. My dear go back to your lab in North West of England. ZRL is not a lab for your wacky experiments. Underground trains for Lusaka! My foot!

  9. At least for a change unlike other kabwalalas he’s not refused anything they accused him but justified them, he’s got balls of steel. We know headhunted professionals world over put outrageous offers on the table, the outgoing board should have dug there heels if they thought K140million/month was too much and remind him that ZRL in real terms is defunct and bring down to where they think would be reasonable, he wasn’t going to refuse.

  10. Chirwa, you are greedy and incompetent! Please go on the next flight. Zambia does not need another arrogant, good for nothing director who is more concerned with lining his own pockets than reading up on procurement rules. Oops, I didn’t know I can’t single source from my own company and am being FORCED to live in a mansion anyway!

    Apart from your greed, only a con-artist would lead a country into spending billions and billions without any kind of feasibility analysis. Shame on you! If you expect to be paid like a top-end, qualified international director then you should BEHAVE like one before trying to LIVE like one.

    Btw – After 5 months since re-basing and we still can’t talk in new money? K140 million per month in current terms is US$26.4 million. Is this what Chirwa needs?

  11. Now this explains it all, what remains now is for Shikulu Sata to say something. This man has the blessings of Shikulu nothing will happen to him. Let the Prof carry out his mega plan and we talk when he fails.

  12. Prof Chirwa

    You can fool people in Zambia but you can not fool as. If you were making 2m Pounds in the UK, lets be serious you would not be crying to be CEO of a insolvent company.

    How many Professors earn 2m Pounds in the UK not even from research. Besides you are a Professor at a 3rd rate university.

    The sooner government put this guy on the first plane to the UK the better for Zambia.

    • In all fairness he did not say Bolton University pays him 2million pounds, i suppose thats the sum total of his earnings/annum from various sources.

  13. They should have given Chirwa a less package and they rest subject to Performance, Options etc. Then review his performance every two years using a Scoreboard & Operational Reporting. As it is after five years, he will just collect his money and go…. Happy Days!!!

    The reason why this chap got hired was to revive ZR Railways and as he has claimed that he can bring the ailing company to cutting-edge technology, then the proof was to be in the pudding.

    He has visions, ideas but he will need a strong Management Team and Engineering & Technology Team. So talk is cheap but what is needed is to deliver the vision

    The ZR board were just there to make money – typical of Zambian Boards. This is what is happening at Zamtel as well. Thieves milking allowances that have no interest in…

  14. Sure ba prof…thot u came to this Country 2 help,kanshi u came 2 milk!!!Honestly,such huge demands b4 u even make da company profitable?kabiyeni fye mwe..just leave us with our useless njanji.

  15. Prof Chirwa has over rated himself. He was on a £65,000 package in UK. He also made money from seminars but not mounting to the figures he claimes

    This is a package a number of Zambians working in IT in the UK can get in their salaries as Java, SLQ, C+ Developers. Even as Desktop Engineers or Network Engineers. Presently, there are a number of young Zambians getting these packages plus bonus. Some do not even have degrees but just professional certifications in IT.

    One can go to sites like http://WWW.JOBSERVE.COM and you will find these jobs easily if you can stomach the interviews.

  16. Chirwa needs our support, especially the Zambian Engineers.. I find it absurd that people should analyze where he lives. If we want this country to move forward, we need to talk less and work more. Too many lazy guys in Zambia who simply wait for a situation like this after waking up from a deep slumber and they start analyzing… Such a salary for a hard working Engineer is not out of this world.

    • Iwe, where has Chirwa made a name, he is basically an academician who just dreams, do you know what it means in terms of cost to build the like of a London Underground. Talk to me, a QS who has actually worked on London Underground projects. You are both jokers with Chirwa. To be honest, Chirwa does not desrve that sort of money, 17000 Sterling Pounds per month, which University will pay him that, very few CEOs get that sort of money. Infact, combined salary is 24,000 Pounds. Consider where the Zambian economy is, for one person to get that much, let Chirwa go back to UK.

    • CAS: Get real iwe…. Why are you talking “sterling pounds” here? We are discussing Zambian kwacha for work done in Zambia.. Keep yourself warm! A QS should know better in terms of quantifying work! The guy was hired and he negotiated the peck in line with the work load. Get real

  17. The problem is most of those board members are not learned so they think 140million is way too much. Let’s sobber up Zambia, how much do CEO get,even in a company like Zesco? For an exactive that’s even a little, there are only trying to make it sound political. Most of these NGOs get far way beyond. Do a visible check, there are ministers living there, has anyone seen it as a problem. Some of these ministers are not even qualified like Masumba who has stolen papers but get good tax payers, if they were to apply for a job it should be the usual four millon kwacha job. Professor has not denied the allegation but rather contends to it that he qualifies for for what he Is asking for, to me that is being a man.

  18. Chirwa is an educated fool who feels Zambia owes him a living. How does he demand all that kind of money when Zambia Railways is on its knees?Where has this guy worked before?

    The President must have done enough research before appointing this Educated fool. The job of ZRL must be advertised immediately and allow local Zambians with qualifications in Mechanical Engineering and who have worked in ZRL or South Africa Railways to apply for this job before Chirwa steals all the tax payers money which must be returned at Great costs of interest to the Tax payers.Shame on Chirwa, he came here to enrich himself not to serve this country. Shame on Chirwa.

    • his qualifications and rich cv notwithstanding, i think the big question is,can we really afford this guy

  19. The government gives big projects to foreigners (chinese),we complain. They try out a Zambia, we are up in arms before he even starts. We can’t even construct a stadium in this century when our white counterparts could build the colosseum in the first century AD. We are doomed!

  20. why is prof.chirwa expected to be a matyr..shaa epo fye na president besu bala fola..why shud people set ideals for him and be upset that he doesnt meet ur expectations..ni aa wiso? sha set ur own goals hes a professional and as a professional he should sell his services..if govt so fit to call him and accepted his conditions..then anyone with a problem should go make noise at plot 1

  21. The root cause of the problem is this government; how do you appoint a CEO before appointing the board? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round? The board was supposed to recruit the CEO so that he remains accountable to the board. What is happening now is that Chirwa thinks he cannot be disciplined by the board since he was not appointed by it. No wonder government has rushed to dismiss the board instead of taking a rational approach in dealing with the matter. These problems will continue, if not worsen, with the appointment of the new board because nothing will have changed. This government lacks wisdom in dealing with such matters. As long as the board does not recruit its own CEO, problems will persist. Government must be magnanimous on this one and act properly, not with…

    • The board is only there to represent the owners(gorvernment) and the government in turn represents the people. The most important person is the one who is doing the tangible work. This is chirwa and his Engineers. The board can be ignored for the moment. They will come in when the railway in is in good shape.

  22. Btw – who owns, Fallsway Villas that they can command these kind of crazy-ass rents from so many ministers and other government officials?

    You can rent a luxury house in Kabulonga for less money so sounds like the next “single source” scandal to investigate.

  23. Awe, the prof has now exhibited his full madness. Just think of it 25% shares for him and him alone will mean that he will be the major shareholder. What a day light robbery. if this clown was left to touch the chair in state house, he was going to auction the whole country to UK in exchange for his dream 2 million pound annual salary. Everyday, he was going to insullt Zambians that he was helping us to develop and he was going to be showing us the flat he stays in the UK. I can imagine, please Zambians dont let this clown go beyond this. Ba shikulu ba Sata, how much is a plane ticket to UK, i can afford to pay him to the save the planet in Zambia. The chap is a fraudster just like RB. Is this something to do with eastern province or what? Am confused mbuyas.

  24. It would appear as if the board wanted to sabotage President Sata’s agenda of creating jobs for our children .ZRL was only doing 6000 tones of cargo now it has shot up to 600,000 in 3 months . Chirwa will change Zambia and this project will form part of Mr Sata,s legacy and Zambia will never forget him .Prof. Chirwa has a lot of ideas which will transform Zambia . yesterday he even talked about putting up an underground railway station in Lusaka . This action alone will decongest Lusaka and create Job opportunities for our children.Down with jealous board members .


    • ‘ An underground in Lusaka’, you must be dreaming. Please, dream on, no wonder people like Chirwa will cheat you.

    • snap out of your donchi kubeba dream and smell the coffee! What underground are you talking about? you can’t even deliver basic services and you’re talking underground. Just look at our friends in Ndola are already struggling to maintain the stadium.

  25. He deserves it. Most CEO’s here in SA earns around >R4 million plus bonuses. Mr Chirwa’s salary translates into R2.4million mmmmmmm.

    • Thats an insult. The well learned Prof. Chirwa wont except anything less than a First Class Ticket. On another matter I want to sign up to be trained at his company Clavel Incorporated Limited. Does anyone know the contact details I can pay from my future shares in ZRL once i get employed by them as I would have the right training.

  26. 25 Board meetings in the last3 months is neither surprising nor unusual considering the urgency and importance that the President has put on the restoration and operation of Zambia Railways – like yesterday. To expect the Board to meet only once in 3 months considering this circumstance mentioned then the Board would have been ineffective and simply excess to requirement. If we all think outside the box you will realise that this was a working Board eager to get the all rolling and once everything is in place, you would have seen the Board meetings reduced to normality (normal being as per stipulated ZRL constitution).
    As for the money that the Board was receiving for each seating it is less than K3,000 per seating and clearly this is not by my estimation their motivation for the meeting.

    • You have spoken sense! The board is also on record claiming that they turned down an upward offer of K7m sitting allowance offered to them by the Minister -Yaluma. If that is true then how do we call these men “plunderers”?

  27. Please Mr. Sata deport this guy ASAP! Edgar Bungwe Bungwe you are sleeping on the job! He is British!!

  28. The Engineer Australia, what are you qualifications and how much do you earn? Your bitterness and negativeness on any subject or point tells us that you struggle to make ends meet or you are one of the bitter Monze chaps that PF walloped

    • I cannot agree more..You wonder why this person (Australia blah blah) is so bitter. The salary being mentioned is not much for a good Engineer. You need to look at the work load…

    • You can not leave a 2m Pound job as Chirwa claims he earns in the UK to come earn US$30,000 per month.

      US$150m down the drain and Chirwa will be out of Zambia while you pay the debt.

      Where did Chirwa work as an engineer?

      You first heard it from me

    • Teach your kids to work on the principal that when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is equally great! Wake up…

  29. I dont see a problem with Chirwa, all we need is him to achieve the target within the specified time frame. If he doesnt achieve the target dont offer him the 25 % to buy shares. A strong board is needed and people who can actually work not people after money.

    • You are jocking 25% after invetsing over $500 million ultimately. To one man, over $100 million. This is real the era of plunder. So to tyhe PF ZRL is struggling becuase we needed a Prof Chirwa to rehabilitate it. The real problem does not lie with lack of personnel to run ZRL but just capital. Even me given those millions I can rehabilitate ZRL and have the trains running. All those engineeres at home can do that. There is very little enginuity required to buy new trains and have them running up and down. The problem is are the trains going to be profitable? Nowonder he is praising himself for supervising masters students when it should be obvious by a lecturer and prof. I wonder how people have not realised since this man came that he is only here to milk drums from a bedridden cow.

  30. Chirwa must have been the most highly paid person in the small ex cotton mill town of Bolton which by the way is the same size as Kabwe. This chap is a liar.

    • Its a lie my bru. British CEOs don’t get that much unless they are heading big multinationals Aletumona ukushipula

  31. My people perish due to lack of knowledge. To me the demands by the Prof. are nothing, he is a man who wants to serve Zambia. I wish to ure all bloggers to research before they talk and expose their ignorance. Do you know how much the CEO for ZESCO, NAPSA, and the other parastatles get for doing nothing but routine work. They get more than what Clive is getting. Do you know how much you pay Herve Renard, KR100,000.00 and he stay at fallway villas. Umunthu Mutwe. I have full support for the Prof. Zambians are surely not developmental

    • Herve Renard is a coach and that is what coaches earn. Are you telling me that ZESCO, NAPSA CEOs are going to own 25% of those organisations in 2016 also? Is that serious?

  32. Chirwa must have been the most highly paid person in the small ex cotton mill town of Bolton which by the way is the same size as Kabwe. This chap is a liar.

    And this PF government is really wasteful. An Executive House in a prime area of Lusaka can be rented for between K12m to K25m per month. Now these criminals are dishing out K72m per month in rentals to Fallsways. Masholi!

  33. Clavel Incorporated Limited is an Active, non trading business incorporated in England & Wales on 11th August 2000. Their business activity is recorded as Engineering Related Scientific And Technical Consulting Activities. Clavel Incorporated Limited is run by 4 current members. and 1 company secretary. 4 shareholders own the total shares within the company. It is not part of a group.

    The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/08/2011 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £0, ‘liabilities’ worth £0, ‘net worth’ of £0 and ‘assets’ worth £0. Clavel Incorporated Limited’s risk score was amended on 20/05/2011.

  34. We were fed on one sided story and after hearing from both parties it’s apparent that all sides were wrong together with the Minister.The demands and the continued stay of the CEO in the flats is irresponsible and a day light robbery.He shouldn’t cheat us about the twomillion pound which he has never made and remains a pipe dream. If the worst comes to the worst let him pack his bags and go wherever he came from,he should never be allowed to hold this Country hostage becos of his senseless demands. We have enough engineers better qualified than the guy,let him go.azamaye fuseki.

  35. i hope the UK in land revenue is following this debate.i also hope Prof Clive Chirwa income returns marches the 2 million pound per year he claims to be earning in UK…or else he should be arrested for tax evasion.

  36. i have no problem in giving him the share option, but this should be linked to deliverables and not time. he has set an ambitious target, if her manages to turn ZRL around, why not but if he fails, he can go back empty handed.

  37. This man lives in UK where corporate ethics are sacrosanct. How does he single source a family company where he and wife are directors without breaching ethics? If this is not a visible and glaring indication of the man’s egos and corruption, from the word go, then I don’t know what else it can be called. Chirwa has had Presidential ambitions and at one time was considered as a threat to Sata and now I see why Sata brought him to Zambia and why he hasn’t fired him. To expose his gullibility to Zambians. Can you imagine having such a man in State Hpuse? Sata isn’t ‘styopeti’ after all. Let Chirwa fly back to his adopted country.

  38. Pro Chirwa appears to be in a mess, I wonder what his citizenship status will be if he does come back here.
    It is not wise to borrow money and spend it on salaries and allowances for the top executives. Clearly Pro Chirwa is not the right man to spearhead the huge rehabilitation of Zambia Railways. He is just another plunderer waiting to make a kill.
    The GRZ should just consider engaging Chinese for the job, they will do it and complete well at reasonable cost. Forget the Zambian PHD’s.

  39. This chap has no comitment to mother Zambia; he will simply sneak out when the project fails – which he knows too well! Like a football coach who gets millions, and fails to qualify the team for a tournerment and vanish or is fired – who suffers; the Zambians – no coach no qualification; no CEO no ZRL revival! Sacrifice is the name of the game. And this is the man who wanted to be annointed president of Zambia by Mwanawasa! He would have been worse than Ukwa in terms of salary increase demands – ‘otherwise, take me back to England’!

    • Perhaps because he is not a Zambian. Most of the Chirwas I knew in Mufulira were from Malawi. Because they were better educated they were given clerical jobs on the mines.

  40. This man lives in UK where corporate ethics are sacrosanct. How does he single source a family company where he and wife are directors without breaching ethics? He then explains it away that the Board stopped him! Oh how marvelous! If this is not a visible and glaring indication of the man’s egos and corruption, right from the word go, then I don’t know what else it can be called. Chirwa has had Presidential ambitions and at one time was considered as a threat to Sata and now I see why Sata brought him to Zambia and why he hasn’t fired him. To expose his gullibility to Zambians. Can you imagine having such a man in State Hpuse? Sata isn’t ‘styopeti’ after all. Let Chirwa fly back to his adopted country.

  41. News Flash the Prof has been sacked….going back to the UK when he decided to renounce his citizenship?????be serious ba Prof

  42. He is the real deal. A man of his standing is deserving of more. Let’s not be too over critical of this man. To serve Zambia does not mean he has to be paid peanuts. A man of his repute will command a bigger salary in the West.

    For those “Doubting Thomas’ here’s is a snapshot of this man’s academic, intellectual and professional standing: http://www.bolton.ac.uk/BEE/StaffPages/CChirwa.aspx. Allow me reiterate – He’s the real deal!

  43. Who owns the Fallsway apartments? Hope its not Sata and co..Wow they are reaking loads of cash.And why are ministers starting at that expensive luxury lodge?I think Zambians need an audit as to how this government uses money.We are poor because we are wasteful.This Euro bond will just go down the drain and we the ordinary Zambians will have to pay for the debt.

  44. “…but what I wanted for Clavel to come and train the workers here because od IPR(Intellectual Property Rights) issues and that is not corruption”. Was he talking to a nation of kids? This guy has overrated himself and looks down upon everybody and is a liar. The earlier he catches the next flight to the UK the better for Zambia. He should go back where he claims to make 2 million pounds per year.

  45. There is no way in a hundred years this man Chirwa is going to deliver as CEO – no way.
    This is a one man show. Chirwa performs all functions:

    Technical design
    Senior Tester
    Minority shareholder
    Chief procurement Officer
    Head of HR

    Arrogance at it’s finest.

  46. This just in, Clive Chirwa has been fired. But deservingly so. Clive has no credentials to run a multi million dollar company and his accolades qualify for a consultant at best. Clive Chirwa offers nothing to Zambia and he can go to England for all we care.

  47. Highly ambitious fellow…..25% shares in ZR and he doesn’t see anything wrong with having his company train ZR employees? Come on Prof. that’s a serious conflict of interest and a serious breach of the rules of good corporate governance. Please stop pouring out threats as you are not the only one that can run ZR. In fact extremely ambitious fellows like you end up in prison at the end of it all; Are we not here?

    • Generally mid level companies pay their CEOs KR 70,000 and top level companies go at KR 120,000- 250,000. However, a non operational company like ZRL does not have revenues to pay such funds and it means Clive will get paid from the Eurobond.

  48. No one doubts his education or thinking but the way in which he is doing things is total madness.He wants the whole nation to dance to his tune.Even bringing his kid to train Zambians is insulting,After all,he is not the only learned Zambian in diaspora.No wonder he thought he could rule Zamunda.Leave the country in peace if you are boasting.People who sucrifice for their countries like the great Mandela do not boast.By the way how pactical are your ideas? i can smell a very big rat.In the end you can take off,ulubilo,leaving the projects unfinished ati mwapatikishefye. The Board is also fake.The guy is a threat to them.Ba kelenka bekabeka.

  49. I thought one man was appointed to do this job let him work don’t judge him now let him prove himself and he’ should have those who agree with him

  50. Clive is a THIEF he realised that Zambia is now mismanaged so he joined the group. Please go back to England you shameless Zambian. Look at what you are asking for and tell me where the money will come from in ZRL. You are a shame to educated people, go back please even your friends in England now know that you are a thief, if Eurobond was a grant the funders would have been after you already. Kawalala wopunzila shame. President Sata send him on forced leave and investigate the person who recommended him too.

  51. News out there indicated that our “UK” prof might have started packing! Dont get excited yet, bcozthis is not official!! However, even if this is not the case, it is pleasing to see so many Zambians making positive contribution to debates like this one, to flush out pretends/would be plunderers of the tax payer’s money

  52. Can Clive Chirwa please tell us which businesses he owns which give him two million pounds a year?

    I bet him a million kwacha (R) to a pound of sh.t that he can’t come up with the details!

    The chap thinks being a teacher at a former polytechnic in a small town in England makes him the most intelligent Zambian ever!

    Useless mafkeng fontini!

  53. ..and Chirwa will receive an annual bonus of K2.6billion !!!! Bonus on Eurobond funds I suppose??? Does not make sense. And the President/Grz the appointing authority are quiet? GRZ should have appointed the Board first and the Board should have appointed Clive not the other way round. The whole thing is confusing. Clive claims he was engaged by GVT and yet the Board says they negotiated with Clive and brought down his salary demand from K248 million per to K140m per month. In my opinion Clive has no contract because the Board has not agreed to his proposals. WHATs happening here kanshi???

  54. The minute he said he wants to power trains using solar energy, i had my droughts for our Prof of engineering. Solar energy struggles to even power cookers, how can you power trains. I think that would be a world first. Then he comes up with wanting to build an underground when we have even failed to run an over ground.

  55. The whole issue is absurd..lets learn to appreciate..if Chirwa was a white man all these comments wudnt be said..in a stratfied society people earn according to their value..we have lost many things in Zambia becoz of this kind of attitude..Chirwa needs needs our support than baseless critics..God brought him back to Zambia for a reason..why not supporting him than giving prejudice judgements…NO NO NO NO!!! we need to reason a bit ladies and gentlemen

    • Which God brought Chirwa to Zambia? Just in case you don’t know, Chirwa was brought to run ZRL by President Sata. I should imagine someone recommended him to the president and he was quickly accepted being his mbuya. For your information, Zambians would still condemn him irrespective of his colour or race. These are Zambians of 2013 not 1970.

  56. I thought he was such a patriotic Zambian to have left his heft salary in the UK, but no he came to make money not to help ZR. Even going to his lawyers to draft his conditions of service? It was like treasure find so he wanted to make sure he makes a killing. Shame! By the way how much was he paid when he lectured as a professor in the UK?

    Goodbye Chirwa, we hope you have a good time in the UK.

  57. Uncomfirmed reports indicate that Zambia Railways Limited chief executive officer Clive Chirwa has been fired and replaced with communication permanent secretary Muyenga Atanga as interim CEO.

  58. Myopic Zambians!! How much do you think the CEO of Lafarge gets? His pay is nothing unusual. Just because he is a Zambian and not a foreigner you think he is making too much! Share options are one way of motivation; a CEO who has a stake in a company will make sure it performs so that he gets dividends. Make no mistake, its an option to buy 25% and not to be given for free and also its not 25% given but an initial negotiating amount which could be reduced even to 2% by the board upon negotiation. Zambians you wanted a Free Market Economy and Capitalism, please start to stomach it all the time not only when it fits you. The man clearly has working ideas and has turned the company around in 3 months! Pay him and he will make you Billions more!

    • Kuta, Chirwa needed to make ZR work first which I don’t think he has the ability to before he started making preposterous demands and negotiations. Pay him what from where? Tax payers money? No ways! The brother is an over ambitious scholar that needs to be leashed before he lands himself into problems!!!

    • Lafarge makes money. How much money has ZRL made under the tenure of your beloved Clive Chirwa? Zero! Honestly why should you make this man rich from the $120m Bond money? Was the $750 m borrowed to satisfy Chirwa’s small ego? Chirwa has not delivered anything to be worth all this money. Besides he has no corporate experience of running a railway company!

  59. Someone please call the dancing ladies and brass band. Chirwa is one person we should all be happy to see off at the airport…. on a one way ticket!

  60. Very sad reading indeed for my country.This Euro bond will go down the drain and will cry once again as we all dance to the tune of paying back soon!

  61. LT come on, you are behind, the news is that Pro Chiwa has been fired and replaced by a civil servant.

  62. Please understand that the Board had “25 meetings” in 3 months to train Chirwa in Corporate governance otherwise Chirwa would have easily awarded Clavel (his own company) a $5m training contract on IP (sic). Chirwa is a conman – and now his FALSE claims of making £2 million per year in the UK when he was paying income tax of less than £15,000 per year means he was fraudlently not paying correct taxes by not declaring full income. This is a very serious case in UK and I can assure you that he has messed himself immensely and will go to jail if he ever comes back to London. The man is talking carelessly and telling you people lies but this one will land him in trouble when this article reaches the tax Authorities at HMRC!

  63. This man said he had renounced his British citizenship. He is now saying he is ready to fly back to UK which raises alot of questions about his earlier statement.If he has done away with British citizenship then he has to apply for a visa.Is he admitting he lied to zambians about his status as a Zambian/British .If he lied through his teeth,then he should morally never be trusted to run ZR.Above and beyond Ukwa should take a slice of blame over this costly mistake.

  64. Cheap useless talkers. Cheap people, all the time getting things out of proportion. What is ZMW140,000. I assure you with this mentality we will never see development in Zambia, we have got to wake up. Come on guys.

    How much does BOZ governor get? what about Mizinga Melu?

    useless, empty, uncivilized and uneducated talkers.

  65. Before taking a look at the dynamics at play here, I want to draw parallels of what happened when ZESCO failed to ratify Dr Lemba Nyirenda as MD a few years ago. Dr Nyirenda like Prof Chirwa are both academics and have vast experience. Both are technically sound and like Dr Nyirenda, Prof Chirwa knows what he is worth. However, what has come to light in the pay demands of the Prof is that it is a bit outlandish, however, if from his argument that we have Permanent Secretaries and ministers living at government expense at those lodgings, then I am beginning to question the whole mantra of tightening our belts when one section of society is living a high life.
    One one has an alternative, its difficult to quantify how much their heart is in the current undertaking. Prof has the UK option…

  66. Let the fly by night fly and good riddance to him. if there is nobody here who has the expertise to do the job then the Government can look around the world and find a country where the railways are run to perfection and ask somebody from there to come and sort ZR out.

    • I agree with you, out sourcing a CEO from another country is another option if a suitable person can not be found but I don’t think that will even be necessary as we have a lot of capable people in this country.

  67. Hau hau No words.Its a question of the pot calling the kettle black Whats the difference between Prof and the Board they are looters.
    Please mate go back.You are a disgrace to Zambia

  68. I said it in the begining that this Chirwa fella is a fake. Just bring in expartriates from Canada, or Japan to manage Zambian Railways. Otherwise muzalila pa last bena bakagene na ndede.

  69. Ati I will go back to the UK as if that’s that’s home. There, even with his academic credentials he’s just another nigga, a house nigga, a second class citizen.

  70. …interesting indeed…….tho my input mayb limited because i have not read thru the CEO contract, but i can comment on the info i hv gotten thru the media…… my concern is on the contract….who was representing ZR/Govt…? were there any nagotiations..? or it was ‘ tell us’ wat u want and u wl b given…?..i wl for now ignore the salary / accomodation issues…..my eyebrows are raised on…… 25% shares…25 or was it a typing error its suppose to read 2.5? after 5yrs? fixed bonus…? who appended the signature on behalf of ZR/Govt…?….evn tho its a presidential appointment,,,,who advises the President on such issues..? this definately calls for a commission of inquiry to acertain the competency of ZR negotiators…..the contract was beig drafted as if its for MTN or Airtel…

  71. Why are those ministers , PSs , Chipoka etc wasting our money like that for accommodation? Is this the MORE MONEY in their pockets? VERY SAD. We have tried them (PF) and they have quickly failed. I wish we could vote b4 2016.

  72. When his Excellency M.c Sata came into power He fired most of the the C.E.Os and Appointed new ones The question so far how have the newly appointed MDs in both parastatal and private companies performed so far? Are they performing to Govt expectations?E.g ZESCO,ZAMTEL,ZNBC,NAPSA,BOZ just to name a few. Time to revisit these appointments is now or else we don’t want to misplaced MDs who prentends to be performers when infact are noneties.

  73. Chirwa you are a dreamer no wonder you differed with the Board.You demand too much.Instead of revamping ZRL it will colaps completely coz all the funding to rebuid will go into your pockets.

  74. Honestly from what this man Chirwa have said, i find it difficult to trust him, he sounds not been a straight forward person, besides he seems to undermine all Zambians just because he has lived in UK longer and over rating himself. I think he wants to be paid huge monies before we even see his results, we are not even sure if he can deliver all those ambious plans he talked about. I dont think he understand what it means to run a company because from look of things, he wants to be CEO,MANAGER, PROCUREMENT OFFICER, FINANCE MANAGER etc at the same time impossible bwana.

    • I doubt. he wants to be president of Zambia. Sata did well because we now have a close up look at him.

  75. Companies do not normally offer shares (or options) on termination (or end of contract). If you want company shares at the end of your employment, you buy them on the open market. I suppose this hire is so messed up because it may have been politically motivated. Zambians can be grateful that they got the opportunity to know this man better before he could run for president.

  76. Saasa, et al’s egos have been heavily bruised, contrary to the bravado, and there’s no end in sight to recriminations from their end,


    You define what you want done. A company does it for you. The company demonstrates that it has done what you agreed it will accomplish.

    (1) If you are satisfied that the company has done or delivered what you defined, pay the company.

    (2) if the company cannot demonstrate what you agreed it should do, then refuse to pay it. It has failed to deliver.


    Which way now? MARK MY WORDS.




  79. But if he was president of zambia what would have happened by now was he going to resign may be he is too big for zambia yes zambia railways it seems zambians are too small for him his caliber

  80. Let’s give him chance countrymen & women. So long he can transform that white elephant institution. But on other hand.He sounds Congolise or I’m the only one that wrongly captured his voice tone

  81. Chirwa you are a dull professor those shares will be grabbed in 2016. You cant reason that the ZR you are currently runningwas grabbed very dull indeed Sata is just laughing ati shares very dull professor

  82. Bashi Chilufya abasungu balanda ati cut your coat according to your cloth. Do you think Zed has enough money to pay Chirwa? And is this sacrifice going to bear fantastic fruit for Zed?

  83. Please appoint more like Chirwa so that we judge who is a better future leader.Ba Chirwa ba feluka.Na boasting yabaletelela for evading tax.Its a very serious offence anywhere. No problem if Zed can pay him, let him get that but ubufi nabu kelenka,teyo iyo.Even involving lawyers before showing what you are capable of doing? Ba Board also wanted to swindle Boma! Its a warning to all that people have traveled and have also eaten amasomo more than him.Bane not in this era – cheating!

  84. A lot of former polytechnics not just Bolton in England, have been turned into universities over the past twenty years. I do recall that at one time even our CBU was simply institute of technology. Its known as development, such as a on-time Zambian villager becoming medical doctor professor Makopolo at University of Witswatersrand, Johannersbrg, South Africa.

  85. If the professor is ready to come back to England it may not be straight forward seeing that he renounced his citizenship………or did he really??? He has had you all fooled!!!

  86. This issue of Pro Clive Chirwa should serve as a lesson to all those delegates who said yes to dual citizenship. This guy is very unpatriotic. He forgets it was Kaunda’s educational polices which educated him.

  87. Here is my take! The initial report both from Lusaka times and Zambianwatchdog was that Clive will be given 25% shares. This is wrong. He has been offered an option to BUY 25% shares. He will never get them for free. I have also been offered an option to buy 50 000 shares in some company. I have to find the money to buy these shares. I’m not a CEO but just some damn Zedian Process Engineer. You see, this is normal business.

    The board remained mute when things were bad as they claim. They never told us but Clive complained to us the employers. As for rentals and salary again some misleading stories from Watchdog and Lusaka. They reported K72M and note 38M per month and K 140m per month and not per year.
    Please, don’t report issues out of emotion. You are misleading us. Clive is…

  88. I feel very embarrassed after supporting this man when he was appointed cant even go the club were we had a heated argument with some of my friend who were against his appointment is indeed a fraud . Pro Chirwa please go back to UK you not patriotic enough to run ZRL watsusemanya

  89. Why not sell the entire ZRL to the chap. Im seem to know what he is doing. Im Just worried about the statement he made of going back to the UK. He cant handle pressure. Also trying to subcontract his companies should be a warning to all Zambians.

  90. sata should resign on moral grounds. kambwili should be allowed to take over. then we will see sanity in the country. ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! its only in zambia where such things happen

    • aha!! I thought he said that he makes £2Million pounds a year? What kind of a company is this with £0 on the account? Even my Kantemba posted £1000 at the end of 2012.

  91. Wow! Not even the Torontob Chief executive officer is paid that much money. And from his salary, he pays his mortgage. A person with morals would have advised thje Government on not to waste that much money on accomodation. And if he truely wanted to help, he should have taken a reasonable salary. He just tarnished. Tje name of Zambians in Diaspora. We not all that greedy. And you know what, leave there are more people who can do better job and plan the company based on the money available with. Worthwhile rate of returrn and not dream as thouigh you working for Dubai government with oil money.

  92. Clive Chirwa is a fraud. I told many months ago. I listened to this in Sheffield when he started dreaming of becoming President of Zambia. In his squeaky, female voice, you would have no doubt that this guy has an inflated ego. He is a Professor in a small rural college in England and claimed to make £2million. What a joke.

  93. DUAL CITIZENSHIP!!! The threat to fly back to England is a serious indictment against ‘dual citizenship’ clause in the constitution. What do others say?

  94. Just googled Fallsway Villas. Wow nice place to stay when I come to visit in Zambia. I like this news, very informative of places.


  96. It’s obvious by now that this has been nothing but an elaborate scam all along by Prof Chirwa. And he is not done yet. Its like a game of chess to him. Now we move to the next phase. i.e. him positioning himself so that he gets fired so that that will evoke certain well-written caveats in his contact to come into play. These will of course include him getting paid the FULL contract amount, and the law will be on his side. He will later forfeit the 25% shares (as planned of course) to show ‘compromise’. I am sure Hollywood can make a movie script out of this.

  97. Kwena icisungu cakosa, I litsened to him last nite on beta tv, from th look of things certain issues were clarified by him eg underground train: he said its only that part from the fly over south to fly over north the whole area behind Findeco hse BOZ thru 2 Nat milling that is the prime area I agree with him that it can be developed by building highrise bldngs & malls etc 25% shares & contracting Clavel was long ago rejected by the fake board. I think its kalijo as Zedians. A Mr Zedian @ First quantam was paid KR 17 million as bonus abt 2 years ago, its normal for a CEO to ean that kind of money, leave Prof alone

  98. This guy is fake, he has no stamina to manage ZL. I don’t think he has a clue as ti how manage a business. Worse still he is not even a business leader, no leadership qualities. He can’t even make coherent statements which make business sense. He is a fraud…..please replca hin befire dies more damage.

  99. Rubbish policies of allowing CEOs getting above 100 million. My ass. Not even 30 million per month. standard of living in Zambia is very low as compared to developed countries. Eg your mosi is 1 dollar as compared to same larger at 6 dollars. Rentals 2000 dollars per month why pay and why pay 8000 dollars per month. F*********s
    Changes come when there is ONE POWER and that power which comes from MANY.
    Therefore, our parents fought for Independence, we partly fought for multiparty- democracy. We shall fight for better economical policies that no single ***** will taken advantage of. Zambia will be ruled by laws and not by humans. I am now advocating to open a free website where each person can freely post names of officers abusing govt resources. citizen arrest

    All CEOs be…

  100. I think Zambia needs a generational change in terms of leadership. These old guys are only interested in feeding themselves.

  101. Prof Chirwa, your office is waiting for you at University of Bolton. We’ve just realized that you are just like any other “kandile”. You want to get a lion’s share and yet you were called to give life to the company.

  102. I have also started doubting Chirwa. Chirwa has not come to serve but to reap where he did not sow. Where on earth does he want ZRL to be his through owning a 25 % share in it.? I say no to this. If this is the case then Chirwa must go as soon as possible. This is nonsense. He does not end there but he brags that his K140 million per month is nothing, heey guys this man is really a con man. We do not need him let him go back for he wants to turn ZLR into his company. Sad sad.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  103. It’s disappointing to see Chirwa talking that way……He made so many promises and assurances on how he was going to transform Zambia Railways within a short period.

    Now, he’s clearly putting his personal interests first before considering the Firm. There are so many people by far better qualified willing to serve the nation. Why not consider giving them a chance than keep one person overrating his qualifications and stature.

    It ain’t just worth it….Let him fly back!

  104. It is disheartening what is happening and so quick. For one nothing is clear and it goes on to show the extent of lack of serious in many Zambians to develop the country. I must say I was one of the people that where happy to have prof chirwa appointed as CEO of RSZ. and hearing his first acceptance speech of the responsibility, I was glad for the big vision (though seemed wildly, nothing wrong with big dreams). I am now beginning my placed trust and hope in the prof. Of course I had little expectations of the board, nothing can come of such a combination of bureaucratic and insatiable greedy personalities as seemed of the board. Prof Chirwa need to deliver on the promises he made, 90day theory included, before he begins to make those elephant demands. Thats how you help your nation.

  105. I thought Prof. Chirwa came back from London to stand as MMD President. If I can recall very well, he wanted to join MMD and afterwards, UPND and only joined PF when coming into power. can I be corrected.

  106. Sata, please get rid of this ***** professor sooner. He is so irritating, each time he opens his mouth, only trash comes out of his mouth.
    Who told him that he will own 25% shares in ZRL? What a joke.
    Sata, you need to act here very quickly, and be very careful with this man, he is not as serious as would want him to be. Fire him now………………………………………………

  107. Ba clive chirwa is got it all wrong. He nids to learn from others as well not insisting that his plan is the best its team work. I now believe that his not the salt his bin preaching about himself. Humility and humbleness are a vital component of respect.

  108. Any one please with a copy of Chirwa’s CV/Resume, for curiosity’s sake just want to look at what it is worth. As for me, the man has been blowing hot air ever since, too full of himself. This is the problem with people who spend most of their time ku bulaya, when they come back home they take every one to be backward. Zambia is full of highly educated people who are capable of handling ZR with level headedness than the theories we have been subjected to by Chirwa. If he thinks it was a loss for him to come back to Zambia, well, he should just take the next flight out of the country back to Russia/Uk or where ever. As a very educated Zambian myself, I value education so much but the idea of overating oneself is just not the way to go.

  109. @Pabukulu.
    I am with you on this one all the way. We need to phase out these old guards who are just out to EAT, EAT, EAT (Munkombwe put it clearly). We need the new generation to take over and bring hope into this beloved country.

  110. Just employ Chinese professors to help us why even easte your time on Chilwa. China has helped us in construction and I personaly believe they can again help us in Zambia railways

  111. is this the professor almost everyone revered?????? I have seen that the definition of graft in zambia has been altered by the learned professor and I am glad his idear to involve his engineering firm was somehow blocked to avoid procurement procedures. Prof. Chirwa did not come to zambia to help salvage the transport sector but from his reaction, I am able to deduce that he had personal interests. When are we going to have right people for jobs??? this is disgraceful and I wonder what ACC is going to investigate???? bwana Prof. your skills are far too exorbitant to sustain, kwelani tyala ndeke muwelele kumene mwe chokela…..

  112. and why should such practices be allowed to perpetuate such as board meeting allowances??? most of these board members just sit and fart without articulating anything in the meeting…. can someone stop this horrible practice please??!!!!

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