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Lusaka-West Fuel storage terminal starts receiving fuel products ahead of commissioning this month


Tranport Minister Christopher Yaluma
Tranport Minister Christopher Yaluma

Off loading of Petroleum products at the 10 million litres Lusaka-West Fuel storage terminal has started ahead of the facility’s commissioning slated for later this month.

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Yamfwa Mukanga said in an interview yesterday that so far 30 trucks each laden with 40,000 litres of petroleum had off-loaded the product at the Lusaka-West terminal.

“About 30 tankers so far off-loaded fuel at the new terminal in Lusaka West and a lot more are coming because we want to fill all the storage facilities there before the plant is commissioned this month end,” he said.

He said the Government had embarked on construction of other storage facilities in Mongu, Mpika and Solwezi to increase the number of delivery fuel points in the country.

Meanwhile, the entire 9,480,000 litres of fuel held up in the 237 tankers which were marooned at the Tanzania-Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) distribution terminal in Ndola last week, has been offloaded.

In a separate interview, TAZAMA general manager Patrick Musenyesa said all the fuel from 237 tankers marooned due to unavailabity of letters of credit had been successfully offloaded at the terminal in Ndola.

“Offloading only came to a standstill for two days last week and only 237 tankers were marooned because letters of credit had not been given out. But we have now cleared the back log, off-loading has resumed and operations normalised,” he said.

Mr Musenyesa also confirmed that on Sunday, TAZAMA cleared 30 tankers to offload petroleum and diesel at the Lusaka-West fuel terminal.


  1. Storing fuel in strategic locations is a very important development and will improve prevent unnecessary fuel shortages around the country.

    • Boat man this project was done before Captain Sata came into state house

  2. This man has presidential qualities. I like his calm handling of things and forward thinking. I only hope you will turn mumbwa road in to a dual carriage way as it’s fast becoming a main and strategic road. Makeni turn off also need to be tarred to take pressure off the road.

  3. By the end of PF’s first term, there will be a lot of changes and the opposition will just be making noise with very few followers.

  4. Way to go my caring govt but pliz let Saasa not mislead u. We want Prof Chirwa to implement his vision. Too much PHD pa Zambia

  5. Its was RB who started this programme. How does Pabwato praises come in. If it is becausing they are completing projects, RB critised for completing Levy’s projects becasue according to PF, that meant he had done nothing.

  6. PF CHIEFBOOTLICKER, your f00lish analysis has no place here! It was the MMD government and stakeholders who identified the need to have strategic fuel storage facilities and then the government went ahead and implemented the construction of the facilities. So, this is neither Sata nor RBs, but GRZ property and PF being current GRZ has the right to inform the public for moving fast to start securing the country’s fuel requirements.
    Go commit suicide with your RB hero worshiping!

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