Chongwe council denies allocating 31 plots to Chuumbwe


Chongwe District Council has distance itself from assertions that it allocated 31 plots in Silverest Area to Patriotic Front Acting Provincial Chairman Geoffrey Chuumbwe to distribute to provincial and district leaders in Lusaka.

Council Public Relations officer Namasiku Njovu in a statement released to QFM News says at no time did the council allocate any plots in Silverest Area to Mr. Chuumbwe to distribute to party leaders in the province.

Ms Njovu says the allegations are false because the Council has never allocated the said plots of land to Mr. Chuumbwe.

She adds that Chongwe District Council will always endeavor to ensure that its operations are transparent and beneficial to the intended community.



  1. Malabishi. Chuumbwe accepted that it happened but claimed he was doing it on behalf of other people. What poor Public Relations Namasiku.

  2. Iwe Namasiku have u conducted an investigation? Remember we are recording all these, once banyandule are out, the full wrath of the law shall follow you all the days of your life!

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