Passionate Kiss in Kalulushi turns tragic


A 25 year old Man of Kalulushi had part of his tongue removed after being kissed by his lover in unexplained circumstances during a drinking spree.Japhet Mwape of Keampemba farm chati area in Kalulusi District had his tongue cut by Mary Mumba Musa his lover whilst they were kissing.

Copperbelt police Commissioner Mary Tembo confirmed the Development and said that the incident happened on April 17 at around 20:00 hours. She said that Mwape on the material day at around 20: 00 left his farm and went to Chama Tavern for a drinking spree where he was joined by Musa, a lady he had come to know from Chati farm.

Ms Tembo said Mwape liked the woman and proposed love to her and she agreed.Whilst at the Tavern, the couple started kissing each other. After some time, Musa left her lover where they were seated and went out.

It was at this stage that some people within the tavern observed that something strange was happening.Blood was oozing out from Mwape’s mouth.Mwape only discovered that his tongue was cut in half after seeing a piece that was given to him by someone in the tavern who had picked it from the floor.

They later followed the woman to find out what had really happened,” Ms Tembo said.

Ms Tembo said Mwape thereafter took the tongue to the Hospital but the Doctor advised him that there was nothing that could be done because it was too late.Musa has since been arrested and she is detained at Kalulushi Police station waiting to appear in court.


    • Ndobo you ignoramus. Musa is not a Bemba name. Anyway, maybe we should join our mbuyas and start eating koswes which are plentiful – even in houses!

  1. is this story real? since when did people of Kalulushi lose their sense of feeling? the entire tongue chewed-off & it had to take another drunkard to notice…..anyway too bad!
    but guys what’s the latest on the bye-elections? I wish PF a double victory….fingers crossed!

  2. This UPND is unsettling MCS, how on earth can the be shuttered/smashed/wipped-out, the post seem to be failing, the Easterners are now joining it and MMD is also losing its members…the tribalisim tag has failed..

    Can some1 plz advise how we can destroy this party or else 2016 even rigging may not work??

  3. i hop ba LT tamulebepa, mubikepo ka photo pali story. ngachishinka ninshi kissng naiba advanced, careful guyz

  4. Oh no that must have been very painful! I think she did no like him and intentionally wanted to hurt him like that. She is a criminal and her act was inhumane to say the least!

    • She did not swallow it. She spat it. By the way since when did Musa become a Bemba name you ignoramus? She is from East Africa! Anyway the kolwes are almost extinct unlike koswes which can be found even in houses!

  5. Don`t laugh at them.Kissing yaishile ne boat.It is alien to our culture.Our ancestors used to make love minus kissing.

  6. Ngawakolwa sana, kuti waba carried away, especially if the woman is laka. They should release the woman from cells because she did not use a weapon for cut the tounge.

  7. Poor woman, probably went into fits due to the sweet sensation of the kissing that in turn affected the neurons in her brain

  8. Those in the medical profession please confirm if beer can work as anesthetic. If not, ninshi chachine story yabufi. How can anybody not feel the pain after such a gruesome attack

  9. hahaaaahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… its the sensation of the tongue which anaesthetised him. You know the old adage ” too much of everything is bad”
    Actually alcohol is bad for health. Plz pipo stop drinking alcohol!!! The woman may have had a fit while kissing and didn’t realise or the man himself may have had a fit and bit himself soon after that amorous kiss. Psychiatric investigations needed to rule out abnormal discharges from the brains of those two newly found lovers.

  10. She will appear in court soon…. what is the charge? Biting lover’s tongue, or behaviour likely to cause lover lose body parts?

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