Sakeni counsels HH against unpalatable language

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

Government has taken a strong swipe against opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema for allegedly using derogatory language against Vice President Dr. Guy Scott.

Chief Government Spokesperson Minister Kennedy Sakeni described Mr. Hichilema’s language as uncivilised, un-Zambian and unacceptable.

Mr. Sakeni, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, told ZANIS in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that it was against the Zambian culture and tradition to use derogatory language against the leaders in society.

He has since advised the UPND leader to show restrain and refrain from engaging in politics of insults and hatred.

“The Zambian culture and its people’s upbringing entails respect and sober language towards the elderly leaders in society,” he said.

Mr. Sakeni has further called on Mr. Hichilema to exhibit high levels of civil and sober language when reacting to national issues.

He stressed that name calling and insults will gain the UPND leader and the country nothing except drawing the country’s politics back to the Stone Age era.

Mr. Hichilema is quoted in one of the daily tabloids as having used unpalatable language against Dr. Scott.

Mr. Sakeni has since reiterated government’s commitment to promoting decent and result based politics that will benefit the general populace.











  2. Of course it was st.upid of Guy Scott to continue campaigning and distributing mealie meal outside the legally permitted campaign period. St.upid is not insult. Tell your master Mmembe to check his archives. I am quite sure you will find an editorial were he vehemently defended the use of the term st.upid to refer to certain behaviour by certain people. It seems this HH chap has put you under a lot of pressure. You just have to look at the amount press he is getting. In Zambia we’ve gotten used to the demonisation of the President in waiting. It is the Rite of Passage!

    • It was st.upid yes but Hakainde should have said that was st.upid of Guy Scott period. But adding “white man” to the statement just destroyed everything he said. How would he feel if I said HH is the most st.upid Tonga I have ever seen. Tongas would be incensed. He something and should just apologize. It is not demonizing. Just think about it carefully when your emotions have calmed down. Be sincere with yourself and you will realise that HH was wrong.

    • So ‘white man’ is a racist term. Care to explain Mr director of Political Correctness? Seems you chaps in PF have been reduced to clutching at straws to keep alive as your canoe is slowly but surely sinking. And as usual you had to take your matching orders and talking points from the Post editorial. Do you people have any brains? Honestly were is your decency?

    • if a white man is stupid or muzungu apusa or muzungu opusa,, is not racism.. one is simply pointing out the actions of that muzungu which are stupid kupusa

  3. We the youths would like to try a young leader to see if he can offer something different that can positively influence development . Unfortunately ,a young aspiring leader who is supposed to lead and give hope to the young ones and masses in society, is hugely dissapointing.Hakainde Hichilema is not even a bit intelligent as evidenced from his not well studied and devisive statements’. He has continued issuing careless statements that will for a long time remain in my memory .staements like ‘president Sata is dividing the districts as a way of taking more resources to northern part of the country. Does he only have Tonga advisers who can only see things from a regional representation

  4. ln the western world HH career would have been over the next day for such racist language. lmagine if a white man said he is the most stupid black man?

    • Since when has White been a racist word? Stuff you misplaced political correctness where the sun never shines!

    • black people generally see racism as white on black and not the other way as well-when you refer to some one in the light of ethnicity and race it is racism

    • Kupusa si racism but anafakako muzungu kulast. That made the statement racist. Why have we become so intolerant in Zambia kansi? God will judge us. We need to share on this blog without emotions and see whether whatever we are saying makes sense.

    • White man or muzungu are now racist words? Since when? And why? To hell with your manufactured outrage. You can go and hang with your Fred Mumembe!

    • @49d89ed1d1e93c526fc3788f243115f3:disqus .. okay ngati muzungu apusa,, what do you say??.. do you run away and hide because they will say you are a racist??

    • A white man in our local language is muzungu. He can never be referred to as muntu. Actually nokopusa ka muzungu kaja. Very useless

    • Yeah just like the career of Sata would have been over for saying that he will only develop areas where his PF has MPs. By the way can you tell us what is racist about Scott been a white man? Isn’t Scott a white man who happens to be Honestly can you name one politician whose political career ended for saying something like this? Why do you people like telling lies? The kitchen has become very hot for you and you’ve been reduced to clinging to emotive issues to win public sympathy! You’re wasting your time. Focus on real issues or you won’t be missed in 2016!

  5. Sakeni look after your health. You’re wasting your energy on manufactured outrage. This statement of yours from Bwinjimfumu Rd has simply taken away some 15 minutes of precious time from your life span. Doesn’t Guy Scott have a mouth to answer for himself? It is also very demeaning for the whole government to be influenced by the editorial opinion of a known conman and charlatan at the Post toilet paper!

    • I am surprised at how as Zambian we have accepted insults as part of our vocabulary. Hakainde said something that is not acceptable and you are busy defending him. How uncivilized. If a white man said something like that to a black man you would have been up in arms condemning them, Because it is toward a muzungu you are OK with it. May God have mercy on you.

    • Since when has the term ‘black man ‘ and/or ‘white man’ ever been regarded as offensive’? The only offensive word I know is Nigger! It is alright to say the ‘suspect is a 5 feet black man’. It becomes offensive to say the suspect is a ‘5 feet Nigger’. You PF chaps you smoke too much chamba. That is why you hallucinate a lot about been insulted.

  6. HH could have used better and civilised language. Which ever way you dress it up, his language is Racist. Wrong is wrong. No matter how much you love the man. Supporting wrong statements is not showing him your support. You are simply escalating his fall. There are people out there who are now wondering if he is Presidetial material, especially those whose skin colour is not black. One’s colour should never be used, period! If you genuinely love the guy kindly advise him to address people with leadership language. He lacks people skills. Then again, certain illness do affect the brain.

    • @0d36cff8a77425224c5dd89fcf116247:disqus … Saying muzungu opusa or muntu opusa is not racism… there is no clivil or clivilised languague in zambia for your own information,, reason simple, our father mr sata uses chicolor lauguage on us, thats the language we know and thats the language HH uses also after learning from the big man in state house

    • two wrongs shared between two oppossing fronts makes it even… and calls for a smooth restart.. so for give HH for his abusive language like you forgave Sata for his abusive language

    • @defcfa0d532499792cf0d3f1d2fe8b19:disqus. As One sad mixed race has said. HH used racist language and his comment is totally indefensible. Maybe only by another racist. If he had just said ‘Scott is stupid’ no one would be condemning him right now. Also you cant use the fact that someone did wrong so you should also do it as a valid argument. I hope you don’t believe in defecating in your backyard just because your neighbour does it like HH.

    • @953cfbe7cafb3580f6bdf4bd67837784:disqus .. firstly scot is a wrong place altogether. Its Okay and normal when/if sekeni say `uyu muntu ni opusa`….. even if it was direct at HH…
      what would you say if you want to direct the same to scot without using his name??…scot is not muntu, he is muzungu,
      There is nothing racist in saying scot is muzungu opusa… just like saying HH is muntu opusa..its okay and normal!!!! GUYS FREE YOUR MINDS FORM IDIOCY AND FEAR OF WHITE!!!!!
      By the way i married a white girl… ngati apusa.. i tell her that she is a stupid muzungu!!!! no size!!!!

    • Muntu means person. Free yourself from idiocy indeed! You lack basic knowledge in terms of language. If it where HH it would have been wrong to say chifita noyopusa! Hence muzungu niwopusa being wrong. Do not argue just for the sake of argueing. Try being. logical.

    • One sad Mixed Race Tonga …my boy!! muntu means black person, thats why black person are call bantu people. i learnt that in primary school,, donot confuse muntu and chifita… chifita is an abusive word,, you cannot equal that to muzungu or muntu.

      so if micheal sata says that ` we have a good muzungu as vice president ` is the use of muzungu word racist and will it hurt anyone in that statement?

      if my explanation is difficult for you.. try and read dongo and sundu,

    • Clearly you had poor education. That’s why you are so obsttinate. In Chinyanja we say Muntu wakuda to mean black person. In Chibemba which you learnt from that rhodesian Dongo-you are citing, Umuntu wafita is a black person Umuntu wabuta is a white person The Bantu peoples is a term used to group africans who identify humanity by the words ‘Abantu, antu, bato, tu this differentiates them from most central and west africans including nilotes, like the maasai and tutsis, nubians and khoisan. Chifita is not abusive it just means a person of a darker hue And I thought those who passed through Rhodesian education were clever!! Ai mwee!

  7. It is sad to read comments here supporting the language HH used. HH was wrong. It’s fifty years on since independence and HH has been abroad and seen what can be achieved with a sober mind and tolerance. Obama became president because he saw the essence of humility and rational thinking. Power comes not just from the knowledge and doing, but also from the humility. Zambia will never be developed by one man, no matter how intelligent that man or woman. Race, tribe or religion should count for nothing in modern day Zambia. HH is not giving a good example. It does not cast him as leadership material, although he perceives himself as welding a great deal of power. In the UK, there is a simple message – RESPECT. Let’s be more introspective as a nation and think through our actions and words, before letting loose.

    • Respect is two ways. The same maggots calling for respect have traversed this country calling people names and accusing those who are not in their PF as TRIBALISTS. Guy Scott even called Anderson Mazoka a tribalist at a rally in Mpongwe! Were was your outrage when this white man was insulting a man who could not answer back as he’s been dead for 7 years?. Honestly to hell with your manufactured outrage. Guy Scott is a white man who never stops reminding people that HH is a tribalist. If you want name calling to stop better learn to stop labelling your major opponent as a tribalist. Tribalism is discrimination based on ethnicity….this is usually seen in the appointments to public offices. HH has occupied any government office and never appointed anyone to government positions for anyone to accuse him of tribalism. That judgement can only be made on Sata. He is the one in office., And for Sata the evidence is damning!

  8. But this is all the language the Upnd uses. Very ucivilized, always constructed out of anger, punctuated with very hateful feelings. Just go read their WD. It’s full of disgusting insults, insinuations and primitive assertions (people being sacrificed). The only good thing is, the more HH speaks or act (commonwealth saga) the clearer it becomes that he is childish.

    • Right on! We shall know them by their disgusting words and actions. Even on this site you can tell by their vulgar language. Do they come from the same mother, some same part of Zambia?

    • Tick, Tick, Tick we will soon be in 2016. Tell your PF to deliver or you will be booted out. Your just little cry babies!. You like dishing it out but you are cowards who cannot take it even when someone is describing who you are! Lamba women are ugly like caterpillars! Yes! that was your hero Sata in Mpongwe! Remember the Cabbage who left his brain on the tarmac? And now all hell breaks loose because someone has called out that Scott is a White man a stupid one for that matter! You cant be serious!

    • We hear about that from membe every day,. We know Fred and yourself are the most stupid faggats in the world.

  9. PF leaders and cadres have an inferiority complex. They are so scared of white people . They think calling their White Vice President a stupid man will bring bad luck on them. This is 2013 you dimwits! Woke up and tell your Guy Scott to starting behaving like a Vice President and not like a stupid cadre! Please feel free to request for some soap to clean up your inferiority! Ati atukana muzungu! This is not Welensky’s time!

  10. So even the alleged insult that Scott is ‘Muzungu opusa’ was actually uttered in a private conversation. And based on ‘sources’ Fred Mmembe goes to write a story and an editorial about it! Honestly Fred Mmembe is a very sick person. As he is a permanently annoyed person, I am quite sure Fred has said a lot of unpalatable things in private about other people. The only difference is that no one has ever rushed to write an editorial about it. Honestly, Mmembe is a lunatic. There’s something very dark and unbalanced about this *****!

  11. HH’s statement was racist and fooolish but for counselling the PF don’t qualify. They issue ridiculous statements everyday.

  12. HH has an issue with prejudice and the sooner he realises, the
    better for him and his UPND. He is on record of having said UPND can
    only be led by a Tonga, describing Nawakwi as belonging to the
    kitchen and now calling Scott a stupid white man. Imagine David
    Cameron saying “stupid black man” in the U.K ! that would
    be the end of his premiership. Rivals can be addressed politely as
    well that’s being civilised and cultured. The fact that others have
    used similar phrases in the past is not a wise excuse. That’s like
    seeing a thief getting away with his act and you also follow suit
    reasoning that if I should be caught I will simply say : so and so
    did the same.

  13. HH used unpalatable language and he should not use that kind of language towards anyone. I wonder what those supporting HH would be saying if Guy Scott called HH a Stu pid black man. It will not benefit HH to use vulgar language, when HH came on the political platform, we liked him because he was this calm and issue based politician we all looked up to. But the stance he is taking now is really not what most people who admired him would like to see. He is losing his popularity and the excuse of saying that one also did this is just ridiculous to say the least. I hope HH can be civilized in the manner he criticizes his opponents.

  14. STUPID IS NOT AN INSULT, it simply means lacking common sense and GUY SCOTT IS A VERY STUPID OLD WHITE MAN, there is no other way of putting that unless if he stops being stupid.

    Bring development because of by-elections and telling people that they have to support PF for them to receive an equal share of the country’s resources it stupid because we use the national budget to equally distribute resources.

    Their is no problem with what HH said and he does not need to apologize, the problem is with the people asking him to apologized, their mind is so colonized that they worship a white man and they think that you can not call a WHITE MAN stupid even when he is being very stupid.

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