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Zambian woman who died in a ski accident in Finland laid to rest


The 32 year old Zambian woman who died in a skiing accident earlier this month has been laid to rest in Finland.

The young Zambian woman died in a downhill skiing accident in Finnish Lapland on Friday 5th April.She crashed on a gentle slope in ideal conditions.

According to information on the Zambia-Finnish Association facebook page the woman has been named as Christabel Musonda Chesu.

The accident occurred at the Pyhätunturi ski resort in Pelkosenniemi, some 150km north-east of Rovaniemi.

The woman ran off a slope and struck a tree. Rescue staff tried to revive her, but to no avail.

Two rescue squad units and a medivac unit were on the scene. A Border Guard rescue helicopter was also summoned, but the request was then cancelled.

The Rovaniemi newspaper Lapin Kansa reports that the woman apparently did not have much skiing experience. The crash took place on a blue slope, categorised as easy.

Seppo Saarinen, the local director of the Pyhätunturi company, says that conditions were perfect, with no ice on the slope. The slope was not crowded, with some 400-500 skiers using it.


    • 🙂 Yea, right! People die everyday… they die in plane crashes –must we not fly when that happens?; they die in road accidents –must we stop using cars when that happens? She died& that is sad, but life goes on…

    • We know nothing about this woman but for a Zambian snow is something new and even profis die in such accidents. Unfortunate that the body was not send home. As a Zambian national without Finland nationality your body most be send home. Sad if I see how many Zambians are burn to ashes because of relatives failing to pay for the body to Zambia

    • Ichi sungu tata!! How do you know that wasn’t her home?? If her family had decided that is home, who are you to say otherwise?? Besides, sending a body to Zed is indeed expensive – basically I’d rather am buried or cremated wherever I die, with property/savings reverted to my family rather than an airline/freight company – being repatriated is probably the least of my worries in my celestial dreams!!!!

    • At least she died being Adventurous!! She is not the first skier to die having run off a “Piste” & hitting a tree! The trick is once you lose control, try to hit the ground in the safest possible way. Rest in peace young lady, at least you weren’t like “umwana ashenda, utasha nina uku naya!”

  1. you people sure!!! there is NO snow in bemba land, its very irresposible for someone try something like mountain skiing with NO experience or NO minimum skil..even the people who took her there should have know better.. To all bembas out there…. skiing is dangerous, it kills.. DONOT TRY!!!

    Am next door to finland, had i known in time i would have attend the burrial at least..

    bembas please mule ufwa… mwakula tuletelela.. mwamona nomba

    • Am another bemba that skies!!! Let her rest in peace, at least she ticked something off her “bucket list”, how many things have you ticked off yours????/

    • @a76c9a470e342e19252164df07ef9737:disqus i can see!!! you are a bemba who `skies`.. the late was skiing when she met her fate

    • i tried it five years ago, am 100% sure you could have read about me, it was bad, each time i relive the memories, it brings tremor to my body and mind, guys it was something i will never forget, my teeth sang in, blood was splashing out like a sprinter, i couldnt feel anythin at one second i thot i would see my brain poping out my nose it was so close, it is dangerous basa, never again never!

  2. It is possible to have skiing experience from the age of three, and yet still pass away due to a skiing accident at the age of fifty having gone skiing every season. You can be a beginner, advanced – regardless of the slope; what happens that is fateful is to do with the impact of the fall/collision, and the response time.

    The way this is written does no justice for the woman’s circumstance, and does not take into account her (grieving) family. May she rest in peace, and may her family seek solace in prayer and each other.

    That’s my opinion. Thoughts?

  3. The lady would have maintained her stupidity of not knowing how to SKII manje kulibonesha, skiing is not for BLACK PEOPLE let alone a bemba

  4. I was on that same morning 5th April on the hotel Pyhätunturi. When at breakfast, there came beautiful black lady to eat breakfast. I saw her last time, a few hour later she was dead. R.I.P.

  5. Really disappointing to read some comments. Sad she died that way. My daughter did some ski lessons and went for a trip to Switzerland. Had fun nothing happened to her
    Wasn’t an expert. People who have experience and have been driving for years die in car accidents. She is not hear to speak for herself but I don’t think she was stupid. Get a life and do something adventurous instead of passing comments only cowards would pass

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