Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lungu advises Chinese nationals to keep their money in the bank and not at home


GOVERNMENT has implored investors to stop hoarding or keeping huge sums of money in their houses or work places but instead utilise the banking systems as much as possible to avoid being robbed.
Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu said it has been observed that most of the investors, especially the Chinese, are being attacked by bandits because of keeping huge sums of money in their houses or at work places.

“Most of the workers the Chinese companies employ are not properly screened. The result is that they employ people they do not know, even those without national registration cards (NRCs).
“These are the people who connive with criminals, especially if they are fired unceremoniously,” Mr Lungu said.

The minister issued the statement yesterday through his Public Relations, Manager Moses Siwali, following the shooting and wounding of a Chinese couple in Ndola last Sunday at Hongji Mining Limited around 22:30 hours.

The bandits went away with US$200,000 cash and a motor vehicle valued at US$15,000.

Mr Lungu urged Investor companies to ensure that whenever they engage workers, they subject them to thorough screening in terms of checking their NRCs and police clearance through fingerprints screening unlike the hire and fire system.

He said employers should also know where their employees stay.

And Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Mary Tembo has confirmed that officers have been deployed at Hongji Mining Limited to provide 24 hours police protection.
She said police are alert and still hunting for the armed bandits, who are still at large.

The Chinese couple has since been evacuated for medical examination.


  1. this Lungu chap is an *****. why blame innocent workers? blame the chinise themselves for keeping over $200000.00 which they wanted to smuggle out of Zambia without paying tax. Liato was proscuted for burying 2 billion Kwacha and this Chinese is doing the same. where on earth can one keep such amount in his home or work place. only in zambia where where we have a stupit ***** minister blaming innocent zambian workers

  2. Sometimes you cannot blame anyone for keeping money away from the bank. I inquired about a dollar-based account in Zambia and was told thus: “We will levy a flat fee of 5 Dollars every month for servicing your account. We DO NOT pay any interest on dollar-based accounts”. SO what this means is that the moment you take your money to the bank it just starts bleeding. Where they come from they do have products that allow their money to grow even in foreign currency… I am sure even indigenous Zambians practice that hoard for the same reasons.

  3. This Chocholi is a conman- where on earth did he get $200,000? Its an insurance job- naiwe Lungu don’t you see the scam? If it was Naija, one would not even hestiated to say it was a 419!

  4. If you see the pictute of the same lungu in the past newspape,you will wonder if the guy is a minister or malnutrition patient.he looks malnourished pale and dry skinned,not even vaseline can make a difference

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