Thursday, June 20, 2024

PF urged to keep the promise on the release of the Gabon Air disaster report


Zambia Disability HIV/AIDS, Human Rights Programme (ZAMDAP) has challenged the Patriotic Front government to keep its promise of disclosing the report on what lead to the Gabon Air disaster in which the Zambia national football team perished in the year 1993.

ZAMDAP Programme Director Elijah Ngwale says it is surprising that upto now no report has been disclosed when all investigations on what lead to the 1993 Gabon air disaster have been complete.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm, Mr. Ngwale noted that if the report is not disclosed to the nation it will bring about suspicious that both the Zambian and the Gabonese government could be hiding something about what really caused the disaster.


  1. Ngwale is known to be a shameless job seeker using the disability movement. He is one of the former cheif executives of the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities which was called Zambia council for the Handicapped which he pludered. He used to steal petty cash which he used to spend on beer. Let him deny this fact. The fact that he has easy access to the media in which he speaks using words which are irrelevant to the topic and which he does not understand himself shold not deceive the public that he is representing trhe interests of any disabled person in Zambia. He only runs a Kantemba program which he manages with his children in order to buy mealie meal.

  2. It is indeed rather interesting to note that the association has nothing to do with football. It does however not change the fact that we would like to know what happened in Gabon. Regardless of who Ngwale is or is not, we do have interest in that report.

  3. WE cant keep on mourning, it happened fullstop, NO RELEASING OF ANY REPORT WE ALL KNOW THAT OUR PLAYERS DIED IN A PLANE CRASH, LETS FOCUS ON OTHER ISSUES. signed his excellency MCS

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