First Lady in the US for induction as a fellow to the Collage of Obstetricians and Gynecologist


Dr Kaseba-Palan 665

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba Sata arrives in New Orleans to attend 61st Annual American Collage of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba Sata arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana last evening to attend the 61st Annual Collage of Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG) Conference which runs from May 4 to 8 2013.

The First Lady was met on arrival at Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport by Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States Palan Mulonda and Embassy officials.

During the conference the First Lady will be inducted as a fellow to the Collage of Obstetricians and Gynecologist during the Presidential Inaugruration Convocation Ceremony scheduled for Wednesday.

Earlier today Dr Kaseba Sata held a closed door meeting with ACOG President Dr Breeden James. Also present was ACOG vice president Dr Hal Lawrence and Ambassador Mulonda.

During the meeting The First Lady and Dr James discussed areas of mutual cooperation. The First Lady appealed to ACOG to come to Zambia and support projects aimed at improving maternal health.

Dr Kaseba Sata and Dr James highlighted the need for training of traditional birth attendants (TBA) who operate in outlying areas of the country.

The First Lady noted that with increased training of TBA’s, the country would see a reduction in maternal mortality.

And Dr James said the ACOG would be meeting with the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss academic programs intended for Africa.

The First Lady who is a gynecologists is expected to attend several high level meetings with health experts.


  1. At whose cost is this trip? Hope my tax paying poor relatives in kabwata are not taking on this burden.

  2. The New Minister of Health who is not answerable to anyone. She goes to all these health conferences but the only relationship she has with govt is been the wife to the President. Can she tell us the impact her last sojourn abroad had on the health of Zambians? Zambia is too poor to fund both her constant holidays and the new hospital at Plot one.

  3. Under the able leadership of MMD TBA training was abolished because they added no value to the health system.Kaseba please ,instead of asking for more alangizi to trained ask your ailing husband to stop wasting GRZ on costly byerections and channel that money into buying equipment like fetal eletronic monitors and drugs in hospitals and clinics.You also must stop these PR trips to USA.There is nothing you are doing to improve the welfare of mothers in Zambia.Whatever the occasion,those Yanks can never allow you to register and practice medicine in USA because your Ridgeway training is too inferior no wonder high maternal and child death in Zambia.Please stay home and operate the dialysis machine.You are wasting the tax payers’ money.This is too much mweeeeeeeeeeeee.

  4. Let Christine expand her mind, she compliments Sata.

    Have a wonderful stay in New Orleans Chrisy!!

  5. Only mad people like hh and Nevers Mumba can listen to u lunatics. All that u have written nothing makes sense. Jearous from u demons.

  6. ACOG stands for: American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; NOT what you have written Lusaka Times!! Do you even know what “Collage” means, for heaven,s sake! It is also sometimes referred to as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; but NEVER “COLLAGE”.

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