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Bail revoked for two Gay men in Kapiri Mposhi after they were found in the act again



Police in Kapiri Mposhi have revoked police bond for two men arrested over the weekend for engaging in homosexuality after they were found in the act again.

ZANIS reports that Central Province Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu who confirmed the development in an interview in Kapiri Mposhi, today.

Mr. Lungu said the suspects will now be kept in police custody pending court appearance.

He said the couple was discovered in the act last night and was apprehended by their relatives in Ndeke Compound.

Police have since slapped additional counts on the duo.

The Police Commissioner said the Medical Tests carried out on the two at the Hospital today proved consistent to the report that they engaged in anal sex last night.

“ We have revoked police bond and re-arrested the two men for again engaging in the act which they were arrested on in the first place they will remain in custody until they appear in court.. we have given them more counts”, Mr. Lungu said.

Over the weekend police arrested James Mwape and Philp Mubiana both aged 21 and residents of Ndeke Compound in Kapiri Mposhi for engaging in Homosexuality.

They were arrested after a tip-off from the members of the public that the suspects were engaged in homosexuality.
The two have been living together as man and wife in Ndeke area.
Mr. Lungu said the medical tests conducted on the two proved that they had been having sex against the order of nature.

The Police Commissioner said Philp had been acting as wife while James as man in the relationship which has existed for some time now.


    • So you hypocrites have started taking an interest in what happens in other peoples bedrooms and bottoms ? What nonsense.

    • Also, what exactly is wrong with being gay in the first place? It doesn’t harm anyone involved. It’s only wrong according to some people’s personal (religious) beliefs. Would you like to be judged on the subjective criteria of another faith as well ? Lets be level headed bane in the way we deal with other people with a lifestyle contrary to ours.I`m not gay myself but i just don`t see a reason why i should hate them for living life according to the way they desire .



  1. Zambians hate Gays but love corrupt politcians who they keep voting for over and over again.

    Let there be a Gay president to remove all the corrupt MP’s the same way.

    • # 2 Gay rights now,your thinking is wrapped!If animals can identify which one is female why would human beings fail?God said”Go and fill up the earth” through procreation.Do you think if your father slept with another man you have been born?Get a life man,be serious and think properly!!!

    • These guys have been medically tested twice and twice the tests have come out postive that they are having homosexual sex. But just how do you medically test a gay couple?? you insert a thermometer into their bums? if the temperature raises to boiling hot, indiction of recent friction,, then test postive`!! hahahahahah
      This is wierd sex of act by wierdos, please do not try this in zambia. you will to go jail then hell!!!,,NO GAYISM IN ZAMBIA NO!!!

    • Mr Things fall apart, Its funny that it says you live in Canada and Canada supports gay rights.So if you want to flush all the gays out of zambia should Canada boot you out for being homophobic? You must be aware that being a homophobic is aganist the Canadian constitution and only one link sent to the CANADIAN BOARDER SERVICES AGENCY will have your immigration status and future applications flagged.Canada is cracking down on cyber bullying and dont think being behind the computer with a nickname can hide your identity. Be careful what you write on the internet,you might find yourself in deep trouble. last but not the least, LEAVE THE GAY PEOPLE ALONE! I hope you soon realize that being GAY is not a choice, they are born like that and as long as they re not asking u for sex,why bother them

    • That’s the hypocrisy that some posters exhibit. They are sitting comfortably in western countries that protect their rights and yet advocate inhumane acts for their own country.

      If these host countries had a mindset such as yours, you’d not be afforded the rights you enjoy as a black African.

    • Remak Makai wait until YOU yourself are accused of being gay and see how you are treated. This is not about gay Zambians anymore. This is about ALL Zambians. Imagine being arrested just because some jealous neighbour has accused you of being gay. Then what?

    • You are now twisting facts. There is no accusation here, these faggots are into it. They are sewerage workers now. So being accused is one thing and being in the act is another. These faggots have been examined and the learned doctor certified them to be involved in acts that even popies dont do. it only means that they are worse than popies.

    • Yeah but what came first? The arrest or the examination? One had to precede the other not so?

    • @ remak makai

      I am pasting the response from a poster called Jacsonville to someone elseas I see you are also in Canada.

      Jackville says:
      May 8, 2013 at 3:31 am | Permalink
      Mr Things fall apart, Its funny that it says you live in Canada and Canada supports gay rights.So if you want to flush all the gays out of zambia should Canada boot you out for being homophobic? You must be aware that being a homophobic is aganist the Canadian constitution and only one link sent to the CANADIAN BOARDER SERVICES AGENCY will have your immigration status and future applications flagged.Canada is cracking down on cyber bullying and dont think being behind the computer with a nickname can hide your identity. Be careful what you write on the internet,you might find yourself in deep trouble.

  2. Honestly, why are we behaving like animals? LEAVE the boys alone. Do we not have more important things to address than sniffing around for who is having sex with who? We have people dying on the roads everyday, political violence by cadres has never been higher than it is now, and all we have is the police chasing two boys somewhere in Kapiri to see whether they ever have sex and with who. It is disgraceful and id.i.o.t.ic. Just one of the reasons why PF is going to be a one-term party. Meanwhile, prices of everything have just gone up all across the country. But money is being wasted on by-elections. I mean you have to be an i.d.i.o.t to continue belonging to this PF govt….even Father Bwalya now agrees. Bloo.dy id.i.ots!

    • Welldone Police officer Standwell Lungu. Flush out faggots from Zambia and lock them up. We are reporting all of them to be flushed out of the society. Weldone Kapiri residents. Very nice and interesting because it is the relatives who caught them in the act, weldone relatives because how do you condone such acts in your family? Sort out the dirty. Njangwa you are next. We are going to catch you in the act if you are in Zambia and take you for examination. from the tantrums you are throwing around, you must be the wife.

    • I am not PF but I can assure you that God was not stupid to create a man and a woman and all the parts were given their functions why going against God’s design? that is tantamount.Rubbish do not support this dirty move. May be you are one of them who knows.

    • But who is an *****? Are in support of this rubbish done by the two gentlemen? You are even insulting the innocent policemen, why? Are you also a gay?

    • Your thinking is very limited. Just because we have other issues in the country does not mean people can ahead and break other laws with impunity. That is why it is a country mwana, it will have alot of “other” issues, but we still need to maintain order by enforcing the law. So you mean to tell me that if your child’s exams are less important than him/her having food on the table. Gayism is WRONG period and we Zambians have resolved to reject it. Do not promote stupid social vices that will corrupt the morality of our children.

  3. Sodom, Gomorrah and Kapiri cities shall be destroyed, we need 10 righteous pipo to have the grace of God save them

  4. Njagwa, you are lower than an animal if you cannot tell the difference because animals know the difference. For your own information PF is going through 2016 with better votes than the previous election. watch and see and if you are staying in Zambia and you are involved in such acts, will catch up with you.

    • You seem convinced by this animals don’t do homosexuality thing.

      Other than wanting to compare humans to other animals (which is rather strange) try Googling “homosexuality in animal species” and I think you will be very (VERY!) surprised.

      Hint: homosexual behavior has been documented in more than 10% of prevailing species in the world!

      Or, as Cole Porter sang:

      And that’s why birds do it, bees do it
      Even educated fleas do it
      Let’s do it, let’s fall in love

  5. How do your laws regard anal sex? This is actually common in heterosexual couples. Your comment law makers??

    • You have said heterosexual couples. They can try what they want but it is not man to man. Besides, they are very few ones. I can sense that you are either a homo or you like anal s.e.x.

    • Advocate you are a hypocrite because the law has clearly stated that anal sex is illegal whether it is perpetrated by heterosexual or homosexual couples. I am actually surprised that heterosexual couples are not being arrested at this rate. I thought the Constitution said that all are equal before the law.

  6. Stop this nonsense!! Let these men go home. All you holy people have had your fun ridiculing them and violating their human rights and more do you want from them? You have taken their dignity away, they have nothing and you call yourselves Christians.

    • Shows how little you know about Islamic countries, particularly in the Middle East. Homosexuality is actually rampant there – on the down-low of course,

  7. Why is LT deleting my comments? I am repeating what i wrote– Most hetrosexuals and outspoken anti gays if examined will have evidence of sodomy.
    Stop speaking on behalf of God, if he has problems with gays he can kill them all.

    Infact research shows that most anti gay bashers are latent gays themselves and the shouting is a way of covering up.

    • @lulumbi,
      kupusa monga guy scott muzungu opusa!
      dont read stupid books and stupid researches which are meant to corrupt people`s minds!

  8. let God himself judge the gays nt humans because we all were created by him and let thou not judge one another.

    • If I found a person with fully functional hands trying to eat with his feet, I’d judge that he or she was not functioning normally, and I would, if possible try and help them to normalcy!

  9. i ve ben vindcted; yestda i told de police 2 burn ths pipo instntly, bt insted thy optd 2 giv thm a bond

  10. What a waste of police time and resources. The two adults have been engaging in consensual sex in the privacy of their home. I haven’t read anywhere that sexual violence, rape or coercion was involved – in which case it would have been a different matter. This all goes to show that Zambians still have a long way to go in understanding sexuality. The fact that a culture frowns upon the act, is not a justification to criminally pursue (persecute) and apply punitive sanctions on those engaged in the same. In this time and age, it is rather shameful that human beings should intrusively be subjected to an examination of their anal orifice in the pursuit of sexual activity evidence – especially when no one has been raped. This law is archaic. There is more pressing criminality out there to nab.

  11. it is written in the bible that same sex activities is an unnatural act…..simple. Give me a religion in the world which supports gay rights, just one!!!!!!!!

    • Why religion? A lot of the atrocities that have happened since time immemorial can be attributed to religion.

      Thankfully there are people capable of independent thought.

    • Just like there is gong’a science, gong’a products, there is also ganga’s religion who have promoted war, correct. But my point has nothing to do with religion. It is about the correct understanding of correct science

  12. only insane pipo are involved in such acts.the devil is a liar n wil kip doin so to pipo wu condon hm.surely with five senses,cn u slip with a person of he same sex?if ur father was gay ,wud u exist?u r all stupid n devil’s kids if u r involved in these bad acts.not only that,u r also dull n shallow minded.to hell wit u.

  13. Over 1500 species of animals have been found to either engage in homosexual tendencies (without necessarily having sex) or actually copulating. Among them are some type of chimpanzees (who are our relatives) Those who deny that animals engage in the same, are only desperate to sheer away from the fact this proves it is natural. Not everyone is capable of it – it depends on your sexual instincts/sexuality. Some people may be drawn to do it for other reasons or being found in certain circumstances, but even heterosexuals engage in all forms of sexually pervasive acts. As in both homosexuals and heterosexuals, there are deviations – but that doesn’t rule out their original sexuality grounding.

    • Original sexuality grounding, yes but what is the original sexuality grounding? There can only be one and one alone. Science has explained that you have a penis so it is able to deposit sperms inside there for what? Conception. Why are your testicles where they are and not on the forehead. To protect your sperms from dying due to excessive weather conditions. Where they are right now are protected from hash weather cycles so your sperms are able to stay alive, why so they are strong enough to swim along and make woman pregnant. I have seen the sperms swimming along and the weak one fail and die a long the way without meeting an ovule. I have seen this in the lab. So what is the original idea of sex? make babies. But none do sth that doesnt feel good and that is the reason sex feels good.

  14. Why should I care if my neighbor were Gay? Its their right!!!Why even go to peep? That is trespassing. The guys should counter report/sue the trespassers. Gayism has been around the world (including Africa) since time immemorial. It is scientifically proven a certain % of people are born that way. Got it?

  15. How do you explain F***Ing another man? with nuts like you and a rough chin, you get turned on…yaak, i am sure in jail they will practice it more

    • It is like eating food. What is the many reason why people ore animals should eat? It is not because of hungry but it is because we need to feed our cells or replace the dying ones so we do not die. The hunger and the taste of the food merely serves as an encouragement for people to eat.

      The same thing about sex. The good sensations that comes with sexual acts merely serves to entice or encourage people or animal to engage in it so there is what? complete the answer if you are open minded.

      With this point in mind, which is the original sexuality, same sex or different sex intercourse? I leave you to answer. good night!

  16. last days indeed! why destroy the hand work of GOD OF ADAM n EVE. I mean man n woman relationship?

  17. That’s why Zambia is poor, always looking at what the neighbor is doing instead of using that time to brainstorm on how to solve real problems the next day, big problems such as finding the people who are busy killing taxi drivers, tracking your tax payers money, reading a book, eradicating poverty, CLEANING YOUR OWN HOUSE. i’m sure one of police men who arrested those chaps is involving himself in adultery now. pursuing nonsense while the rest of the world has already triumphed in Economics, democracy, Global trade, being vanguards of democracy, and a personal understanding in God.

    • When people engage in something, it does not make it right, my friend. Having so many problems does not mean we should deliberately tolerate other wrong issues. What kind of analysis this?

  18. I knew from the names that a bemba is involved, but this time with a LOZI eh WHAT a combination/? But though the Bemba came out smart by being a man in the relationship and a LOZI is being done pamatako like we are doing their them through the BRE agreement .

    • Being is not a choice, so being gay is not a choice. This makes me laugh What kind of science are reading, guys. Do you guys know that there is fake science and correct science? People make a lot of money by publishing fake science in this world an unfortunately the masses believe such crap.

      Do you know the bogus science that led to the ban of DDT usage. The whole world was misled, including WHO due to some sensational environmental activist who craftily misquoted some scientific publication and leading scientist to advance the selfish course. Millions of people died of malaria. Careful with activists, especially when they try to misuse science to advance their warped course. Ask them for the reference material they loosely quote and go and check those references for yourselves.

    • You sound like a fouolish man ******we makaka, swaini mumbwe sikankapakunya. walitumpa sana. chimbwi iwe.ifya magay ukokwine. Ngafisuma fyanshi muletweba? Tukeshiba fwebene bamumbwe imwe. mwendoshi, bakonto. Twakana ifyapamatako.

  19. Very complex human argument indeed! Gayism is unacceptable and abominable to man and to God. But here is a shocker; Adultery is abominable to God in the same measure as Gayism, no more,no less. So condemning homosexuality and turning a blind eye to adultery is abominable and sinful. Its called hypocrisy another sin God hates. Check your scripture carefully further than only Sodom and Gormorah. In fact certain States in the US arrest people found engaging in adultery. As to which is more serious adultery, murder,homosexuality, hypocrisy, to God its same, to man it depends which side of the fence you are. Very hypocritical indeed!

  20. Who tolerates adultery in Zambia? Local courts have fined some who have engaged in sexual intercourse with another man’s wife and the erring wife has also be punished by the courts. Do you guys live in Zambia? It may be common but it is not acceptable. Just like stealing is common especially among our politicians but it is not acceptable. Ara bee is going to court right now.

    • You missed it mate. In Zambia adultery is a civil matter. In some States in the US its a criminal offense, that’s what I meant, but my debate is not centered on that. With God adultery and homosexuality is sin in equal measure, no more no less. To hate homosexuality and adultery is very much in order with God, but to unjustly treat an adulterer and homosexual and seek to kill them is sinful. In the Bible Jesus showed how un acceptable and unjust it is to stone an adulterer. My hunch however is that there are more lesbians than Gay men in Zambia. Its equally abominable and sinful. but no body seems to be talking about it, why?

  21. So if a killer or muderer just likes the sight of spilt blood, we should just accept that he was born like that & let him go his way – Yes??!!!

  22. Nubian princess, So may be even rapists should be allowed to carry on becoz probably thats how they were born to perform their sexual acts through violence etc etc

  23. I think if they want to allow homosexuality in Zambia, it is fine, but stop using poor ignorant people please!! How much did they give you?? The same method was used in Malawi and now is in Zambia. Be sharp!!!

  24. Arrest Corrupt Ministers and leave the young men alone, this does not solve the problem, they need Counseling. The whole case is mishandled, leading to abuse of human rights. They are doing it in their bedroom not in streets so what’s the problem? Did they rape someone? Wasting time on useless things than resolving real issues affecting Zambians.

  25. ……LOL Arrest Corrupt Ministers and leave the young men alone, this does not solve the problem, they need Counseling. The whole case is mishandled, leading to abuse of human rights. They are doing it in their bedroom not in streets so what’s the problem? Did they rape someone? Wasting time on useless things than resolving real issues affecting Zambians.

  26. Drama pa Zed haha. I just cant wait to visit this summer 🙂 Coming back to serious matters nomba. Just wondering would these tests be used as evidence in court? How accurate are they lol. Are they going to start testing everyone accused of homosexual behavior? Honestly policing this sort of thing is going to be a nightmare. The circus is creating a climate of fear and suspicion. I think we should be realistic when it comes to such matters. We should refrain from imposing our own views on others. Instead come up with a good solution that has reason to it. Simply saying that homosexuality is wrong because Zed is a christian nation etc wont cut it. Elo i bet the lawyers will have a good day. They could use human rights. Take it to the supreme court see what happens. A never ending circus.

  27. Stress, worry, and anxiety simply come from projecting your thoughts into the future and imagining something bad. This is focusing on what you don’t want! If you find that your mind is projecting into the future in a negative way, focus intensely on NOW. Keep bringing yourself back to the present.
    Use all of your will, and focus your mind in this very moment, because in this moment of now there is utter peace.

  28. Thank you for your generally neutral and non-hate-inciting article on this subject.

    I would like to add the following excerpt from the BBC’s online article on this topic:

    “Amnesty International called for the immediate release of Mr Mwape and Mr Mubiana, saying it regarded them as prisoners of conscience.

    “‘The arrest of the two men solely for their real or perceived sexual orientation amounts to discrimination and it is in violation of their rights to freedom of conscience, expression, and privacy,’ said Simeon Mawanza, Amnesty International’s Zambia researcher.

    “‘Anal examinations conducted to “prove” same-sex conduct are scientifically invalid and, furthermore, if they were conducted without the men’s consent, contravene the absolute prohibition of torture and other cruel,…

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