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Government engages S.A firm in UNWTO summit organisation


Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo

Government has engaged a South African Based Conference Organising company to be in charge of the overall organising of the 20th session of the United Nations World Tourism General Assembly (UNWTO) to be co-hosted between Zambia and Zimbabwe in August this year.

Speaking during a press briefing at Royal Sun Hotel yesterday, Minister of Tourism and Arts Ms Sylvia Masebo said government was confident that The Conference Company of South Africa would be able to competently organise the event with success.

Ms Masebo said the company will be in charge of organizing for the venue, food, accommodation, hosting of actual event as well as other side activities that would take place on the Zambian side during the global event.

She explained that her ministry was happy that the government has engaged a company with expertise in organizing mega events adding that the function of a professional conference organizer was vital in serving as focal point person to coordinate conference activities between the two countries.

“ I am elated that the company we have engaged has experience in organising mega events and I have no doubt that they will be able to successfully organize this event,” Ms Masebo said.

Ms Masebo expressed confidence that the professional conference company through collaboration with conference organizers engaged by Zimbabwe will also help to double efforts in co-hosting a successful event.

And The Conference Company Chief Executive Officer, Ms Nina Freysen Pretorius said it was a privilege to be accorded an opportunity to help in organizing the prestigious event.

“ It is a great honour and privilege for us to help in organizing the event and we look forward to working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Art to ensure that the project is a success,” Ms Pretorius said.

She noted the co-hosting of the event between Zambia and Zimbabwe is a rare opportunity that would undoubtedly elevate the profile of the two countries and Africa as a whole.



  1. If I remember well, ZWD reported that no SA company would do anything in Zambia from now own due to Scott’s remarks. ZWD trivialises everything for selfish gains.

    • “ I am elated that the company we have engaged has experience in organising mega events and I have no doubt that they will be able to successfully organize this event,” Ms Masebo said.
      How do we engage *****s to do a simple job?? Yet again are we so slow, unexposed-to organize such an event??? Masebo said she would resign if this doesn’t go her way, i guess she loves her job so much she is not taking any chances by allowing Zambians to do this bit…she no doubts believes that we don’t have the know-how to organize such an event-tells me that she has no abilities herself to organize a team to successfully see this through-she as a minister has shortcomings and what indication does the appointing officer need other than this failure? Hire a consultant and do it yourself!!

    • @sam jose
      you cant read, find someone else to read for you, ZWD didnot report what you are saying,,

  2. Is this an indication that we have failed to organise this event as Zambians? If I recall, Masebo assured us that everything was on course and that she was prepared to host even at short notice becasue, according to her, we were ready. She also pledged to resign if things don’t work out. I hope she remembers these pledges and will be bold enough to live up to them. Already, she has chickened out on the tribunal to investigate her corrupt acts at ZAWA.

    • No one can forget that, Sylvia was speaking on top of her lungs that she will resign if her MINISTRY fails to host. When you outsource a department, it means you have failed to run it. It doesn’t matte if its for costs saving or quality… Sylvia Masebo’s ministry of Toumbarim has fail, so she should resign.

  3. Are you still on leave dear Scottie? Come back and organise your conference. Why is your PF government running to those “backward South Africans” to organise a conference for your advanced country? Eating your own vomit Dear Scottie? How embarrassing!

    • Why involve the best of all PF, Guy Scott. Pursue your multi-married Sylvia Masebo, she was shouting as if she had an orgasm that she can’t fail to organize. Look at her mouth, just finished her blowjob on a South African company manager.
      Even FAZ can organize that conference, and who organize MPs when in parliament?

  4. We have employed them not running to them imwe agalu. when will you stop this childish imwe bambuli?

    • There ars a lot of unemployed Zambians it would have been better to give our locals jobs! Anyways Lamfras you’re just a pathetic joker who’s in denial. Get real and stop living in a parallel world!

  5. Advice to the contractor: Get paid first and brace yourself for all kinds of politicking and incrimination if the least little thing goes wrong.

    Masebo said she would resign if UNWTO didn’t go smooth as silk and you are now her scapegoat for any minor problem!

  6. How embarrassing for Zambians, you mean in the entire country there is no one who can organise a large event? Masebo failed to organise this event and has at the last minute run to South Africa.Perhaps we should source the running of the country …i mean if you can’t manage a huge conference then you can’t manage a country.

  7. Hirin an expert to organise the GA is a very good idea and we should commend Masebo for it. adnaced governments use event organisers as they are more efficient than the civil service. so lets give credit were it is due.
    my fear if that some of the staff in her ministry are not upto standard especially ZTB. she should restructure for efficiency. the avoid nepotism in recruiting staff. we hear only relatives to bosses have been given jobs.

  8. Usefull idots??Dotty Scooty was RIGHT.Listen to him, If u have any inteligence.Its a white woman, Pretorious, who is organising this event. Where are the indeginous South Africans??Yes, they are still backwards, So , As a African , i can see our failures. So where are the Zambians than, no one in ZAMBIA??Who signed the contract and is it transparent, lol.

    • Indeed where are the indigenous Zambians for the country to have Guy Scott as Vice President? Black Zambians are backward, I presume!

    • Kaufella well said! Indeed where are the indigenous Zambians? The vast majority are looking for signs instead of solutions; just observe how they attribute mishaps to witchcraft and end-times.Then you have the work belief that goes as follows: Put in a half-arsed performance and a full-throttled mindless prayer and then make a hoopla about how things will turn out fantastic!!!

    • Backwards in terms of “historical development” not technology why are Zambians so lazy to read articles.

  9. Lets hope that there is some ‘meat left on the bone’ for Zambians. We have pitched for some of the contracts and hope an SA organiser doesnt push all the work to SA service providers under the pretext that the skills and resources are not available in Zambia.

  10. Next, , British Governor General hired to RULE ZAMBIA, lol, would that be nice,yes. After fifty years.Pathetic failures.

  11. Ala Mulenga wesu,am with you this is so embarrassing!Muchalo chose sure,the government knew that they is no one who can organize,the money they are paying S.A firm they could have send some people to go and learn how to organize at the same they could have invested in their own people so that next time they will never go and get other countries.

  12. Lets hope that there is some meat left on the bone for Zambians. We have pitched for some of the contracts and hope an SA organiser doesnt push all the work to SA service providers under the pretext that the skills and resources are not available in Zambia.

  13. When we say most Zambians are lazy and would prefer to sit, watch soccer especially the EPL, speak in tongues at church, drink soup ya mbuzi and attend weddings….Everybody jumps to their defense. The truth is out embarrassing!

  14. That is what you get when you have the wrong man at the helm, the majority of the cabinet are not there to serve but to satisfy their selfishness and egos, one such is the pompous Masebo. Let her keep her word now and resign immediately, it will be a great relief to the country.


  16. If it is expertise we are looking for then its better that the event is co -organised with the local company.This will make us as prepared to host other important events in the future. I think we have hosted important events before.The event that brought the mulungushi village i guess that was importan.

  17. Ubututu pa Zed!!!! You even have the audacity to hound Chirwa – CAN YOU TELL US HOW MUCH IT WILL COST US Hiring these tu ba bunu’s???????? HOW LONG HAVE WE KNOWN WE WERE GOING TO HOST THIS??????? WE host International conferences – what is so special about this one???? Or IS IT JUST MASEBO’S CONDUIT of pinching tax payers money??? Coz at the end of the day Zambia will end up with ZERO CASH INFLOW for the event, WE SHOULD HAVE JUST REFUSED TO HOST IT – Coz we ARE TOO POOR TO BE PAYING FOREIGN BASED COMPANIES to host our events!!! THe money could be better utilised improving our hospitlas, Roads, providing clean water & EASYING OUR PAIN AS CONCERNS THE FUEL HIKES!!!!!

  18. I’m not really surprised as gov’ts DO NOT organise such events that task is subcontracted to the private sector. The question you should be asking yourselves is – is there any Zambian Event Management company that has handled an event of this magnitude? Its the same with the British gov’t they never manage those events you see on TV the subcontract them to event management firms but they make sure that British labour is retained even if the company is foreign.

    • Uummhhhh??? Who organised the Olympics?????? Who organised the World Tourism fair a year or so ago in London????? Na pa London mula be pwa?????

    • The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) was responsible for overseeing the planning and development of the games….jointly established by the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Mayor of London and the British Olympic Association and was structured as a private company limited by guarantee.The private sector was subcontracted on the ground for the actual event management roles like security eg. G4 security.

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