New video by Stevo and Slap D



Rappers Stevo and Slap D released the video for their hit song Paya Flow.



  1. This is what they call a hit song? am better off listening to the sound of a broken truck engine than this rubbish

  2. I respect Chef 187 when it comes to Zed hip-hop. Hope this new boy called Muzo aka alphonso will go far.

  3. Fellow Zambians, is this the so called music that Zambians can afford to produce. We have failed just like Masebo has failed to organise the UNWTO. Crap music. G’ me a break.

  4. Very mentally enslaved Zambians.One is dressed in a Union Jack (For what?) when I ve never seen the Zambian flag being promoted by any British artistes. Perhaps to help confirm the inferiority complex?

  5. Come on what is this? This song is nonsense. What are they singing about? There is no message to this song.

  6. All Zambian musiCians dont want to be Zambian. They are Londoners at heart That’s why he is wearinG the British flag

  7. Slap d uma paya flow na swag..pama punch lines uli bad that why I say am your No.1 fan because there is no one beter than…..berg,hip hop na Rn’B you are ruling…you have planted good seeds pali stevo na bobby east….looking forward to paya flow ya XYZ all stars…

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