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President Sata orders media to stop quoting Henry Sosala as Chief of the Bemba people


President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has ordered the media to stop quoting Henry Sosala as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba people in Kasama in Northern Province.

According to a document obtained in Lusaka yesterday signed by President Sata and addressed to Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo, Mr Sata noted with displeasure and alarm at the manner Mr Sosala had continued to masquerade under the title of Senior Chief Mwamba.

He said it was not the intention of his administration to interfere in chief’s succession processes but would equally not stand idle and watch the “deliberately” created confusion take root in the management of chiefs and traditional affairs.

He was of the firm belief that coming from the royal family, Professor Luo, valued and possessed full knowledge on how Bemba chiefs were chosen and subsequently installed on the chieftaincy.

“On his own admission, the said gentleman, Henry Sosala has confessed publicly in the media (refer to the Post newspaper edition No. 6039) where he said, “…he has not undergone the traditional initiation rituals as required by the Bemba tradition.” With this confession, how then can Mr Sosala continue carrying the title of Senior Chief Mwamba?

“By copy of this letter I am demanding that the media immediately cease quoting or admitting any material for publication from the said gentleman, under the title of Senior Chief Mwamba until this confusion is sorted out,” Mr Sata said.


  1. Sata should just concentrate on plot one and leave those chief’s issues alone. Does Sata know everything really? He orders and comments on everything, what kinda man is this really! Sometimes it is good to just watch and not saying anything! Sata is not a very wise man!

  2. The man is a very civilized and progressive Bemba Chief I have ever met in my stay in that region called Northern.

  3. The problem with these babies of today is that they have no respect.You must respect the president insults him only shows that you have “ending thinking capacity”(etc). This also indicates that you belong to upAndOWN whose leader is the professor of abusive language . Bembas have an established channel of succession and this must be followed to the letter without fear or favor.So President Sata is right to intervene before more confusions are created.
    You should also know that the President does not just comment without background information.He has people on the ground and most of are civil servants not politicians and that why he wrote that letter to sosala through the Ministry of Chiefs and traditions.When the President just watches and again you complain.Be wise jack, don’t insult

  4. NO!
    Senior chief Mwamba is been victimised for his strong comments in his columns.He has refused to be a cheap boot-liker and always speak his mind.Senior Chief Mwamba is known for his great insights in the Saturday post news paper.He has called the on-going constitution making process as a “useless” constitution which has been borrowed from the west.He has questioned the capability of intellectuals who have failed to manage the economy of the country,he has bemoaned the abject poverty in the midst of plenty resources.Yes he uses the language he deems fit in his own way.But the president to demand that his column.

  5. So, if you do not agree with PF then you are an enemy. Senior Chiefs Mwamba and Nalubamba are two non-bootlickers who call a spade a spade.

  6. Respect to a president and an elderly man adds to one’ long careful of your Comments whether he is wrong or right.

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