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By-elections will show strength of political parties


Bonnie Tembo
Bonnie Tembo

Political Activist Bonny Tembo says the forthcoming series of by elections that will be held across the country will put to test a number of political parties including the mushrooming ones.

Mr Tembo says it will be interesting to see more political parties participating in the by-elections to check if at all the opposition have the capacity to mobilise and woo voters.

Mr Tembo who is former Anti-Voter Apathy project Executive Director, observed that participation in the forth coming by elections by the opposition political parties is critical if they were to defend their existence in Zambia.

He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr Tembo noted that in Zambian scenario, most political parties have become talking shops through the media, making democracy irrelevant in the political scene in the country.

He urged the electorates where the by elections would be held to reject ‘selfish’ politicians that are bent on insults as opposed to constructive politics.

Mr Tembo has since appealed to all the political parties in the country to support and promote democracy they advocated for and show case their existence by participating in the forth coming by elections through articulating on issues that affect the people in the communities.

At least four parliamentary by elections will be held across the country following the resignations of either opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) who are defecting to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and others caused by court rulings.

The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has continued to suffer a political setbacks as its MPs the latest being for Mkushi North, Mr Mutale Musonda who has dumped the party to join the PF.

Other parliamentary by elections are expected to be held in Solwezi East, Kafulafuta, Chipata Central and Feira respectively.

The latest registered political party called Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) is formed by outspoken Catholic Priest Father Frank Bwalya.

Fr Bwalya announced on May 8th, 2013 that he has finally registered his party and appealed to the Zambian people to join his party.

He further thanked those who have supported him since coming on Zambia political lime light.

Fr Bwalya, a former member of Get Involved Zambia was Executive Director before he was appointed to serve as Chairman on the ZESCO Board of Directors.



  1. Ka Bonny Tembo you have very little brains. Why should you be encouraging by-elections when we need the money for roads and hospitals. This type of leadership is what is dragging Zambia backwards. Don’t use the loophole in the constitution to justify this wastefulness please twapapata mwebantu. We need that money to build our schs.

  2. Its high time opposition wake up and teach the PF a lesson field and support one candidate and these defections will stop. It has happened b4 MMD was buying MPs from opposition just after the 2001 elections immediately PF and UPND started to win the by elections stopped

  3. by elections are a waste of resources that can better the life of the people.its a lot of to imply they will party strength!

  4. by elections are a waste of resources that can better the life of the people.its a lot of bull to imply they will show party strength!

  5. If that is the best analysis you can ever come up with of the irrelevant and expensive By-Elections, then Bonny Tembo you are very dull !!!

  6. Political prostitution, which is a true reflection of the failure of PF to honor its promises to the electorate, continues unabated.

  7. The following parties are hereby, particularly, encouraged to participate in up-coming by-elections:
    > Heritage Party of BGeneral(rtd) Godfrey Miyanda
    > MMD of Nevers Mumba
    > NAREP of Elias Chipimo
    > ABZ of Frank Bwalya
    > UPND of Hakainde Hichilema
    Action speaks louder than words, gentlemen!

  8. Ba Bonny just eat with the Power Failure(PF) when it’s day.It will soon be dark for the Pathetic Failures(PF).

  9. Politics of the belly have surely affected many people.Who thought Bonny Tembo of AVAP can really sink so low to support these useless by-elections induced by Sata(n) and his Power Failure(PF) Govt.

  10. By elections will not show strength but only weaknesses of our ideology or lack thereof.Our parties are built purely of political opportunism unlike parties in developed nations where economic or social justice policies carry the day.

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