Monday, May 20, 2024

Western Province youths storm PS office demanding for jobs


Western Province permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba government is doing everything in its power to create employment opportunities for youths.

Mr. Mwamba cited the construction of Mongu Kalabo road, Mongu District Hospital, Mongu Ultra Modern Stadium, upgrading of township roads and King Lewanika University as projects that will create employment opportunities for Mongu residents.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary was speaking at the provincial conference in Mongu today, when he addressed about 50 youths who stormed his office this morning demanding for jobs.

The PS further said although companies engaged to do the various projects will require skilled personnel from outside Mongu, more local youths will benefit from the developmental projects.

And Mubita Mubita a youth who spoke on behalf of others appealed to PS’s office to ensure that they monitor the employment processes.

Mr. Mubita said Western Province has no mines from which youths can benefit adding that projects such as the upgrading of roads in the township among others should be soon to benefit local people.

Meanwhile china GEN business manager Jason Zhang assured the youths the company will give the jobs once the campsite is put in place.

He encouraged the youths to work hard in various skills so that they can acquire permanent employment.


  1. Mr P.S., find something for these youths to do. Give them Picks’n Shovels to dig a Canal from Zambezi River of say; 100m wide x 5om deep x 50km long to other towns near Mongu and/or beyond as a ‘waterway’ transport facility.

    They could utilise this new facility for fish farming, transportation of Rice, fish and other farm products to Markets in other towns in the country. They will never complain to Government ever again for lack of jobs. I am sure even other towns in Zambia will follow suit.

    It’s then you could ask all young people on the streets of Mongu and elsewhere to stop this dreaded practice of STREET VENDING as they will have jobs to do and and for which they will get paid and pay Tax. It’s time we did our own thing and write our own History than leaving everything…

  2. They should have made that lady Vivian Mubukwanu to be PS western Province. She is the one who took PF to western in 2008. She was not afraid of the MMD when everyone was scared. She knows the Lozi people better and I remember that headline in the post Western Awaits SATA. It was her who spoke. Someone please tell the President to appoint this lady

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