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Sata warns dethroned Senior Chief Mwamba Henry Sosala


PF President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has advised dethroned Senior Chief Mwamba Henry Sosala to act respectfully and desist from engaging in actions that are at variance with the law.

The Head of State has guided Mr. Sosala to seek sober forms of engagement with the government through the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs if he is aggrieved.

President Sata says it is a monumentally unwise deed for Mr. Sosala to resort to desperate measures witnessed lately over a clear-cut issue.

Mr Sata says Mr Sosala’s low-priced maneuvers are an exercise in futility.

He says it is government’s incontestable responsibility to respect and uphold customs or traditions by ensuring that confusion does not take root in the management of chiefs and traditional affairs.

And President Sata warned that the government will not entertain persons threatening to harm Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo.

This is contained in a statement issued to media News by special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah.


  1. educate me people who is responsible for the instalation of chiefs in case of death? for the first time in zambian history am seening govt interfearance

    • Michael Sata should learn to consult before he takes far reaching decisions.In the first place we understand that the Bemba Traditional Council or Bashilubemba are responsible for installing chiefs according to Bemba traditions which His Royal Highness Sossala went through.The question that begs the answer is who complained to President Sata that Mr Sossala is not the rightful person to occupy the position he currently occupies?After receiving this complaint,why was the Bashilubemba not consulted before degazetting the Chief?

    • How did Nkandu Luo threatened, with withcraft? Balebalowa bonse, including your Sata. Sosala tewakwangalila.

  2. cool. Now that you got that off your chest, how about telling us the way foward on the little tiny inconviniecing matter relating to the current crazy high cost of living 🙂 sure it wont take you a second to whip out another statement and have little georgie porgie deliver it to zncb. We luv ya loads old man with dementia which really suits you coz Scott did admit to a dash of Parkinsons to explain the quivering hand. Dementia explains a quivering brain.

  3. The presidency has really been reduced to low levels.when i saw this on ZWD i thought they had edited it. It is unbelievable that the president can release such a shallow statement..

    • the president is being petty by fighting with this kamujoza of a chief.we have serious issues like the impact of removing subsidy given to maize millers to contain with.this is a lesson for voting someone who over stays in opposition bcoz even when one forms government he still thinks like he is still fighting the ruling Government

  4. Tongas and Lozis it now suits your situation ba swine imwe to stand by Sosala a bemba. Get some decency imwe ba fi. kala.

  5. Yayaya! Is this the same Chief people were suspecting that he was a PF symperthiser during MMD time? What has gone wrong now that the Party he suppoeted most has dethrone him? Sorry, this is what happens when you are not principled. Can the President please do his work and get rid of all those that supported him and start emblessing defectors. Thank you Mr Presido.

  6. The President is truely intimidating everyone and also he is meddling in things which are supposed to be done by his subjects. This is exactly what happened to the Sikoongo chiefdom where he dethroned the then chief and upto todate we still don’t have a chief there as their is someone he has in mind to put as Chief. Its very bad country men and women what this President is doing.

  7. The President has completely lost it! He wants PF cadres even at chiefdom level sure. Trying to turn everyone into PF………It will backfire soon!

  8. Ok Sata has completely lost it, this issue does not concern him, government has never been involved in choosing traditional leaders. Our president seems to be irritating everyone

  9. I thought it was the Bemba Loyal Establishment which wants Sosala to remain as Chief Mwamba. So our kateka is now fighting the BLE?

  10. my great great great great grandpa told me this, ” tekwesha ukubilima nangu ifintu fyawama shani. pantu ababilima tabaya” i thnk Mr. Sata shld reflct on these words. presidents ve com & gone their loyal highness ve continued 2 survive. we ve sen presidents insultng their loyal highness bt few years afta going out of power thy go 2 beg them to proct thm. b carefl Mr. Presido we ve sen ths b4

  11. I am submitting my CV to Chella for onward forward to Sata so he can consider me for the job of Chitmukulu, and i have instructed my servant to apply for the Chief mwamba job.
    I hope the president creates another vacancy for my other friend to apply….dethrone a suitable chief sir, there is ayoung man itching to be chief here.

  12. Ba Sata sure focus on real development issues. Actually we are remaining with another 100 years the whole idea of chiefs will simply disappear… there are very few young people that understand what it is all about. And by the way what has happened in Northern Province where a chief has become a chief without being ritualised is another indication of the evolution of the whole thing. The interference by ba Sata also signals the uselessness of a chief. Instead of it being a traditional thing it has become a political thing.

  13. Here we go now! I predicted all this all they way from 2011!
    All the Bemba chiefs will fight the uneducated with low IQ satanist Sata!

    Sata and Kabimba will soon face Zambians on the ground when they RIOT more than the 1986 riots against UNIP!
    I honestly knew that Sata will be the most hated man in Zambia.

    Let him move the way he moved in Livingstone when he used the Minibus before he increased his salaries more than 100% when Zambians are suffering and dying of hunger and avoidable diseases in hospital. Sata can be shot dead if he moves in a Minibus

    Northern Province, Western Province, North Western are no longer no go areas for PF thugs and cold murderer ritualistic.

    No use of force will work. Zambia is heading for a Winter Revolution against Sata and his corrupt evil…

  14. Most of what Chellah writes, if analysed properly, doesn’t make much sense. He likes to mess about with misplaced ‘bombastic’ language. ‘Low-priced maneuvers’ – what the hell does that mean?

  15. Imwe tubemba kansi what is this ka little chiefdom you are fighting for? How can u be ruled by a Sosala, Sorcerer Saucer kaya mwamene mukambila mwabene bake? Just sit down and vote. This is a democracy ka! Ati kupusa tubantu utu!

  16. Ba LT what have you done to your voting. Me and my friends have voted for Maxwell but not a single vote shows except those condemning him. You have rigged these polls!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Maxwell, you remind me of this Fanatic PF Supporter friend of mine, he paraded himself when Ba Kateka was here, he makes comments about HH as being stupid, yet this guy has taken over 10 years to complete his degree and lives on benefits, talk about “useful *****s”.

  18. why is the president bickering with chiefs, can’t he delegate things to the Minister of Chiefs Nkandu Luo

  19. The President is not a dictator and he will not be. What the president is doing is line with Bemba’s tradional and norms. Any Bemba chief is suppose to under go certain rituals for him to be installed as a chief which chief Mwamba never did. The president wants to correct things not the way MMD was doing. As he has correctly said, all issues are suppose to be channeled through ministry of traditional and chiefs for further scrutiny. Lets respect the President our president of mother Zambia.

    • tiye uko – bashilubemba did nof disclose the reason that there was a delay in the rituals being completed for more than one chief actually (it is a matter that cannot be discussed here) However, how is it the Bisa presidents business to ‘correct’ the situation by punishing chief Mwamba of the bemba?????? Doesnt he have enough on his plate like…fuel, maize and electricity costs etc and now army worms??? Ive never seen such a train smash of a presidency in less than 2 years, starting fires everywhere!

    • One moment Sata is from Tanzania, next he is Bisa, then he is Bemba!! Which is which kanshi? And by the way don’t tell me that everybody from Mpika is Bisa – that is just sheer ignorance.

    • I’m not one of those xenophobes who place him from Tanzania but he is a Bisa. We know this from the sEccnd Republic.

  20. Monkeys fighting in the maize field. Dont let the nation be involved in this primitive discourse of Bashiluemba what ever etc. Todate you are wallowing on issues, small wonder national governance is in crisis.

  21. His face devoid of humane humanity, but this is the face u voted for to dethrone u at his will? Bembas are known for high level of patriotism i forsee a conflict and confrontation and end of pf, great news!

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